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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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the munich security conference twenty team. superpower competition trade wars nationalism on the line for how can the european union compete effectively in this new in. the twenty nineteen executing conference today on d w my. life. what soccer really all about prolonged fan does not just about the football is. so social experience radium ok but for others soccer revolves around commerce.
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and not just a bit of cash for a scarf or hat has become a big money sport transfer fees for young players like the bell a and m. buffett have broken the hundred million euro benchmark everyone it's me. and he's just the latest massive transfer american start to secure join chelsea from dortmund in summer for an eye watering sixty four million euro's head i had a dream you know i just wanted to i wanted to play in the pros and i can't believe that i made this far. but it's not all about cash kickoffs adrian kennedy gets to the roots of liverpool's footballing heart just in time for the champions league julians by but let's start off with the american wonder kid. christian. again i just know how to go on my. and i wouldn't stop or i'm going to
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reach the he's living the american dream is a pro soccer player in europe. inspiration for so many kids in america not just in america for around the world and all the budding football players in his hometown hershey want to emulate him he can even this national team gives us a long. history of police it is already being hailed as one of the best footballers to ever come out of america he's only twenty years old and one of the standout players adornment one of europe's biggest clubs he's an american superstar but hey lebron james workers from polish from jersey. so that should tell you everything you need to know. hershey pennsylvania the small east coast town with twelve thousand inhabitants is hung to the hershey company where the world famous chocolate bars have been produced since eighty ninety four. but now chocolate town usa has produced
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a second major export football players it's not the most prominent sports in the states but for hopeful young locals christine policing is a hero to the. club a sense he was on the classmate and he even this national thing gives us an. advocate. on do you say your name paul citigroup police say it is so good that my school is saying it's pull sick. leave the police take nap almost. everyone it's me christian closer to door well that clears that up this is where christian politike learned to play while growing up in a region where football was never the most popular sport. i was always making my parents you know come outside of football or out of me just or just there with all of the shoes on the car learn the law. from. as always there's been the biggest
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influence for me there was so much when he was in my coach growing up in the phillips six family which includes a croatian ground up sports are a fake deal both of christians parents play football. his father introduced then six year old christian's was first club the pennsylvania classics. his first coach steve klein still was haunted by setting the local youth into a big talent as he did with christine. and off i would say was introverted but you definite was a little bit on the quiet side but it was more about him just being focused even on the young ages or focused on want to be a soccer player. but once you're around him or on a personal level as duff and are a function. like to joke around playing table tennis with lead paint ball you know . that young christian had plenty of talent was clear to his coach from the start. yeah i mean we always knew early on he was
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a special player. you never know how special someone will be but at a younger age he had very good vision as a soccer player eight nine years old you can see he was going to be a very good player and i would say once he was thirteen or fourteen and he thought this kid may be a pro. football is fun but school's a must christians daily routine began in the classroom with dave yanks for example his math teacher little christine was not on the a model awfully. well i just want to. get you know if you had a room full of christians every day everybody would be happy. as a model student were extremely proud of christian these embrace his roots he. has it on his twitter page straight out of her she says remember where he came from to all of us that matters to. the fifteen he took a giant step forward moving. dortmund germany with his father. and he hit the
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ground running winning two championships at german youth level and debuting in the bundesliga at seventeen but yes. there's no school in the foot this has got at the age of just seventeen. yeah just to go over there and experience of all the culture of everything was you know really really tough for me i mean everything the language just you know being there with you know being in america playing soccer and i'm in europe and i stuck with it because i just you know how to go online and i wouldn't stop until i reached. back unchristian political is the face of football also aka as it's known in the us fans are going wild for the rising job and stuff it became the country's youngest ever player of the year at just nineteen. yeah i mean very thing you know long ago i was just an american kid i had
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a dream you know i just wanted to i wanted to play in the pros and i can't believe that i made it this far and just a huge honor in harrisburg pennsylvania just a stone's throw from christians native hershey the politike jersey is a best seller. the simplistic custom off the new jersey certainly one of our most popular. in angela's allowance and gregson cari still suck it is the main sport it's here where young christian used to shop for his own soccer game and the jersey of his idols. is very big. with soccer becoming more popular the u.s. even though they do so well they're still on t.v. quite often. so the kids got to watch him play in and then with him being local just leave christian fever certainly cause.
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thank you. for still public. come believe it so. with these the fancy footwork and scoring skills is thriving at dortmund he's already awoken the interest of the english premier league but for the time being fans in the us is still glued to watching the bundesliga. record every. move more often than not i watch a dormant games. just because of tradition every morning that's the first thing we do look at t.v. goes on and we're hoping that christians game is on the television. and also follow this fellow american in the bundesliga western they can even shout he's a teammate of christians in the u.s. men's national team and also one of his best friends in germany me and him but he was my first rattle and i hope in whatever i think will be fourteen thirty.
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i will sit next to each other on the bus and i used to have a sport while he was scoring is here and in our waterways this court is here in the mean we have a lot of good memories he's a. inspiration for so many kids in america not just in america for around the world no one expects that to happen at such a young age but giving us the opportunity to show what we have a young ages is you know the biggest thing and i'm lucky to have had that storm and yeah it's been it's been very very. pretty implicit is already a hero for local kids and grown up american football fans helped put soccer on the back there's a lot more interest than there used to be. and and christians help that hey bron james workers from polish from jersey so that should tell you everything you need to know. one will come in you know all the while going to possibly going to. by the way.
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to all of. them yes on by. every oh my god i'm rising temperatures is finally back with so long. of wits rather chatter coming up in the big in wind versus german rivalry and we have fire liverpool we have dortmund tottenham and we have man city shocker. i mean here german what do you feel like but the english. you are for those of us who are not german or english we did about the beginning and see where this rivalry even started quantico. it ok so we wanted to get a little step back in time for this one england and germany perennial rivals and
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look just in football and you want to remember the world wars. so the world moved off the battlefields and onto the sun bob pitts in one nine hundred sixty six the world cup final at wembley with the same this goal no goal hold on a sec. to the light in the house so it's probably pretty safe to say that the germans don't really like the english after that incident but i think that it's more like a chill dislike why because cheerleaders just been way better than england eliminated from a major tournaments all throughout the last i don't know fifty years thank you seventy nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine and two thousand and ten and because you're wondering why is there even a rivalry at all based versa no not so chill. probably his agenda
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a little bit more i mean repeated penalty shot losses will take their toll on you after awhile going think i mean gary lineker even coined one of those famous footballing phrases football is a simple game twenty two man chase one for ninety minutes and at the end vision wins always win and the media they really haven't helped the situation at all they make cover after cover after cover that just really put him on fire but we. want children he has pretty much waiting going there on the international stage coupon football tells a completely different story because their premier league sides pretty much run the going to see guys show and exception to that is byron who has been able to hold their own but still has some source or memories in the champions league against english sides rumor these.
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so. just go right so apparently excited to have one more matches and more titles then they're going to sleep got counterparts now that's not such good news for the villainously got considering that in the next round of champions league three we're just like a giants are going to be taking on three premier league powerhouses now the question we have is does the lewis league and its tears how much it takes to compete at the highest level against the really. liverpool now this match up is extra romantic on the one side we have brian who has nothing but any memories of champions league finals against an english teams and we have liverpool coming fresh out their own champions league final disappointment coached by none other than german your game clock he's a. veyron rival and his dortmund over surviving in his dortmund days is
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also really not a big fan of byron hold on a sec. for the roses. oh god you gotta love club. back so this can has bad feelings written all over it bad news for liverpool fans though because clubs record against diary isn't actually that good even if you do take his mind this out of the picture but there's one thing we need to say this game is definitely going to be a cracker who i think you should check it out. so this next match up can him against dortmund although kind of stand by injuries where you can delhi ali and royce are all out is said to be an exciting clash nonetheless these
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teams have only ever met four times in the europa league and the champions league and that series is tied at two wins and two losses a piece with tottenham actually getting the best of dortmund last year in the champions league in the group stage so turn in probably said to say they can have some sourish for this one but some good news for dortmund this is only the third time that tang has ever made it to the final sixteen and they have yet to win a home game in the knockout rounds but some good news for tottenham is that they have one son who can pretty much call the dortmund killer because literally every time you plays against them whether it was in germany or for tottenham he scores a goal. it's funny because darren on the other hand will be relying on an english and have them take down the english isn't it funny how things work out go on jane sanchez. so when city and shows. sorry shaka now
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things haven't been going so well in the bundesliga for shocker this year so when the champions league draw came out and they saw that they had city you could actually hear a collective come from doesn't care ssion it's kind of like hey you guys aren't doing so on the blue cigar but you are kind of they won the champions league and only here city for you if it's not bad enough that city is actually considered to be one of the favorites to win the whole champions league this year they also are undefeated in their last six out of seven games against german opponents going back to two thousand and fourteen so it's probably going to be a little bit nostalgic for sonny who's back in shock after becoming a prodigy there before going to city and it will be pretty cool for running with tonto who just after a couple weeks of leaving city for shelter is probably going to get the chance to play against his old team so you know why impose rules nothing right miracles can
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always have been so on the verge of the next chapter in the england versus germany rivalry one thing is for sure on an international level the germans reign supreme but england and the premier league are far superior in the champions league so who's going to come out on top this time be sure to stay tuned because we've got a great line of things coming up oh about england and germany and till then. sirens tell us it's ok you know worry. until then you know the drill piece or two follow me on instagram and either of you kick up an instagram and subscribe and share and comment and let me know what you guys think and i will see you guys next time from somewhere special. little cool space in bahrain in the champions league go for border. liverpool of the region kennedy went to liverpool
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to explore the incredible bond between the club and its city. back in liverpool my family moved south when i was just a small boy but for me there could only ever be one team liverpool. last. hope will the reds fans accept me does it matter that i've never seen a game and feel. no risk elses take me to their hearts. talk stuff is one of the most rundown parts of the city. quite an intimidating place even outside the house my mother grew up in all those years ago when the locals hear of my connection with the area the ice is broken and
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before i know it it seems like i've got a few new says. i'm staying in talks to have to meet local land and former liverpool player how we who now works as a social inclusion coach at the kingsley community school keeping kids off the streets. first black player something you know very proud to represent you. in any form this is from cancer be proud of. for me growing up either. in them or all over all over the course you're going to use he was special for me i have what it takes to become a true. despite my. it's got nothing to do with.
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the support of. the city of liverpool is famous for a few other things than football and i have a little time for sightseeing down at the former docks. but in the city center i stumble across a memorial to the tragedy the darkest chapter in the history of the liverpool f.c. ninety six fans were crushed to death at the one nine hundred eighty nine f.a. cup semifinal at a football stadium policing errors led to serious overcrowding at the liverpool end of the high steel fence in common grounds in britain at that time the fans had nowhere to flee. on that tragic day. they were all. so.
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you know we all really went to a football match and what we. never got to. twenty four hours later. with a from. the sun newspaper printed lines blaming the fans the police clued in the cover up and it took the families twenty seven years to clear the names of the victims and truth that the liverpool fans were asleep plainness to this day there is a citywide boycott of the pipeline. for people.
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there walking to the people on the. wrong. and i think. it's a catastrophe that united the city and its people. approach is let's see if i complained in as a liverpool fan. i think i'll go for something classic.
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growing up in london. and nine hundred seventy eight european cup final this will be my first game at anfield. maybe a. final briefing from session. how he's. going to. fix. this how far from the glories of the eighty's and before that. the old if. the story. you think is good. he gets.
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every five. something extra special about being a live in school and field. being a little. sharing stories it's. not just about. experience really and experience in pubs and around the grounds watching the. might with just. here i am. truly belong.
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can i really. wish. the biggest point taking a lead that. liverpool looked back on by all still. a very tense final few made that. were. true or grew on the trail through i am through i came back to liverpool and to my room i was welcomed by the people who and except
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for the fire and even my age. group and now i not. never look a lot of the. were hired a little. some
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. try. in a comic. book legends like. coming home mob lives just. trying to. duck.
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the next attorney a little chef a journey by the way of true and which along. the ridge winds its way because of the peaks of the. trombonist and muffle of the stunning scenery. and just because a trace is a function of indigenous culture. really is the rise of ecuador by train. in seventy five minutes on. earth a home for saving global engineers tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas jim boulden series of global three thousand w. and online. stuff. nixon river continues.
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to. know their stuff. curves. with the good morning stephanie. they're turning to check with musicians from around the world. every week paula deen w. o seen. roger allow fleeting glimpses of. the subcontinent economics has made them billionaires. they're revealing their lives for trying. to move. jobs to start figuring. w.
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place play. this is t w news live problem but the u.s. and iran trade verbal blows at the munich security conference troels to a close there on foreign minister mohammad job outside comes down his u.s. policy on iran accusing washington of ignoring his country's right to self-determination this office of u.s. vice president mike pence demands a tough a stance on iran from europe we'll be live in munich also coming up i'm a senior catholic cleric to be defrocked in modern times the best of them expelled a former u.s. cardinal.


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