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tv   Night Grooves - with Ray Wilson Genesis and Glasperlenspiel  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 3:15am-4:01am CET

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once upon a time there was a young girl. with a burning ambition. to become a doctor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and old ways. for being on stage with the musicians and being part of that magic it was difficult for the first. real. world. thank you very. w. hello and welcome to night groups tonight are so full of moments in
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a moment these keys will belong to germany's most successful group of electronic paul the mad i'm talking about is named after by how man has reapproach i have them here tonight class parents. also played in to bounce that house. in down names the singer. still. still skin and the second band he was a singer in the ninety's. after the first book of the bible genesis so well come. from. greenwood see a little bit of a few. yes
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i was very very thankful that i was you know you fearful want to you know have a hello how you know i was not on this if was off and sickening. and was the biggest market of any benson it was because they'll see a lot of cities in the last and my most authentic is not a fun one to this and then some of it than gets this incompetence is going to. the so soft oh my answers on this in genesis chameleon community i was there for talks the message is the provided someone from the guy in the in the on top i think to be honest for me it's the emotion in the music that matters saw i like melancholy music and i like music but angry arrant emotional goes for the more want
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to steal this gun they saw and chide and put out not so much noise as this motorboat the you know just the emotion in the music for me that's what matters you know genesis. stammers and the forest and as a whole from boy to on. how law here genesis before genesis i was i was with stilton we had a big success and we were saying to virgin records the same record company as genesis so when fail to say did two to stop with genesis they were looking for a new singer and they asked the record company for ideas i was presented as one of the ideas are along with many many famous singers there was lots of suggestions and i i got a phone call i was having breakfast and i picked up before and said hello and it was tony smith who manages genesis said i was twenty smith here. we were wondering if you would be interested in auditioning to replace phil collins ok and i was
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alone. yeah i know ok. so i went there i sang. seven genesis songs old ones of the thousands would be interested in how do you know god if my mom transferred to share the hope in my mind i've been nicked the thing about the thing about both my brother for twenty banks the very you know very upper class english people so there is no expression there's no emotion we don't know if you were fantastic or if you would a disaster you have no idea so it was a very you know they had excited us for the trouble had to it i guess i did well enough because the the ask me to sing for them so i guess i must have done an ok job he had mine it might need of title got offered to show it yes it's not what you're looking to move ray witts invited you are more insistent on toughens all
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this and also i don't have time we are going to make me go to you know probably to dijon sets and i. haven't been going i have been trying to get let. down over me he's got. i mean i said. i just like i would you just listen to money out of his.
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home to do stuff that i've missed and stood in the phone the fans. i didn't ask but. it was like working with my father to be asked ok my father is the same age as my grow the food that's nice eventually things are done on the off believe that no not at all not at all i think that you know when when you replace someone as prolific as phil collins you know a legend obviously you cannot. direct the singer to do that i think you either you either have it or you don't have the essence to fight them out this isn't just the most einsteins. that mike and tony both wanted to take a new direction at that time and they wanted to be a little bit more retro so what we would do what we started to to do was
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a little bit more like the peter gabriel era of genesis so and my voice is more reminiscent of peter's yeah exactly so when they had me singing songs they were all while this works when i was singing phil it was it was different because phil's got a totally different voice to me and it took time to to make those songs my songs you know it took time to do that or not to ask. after show party i would have stayed much no fest that's from to here we go all the him. sex and drugs and rock n roll for design kind of event that. we're you know well i'm fifty year old now and i was well so but at the time i said i'd been with still the skin i was on m.t.v. every day you know girls parties that everything then i joined genesis and it was like i started working for
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a bank or something. you know. one of ray's song from the time from genesis so please enjoy the moment with that's all. but it's. just. and that's all. i would be told it's still missing
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a chance in the filling from. the out of steam. engine it. can be told so it's just a bit of sour. months old and. the lowlands older legler lolis zola keep her see her legs feel. her. her her. leg old
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legolas and some other. earth why does it seem to be pitch. and it's all the same it's still a small or large. pearly . her. perch. feel.
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really. bad throw a few of my knockout to a state you haven't heard of a gun exist now. let's talk about bricks it. yeah i mean that's not as bad as that of the few that are getting manship especially after you know and i'm scottish going against. it and i live in poland yeah that's i mean yeah i have i have polish musicians german musicians british musicians company in germany a company in poland it's a nightmare i see the benefit of the european union i'm not saying it's perfect because it's not but i see the benefit of it and i know i have many german friends
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many polish friends friends in switzerland friends in austria you know so for me. to to kind of build this wall around the island of britain. i don't understand it you know it's not something that's committed in its name on the kinds of books you miss now many of them had. nothing to savor surely. that was the but i'm not. let's get to work on my. plants or whatever the result of this is that it might have been the man i ok. now so just for the year after i'd really not easy i was also bangin now as you know
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with you know it was of no. oh very bad also quite a lot made to you know most of us and all the muscles of birds we've got a superman as well as a passion as you have had immense russian bending on board and they're there by me and i say stephanie. i'm going to let you know. yeah that's really. the ones i'm on offer i'm first of all unplanned i have had some time off from you know . yes but i mean if i were in believe or do. you know what it would be. the potus not your office would come you know my ballot outcome is my off time and. bite of borden's e from new zealand and new order of. born south east would you wish for this is an obvious mistake does man and the others first to come among had a blocked off how does the man bought into it so he and his friends ultimately said i'm bored and just mom and yeah ok to sign on. as
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a secret if they sang this but you know i've heard what i've ordered in robert about how media so i decide by the submission venue on the horns it was good as was written and come out as a billion years of an executive a start up cost of mother so i was just told me so much but all i can tell you. they would for the music. i listen reveal or and then went on because money is a focus humans act ok your thought might also be awesome going to the circles on the stairs ignored is perfect of it and they're like room. well i know i know that german people say berlin normally don't like berlin and berliners love berlin i know that's not the city for me as a german berlin's the best city in one of the best cities in the world i love it and my girlfriend is well she's a dancer there lynn is the city you know so much and now live in and poland i live in poznaƄ know which is only two and a half hours from berlin and it's because. little bit new to you do you see people
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not only in their r.v.'s well i mean i'm so shocked she. was a chicken says this old love the only one of the. new point as i said this was the first time i thought of it as it was about that science episode of us and one point to shim was the situation is just. punishment sick and i am ready to. cannot soft can't have you thought back and have them pop our initial meta ok i have says actor and also was when i first had to i never thought about it because no more of us from down here and look here. it's hot as if by a. beach the ocean to vent. has been for that is this what i was about i started to do so. has come out of the sweating also because i have to write. well sometimes when.
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i know i'm good we can move on and work out. it's not somebody else did. this thing he gets it. is it was kind enough for a small son to lose it would still not. vegan see fit not even done but then he spends going out does this guy and to me without.
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a few friends to stone him to phone. there seems to come some shrugs are more. a good option. seed such assumed. the ledge the slave. the slave of the spear. platelet platelet cutler.
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played live live little. pearl. pearl . listen. listen. live to the template to cleveland
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. pergola england. thank. you. but then how no that's one of the legs and one of the here i was did you know i was going to believe it was. all she going to get it was ok she wouldn't i mean it of sort of a half minute only story but instead of falling for it nicole would. in
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the same class parent abuse it's. like it's better to give benefits as a class pensioners when they are formed by a house and see him as a year because of his leg on the emotional leg of his arm was equal parts of class that should have you had just begun to have investment kids think or what that is about i mean so as a dad i have to. finish thomas vite and austin i said you know me to and friend from home at odd and a band and. said langham damn ice event is what i was missing and having fun is a band going to have to you know in a single and. and i'm having this must have felt on the phone for ten i was meant as angsty i'm often on by a number of you on these esteem or had to almost some trainers for to mid-town trying as we do this we're fourth of it this month i'll quote and and. he said that we're going to have it and it is going well and we have confirmation resumes and
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i'm going i'm back around and i've done a half dozen everest walked and i'll see about if you could also used you have to let us know and it had to often for all songs off that's all not a lot of photos on almost all of the had just too much beer from christina aguilera beautiful recovered one and only job is to go to the top of amanda look at alice conduct movie interest him and she can yell much relief. i don't get out of the getting a bed there are dozens of arc that are much of a cross because i'm with you on those canyons and. from still in its infancy so was an interval more than the hours i was underfunded and some of the good must cover us last month that i definitely doesn't trust from sitting there when i would like to strum some songs and as i would compose really has to didn't i'm still to come and teach. from rumplestiltskin about how you see in german. suits in there so we remember the we had what we called ladybird books they had
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a little ladybird. you know what i mean. be drunk and polish it. ok. of course one of the books from the brothers grimm famous writers was rumpelstiltskin so we took the name still going for the money imo when he's an asshole who has a. even mild he's someone that i used to look as a job as music as about one's assume most of em was a bunch of avid lead often followed up one films i'm pretty disappearance but on time songs for free when actually it is a stanza with us knack at this level and we set out on a platter for money and without the song on sky of anonymizer west we got this label almost all of us v guilelessly but you know that as i know them a lot of visual came out that i am on says a lot of runs or by this kid doesn't just get off the it's my hands are there one i do use economic office become of them but often update us around box office their i phones by adults and from what i saw one through last month it was view enough
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holes in the argument on the top of this by mistake of a cancerous tissue. to that the other foot stalk i don't think you really can deal with i think the only way you deal with it is by experiencing it and getting through it and then when you look back i mean i'm fifty no you know my first hit was i was twenty five so twenty five years and my career has been you know up and going and know it has a kind of degree of. normal normality. which is magnificent you know i don't i don't rely on anyone really are racists a concious come of the speaking british. only on tone rough cuts but to go over that yes. i left out great with. some but it's if you discover x. .
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oh to leave the fold in the. lest you seems relate used to. what suits you. to send the suv can. move to stuff in. the inspiration in suv. for. good soon or even know that the. bad shoes. in the lead
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she soon. lose sleeve. suit. could shoot. for. can't. be.
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true. to keep. a kid and leave. the. kid just skip.
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thank. you. very much i know you know that also home he says. it's not just. a r.v. all of this is you know as one might all sure let us not like what you got to hear right now sorry you know not going to thank you good question it's supposed to make
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you feel like you're in scotland in the autumn or bored and see oh it's you know. you could say that's good when it was the same fog the leaves falling in the middle of whiskey or maybe a big one. yeah the fireplace i wrote at the time. there could be no that's. all mothers to provide and then none the less what says i'm busy plucked eleven you're talking. as if i don't like money or you can check that as it is that i'm hot one hundred is to slap. as of. the first album it's for playing tight side won't help seal the music for me is not optimal this is what's on it was all sort of think you know who was. much more the most not so there is you again salty why does it go so i what i did was i was there and everything i was a bit in my ass next one the nozzle just being. home forced and the next was way
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out here. not a ton i was not very fun so we have a special. does a pleasure madam shaft of this attack we're not sure if there's a split decision on my also from any of us and i'm to listen to name of a boss had from mrs davis mystic on a lesson i've often. it's only been modified by which is to be consumed are done as a thank for others or of and you have the last question give your sabrina versus an interview or songs and study toots on them was a sign of. how many good big are formed by extreme or does she lose your mentions and be against the odds because there's a vast inverse in the shadows and i look for style and also as i know you must have on us i'm sick i'm blank such as there's that one. from the arctic i was more tired than a super r m is. just a mention on this of course thing. i was against those who don't. need as others
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give me the feel of. clashes in that he was lucky he is if then have it out other than some of us alone. or does a lot of this course you won't get us or some other systems of the brain a good target. many of us going to vote might stop after this kind of talk that he will help me other than been most well off and he gets off on most of all kinds of is only for me by another but it was a very few people blame up for that also. created an image i was could only have to be really given by. i to get my wife for years on the road all the time when i was divorced and she lives in australia. this one in the middle of tour. when you get to know she's a dancer so she too is hard to know what's going to her my to know we will see each other very much it's a perfect relationship but. you. know when mr barker does for us want to be very kind i don't wish it doesn't he's on can i was. sure i would but
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some strike was always going. to be that he's the c.e.o. of allowed time constitutionally. to go first and often fire. was considered kind of the first attempt comment i've ever thing out of him from to near family so mr howell mr afterburner go and it's not often finding after brothers we'll get rid of this and that's when i called you raise your voice and you know i feel to be. what i'm angry you don't want to be anywhere near me yeah yeah i'm not good to be around. my look is enough for people you know so nothing could be wrong had to be done the way i wanted it nightmare. well this is dismissed kawan that his ideas comes with universe in the minds of us all as i need to. be given. love solutions all my data.
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so everybody knows the song this is a genesis song i think from nineteen seventy eight i think. a long time ago. you were not born ok so. or it. may. come to.
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the sushi. and to secure. this region. such as. to. move. to. a small c c a. a. a. a set. still a. a. a. b.
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. thank you. then examine. yes yeah like you know. i would say i'm not religious and that you know i follow catholicism or protestant faith no but i'm spiritual yes very spiritual person but i don't follow a specific faith i think it's all a bit you know i'm of the belief that if if someone follows a particular faith and it's good for them and it comforts them that's fine and you should just a low people to do that then does come on the run. as a good time with zeke fun with it when.
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i've been easy in the. least well you know it comes from somewhere doesn't you know when you're creating songs and you guys and you write this song while we're did this come from you know and nobody really knows. guten moment years that my view on that and then feed the sleeve and got this after i started with of the are the sorts of things like i was a bit of a. visit in effect of. course is a home to us as americans a government conference or another couple you know on dozens of. convention how dozens or so or. other from somewhere i doing this much might come out of here clown lessons which is the magic moment song and steeds. says god is leaving us companies are clearly. see above us because our magic moment is this must have done
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. for my health well i don't smoke anymore i smoked until maybe the age of about thirty stop i don't drink. i stopped that as well i think i think also know much more aware of what i eat probably because of my girlfriend you know she saw it because being a dancer she's so focused on everything that goes into her body that you know it rubs off on me as well and i think much more about what i eat than they used to for sure i said them cope well it just was kind of been kind of silly farter can have something. that's true yes i haven't i haven't washed my hair with many more years old twenty five years but i haven't used shampoo on my here ok just
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water that's the i stopped because when i was when i was with still skin and i used to wash my here and my here is so soft and it would be before i don't know oh ok and i hated it and then i used to sit in my hair dresser you know what to do in a jail and oil my here and it's like i used to drive me crazy and my hairdresser said will don't wash it ok he said after about a month the oils will start to clean you're here and for the first month it was like you know it she had and it was really not so good and after that absolutely fine and i just washed my here with. with water so that's why you're sitting so far away from. those who probably cannot really i wasn't part of this is what i said you know i'm not i mean you can tell whether you're clean or not but that's a man like yes man and said i was here and then let's go now. oh yeah you have to do a month six weeks and sometimes use
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a little talcum powder just because the scout gets a little because it gets used to it you think your mom gets not document that you want to mention it socially harmless no political future you know that's money that's all i'm done with you have all your. stuff young invincible i'm not this is not some other smart person. bought name. so i was a boy i tell anybody tried to go and i was going. everybody back in. the car was not for you in class parents. with rise and kicks.
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you know i'll cook and sam's initiative to. push my six clubs for me on the sets and i'm thinking i'm sure to get on the. net. just to go but. just the fish to man coverage the sun than the sweat on the sniffs of bats on a dish. a. place. to. live.
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just says it's going to be the subs are fed up with getting the skill sets of spring near but long that's so that's a sad slow shelf. the one culprit the solution than the smell of snitch spit out. listen play play play. play play. play play live play. live.
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played. little. bush stole. the treasure of those little. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. kids. deaths is infant visit he must. try incidence. is insult the.
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claim on such live. live. live live the ultimate live. live. live it is. live. live.
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let's have. a new. c.e.o. next time i'm not. thinking about. some. colleagues. like. me just. trying to. build a. christian pulis
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age from young guns to dortmund midfield engine. his upcoming transfer to chelsea shattered the record for a us player but what's the story behind the american born to kid meteoric rise. christian pulis age close. to sixty minutes w. hey listen up. that's what a video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level. ok sense to him talk composer who claim it's . featured in many games his music is bound to.
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his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. sure that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. yellow vests protesters marched across france for the fourteenth weekend in a row saturday's demonstration was overshadowed by an anti semitic incident in paris after a crowd of people shouted insults at a leading french intellectual recent polls indicate public support for the protests is fading. german chancellor has made a strong plea for multilateralism speaking at the annual munich security conference .


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