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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CET

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one party. one often asks oneself what it was all about. but this to me it's very tied up with the work i do i feel like i hold myself to account for my life with what i do i haven't done all the mistakes i've made in someone so. he might have enjoyed acting in front of the camera but he was less keen on the limelight bruno ganz an old school character actor and a giant of european cinema. you are now up to date on the news. there are digital maurier's. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence they deploy the powers of social media.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire a social media spectacle critical to the boat and thousands of commando comes online. on the streets and they know women who aren't changing the world not ready for. digital. starts marching on to w. . welcome to the bundesliga on d.w. bahrain kicked off the weekend on friday evening with a hard fourth win against arab spring but you saw i took the game of three to moving van within two points of league leaders for dortmund to play on monday also coming up on the show stuttgart are without
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a win and twenty nine teams could day turn things around and close an upset against leipsic. comfortable also seniors hung over anchorage and the relegation zone could make it two wins out of to end their clash against hostile. yes let's get down to business stood guard are having a dreadful season they appear to be stuck down the bottom and are in dire need of points in a bid to get on track former germany international and stood guard midfielder tomas hits bagga has been brought in as the club's sporting director and his presence breathed some optimism into the struggling club their first test against top four side leipsic was not going to be easy so let's see how they fared. she got well hoping that new sporting director thomas hitzlsperger would be the lucky charm against like sick but the home fans were disappointed just six minutes in use of
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pals and scoring his eleventh of the season with a whole lot of help from a calamitous took up defense. was in contrast to last weekend's three nil loss they should fight to get back into the game a careless handball from video bomb spotted by the v.a.r. gave stephen super the chance to convert from the spot. his first goal since joining on loan in january. at the break hit suspect had reason to be hopeful effort and passion were clearly on display in the second half they had the first big chance santiago ask us about thwarted by an excellent piece that she saved. instead it was like sick with the luck paulsen pulled his opponent down but was awarded a foul in his favor the resulting free kick converted accidently by muscles of it
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to one like sick with a big helping hand from the referee. around fifteen minutes from full time leipsic sealed the away when you also have paulsen scoring his fifth brace of the campaign to make it three one it's the fiftieth goal struck out sleep the defense has conceded this season. and some just the boys showed fight and discipline but that was a mission to keep the shake up and do what they did that for most of the game but in possession they moved the ball up the pitch quickly so lots of positives today. it seems for now coach michael finds hill will remain in his job alongside his suspect despite a run of six losses in seven games. by no end in sight to stuttgart swallows but what about hanover coach thomas dole who took over late. in january gave supporters a much needed boost last weekend with a win against another of this season's relegation regulars nuremberg now the three
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points were not enough to drag them out of danger so could they keep the momentum going this weekend against a hof and home side that has european dreams let's take a look. the sun is finally back out in germany and the warmer weather had been does lee get fans in good voice after his heroics off the bench against dortmund last weekend and now goals man rewarded forward. with a place in the starting line up in just the fourth minute hoffenheim launched a counterattack and a defensive disaster allowed joyland turn to drive through on goal and put hoffenheim ahead i the brazilian six goal of the season out a look to an unforgivable poor header from you. but the strike it was ruthless in punishing hanover's creaking defense. ten minutes later it was two nil. man of the moment bellfield finding the net via the crossbar. the situation was
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looking grim for thomas dahl side and things didn't improve early in the second half. nico schultz charged into the box and was only denied by a combination of mikail s. and the woodwork and even there he couldn't convert the rebound. dull side werth finally put out of their misery in the eightieth minute a move down the right hand side ended with across the shots he laid the ball off perfectly take care and down there by. the three nil school i'm flattered hanover for whom keeper essar was the only good performer yet again and while knuckles man was full of the joys of the german spring dull could hardly believe his eyes. i was really shocked by how anemic we looked in certain situations efficiency to what's shown. these are two. tough times for hanover but hoffenheim still in the hunt for european spots.
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now we have two more games you know in a minute we'll see how vols for against mines turned out but first shell has an impressive season has resulted in the club failing to move out of the bottom half of the table the royal blues on the european stage has been starkly different though they've made it into the round of sixteen and will face premier league leaders manchester city during the week which shall to try and reserve their energy for that match or would they go full steam ahead against their book in this league arrivals this weekend freiburg let's find act. the mid table duel between shaka and fribourg started slow the first excitement came after half an hour the ball made contact with lucas troopers arm but the referee decided not to award shock a penalty after consulting video replay. shortly before the break though the ref wasted no time making a decision read first so after this foul on mike fronts and the royal blues were
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a man down. fribourg controlled the action after the restart but just couldn't score philip lean hard looking every bit the defender as he headed over the net. ten minutes before the end fribourg looked to have a penalty for handball. but the ref reversed his decision after video review. thanks and after christiane good saw yellow twice in five minutes fribourg were also reduced to ten men and the clash ended scoreless shaka have now played four straight one just to get games without a win. bubs borg are aware shaka would like to be this season battling for a ticket to europe. and they looked like contenders against mites the wolves taking the lead in just the fourth minute maximillian arnold scoring with their first shot
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on target. in the second half john phillips fell of the record low and vowed to be cost converted from the spot to make it to nil he scored on all four of his penalty kicks this season. and ten minutes later robin cannot added another destroying any hope of a mind's comeback three nil the final score and volves board now have thirty five points more than they are and in all of the last campaign i both. the bible. and saturday's late game had berlin hosted vertebrae mn in a mid table clash had threatened early on with salomon kalou bursting forward to find davies out to make it one nil after twenty five minutes
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hosts continued to dominate i but with the last kick of the game the several squeezed in a free kick to force a one all draw sparking wild celebrations as he becomes the bull in this league as oldest goal scorer. so congratulations to him so here are the results from much day twenty two so far and another defeat there for stuttgart this time of course against leipsic hof and haim beat hanover as we just saw evolves also one picked up some very important three points for them against mines shellac and freiburg and in that nail old draw on a dramatic last draw for braman against hatta and on friday biron closed the gap on league leaders dortmund but bar and got off to the worst possible start against
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bird conceding after just twelve seconds and that was the fastest own goal in bundesliga history. but they fought back to grab old frequency and get out of a hitting the winner early in the second half to secure a three two victory to win now puts pressure on rivals dortmund. and on sunday at frankfurt play and laver coups and take on doesn't and on monday struggling nuremberg take on league leaders dortmund. so let's see have those results affect the table now barn munich are now just two points behind dormant to as i just mentioned play on monday vul spring look at them they move up to fifty hoffenheim up to seventy as well and the other end of the table. not much movement at all in fact no movement but looked and there was dawn you're very kind overstock are still down at the bottom of the table now it's time for at the bones as late as
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play the day as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner with a stunning eighty one percent of the vote is verb rayman hero. in the ninety six minutes after stepped up to seal on a wager all for his side and in doing so he broke a bone disney correct words as an age of forty years and one hundred and thirty six days he's now facially in this league as oldest goalscorer feels it still remains to me top non-germane goals scored just ahead of robert eleven dostie was your play off the day. that's it for him that's all time for us here on the bundesliga we'll be back with the action from sunday's games and also will be discussing this weekend's top talking points with former bones make a player sheldon say andy don't use very own oliver movie we need you now with some images from this weekend's bomb this data it's just me and the rest of the team
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her first day at school in the jungle. her first clean lesson and then the doors grand the moment arrive join the around to tango on her journey. you know we're an interactive dungeon dora entering it and returns home. come let's time it's happened around munich's to me hall at merion plus.


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