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tv   Doc Film - The Thrill of the Ride - Ecuador by Train  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 1:15pm-2:01pm CET

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and the race has its roots in local wedding traditions and is designed to showcase the groups that eligibility comeback ridge. you're watching news live from berlin coming up next documentary is with the daily news don't film featuring a journey by train troops aquittal thanks so much for watching the news. you know. we make up oh but we watch as old houses that conduct the two types we are the sum of services. they want to shape the continent's future expand part of it and join the dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their jump the seventy seven percent platform for majority.
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of. all railway adventure begins in the coming full port city of quiet. in
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a cage on the pacific coast it's home to more than two million people. one of the city's few historic buildings is the cathedral. there are quite a few week one is here to free to roam around and they multiply prodigious me. there's a. little bit of the work that yeah but yeah i like to feed them. what ten years ago i broke my old one at marco and tell me how. i can still recognize him by his kind of like your uncle out. our journey will begin in a few minutes the train is waiting in to run a suburb of where she is. a train manager karen escobar is here to welcome us the ticket cost the equivalent to
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seventeen euro is what sales are still a bit bureaucratic this line only resume service in twenty thirty nine. rail travel in ecuador is experiencing euro nations right now the railway was completed more than a hundred years ago when illinois far was president it made him a national hero. but i have a way. back then the only way to get from cuba to kyoto was by horse and it took a month we urgently needed a better connection between the coast and the highlands. and the route was so dangerous that travelers used to make a will because they didn't know if they'd be coming back alive i want them and the organizations you know how to get us out. the journey is still an adventure a few security. dogs on mopeds have joined us there are no railway gates on the
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roads so the guards will secure the crossings for us. when the railway was completed in one thousand year wait it became a symbol of national unity today its reconstruction serves the same purpose. the project has become known as a patriotic challenge that aims to unite ecuador's various ethnic groups. to transact with dorian railway is four hundred fifty kilometers long and runs from the pacific coast eastward into the m.g.m. highlands it's widely seen as south america's most spectacular railway line.
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which equitable life line was blocked for fifteen years. and two hundred fifty kilometers of track were affected by landslides and generally black. metal yourself a lot of very proud of the reconstruction efforts. it takes us back to the days of president and oil for a. rail travel used to be normal here. with older people aboard the train now it's attaching the experience for them. to feel that they have tears in their eyes that they remember when they and their children used to travel from the coast to the highlands to sign up. the railway has even inspired a popular love song. oh
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yeah there's a player out. there that you. know from something different comedy made on the same. sort it's called. her daughter might be sent to me and it was written by or be sent to your wound originally sung by one. point but it's a very popular song and it's about the railway that runs between choir and quito again i start by east and there's an ample so now about why i keep. it.
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here. in the early twentieth century ecuador was an economically underdeveloped country but the way along and changed all that bringing crops from the fields to market. nowadays for instance ecuador is the world's largest exporter of bananas. the fruit is still harvested by hand. then the bananas are transported by cable car. these bunches of bananas a heavy it is hard work to hold them around the team is on the legal minimum monthly wage which is equivalent to about two hundred twenty euro.
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this is the plantations logistics center here the bananas are separated from the storks and then sold it according to varying exports down. ecuador's climate is ideal for growing bananas all year around. the bananas a watched carefully to remove any traces of pesticides. the number the amount of all the. but minutes that have a soft skin are not exported especially trained personnel and i'm sure that only high quality fruit is sent to export markets. we don't want any complaints about override bananas you have to export them when they're still green that is not yet ripe there are good all the there you are. three thousand three hundred crates full of bananas are harvested here per hectare per year and exported to germany japan
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russia and the us. reconstructing the railway was almost like building a brand new nine i. the project cost the equivalent of two hundred twenty million euros an enormous sum for a country like ecuador one of the lawyers but they look at that video he got out of the trains have only recently started running again and we're still dealing with. a few problem areas. that i've yet to meet but if you're going to take a while before we get that under control you're both very much getting near but you're always doing maintenance work so that the train can run as efficiently as possible for the people and transport freight and passengers without any disruption to god like they were going to be there by your body or your body but i want to go there both of us are going to fucking.
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women living slowly uphill not. live education changes with the elevation one characteristic of the transition from the coastal region to the endings mountains is the cloud forest a natural primeval paradise it's also one of the world's most endangered ecosystems we're about to meet a local tribe of indigenous people the shura. they're performing a ceremony to determine whether strangers are welcome here today. but it where are you going to look over the edge of my own like a great go go over this is all over well my left over right right
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but who who who lives in north phil have to leave those who are allowed to visit are greeted with ritual dances to go to a few of history. so. i woke. up and what i wanted. to do. some of the few. corneal what. an important custom is drinking chicha an alcoholic beverage that you know no speech b.s. oh yeah it was well known even in the times of the infamous that those who drink cheechoo have a considered friends thanks you don't are enemies. of the old days of the show are did not treat their enemies kindly lepas of a good. in one sacred ritual the tribal princes would cut off the heads of
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criminals your little thought about it what it will said about all this took place near a sacred waterfall lots of this is that your particular prayed to the god of nature are your dog is your the weapon it was the combination of verbs to shrink the heads about the michael the well the others on the board. the people here believe this was a form is a hundred times temple. this is the final part of the welcoming ceremony. it's a purification ritual designed to remove negative energy from strangers so that they can be brought into the show and community. after this uplifting experience we travel some ninety kilometers to the town of buka. it lies in the foothills of the ending's at an elevation of about three hundred meters
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above sea level. some local residents in traditional coast use are here to welcome the train. the tourists love it. in one nine hundred ninety eight the chant chan river best its banks here the floodwaters tore out a section of the track and damaged a nearby train station and this fuel tank. in two thousand and eight on the hundredth anniversary of the railways completion president rafael correa announced that the entire line would be rebuilt but most people don't benefit from this new service thank you for a rock i really love brick of
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a resort want to get work out of this rabbi no longer serves a real purpose. with runs every fifteen days or us or. the rich people can afford tickets. getting larger a train is not designed for poor people or retired railway workers they wouldn't be able to afford a ticket anyway if that is it going to. he's talking about the train crew still each office the only continuous service in this region it runs once every two weeks and has room for fifty four passengers take. but as m.b. may need a good deal main day this will do it was it oh hello and welcome to the train crucero. as we travel across ecuador i invite you to enjoy all the comforts that our training has to offer. because during the trip you'll see impressive landscapes and experience in a number of different climates so during. the forty trade cost the equivalent of
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a thousand your engine only wealthy foreign tourists can afford to travel on this train. this small cemetery near the town of week about recalls adult chapter in the railways history. thousands of workers died either in construction accidents or because they fell ill the construction supervisor. john homan died here in one thousand and seven probably of yellow fever the scroll system to cater to him. this cross is for all the workers who died. where no not for the more central made out of luck on you got you know there are no precise numbers but the victims included a number of men from jamaica. especially in the area around the devils knows. it was a lot of them worked with dynamite and got caught in the blasts. on top of. the climate
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the local people from the highlands will consider it unsuitable for railway construction what the managers recruited nearly three thousand men from jamaica who had experience in building railway. this is the town of sea bombay where we begin the ascent to the famous devil's name. in part that is a yanda yes but that the name of and i don't tell you that the origin of the name is part legend part reality is that several of the lemon in the mountain really does look like a nose yes. but some say that the president at the time at oriel pharo made a deal with the devil so he could build the railway lift out of. the hands of the world's most challenging railway line lines deep in the gorge of
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the chanche on river. the train sings act its way up the mountain. it moves full once then backs up to the next highest section and then moves will once again as it makes its ascent. with. the goal of going to little. from here you can clearly see the devil's names.
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of the passengers it's always an impressive trip. well no wonder you go but i see one very latest film with imus in bombay where he told the passengers that we'd be arriving soon at the devil's notice we're going to go all the way are going to passengers all said only get off because in a suburb you live don't so we have certain liquor we the but i could put it on nebulous yes a lot of money. up got maybe we wanted to call on the nerves of the passengers before the membrane can set down that should be anyone but a subtle. at one time people were allowed to sit on the roof of the train but after several
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accidents the authorities put a stop to that. one of the first passengers was president a lawyer in fargo he wrote when we came to a long scene and i looked into that terrifying abyss i closed my eyes and put my trust in the stars. the town of el or sea is located two thousand three hundred sixty meters above sea level that's five hundred fifty meters higher than fi bombay and now sea is an important market town for the locals as. tourists come to allow seat to visit the site of ecuador's largest incl ruins which are located nearby at . the seamless walls
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made of carefully choosing sterns a typical living for architecture. the area rounding up here to was settled by local people called the county ari who were conquered valiant cause in the early sixteenth century. archaeologist found a great funder the stone goes but then it's here and so for many they were eleven skeletons and if you go with the older the deceased women say that the owner of the also among them was a possible canary priest judging by her age and burial girl and it's about this one and all and then there were that lesbia that even the other women went on in france who positions around her oh not that good that's an indication that they believed that they would be reborn after death or have been so uncle most innocent boy reanna said finger pinnacle was sacred to both the canyon east and being close.
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we return to the train from cerro this train reflects much of equivalence modern history. to. each car as its own design. they're all different. from the car we're in right now is furnished him. style with colonial highlights. you can see that in the wood paneling and the gold leaf of that's attached to it we've. only made up. we spent the morning crossing a semi i read region called at an elevation of three thousand meters. but it was a bit courtship isn't good we also have a car decorated in the pre-colonial style that is before the spanish arrived but where the rituals of our ancestors are evoked such as ceremonies dedicated to the sun and the moon. this region here was known as the middle of the world.
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that refers to the equation for the north of hand. this steam engine will take us on the next stage of our journey it was built by an american company and was used regularly on this line until nine hundred ninety two . but i'm a locomotive up or want to operate a steam locomotive you need a lot of experience my dealing has a stoker on the back other if you get the chance to become a train engineer you should take it it's a great job. for you want to look at this point i'm the only veteran steam engine driver in ecuador. they want to call the other is a retired farmer can you think of a one of. it's time for some last minute maintenance.
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while that's going on we set off for a small chapel right next to the railway line. the chapel was built in fifteen twenty four which makes it ecuador's oldest church it was heavily damaged by an earthquake in seven hundred ninety seven. the local indigenous people worshipped the moon and mother earth is the. chapel is dedicated to the virgin mary of bargain era. and. it was built on a local ceremonial square that was used by the news. after they became christians they believed that the virgin mary would last them and their grain harvest.
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this was the start of the spanish effort to convert the region to christianity. thanks. so much full phoenix the engine cranks out a lot of horsepower and does it and three thousand three hundred metres above sea level. it's almost like watching a volcano erupt. when the exit at a cemetery someday i'd like to become an engineer and drive a steam engine to the devils no sense that when i don't want anybody that's my dream and i will come true one day and i am up or down with the landing and me maybe i'll never become an engineer and i'm weighing in on this but at least i'd like to drive a steam locomotive through the mountain and at that minute i'm monotonous and.
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safety on this section of the roof the train crucero always uses the scene like a measure of it's a nice change as we travel through the andean highlands. and when. we reach the town of new bomba up pretty quickly. so when the skies are clear you can see several volcanoes from some of the list still active the train crew several fair three obama over night. it
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. now we're going to sample a local delicacy. we've been invited to the home of our locomotive driver edgar. is known for a grilled dish made from guinea pigs it's called a saddle. does mother maria keeps a watchful eye on the preparations. just a few years ago two local people died of play grafter eating guinea pig but not even knows how to cook the dish properly with garnet onions and potato.
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oh so as the. guinea pig was also popular among the includes. one dog the end there me most son gets home from work he'll eat a whole guinea pig. that song that's the law but you can't always other people and in time even though they'd like one. that's so. sad i was often served on holidays jocketty. statement they. get. a ligament in them or do you think it tastes a bit like rabbit. that only one can say i ask. that it's not surprising that it got off and enjoys a big meal train drivers can really work an appetite.
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the next day the train crucero leaves real bombed out and makes its way into the mountains. the security guards are still without. making. the observation car at the end of the train provides some breathtaking views of the countryside. but it doesn't but there was a lot of hope that. it was as we're now on our way from video baumberger would be no but it's a bad day this is one of the country's most impressive railway lines rising from two thousand six hundred meters to three thousand six hundred nine meters said
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robina visited the station is located at the foot of the chimborazo volcano would actually ecuador's highest mountain and an important part of our ancient culture but the woodlands of. these lamas seem at home here in order bina this is ecuador's highest trailing station. you might expect to see a concrete. train here but the engine makes the trip on its own. at the moment day it's a double. steam locomotives used to run on this line and if the train was too long some of the cars were left behind that a station. but then the rest of the train would proceed on up to work. and then go back for the other cars as a craft or words they had put them all together again. a little later we meet a man who represents another part of a could all cultural heritage but it was all used to chimborazo regions last year
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in a row on ice match and. even here at an elevation of four thousand one hundred meters there's still some grass to be found but as our makes ropes out of the grass so he can tie the ice chunks to his donkeys back. the air is very thin up here seventy year old vitals are and his donkey are doing just fine . the ice mine is located at an elevation of four thousand eight hundred meters. by design has been excavating ice here for fifty five years.
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when i was fifteen i started working with my father my mother and siblings there you know. sometimes people needed so much ice that we had to make two trips. we put the exact crockery up and then take it to india. that there was or procrit out. dealer would sell it from house to house so the people could keep their phone calls. well the lobby also sold the rights to the fish sellers at the local market like they had all other make of their group with their own buttons are cut sea ice into chunks that way about fifty kilograms each it's hard work especially at this altitude and. then he wraps the chunks in grass to keep the ice cold.
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he ties a rope around a bale of ice and then load it onto his donkey. now they'll head back down the mountain. jim harasser was the highest mountain in ecuador at almost six thousand three hundred meters. it's known late in the day. as are his return to rio bomba will be. back up devoid of roles that he sells his big chunks of ice for the equivalent of just over a four year easy which can be that only the board of. chimborazo ice is especially pure and dense but these days only a few customers appreciate this quality. mendon fact that
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a connoisseur does say the ice has a sweet taste some even claim it's good for the bones it certainly seems to have kept bottles are in fine shape for all these years. my journey on the train from cerro continues northward. it's clear the railway was rebuilt for the tourists train. the locals didn't benefit much from it. about.
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the train continues to roll through the highlands and the passengers seem to be enjoying the trip. shows a bit about. i mean just look out the window that's how i see things that i've never seen anywhere else it's fantastic or they're going to the people are very friendly especially as dollars only a few. i speak english and i haven't found anyone who can speak german articles but you can write down what you want or use hand gestures and you'll get along fine. ecuador is famous for its residents and exports two billion of them every year the
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local climate untie innovation often in a perfect growing conditions. this is the new viral cirrhosis from fifty two species of roses a grown here on a total of thirty five hectares red roses are in demand all year around. five hundred workers most of them women sort and package the flowers. even for people who work here every day rosa something special if there is no market it was the appeal there the most beautiful gift you can give me. a bouquet of roses symbolizes love affection and appreciation that's the. way that it is and . we're now in the last stage of our
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trip. it's time to say goodbye to one security guards. this is lot of. the city has been destroyed several times by earthquakes and damaged by eruptions from the nearby cotopaxi volcano. after each disaster the city was rebuilt. the hussy in the last scene inca has survived intact for more than four hundred years. it's hosted a number of prominent guests including the german geographer and naturalist alexander from homeboy. if you want yoko lawyer. if you know it was got withered stand it must seem like a while he was doing research on cotopaxi. and this was
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a good place for him to work because on clear days you can see the volcano from here weeks ago he was able to make detailed persia will observations over an extended period of time. vary quite the rock and which was on his case so it was only with a party this is the room where one boat stayed in eighty nine to now days visitors can stay here. humboldt's were created the basis for his mountain research. but he never did climb cultural patching. the national parks that surrounds the volcano is home to a number of wild horses. we
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wanted to find out how they ended up here in the shadow of the world's tallest active volcano. we get the connection that the city says the lookers on the horses that live in the national park broke out of the nearby farm of snow and were never rounded out with a lot of us in the us a little on us is long of a little bit but the left will discover you also so you don't they have gotten used to the cold weather or the operation in the wilderness. so that the local for you that's why we refer to them as wild horses. and there's a fight about on lookers not policy all the buck unless you look at the bugs. cotopaxi is known as the magic horn of the endings the summit is often obscured by clouds.
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the final cost of our journey takes us through an area that humbles called the avenue of the volcano just. to turn through shero is too heavy for the tracks to make this part of the trip so we switch to the train deduce for johnny. which is life this is also a tourist train and it makes trips to ki-chan with the weekend. the trans ecuadorian railway was once much more than a means of transport it was a symbol of national pride. but
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a lot of the freight traffic was new from the railway to the pan-american highway. still the legacy of the railway remains. is the seaboard or where the several gavel and if there were to be on this national symbol was created during the administration of president. here he was our country's greatest citizen here the rail project overcame enormous difficulties but in the end this new transport system helped to move goods and services between the coast and the highlands and for decades the system was a symbol of national unity to preserve unfortunately it no longer is thirty years our goal is to restore this national symbol and its cultural heritage. but cannot be done with a railway line that caters mostly to tourists. we arrive in quito all final destination. this is the world's highest capital city has an elevation of two
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thousand eight hundred fifty me chance to. tito was one of the twelve original unesco world heritage sites the list was first confined in one nine hundred seventy eight alexander from home bullet enjoyed his stay in quito he rode to the city simply brief sensuality and opulence. please. i now adays quito is considered by many to be the country's party city if we were to go if we were to do it. one popular way to celebrate a festive occasion is to pile the guests in to achieve on a bus and drive around the city. in traditional versions of chivas often used in
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rural areas where the roads of battle. these souped up party buses first appeared in the capitol twenty years ago a tour around the city takes about two hours and if. they. want to get a lot of tourists. people celebrate birthdays here now like these people a graduation ceremony. we also host bachelor parties and lots of brotherhoods. little elaborate. ok let's have some fun i've. got.
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friends a. good chance of. bush and of. washington. which. the berlin film festival. three portraits of three talented women. actress nina marie of in month from norway. filmmaker d.t. don't go in go from zimbabwe. and photographer you're going to play both from germany and focus on women at the barely nothing. thirty minutes w. .
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers one official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets like many can trust and that all those are all the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. should work on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the why through foals who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison i work.
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this is delia news live from berlin the u.s. and iran a trade verbal blows as the munich security conference draws to an end iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif can dance u.s. policy on iran accusing washington of ignoring his country's right to self-determination and this comes after u.s. finds president has demands a tougher stance on iran from europe we'll go live to munich also coming up. the most senior catholic cleric to be defrocked in modern times.


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