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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 17, 2019 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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the book . this is d w news live from berlin the u.s. and iran trade verbal blows as that munich security conference draws to an end state iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif can dance as u.s. policy on iraq like using washington is ignoring his country's right to self-determination there sastre u.s. vice president mike pence demands a tougher stance on iran from europe also coming up. the most senior catholic cleric to be defrocked in modern times the vatican expels a former u.s.
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cardinal from the priesthood over sexual crimes against adults and children and his expulsion comes as the church prepares for a summit on sex abuse cases. plus the golden bear goes to israel director not bad luck kid wins the top prize and the berlin international film festival for his drama synonyms about leaving one's homeland will bring you all the berlin all the highlights. thanks for joining us i'm aaron i haven't seen. iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has delivered a defiant speech at the munich security conference it condemns calls from washington for the european union to abandon the iran nuclear deal and he accused the u.s. of trying to exercise undue influence on the middle east his remarks rounded out
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a contentious conference where german chancellor angela merkel and mike pence also advanced opposing visions on iran and the direction of their nation's foreign policy put it past today more for iran's foreign minister mohammad shot sorry for sharply criticize the u.s. and dismissed vice president mike pence this recent demand that the e.u. withdraw from the nuclear treaty with iran under mr pence repeated this course when he and again we demanded that europe must join the united states in undermining its own security and breaking its top because. by german foreign minister who assured his iranian counterpart in direct talks in munich that germany and the you want to stick to the agreement as long as you are around us the e.u. wants to enable trade with iran but serif suggests that europe has to do more.
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with europe. needs to be ridding to get rid. if it wants to swim against the dangerous part of the u.s. unit after this i your opinion leaders are already feeling the pressure from the u.s. and mike pence of the n.t. during the security conference. the time has come for our european partners to stop undermining u.s. sanctions against this murderous revolutionary regime. chancellor mackler refused to withdraw from the treaty germany feels that it is the only way to money iran's nuclear program has invaded it was like oh my do we help our common cause our common aim of containing the damaging or difficult influences of iran by withdrawing from the one remaining agreement. or die or do we help it more by keeping the small anchor we have in order to maybe exert pressure in other areas.
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and welcome the european commitment but called for more action he added that the nuclear treaty is appropriate at the best that can be achieved how much longer. we spoke a short time ago to ian bremmer he's president and founder of the eurasia group and we asked him about the fallout of the widening rift between the european union and the united states. the fallout is that the europeans are increasingly acting in a transactional way that if they want to work with the americans want to work with them they're going to have to get something in return if they don't then they don't so i mean it's not the trust the common values the common strategy that of course was present when the transatlantic relationship came together after world war two is really gone now and i think that what you see on display at this munich security council is a feeling of human failure both collectively in being able to respond to global challenges like climate and cyber and unwinding geopolitical order but also
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a very deep fragmentation of the transatlantic order you mentioned iran and russia are clearly the i.n.f. treaty clearly u.s. withdrawal from syria from afghanistan trade issues i mean pretty much everything that vice president pence was talking about and go america was talking about there was no overlap between those two speeches that's quite something and it's unprecedented here at the going to security conference. that was ian bremmer president and founder of the eurasia group speaking to you a short time ago it's now u.s. president donald trump has threatened to release captured fighters from the so-called islam and state if europe does not take them in this comes after trump's shock december announcement that the militant group had been defeated and that u.s. troops would be withdrawn from syria in a tweet called on britain france germany and others to quote take back over eight hundred isis fighters that we captured in syria and put them on trial he said the
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alternative is quote not a good one and that we would be forced to release them. pope francis has expelled former u.s. cardinal theodore mccarrick from the priesthood came after vatican officials found him guilty of sexual abuse against adults and minors now kerik is the highest ranking catholic cleric to receive the sanction in modern times now but it was made just days before the pope ursa host a church summit on preventing child abuse the punishment handed down to this american cleric is unprecedented the former archbishop of washington theodore mccarrick soliciting sex from aspiring priests and abused at least two minors between one nine hundred seventy and one nine hundred ninety. he had already been stripped of his status as a cardinal last july in itself a bombshell for the church for the bad haagen caught the vatican you say the move
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is a good thing. is quite clear in this regard the problem in the past was that it wasn't applied the issue was covered up people look the other way now it simply gone through official channels with a very prominent figure it's not a papal decision but it really should be. the. last summer pope francis ordered an investigation into mccarrick the vatican reached its verdict on january eleventh mccarrick some pills were rejected beginning this thursday leaders of bishops conferences from around the world will meet with pope francis for four days in rome on the agenda abuse in the catholic church and how to protect children critics accuse the pope of doing too little too late in dealing with allegations of abuse victims of charge the battery can with not paying enough attention to their claim. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in serbia thousands turned out for anti-government protests across the country crowds in the capital
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belgrade rallied outside parliament and repeated calls for president alexander who cheech to resign accusing him of stifling democratic freedoms in movement began in november after an opposition leader was attacked by an unknown assailants. the german town of low thing and has cracked the world record for the largest ever meeting of smurfs with a total of two thousand seven hundred sixty two blue heads counted revelers dressed up as characters from the belgian comic franchise and parted to the theme song from the sixty year old cartoon series. berlin's international film festival rounded out yesterday evening with a hollywood style gala ceremony the top prize the golden bear was awarded to the israeli director and pete for his film about leaving home. the golden bear for best film goes to see no need. to have dad left.
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soon and then was directed by peter tells the story of an israeli man who moved to paris to escape the politics of his home country and discovers a whole new world of trouble from the film as a personal project. the silver bearer for best director went to germany's anguish on all that before i was at home but about the return of a prodigal teenager. best male lead in best female lead one to wearing jane hall and the young maid the stars of so long my son a chinese film that was also a favorite for the golden bear but controversy over another chinese film had threatened to overshadow the festival. we as members of the international jury the betting that. regret that we were not able to consider one of the film selected to compete this year in that film is one second. one second deals with the
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chinese cultural revolution it was pulled from competition officially due to technical difficulties but many suspected fell foul of chinese government censors d w's charlotte shell some pill and scott roxboro have been following the festival the bell i know it's made its name as the most political of the festivals this year and the jury went as far as to say they were looking for in these where the past will collides with the political and that was in evidence with all the films that won this year and i think it's a real tribute to ocoee director peter costello who said his goal in running this vessel was to make the berlin carpet a place for political statements not for taking selfies the jury had a fond farewell for a cost look who's directed the belinelli for eighteen years. we have a no surprise for you. thank you. thank you
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and then as the festival wrapped up it was time for khosla to join the winners one last time. in this league a soccer now where hanover has recently appointed coach thomas dawe gave his team supporters a much needed boost last weekend with a win against another of the season's relegation regulars nurnberg but this time they were bowled over by a rampant hoffenheim side. the sun is finally back out in germany and the warmer weather had been does lead to fans in good voice after his heroics off the bench against dortmund last weekend yulia knuckles man rewarded forward to shut bell for deal with a place in the starting line up in just the fourth minute hoffenheim launched a counterattack and the defensive disaster allowed joyleen tone to drive through on goal and put hoffenheim ahead. of the brazilian six goal of the season to
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look to an m flick. evenly poor header from union corp but the strike it was ruthless in punishing hanover's creaking defense. ten minutes later it was two nil. man of the moment bellfield finding the net via the cross bar. there was a stroke of luck about the goal with the ball appearing to come off bell fidel's back but hoffenheim were good value for their lead going into half time. the situation was looking grim for thomas dahl side and things didn't improve early in the second half. nico schultz charged into the box and was only denied by a combination of miquel s. and the woodwork medina nary couldn't convert the rebounds. dull side werth finally put out of their misery in the a.t.f. minute a move down the right hand side ended with across the shots he led the ball off perfectly for care and demi by. the three nil school and flattered hand over for
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whom keeper s.-o. was the only good performer yet again and well knuckles man was full of the joys of the german spring dull could hardly believe his eyes. showed i was really shocked by how anemic we looked in certain situations and deficiency to what's shown here these are tough times for hanover but hoffenheim still in the hunt for a european spot. in saturday's late game has a berlin host advantage braman in a mid table clash has had threatened early on with salomon kalou bursting forward to find davies out there to make it one nil after twenty five minutes. the hosts continued to dominate but with the last kick of the game is there a squeeze in a free kick to force a one zero draw sparking wild celebrations as he became the wonder sleep as old as goals were at forty one years and one hundred thirty six days old.
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all right let's have a look at the bundesliga results so far on match day twenty two there is that hertz of berlin braving results and as we saw hoffenheim dominated head over leipsic stood guard first board had their way with mines shock and freiburg share the spoils on friday by our munich squeaked past oxburgh and on sunday frankfurt phase and later coups and lock horns with distilled or monday's sees nuremberg take on legal leaders dortmund now if marathons weren't tough enough already the tar to marathon and you'll raise hell than a stone here takes things one step further with competitors battling it out on cross-country skis sunday's competition saw around ten thousand participants take on the sixty three kilometer slog through the picturesque forest of southernness tonio the winner of the men's race finish nico close kaila completed the course in
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time of two hours thirty one minutes and eight seconds a new course record korea groening's of sweden won the female event. you're watching news coming to you from for a lead up next after a short break is a shift this time focused on three d. printing thanks for watching. pay. more for your day music sounded like thirty years ago. today you.


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