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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 16, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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already. digital. storage market. this is d.w. news live from berlin allies heading in different directions germany's chancellor angela merkel calls from war multilateralism and warns that international political structures are falling apart that u.s. vice president might help china it's allies for not supporting the u.s. on iran also coming up. plenty of candidates but the polls stay
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closed the leading contenders in nigeria's presidential elections condemn the last minute postponement. and the man who played hitler burn on guns has died at the age of seventy seven he claimed swiss actor was considered one of the most important stars of german language cinema. thanks for joining us i'm marian i haven't seen two allies but heading in different directions that's how it looks after contrasting speeches by germany's chancellor angela merkel and the u.s. vice president mike pence at the munich security conference merkel made a plea for multilateralism for nations to work together for security but pence criticized the united states' closest allies accusing the europeans of undermining sanctions against iran here's some of what they said beginning with miracle.
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markham fremont high lateralus it may be complicated but it's better than staying home alone and i think that's exactly the right answer to the motto of this conference the great puzzle who will pick up the pieces only all of us together. on . time has come for all of us. the time has come for our european partners to stop undermining u.s. sanctions against this murderous revolutionary regime the time has come for our european partners to stand with us and with the arraigning and people our allies and friends in the region the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary to give the iranian people the region and the world the peace
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security and freedom they deserve. well for more on the munich security conference i'm joined in the studio by raphael the song from the german institute for strategic and international studies rafael thanks for being here so we just heard some very critical words from the u.s. vice president's chastising the europeans for being not tough enough on iran not spending enough on defense and also criticizing them for a crop orating with russia on the north stream to pipeline so are we seeing just a further breakdown of transatlantic relations is there any way to bridge all of these differences well just to have some of the speeches alone where it seems like another just additional step an escalation i mean many commentators have pointed out that the u.s. delegation as a whole is a much bigger group of a lot of congress people also on the democrats about seen as a sign that there are other actors in the u.s.
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who are reaching out and trying to kind of maintain a good dialogue with the u.s. but with the european partners but in the pen speech itself really was a clear signal that you know germany in particular is on the pressure and there was a previous summit in eastern europe on iran with some eastern european partners so the u.s. at least on this level is playing again a game of rallying some european countries against others. well i know america also referred to iran and she said there is in fact agreement on the need of putting iran under pressure but what they don't agree on is the means and so what is the european position on how to deal with iran in contrast to the u.s. stance well europe agreed to provide some alternative finance mechanism and a ton of mechanism to trade with iran bypassing effectively the u.s. sanctions i mean it's not like the new european mechanism will really fully compensate for the u.s. sanctions i think that would be the wrong way to understand it but it's clear that
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this is a signal to show we are not ready yet collectively to fully to follow the u.s. lead on this but as you heard the u.s. is doing its utmost to kind of break that line so i think in the next few weeks we will see more of that and i'm not very confident actually that the europeans will be able to maintain a common line well merkel also spoke about the importance of disarmament now that the united states and russia have withdrawn from the i next treaty she's urging china to join disarmament efforts what was she saying about that well that was an interesting note and in general whole speech i think was very personal in a way very free and that's actually also why is she was received so well in the audience so nobody actually saw this coming but then when the chinese speech was on then it was like a polite thank you thank you we are generally are in favor of arms control but no thing to do joining the i.n.f. treaty and multilateralism that so i think. that signal that all of france was
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really picked up we also heard today from russia's foreign minister what did he say about all of these issues that were touched upon by pence and by mechelle well lover of was in a way as professional as ever and also maybe not quite as controversial as in some previous years but basically a rehearsal lot of old familiar points about how the west missed out on the true partners. with russia on a genuine trans european security architecture region all the way to vladivostok or the urals at least and well basically there was nothing new i'm basically telling the west you did a lot of things wrong in the pos reconsider your path reconsider your position and you know you need to be a part of us. i think that was as much as we could be expected and just briefly refound you know the sort of overarching theme of this year's meeting security conference is the big puzzle and who is going to pick up the pieces are we any closer to getting an answer to this question well from the speech for i'm going to
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merkel i said she really was very personal also the end and trying to really make a sort of passionate personal plea that we really need to go together and i think the chinese speech was also going in a similar direction although much more cautiously whether the u.s. or russia will actually join that call and be ready to pick up the pieces together that i think is much more doubtful all right rafael best song from the german institute for strategic and international studies thank you so much for your insights. now with that you have to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has declared a national emergency in order to free up funds to build a wall along the mexican border house speaker nancy pelosi called the move an abuse of power the standoff over the walls funding led to the longest government shutdown in history. pope francis has expelled the former u.s. cardinal theodore mccarrick from the priesthood
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a church disciplinary panel had found him guilty of soliciting sex from adult and minors over decades the move comes just days before the pope hose the church summit on preventing child abuse. at least seven people have died in violent protests in haiti the protests going on for nine days protesters accuse the government of corruption and are calling on the president to resign. police say five people were killed in a shooting at a suburban chicago business the gunman reportedly opened fire on friday at his workplace an industrial warehouse in aurora illinois after being fired from his job of fifteen years he also wounded five policeman before he was killed. now the two leading candidates in the nigerian presidential election have condemned the postponement just hours before the polls were due to open in a shock move the election was postponed for
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a week polling stations remain shut in what was expected to be a tight race between president mohammad hari and the main opposition candidate businessman and former vice president atiku abubakar the chairman of the independent national electoral commission made the announcement. in your view. to implement. this to. turn into. the election. the election. so how are nigerians reacting to the last minute postponement to tell you correspondent and clearly she was out on the streets of a somewhat deserted lagos. almost empty streets in the center of lagos that's a very rare thing to see in the city of almost twenty million people but today the
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elections were scheduled in just cancelled five hours before offices schools businesses everything still remains closed and many people are disappointed that the elections were postponed. i'm sad i'm angry i'm annoyed. and. disappointed. that all those words that's how i'm feeling today because you wake up. all excited about going to you we call. on you going to your social media i know you see what you see is it has been postponed people have a lot of things to do today which we can know what. you say you will delay show from now to this streak to prove to be disappointed the greek electoral commission said they had to postpone the elections due to operational and
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logistical reasons without going into further details but we know that several offices of the electoral commissions were set ablaze in the last days and weeks voters' i.d.'s burned as well as the copper readers that were necessary for the elections to take place despite the frustration in many places nigerian fluting here in lagos many people also trying to make the best out of their day and just have some fun. all right some news now and friday so buying munich move within two points of league leaders for us to dortmund after they sealed eight three two come from behind win against the varian neighbors oxburgh the title holders got up to a nightmare start conceding after just eight seconds the fastest own goal in bundesliga history but they fought back to grab all three points david hitting the winner early in to say. and half the victory now puts pressure on rivals to opponent who play on monday. the acclaimed swiss
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actor bruno gunns has died at the age of seventy seven considered one of the most important contemporary actors or german language cinema is international breakthrough came starring in vin vendors nine hundred eighty seven movie wings of desire one of his most challenging roles was playing out all hitler in the oscar nominated film downfall of portrayal he told the w. had been a particularly overwhelming task is he also started numerous international. and for more i'm joined now in the studio by a rock thrown from culture scott good to see you so we just said bruno gone so was considered one of the greatest actors in the german speaking world why do you think he was so remarkable yeah i think he was interesting combination of of craft and and some sort of important talent i mean he started as a stage actor was
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a phenomenal stage actor throughout his career in fact he co-founded the for in german language legendary here in berlin for alternative theater but he wasn't a stage actor he wasn't what you think of as theatrical he was usually a much more restrained interior performer though he could also flip and become sort of volcanic on a dive which which and that sort of combination of emotionality and also sort of the interior reflectiveness in his performance really translated well to the film and to television that's what made him so in demand particularly his later life from the film directors everyone from francis ford coppola to to them vendors to a large bugbear who cast him in his last film the house that jack built which premiered in cannes one is his last great performances well i really remember him from vendors of desire for so that was really if you watch his career into that playing that fallen angel the sort of brooding tormented figure but the role that
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he's best known for of course is playing adults hitler tell us about this role and how did he go about preparing for it yeah i mean he talked quite a bit with us actually thoughts of ella about how he got into the role how he tried to walk the line between not sympathizing with hitler but somehow finding a way to inhabit him as a as a human being and i think that's what sets this role this performance apart from all the other actors who played hitler before and since is that all the other performances are sort of parodies because you. can't of it's hard to avoid parody with such a big st figure like hitler and what constantia do with his performance is not really the humanize hitler but to sort of give him a for the human form if that makes sense he was able to create a character that we could see as a human being making then the acts of hitler actually in some ways even more
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horrifying formants i think will stand the test of time as one of the greats of all time and it exemplifies everything the consequent do as an actor all right scott roxboro from to w. culture thank you so much. you're up to date now on d w news i'll be back again with another update at the top of the hour thanks for watching. staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online d.w. dot com highlights. the world of obscene wealth.
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