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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is g w news live from berlin the european countries pledging to coordinate their work to deal with their islamic state fighters were captured in syria u.s. president threatening to allow eight hundred european geodes to infiltrate europe unless their home countries take them back and put them on trial also coming up ukraine marks five years since those deadly protests on the mind that toppled the country's government tonight we ask how much has the country changed since that
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fateful month. i'm burned off it's good to have you with us tonight there is once again new friction in the transit relationship this time it's over the fate of european nationals who were captured fighting for so-called islamic state in syria tonight germany you saying that it will work with france and britain in responding to demands from the united states to repatriate eight hundred european extremists but it's easier said than done britain says that the jihad is should be tried in the countries where they committed their alleged crimes u.s. president don trump is threatening to release those captured fighters unless europe takes them back and puts them on trial at home. i asked jihadists on the
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march in syria these images are from the fall of the fourteen i asked has since been defeated here and across nearly the entire country many fighters sadat and more have been taken prisoner the kurds say hundreds of foreign i as fighters remain in kurdish prisons their wives and children live and comes to northern syria europe hasn't yet come up with a clear response over the future of foreign fighters and their families germany says it is now in close contact with its european partners in particular france and britain. this is naturally saw it's of course it is true that all german citizens have the right to return to germany including those suspected of having fought for islamic state they have to face justice here in a german court off the streets. this iris militant from germany is being held in a detention center in syria like others he'd like to return home but berlin hasn't said what it intends to do with him german officials say that
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a total of one thousand and fifty german citizens went to fight in syria and iraq since twenty thirteen since then a third have returned home around two hundred led to do dat foreign minister heikal mass says it's difficult to check if prisoners are actually truman citizens five if this were the case necessary to check to what extent they were involved in fighting for oh yes which would result in criminal proceedings having to the opened against them. and these people can come to germany only if he's ensured that they can immediately be taken into custody. good normally or. to prosecute are rehabilitate the question of how to deal with the returning i as fighters and their families is a major challenge for germany and for other european countries as well. we've got team coverage of the storm. and tonight here at the big table i'm joined by a member so he's an iraqi journalist who has traveled to syria he has met some of
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the former i s fighters also with this is our political correspondents i mean young from our parliamentary studio to both of you welcome me am i want to start with you you said you just got back from syria and you actually met a german national he went to syria to fight for islamic state and he now wants to come home. what what could you do so from your interview with him what's going through his mind while he think that germany or another country in another case for example. could do what's possible to get them back. bring them to the court and he know very well the maximum he can gets here in germany on whole europe fifteen years prison about what he can face in syria or in iraq definitely the death penalty that's why they try to play over the
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national this nationality and. his homelands to come back to germany and to just to have. a as a trial in germany search for survivors in other words he's telling you he wants to come back to germany and he wants the court system he wants his human rights to be respected here despite having left and gone to fight for a system that would not respect those rights this is one of the things that really make me read this especially on his on his goal why he want to come back because you know he's a war criminal and there is a videos of him in this that would say two thousand and sixteen and he has been less that in the united nation a list of war criminals and he told us that i yes i did that bad things but in the end of the interview they tell us he would like to go back to germany if he has to
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choose he would like to come to germany to have his rights as a human being so i'm authorities here in germany they hear these stories that mir is telling and it has to influence their thinking are they ready to take these people back. well as you said we are talking about forty faithful or so so it's not a huge number although it would be a large group of people if you include spouses and children and i believe there are around twenty people who don't have german citizenship but were living in germany before they headed out to syria to fight so it should be manageable i mean if you compare with what's happened in the past the german interior minister says that between three and four hundred jihad the terrorists have returned from iraq in syria over the past few years many of them are being tried to have been
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tried or are in rehabilitation programs like germany is capable of handling this kind of problem even if it would involve a big surveillance operation because these are dangerous people but it's a question of whether there's the political will there to do it what is that the problem simon that if some of the some of these german nationals if they came back to germany they would not automatically be in police custody i mean would they be in a walking around freely even if they were being monitored by the authorities. well i mean i think it's been said that a lot of these people are clearly dangerous terrorists there have been intelligence officers heading out to the region to interview many of them and i understand that there are twenty of them who have already had arrest warrants issued for them so the authorities obviously believe that they've got some evidence in those cases in other cases they might not have the evidence concretely to say what crimes they committed in syria and whether they could really face justice in
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a german court you know might have to be allowed to be free and that would be a problem i'm still. here right now and then these eight hundred european nationals there they're being detained but not necessarily being charged with something is is that correct correct this is the big challenge in front of the police and security service here in germany because that some of them under the radar of the security service of some of them they are not and that's why we're not whatever happened some on them being captured from syria democratic fighters they've been interviewed by security services just tool to get to cross over the information to get more information about what they did what they was they've been. detainees and war in which case they've been involved it's really extremely not so easy for
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them just to get black and white evidence in the against of them and you know the courts here in germany they need really very clear evidence that's what is the rule of law here i remember one time you and i spoke about these combatants who had left germany to go fight for isis and you said that when isis began to break up that they wanted to do battle they wanted to fight and they wanted to do if the caliphate was not going to survive and now they've survived yeah this is this is the the the. big problem for the authorities not by the way not just for in germany also in syria for the kurds. some of them try to cross the border to to were to turkey to live on the ground in jordan and for example that guy that we've been interviewed and some of them survived because they did not manage to fight for to the ends right and some of them their families this is one of the most important
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children women and this is very important because some of the women there is no cases and against them right some of them i know some cases they come back to germany they stayed here two days and after there they went to the shopping center here in germany it's a difficult situation on there where you look at it and it's for sure a mirror and simon young to both of you thank you very much for helping to shed some light on a difficult situation thank you you're welcome we're here are the other stories that are making headlines around the world the vatican says that the catholic church must move with fresh urgency to confront widespread trial on sex abuse within the clergy the vatican spokesman says that the church needs to look the monster of abuse in the face of those comments come just days before pope francis opens an unprecedented summit to address the crisis. e.u. commission president john paul younger has welcomed us a healthy speaker nancy pelosi to brussels alosi is in the city to attend
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a nato meeting the senior democrat says she hopes her trip will demonstrate america's commitment to the european union and to nato. ukrainians have been commemorating the fifth anniversary of the deadly mine on protests in the capital kiev a service was held for the more than one hundred people who were killed when mass demonstrations turned violent in february two thousand and fourteen thousands had camped out for months in the capital to protest the then president's decision to scrap a deal that would have moved the country closer to the european union the protest was crushed when security forces moved in to clear the demonstrators. and for a look back at those to mulcher was times w.'s nick connelly met up with a young woman she was a teenager then she took part in the protest and she was wounded here's that report . scenes of chaos as government forces moved into worlds might on square trying to
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force protesters to leave the spot where they had been camping out for more than two months. among them was sixteen year old victoria roman chook her parents thought she was hundreds of kilometers away at art college instead she'd become a regular at the protests on the mind on on the day police attempted to clear the square victoria her friends were out in the streets in front of their makeshift headquarters. and well you know i didn't immediately understand what was happening suddenly there was an explosion a lot of light suddenly everything went blurry and i was out. an improvised grenade covered in scrap metal and shards of pottery had exploded at her feet victoria suffered more than fifty flesh wounds but she couldn't go to hospital because police were arresting for testers in the wards. instead she ended up in an improvised field hospital and the smaller street her parents still had no idea she was in q let alone indeed that is until ukrainian t.v.
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crew appeared. here below much to my face was covered in bandages so that no one would recognise me but one of my mum's friends recognised this birthmark on my neck in the t.v. report that's how our parents found out. meanwhile tensions were increasing further as protesters began a counter-offensive drawing of a closer to the government district police change their tactics and live ammunition came into play. casualty numbers were rising fast and soon dozens of protesters were being killed every day among them was on exam the copying of butter before all the shooting got underway he came up to me one morning and put his arms around me and said go home you don't have to be here. i'm going to put that in the time by the end of the week more than a hundred people have lost their lives images like these went around the world. present in a coach's position has become untenable within days he was going to russia.
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five years on from the mind on does victoria still think the protests had a last impact on the country. by he says i see all the changes but these are changes we really need this country is finally being built yes maybe not as fast as we had hoped or expected but it's happening with many form of protest to say it was all in vain two months protesting and they thought they'd wake up in a new european country with better wages that's not how life works i. feel the force that's what the french are doing their countries sensing federation has voted to officially recognize all white saber duelling as a competitive sport want to be judged on masters or words now won't have to travel to a galaxy far far away to hone their craft to just pull out their early day replicas that are being used by the jewelers they even come with a sound
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a chip to emulate the crackle of the iconic star wars weapon france is promoting the sport to encourage physical activity among the nation's youth. yodok all right chris oct is up next with a w business news on print golf i'll see you tomorrow. i'm scared that the volume or the target and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions and. what's.


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