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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2019 9:30am-9:44am CET

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or compulsory that. their messages are spreading like wildfire. social media is quite critical as it. sounds a person. on the streets. women are changing to. digital. starts marching on t.w. . the us is said to be laying the groundwork for new import tariffs on cars so what does that mean for german car makers like b.m.w. or volkswagen will share some eye opening numbers with you. and germany's skilled workers are getting older we'll show you a device that could help keep them fit to work even longer.
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i'm stephen beard sambolin thanks for joining us. german carmakers are insisting imports of their products are not a threat to u.s. national security this after the u.s. commerce department submitted a report to president trump that is believed to make the case for much higher tariffs on vehicles from the e.u. on the grounds of national security germany's powerful vehicle lobby to a point out that german car makers have created more than one hundred thousand jobs in the u.s. in the recent years the german chancellor angela merkel has also dismissed suggestions that the industry threatens america. so how would a fresh set of tariffs affect countries that export cars the u.s. and germany institute ran the numbers and their conclusions are dramatic let's look first the biggest current parts exports of the us canada and mexico would not be affected due to their current trade agreements with the us so let's zoom in on another huge exporter germany the study found that a new twenty five percent tariff as trump has threatened would cut german export
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revenues in half to some seventeen billion euros that means the u.s. would pull in another eight point six billion euros in tariff revenue while the e.u. would lose almost as much now that you could even things out with counterterrorists as we can see here that would hurt the global economy even more to the tune of five point four billion euros so the numbers again showing how trade disputes ripple around the world now for more on this we're joined by martin brundle he's a trade expert at the evil institute in munich which produced the study behind these numbers martin let's talk about german car companies first how would this how these new tariffs if they do come into effect how would they affect let me put this differently the threat of tariffs how is the threat alone affecting german car companies over the next ninety days for example. also uncertainty is never a good son forty economy and could german car manufacturers would respond by
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setting out laying out some plans how to react to decide to just terrorists. set up a sort of just to avoid terrorists fly of mexico and canada. many of german common if i chose the facilities there and they can produce in mexico and then so if the united states market. subsidiaries on the other hand they would react with the price reductions and pay probably a part of postum terus if they are imposed in ninety days and they will call on the negotiation parties to find a way to to to make these terrace obsolete. surprise ructions you mention they're obviously hitting the bottom line very quickly if these tariffs go into place remind us again how important is the car industry for german the german economy itself was a. distraction the president trump a really targets to heart of the european and of the german economy car industries
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the most important. industry in germany but i think the greater damage his foot of water trade system and if a country decides to to make use of. national security cases and imitators will follow immediately and near future almost every product called a threat to national security i think this is the even greater damage than the actual a car tariffs and for the moment martin bramall joining us from munich with the evil institute thank you very much thank you. now markets in asia are on the rise as investors grow increasingly optimistic that the u.s. and china will hammer out a deal to in their long running trade war in tokyo the nikkei index is up almost one point eight percent is the highest level of the year so far stock markets in hong kong and shanghai were also up more than one percent trade talks between the u.s. and china are set to continue in washington this week both parties reported that
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progress was made during the five days of negotiation last week. and let's go now to our financial correspondent daniel cope who's joining us live from frankfurt daniel what's the mood there given this possibility of future card tariffs. both even investors are taking this latest development not a positive at all we have to him and we heard it from your guest as well that the german automobile industry is one of the big pilaf off the german economy and germany is a very export oriented country and german carmaker staff and making a lot of money selling cars at to the united states as a result the shares off the big car makers here at the blue chip index x. have been quite under fire this morning volkswagen diamond b.m.w. all in the red at the moment and not just here in germany these possible caught towns are seen as very controversial also in the u.s. more and more people also from the auto lobby are wondering if all of this is going
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to make sense in the case of b.m.w. we have to remember that their biggest manufacturing factory is not anymore in germany it is based in the u.s. in the state alpha south carolina so lots of jobs there could be also at risk so concerns there on both sides the atlantic now daniel i want to ask you about this news on the u.s. china trade dispute what does investor optimism there look like or how does the investor mood i should asked look like they're over these talks. yeah exactly well we have to remember that the trade conflict i guess we should say the trade war between the u.s. and china has been pouring in the most dominating topic here at the stock market now for months already now you can feel some hope we have heard from the u.s. president that talks have been going quite well at traders believe that by march first we won't see those tears worth off more than two hundred billion u.s. dollars be implemented so that's giving investors quite some hope at the moment and yes you have mentioned also also the stock markets in asia have been reacting
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because of this quite a positive and the sort of the talks are set to continue in the upcoming days so everything's been around trade there for the markets don't you cope there force in frankfurt thank you very much german chancellor angela merkel is visiting the german city of good and going today to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the medical firm auto book a company is best known for its profit the prosthesis which it first built for germany's world war one veterans today autoblog is active in another area relevant to modern circumstances exoskeletons with german trade workers growing older and their replacements increasingly difficult to find the devices are meant to provide a boost reducing wear on muscles and joints in the shoulder area thick look. at first a few adjustments are needed to fit the exoskeletons onto their backs. and employee medical prosthetics maker ought to book shows them how to put them on.
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with a little practice he says it should be possible to do it in just thirty seconds this exoskeleton will fit anyone who's up to one meter ninety tom. how does that feel good really good. and you. also good thing that we'll be able to do without help next time you think. you're going to get like a normal jacket is like a backpack. electricians dieter harbor corn and to be as prominent have a lot of smoke alarms to install today mounting them on the ceiling with raised arms is tiring work. the powered x. and skeletons are designed to help them get the job done. it really helps a lot it reduces a lot of the force of what does it feel like. it's like there's somebody down below pushing with a hand. each of the exoskeletons costs nearly five thousand euros for they had
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a facility management company like tech it's money well invested. to go so i think installation will go faster because my employees won't be under strain reducing physical strain is important for their health so it's great to have basis instance . just over seven years ago otto book began developing exoskeletons to assist in overhead work from the start there was a lot of interest from industry the getting older the strain on the muscles and joints increases. the risk of injury that employees face a choice should i also might keep these people in their jobs or to zero. the company decided to develop a purely mechanical system instead of sophisticated electronics it uses intelligent cable pull technology designed for the industrial workplace. the workers have to move around in many directions quickly under time pressure but they have to be able
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to move freely anything restrictive is not an option that was the big challenge to build something that will assist but not restrict them. i'm sure. to book sold more than a thousand of the exoskeletons last year they've already passed the first tests on construction sites. holding even heavy tools is very easy with one of these devices . and over to africa where importing cars is expensive and foreign models are not always suited for the continent's notoriously rough roads kenya's only car manufacturer mobius has come up with a solution. nairobi's roads aren't all that smooth venture further right and you could be in for a pretty bumpy right to navigate this unique terrain you might consider this purpose built vehicle. the third would be just that there is no feature and it's a very basic call you're not this trick to try thing you know this trick that to
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any extent to try to so it's a chipmunk i really have to go to the focus of the s.u.v. was built especially for africa's rugged roads stripped down to reduce unnecessary waste and cost. mobius motors is kenya's only automobile company no surprise then that there are only a very limited number of suppliers at home. whether it's parts already made cars importing can be expensive and this essentially an important kind of market because shipped into because of very high cost because of high importance. not well designed for the local market and so. hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the news is being hijacked journalism
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itself has become a script a reality show it's not good versus evil us versus the why and why. countries like russia china churchy people. and if you're a journalist and you try to get beyond this new arms. facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. sunny's point golf and i want you to go with.
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this is. somebody i'll join the left war torn syria four years ago she arrived in germany alone and stayed at first in a refugee shelter in friedland in central germany that's where she met klaus van up fof the love of her life they got married in as figure but not everybody has accepted their relationship or. move.
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you know. at the end of two thousand and fifteen some are organized into a cultural event called let's talk to sixty two year old pensioner klaus came along the two of them fell in love they were married six months later. while the last half.


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