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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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good. to genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin europe response to american demands to take back their job as fighters from syria germany france and britain saying don't work together to deal with some eight hundred fighters and their families join the ranks of so-called islamic state but they are angry at twitter ultimatum on the issue from president trump also coming up. five years after the protests on chance mind
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on square that toppled ukraine's government we ask as a country change for the better since that. and all you need to know about this weekend's fun this league of not just frankfurt faced clawed back again featuring not just great goals but great goalkeeping. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for being with us what to do with european nationals captured fighting for so-called islamic state in syria is causing new frictions in transatlantic relations germany says it will work with france and britain in response to american demands to repatriate some eight hundred european jihad ists now that after a twitter broadside from president trump threatening to roll. the scattered fires
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unless europe puts them on trial for. jihadists on the march in syria these images from the fall of rock in twenty fourteen. islamic state has since been defeated here and across nearly the entire country many fighters are dead and more have been taken prisoner recently the u.s. backed kurdish led syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. besieged the city of backcross the last remaining iowa stronghold the kurds say hundreds of foreign fighters remain in kurdish prisons their wives and children live in camps in northern syria the s.d.f. have long complained that european states are refusing to take back their own citizens u.s. president donald trump has echoed those concerns and has even threatened to release the jihadists he tweeted the united states is asking britain france germany and other european allies to take back over eight hundred isis fighters that we captured in syria and put them on trial the caliphate is ready to fall the
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alternative is not a good one and that we will be forced to release them europe hasn't yet come up with a clear response over the future of foreign fighters and their families. this i guess militant from germany is being held in a detention center in syria like others he'd like to return home but berlin hasn't said what it intends to do with him also unclear the fate of the fighters wives some of them say they don't regret joining the terror group but now wish to return i don't regret it because. it's changed me of the past. so. you know the right of my husband i wouldn't. have my kids i did have a good time to sit there. to prosecute or rehabilitate the question of how to deal with returning fighters and their families will remain
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a major challenge for european countries. well the fun and more i'm joined by our political correspondent keep brady in the studio good morning kate kate let's start with the twitter from broadside from president trump does the president have a point here well he certainly is an unreasonable request that he's made to these three european countries and of course you know the u.s. syria democratic forces they've captured eight hundred fights a no the six hundred women and more than a thousand children now sir as if this isn't a completely reasonable request as coals as well for these i asked fighters from u.k. france and germany to be brought to justice and put on trial and of course they the security situation in the areas it is particular in syria right now. uncertainty over the security situation in those areas has increased and so there is also this air as well that if they are released then these fighters could return to go up and who knows where they might go and what they might be capable of carrying out ok on
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the one hand we have the security issue eight hundred fighters and then we have six hundred. women and children as well large numbers there so there's a humanitarian aspect as well what are german and european officials going to do well sir the german foreign minister he said that it would be extremely difficult to every patriot these i ask fighters and of course their wives and children as well but. german law if someone has german citizenship then they are entitled to return to germany but the difficulty at the moment is that germany has seven diplomatic ties away with the syrian government and also doesn't recognize the syrian kurdish autonomous region so it is difficult at the moment or it would be if they were to repatriate the or try to repatriate these fighters it would be difficult to confirm the identities for example we're already seeing in iraq some
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german i asked. fighters have been put on trial that but there's a very different circumstances so it would indeed be a difficult task but of course it is also they request to bring these i.a.'s feiss to justice and that's something that we can hear right now from the german green party foreign policy spokesperson. they fought on because. it's just that so last germany to take back their own citizens off truly it's not like they would be set free and they would be put on trial for their crimes but the way mr trump addressed this threatening to send terrorists our way that's language we usually hear from terrorists it's hostile ok we have the green foreign policy spokesperson there saying that there would be trials to be expect trials then of the returning jihad as in germany and in france and britain as well exactly so what we've heard so far from the state countries is that this would be a joint effort but again european governments have been wary of repatriating
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citizens who have gone to fight for i asked in syria and iraq for example said the big question is whether they will be able to repatriate them in the first place in order to bring them to trial so of course that wouldn't be completely out the question but it is first ensuring that these people can be identified as identification can be confirmed and of course was seen as well already this being several western countries including the u.k. it was listed that by trump they've introduced laws that have enabled them to revoke citizenship for citizens that have been naturalized for example said than they've been able to remove themselves from those citizens so. it is will be dealt with on an individual level but we can also see a joint effort here as well from germany france and the u.k. some joint efforts along with some differences in how they approach that. thank you very much on those legal and practical issues on this thanks very much. also set to
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affect transatlantic relations the u.s. commerce department has deliver the results of a fair trade investigation called for by the white house it concludes that vehicle imports poses a threat to national security this move could open a new front in president from summer first trade agenda washington as a result could impose painful punitive tariffs on mainly german automakers of up to twenty five percent american consumer advocates fear that car prices across the board would as a result rise by some five thousand dollars since all manufacturers use some important parts german car makers say that washington's accusations are quote uncompressed. where ukraine this week is marking the fifth anniversary of the deadly might on protests in the capital kiev the mast in the stray shoes were triggered when then president victory on a covert backed out of a deal designed to bring the country closer to the view it turned violent in february of two thousand and fourteen when security forces moved in to clear out
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demonstrators the clashes that followed left more than one hundred people dead. kobus then fled to russia clearing the way for a new political leadership or look back at those to much tumultuous events to there is that connally met up with a young woman who was sixteen when she was wounded protesting scenes of chaos as government forces moved into its might on square trying to force protesters to leave the spoke with a in camping out for more than two months. among them was sixteen year old victoria roman to her parents thought she was hundreds of kilometers away at college instead she'd become a regular at the protests on the mind on on the day police attempted to clear the square victoria and her friends were out in the street in front of them makeshift had cooled says oh no i didn't immediately understand what was happening suddenly there was an explosion and not a flight suddenly everything went blaring and i was out. an improvised grenade
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covered in scrap metal and shards of pottery had exploded at her feet victoria suffered more than fifty flesh wounds but she couldn't go to hospital because police were arresting for testers in the wards. instead she ended up in an improvised field hospital in the smaller street her parents still had no idea she was in q let alone room did that is until ukrainian t.v. crew appeared. here below much to my face was covered in bandages so that no one would recognise me but one of my mum's friends recognised this birthmark on my neck in the t.v. report that's how our parents found out. meanwhile tensions were increasing further as protesters began a counter-offensive drawing of a closer to the government district police change their tactics and live ammunition came into play. casualty numbers were rising fast and soon dozens of protesters were being killed every day among them was all excited the copying us but before
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all the shooting got underway he came up to me one morning and put his arms around me and said go home you don't have to be here. i'm going to put that if. i by the end of the week more than a hundred people have lost their lives images like these went around the world presently in a coach's position had become untenable within days he was gone fleeing to russia. five years on from the my down does victoria still think the protests had a last impact on the country. you can buy she says i see all the changes these are changes we really need this country is finally being built yes maybe not as fast as we had hoped or expected but it's happening with many even form of protest to say it was all in vain two months protesting and they thought they'd wake up in a new european country with better wages that's not how life works who i.
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time for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour officials in the disputed indian region of kashmir say at least four indian soldiers have been killed in a shootout with militants indian troops are carrying out searches in the region after a suicide bomber killed over forty soldiers last week india has blamed neighboring pakistan for the attack x. stands for colds envoy in india and that's the rising tensions. yemeni government and who the rebels have agreed to start withdrawing forces from the key port city of who died on the un described the deal as important progress talks were led by danish general michael rose guard who met with both sides. some sports now and sunday's big bonus league match up two teams determined to pick up a coveted european tournaments fought for next season faced off frankfurt hosted gluck. dominated the early going toward firing a warning shot in the eighth minute frankford allowed back to create
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a series of chances then a second forcing kevin trapp to make his best save of the first half. frankfurt didn't even fire on target until the thirty ninth minute philip cost it's denied by yon zama then with the last kick of the first half that he did cost to open the scoring for the hosts i don't cost a controlling unit time to goes months corner and hitting the time. after that i instruct gave blood back few opportunities on terror a bit almost made it to nil his shot going just why i frankfurt seemed to be running out of steam though and to zachary up pounced on a defensive blackout to pull the sides level i tried getting the hands of the ball but on able to stop it i said dream it should have netted the winner for gladbach as time expired but he bounced the ball over the net i won one the final score and
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both sides will be feeling they missed a chance to come away with more. and laver coups and host a distal to our fun sunday and celebrating their fourth consecutive bonus legal when under coach. i regret all seems greener on the pace of both who once again through the kitchen sink at his opposition five attacking players started for the hosts and it showed in the eighteen minute hobbits completely on much of the one mill striker kevin following had moved out wide to find the young german for his night of the season. leave accusing continue to press aggressively. and could have had a second before the break what not for a last ditch tackle and kevin fall on sunday finishing. the ball said clearly told his charges to keep on shooting mitchell visors effort from an unlikely position gave me on bailey the chance to pounce after
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a goalless starts of the season he has now school two in free matches the two no way in c's live accusing climbs of fish and stay on course for another top six finish while fortuna can afford to drop points after an impressive run and seemed happy enough in defeat. this is deja vu news live from berlin next stop a documentary about digital detectives from a brian thomas of the entire news team thanks much. for staying in school. first clinging listed. as grand as arrives. join the recantation on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary.


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