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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is the job you use live from berlin allies heading in different directions germany's chancellor angela merkel calls for more multilateral goes and warns that international political structures are falling apart but u.s. vice president mike pence tchotchkes his allies for not supporting the u.s. on iraq. also coming up the vatican dismisses a former catholic cardinal from the priesthood in connection with sex abuse charges sound in both children is the most senior catholic cleric to receive the punishment
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in modern church history. and to berlin international film festival comes to a climax with the coveted golden they're going to no doubt the teats film synonyms it's about an israeli man who tries to suppress his origins after moving to paris. hello and welcome to the program on nick spicer political heavyweights made speeches on the second day of the new nick security conference with both german chancellor anglo methyl and u.s. vice president mike pence taking to the podium pence has repeatedly criticized europe of late methyl made an appeal for more international cooperation but she didn't shy away from the major points of contention between berlin and washington. machall was not going to mean so words relations between the u.s.
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and germany have been tense recently and energy policy is one of the points of contention the u.s. criticised north stream to america defended the planned gas pipeline linking russia to germany him and the month is no one wants to become unilaterally dependent or russia but during the cold war i was still living in east germany and we only got russian gas anyway but the former west germany also imported a lot of its gas from russia and i don't know why the times are supposed to be so much worse now that we don't say russia's still a partner i'd hope. america also spoke out against threatened us tariffs on german cars trump claims that all too imports are a threat to national security but marital poing to doubt the german companies also produce cars in america. then yes these are otoh if these cars which are no less of a threat if they are made in south carolina than if they were made in bavaria are
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suddenly a threat to the national security of the us that shocks us. trumps daughter did not seem impressed. though continued with a passion of plea for multilateralism and cooperation at the end standing ovations receiving and munich. mike pence didn't even arrive in the auditorium until after american speech he responded to the issue of germany's business links with russia with the threat we cannot ensure the defense of the west if our allies grow dependent on the east with the us vice president also criticised over iran. the time has come for our european partners to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and join us as we bring the economic and diplomatic pressure necessary
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to give the uranium people the region and the world the peace security and freedom they deserve. applause for pence was more restrained than it had been from natural . but despite the major differences of opinion the two did meet face to face with a friendly hand shake for the photo op at least. but a correspondent teri schultz covered the munich conference and she summed up the day's events for us this way the dueling speeches of chancellor merkel and vice president pence really still the spotlight at the munich security conference today especially because chancellor merkel so clearly went off script she was much more energized and forceful than she might otherwise have been i was listening in english and the interpreter never caught her breath and then the entire audience does rose to its feet and thunderous applause well not the entire audience because even stayed seated that it was striking how vice president pence sought to attack the europeans
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on values something of course europe is very proud of he said that european leaders are not supporting freedom for the iranian people are not supporting democracy in venezuela and that in fact dialogue instead of conflict with moscow is not the right way to go that it that europe is risking its own security by continuing this controversial energy deal north stream two with moscow so the theme of the conference is a world in conflict who will pick up the pieces and at least on saturday it seems that we heard much more about the fractures than about how to put the globe back together but there is one day left. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. backed forces in syria say they are closing in on us the so-called islamic state militants in the group's last stronghold in the east of the country a commander of the forces said they soon expect to defeat the militants in the village of bag near the iraqi border. nigeria's independent electoral commission postpone saturday's presidential election just hours before polls were due to open
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a few leading candidates condemned the decision and blamed each other for the delay ordering is now due to take place next. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of barcelona to protest against the trial of cattle and separatist leaders the twelve politicians and activists promoted in an independence referendum in twenty seventeen in defiance of a court that has faced sentences of up to twenty five years on charges for belly and other offenses. and hundreds of yellow vests protesters have marched through paris for the fourteenth street weekend police fired tear gas after some demonstrators left the approved route poll suggests support for the weekend protests is waning it began over fuel taxes and expanded into more general revolt against the government. but francis has dismissed former u.s.
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cardinal theodore mccarrick from the priesthood the move came after vatican officials found him guilty of sexual abuse and soliciting sex over decades at times involving children mccarrick is the highest ranking catholic church meant to receive this sanction also known as defrocking the announcement was made just days before francis hosts a church summit on preventing child abuse. the punishment handed down to this american cleric is unprecedented the former archbishop of washington theodore mccarrick soliciting sex from aspiring priests again and abused at least two minors between one thousand nine hundred ninety and one nine hundred ninety. he had already been stripped of his status as a cardinal last july in itself a bombshell for the church father bad haagen caught the vatican you say the move is a good thing. is quite clear in this regard the problem in the past was that it wasn't applied the issue was covered up people looked the other way now it simply gone through official channels with
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a very prominent figure it's not a papal decision but it really should be. last summer pope francis ordered an investigation into mccarrick the vatican reached its verdict on january eleventh mccarrick subpoenas were rejected beginning this thursday leaders of bishops conferences from around the world will meet with pope francis for four days in rome on the agenda abuse in the catholic church and how to protect children critics accuse the pope of doing too little too late in dealing with allegations of abuse victims of charge the vatican with not paying enough attention to their claim. and on as i'm happier news today the big day at the berlin international film festival the bears have been handed out at the barely nalley forests are charlotte's house and fill and scott rocks who join us now right from the red carpet tell us who took the golden bear. yes we can tell you who won the top prize at the sixty
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ninth annual back in film festival but first drum roll please know that. it's senator. is no israeli film and it tells the story of the young man a full net member of the israeli defense force who's trying to find his identity in a new country he's trying to escape his costs. and the the interesting but this film i mean it's a story we've probably seen a lot before you've probably seen a lot before it's the ex-pat in paris story but it's given a certain edge because we have a former israeli soldier who's so desperate to escape the horrors that he's seen an experience of sort of the politics of his home country that he just immerses himself in paris street life and in the paris society and also in the in the french language a big big thing about this film is that he's desperately trying to avoid speaking hebrew to only speak french throughout the in higher film as a way of sort of scrubbing away his past head and emerging as it has someone new
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right the better not to being a read. here particularly the jury said that they were looking for films web politics collides with people's personal lives not something that you can really see in this film definitely definitely there was a lot of talk about a movie called so long my son a big big favorite how did it do. yeah that was actually our top tip for the winter there i was by it wasn't her just something i think you'll find i agree with you on monday because it was our top tip that the film prize didn't get it but it did walk away with two other really big prizes it was the top prize for actress the young may and accept a wang she and sharon and they would have saved the nominal and you still they had to have gotten some sort of prize yes the film itself just briefly it's it's a story told over two decades of chinese history starting in the cultural revolution coming up to the present day and it follows these two husband a wife and a. sensually it's a critique of china's one child policy there are
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a couple that lose a child in the cultural revolution and because of the van policy that they can only have one child or unable to have another child through the rest of their lives it's heartbreaking story it's excruciating again it's the what child was saying it's the personal as political event that shows up there is political critique here but it's told through a very very intimate very deep personal story and i defy you to go through this movie without bawling your eyes at the end of the film is so tragic it's it was a phenomenal film i expect it could should have expected with actually the golden bear but there might even be a political issue there because there was another political film another chinese film that was supposed to screen here in competition moves one second but it was pulled at the very last minute just before it was supposed to stream on friday and though officially the line is it was because of technical difficulties there's also
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been the suggestion that it could have been because of censorship because the film itself deals with the cultural revolution it set in the cultural revolution and that is a big no go area for most chinese filmmakers so it could have been i'm not suggesting this was the case but it could be the jury let that influence them somewhat and thought that maybe giving the top prize as well as the two acting prizes to a chinese film might be too much supporting too much p.r. for the chinese government would be the without without a whiff of politics can you tell us was there anything else that made this is that still stand out. for me i have to say was number female directors with films competing this year that was seven out of the sixteen films in competition with directed by women and that is record breaking it is really at the moment so yeah that's leisure and that will be that what people remember from this year's festival ok thank you so much that was. on the red carpet. now a sad note from the world of cinema the acclaimed swiss actor has died at the age
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of seventy seven is a leading light of german language cinema international breakthrough came in one hundred eighty seven's wings of desire it was best known how our first betrayal of adolf hitler in the oscar nominated film downfall. one of bruno ganz is more recent roles on the silver screen was as the grandfather in the film version of heidi it had been a while since the acclaimed actor shot a film on location in his native switzerland. he also appeared in star studded international productions such as unknown identity partly shot in berlin and featuring liam neeson who was in awe of his costar the great bruno gowns i was so thrilled to get a sense to work with him i've always admired i've never seen him on stage theatre on his he has to live or to something extraordinary performance against began his career in the one nine hundred seventy s. as a stage actor he attracted rave reviews as
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a member of the ensemble at the landmark shaab unity is here in berlin. he soon branched out into film costarring with klaus kinski in van i had songs remake of the one nine hundred twenty classic nosferatu. but it was his role as hitler in the two thousand and four film downfall that's put him up there with the greats the film was watched by millions in germany and received an oscar nomination for best foreign language film. four years later he revisited the nazi era costarring in the reader with kate winslet who won an academy award for her portrayal as an illiterate war criminal ganz played professor role a holocaust survivor. one often asks oneself what it was all about. but that's up by me and to me it's very tied up with
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the work i do i feel like i hold myself to account for my life with what i do i haven't done mistakes i've made inside one so. you might have enjoyed acting in front of the camera but he was less keen on the limelight bruno ganz an old school character actor and a giant of european cinema. you are now up to date on the news. they are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence they deploy the powers of social media. their messages are spreading like wildfire social media.


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