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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2019 12:45am-1:01am CET

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acting out we've got a hot tip from our series of one hundred it's. but first i promised you screaming and you're going to get it hard rock has gone global and south asia in particular is putting the pedal to the metal with deafening bands from all over the indian subcontinent going head to head and head banging bangalore . bangalore all. these are the kinds of images we are used to seeing from india's not just city but just outside city limits its head banging a lot of the backlog left festival is an annual paradise from mecca it's the country's elite heavy metal festival. the back of the bands here. we'll get to go to the world's largest heavy metal festival in fact can be germany trainwreck from bangladesh in contention.
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the band has just twenty minutes to convince fans and fury up against bands from the full screen lanka and india. and train wreck when the tickets are right over why it's a fact. we cannot upload the pub on the way home from the other. party for. a dream come true foot train wreck it will now be on the bill of the biggest metal concert in the. alongside that can be made
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. so train wreck is coming to germany and i'm joined by did w.'s own adrian kennedy adrian you don't look like a train wreck at all thank you know what can be employed trainwreck expect at the vulcan festival here in germany can really is the real deal once a year more than seventy five thousand metal fans descend on the small german town of faction for three days of peace love and deafening music you know what i'm all cursed and now train wreck will represent the indian subcontinent they're competing against twenty eight other bands in the festival's metal battle for the best upcoming band and also be performing alongside such metal legends as i am
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frets and your favorites i believe prophets of rage as you know me so well adrian know how did metal get to be big in bangalore india of all places well apparently and on in maiden concert played a pivotal role this took place in two thousand and seven forty thousand fans came from all across india they've been waiting decades to see their favorite band and this show was featured in the documentary this puts metal on the india on the metal map for touring acts. and should perhaps. mention that it's always a bit of an eye see how the lots of students and former students choose to college rock it had an ace in the scene so it's very good location for india's first ever
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metal festival. and forgive me you don't really strike me as a typical metal fan well it's not exactly. my music choice to relax too but i think it does have a certain musicality the best dramas and guitarists very accomplished musicians the. require amazing technical physician and sometimes the month chiefs taken from classical music but i have it actually on good authority that you use and banga in chief and we have some evidence of this from our. david levitt roving reporter vacuum of twenty six things would cue cats can't you know what i can barely remember that i think it had something to do with my brain being rattled around but what i do remember is the vacuum was actually pretty fun the concerts were fun people were surprisingly friendly and given what they look like an amazing how unfortunately the festival is completely sold out the totality
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of the you could perhaps read a book perhaps even a german book i believe this is much more your style. ok jean kennedy thanks so much you're very right. now if you don't know what book to read next if you're a bookworm like i am we a d.w.i. are here to help each week we bring you a different wonderful book translated from german to english now this week's book is about something someone who does something i personally can't stand he talks in the cinema but in this case it's ok because he's actually just doing his job. the film explainer by get whole film on is based on the true story of the author's grandfather caught whole thing in the age of silent films his job was to explain to the audience what was happening but as the years go by fewer and fewer people can
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appreciate his talent. no one told him what a good film he had shown them and how beautifully he had told it they were all in a hurry to get home. does it grandfather allowing himself to be barged aside he had the feeling the apollo was full to the rafters but that was an illusion the apollo was quite empty. in the early one nine hundred thirty s. films with sound finally come to grandfather carl's village the film explainers career is finished so how does he deal with the disappointment he joins the nazi party at least there he feels like people listen to him he doesn't realize he's being manipulated the film explainer as a tale of germany between the world wars of daily life under the nazi regime with the worst years still yet to come and it's a family story by the way the son of the author the great grandson of the real life film explainer is the english translator the film explainer has been published in
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several languages but it's still a little bit of a secret maybe you can help change that. you can find all one hundred must reads on our website that's d w dot com slash culture or at any good library including a spectacular new library in the dutch city of tilburg it's being billed as the netherlands biggest living room slash laboratory a place where people can chat over coffee test out a three d. printer maybe even read a book. this vast locomotive maintenance haul from the one nine hundred thirty s. has been converted into a library the lookout is located in tears boiled in the netherlands about one hundred kilometers south of amsterdam here industrial charm meets urban flair in a lively environment you won't find any dusty bookshops is this
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a successful concept for the future visitors to la cause seem to think so it's. such a great atmosphere and so much more than. you're lending books it's and it's a meeting place is a place where you can go for work bringing your laptop and will almost anyplace you want i like to hide it's everybody who can come together and there and you see everybody around it's a nice place to be a kind of a garden of the city and state. to look was the brainchild of architect. one of her chief aims is to promote communication between visitors. also has to do with the openness and. the physics are come to meet new ideas and meet new people meet new visions meet new new knowledge so the idea of the playing with openness and accessibility. that's
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a huge part of the architectural concepts. this is will find different labs where they can learn new things and then apply their knowledge directly to. the so called deci lab for example is equipped with a three d. printer. and children and youngsters can experiment with film. and you can even put on a the r. headset and delve into unknown worlds. we want people to think about what can we do to. make this world a better place maybe it's a big. i think it's important that as a library try to connect to the people you try to connect people to each other community so together we can face all the problems we're looking at these days. stuck cards city library and southern germany is also experimenting with open structures and communicative exchange. in addition to the actual library korean
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architect he has introduced to sound studio a roof terrace and a cafe. offering numerous events workshops and concerts the library forms a new cultural focal point in the center of the city. the escudo central cultural center in bilbao spain is also based on the principle of openness its library is the work of french star designer philippe starck. in one part of the building you can see people swimming in a pool which is located in the upper part of the building through a glass floor in. the cultural center aims to establish a feeling of community encouraging exchange plus relaxation people should feel at home here. all of these library buildings like to look into the book offer
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a new experiences. but what role do books still play in twenty first century libraries the library future still contains books. it's. being a place it's a place for everyone. if you want to. it's about knowledge it's about not only can the human knowledge but also making your knowledge. dusty bookshelves more yesterday the libraries of the future are being completely redefined. the future starts now. thanks for watching and if you're hungry for more visit us on our web site that's a d w dot com slash culture you can also find a w culture on facebook and on twitter now we hope we didn't wall you to sleep with all of those books but in case we did here's another look at the bangalore open air festival that out a way to extract. the fun of the
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flood. the feel a lot of. players play. play. with.
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congress for more. lives more beach moms and sets its sights on the whole police. move like panel moustafa in the relegation war the performance. dashed hopes of the game and shots have to bending to the last second equaliser. to. thirty minutes. double. a world of obscene wealth. india's new mother raja's allow fleeting glimpses of it. to some continents of economic boom has made them billionaires. now they're reveling in their limitless fortunes. to him is
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a rich movie. the mother muchas of india in seventy five minutes on doubling. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word i'm going to think of nico is in germany to germany. why not learn with him. it's simple mind on your mobile and free. music learning course. german made easy. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany
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my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain the different realities. i'm out here and to make sense of. items back off i work at u.w. . tire u.s. president donald trump has appealed directly to the venezuelan military to abandon their support for president nicolas maduro in a speech in miami the president want to quote the eyes of the entire world war on those propping him up to speech is a further attempt to persuade officials to switch loyalty to opposition leader one white oh. all. around of the history of the holocaust.


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