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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2019 6:02am-6:16am CET

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there's. news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. on frustration in nigeria after the elections are called off at the last minute. this weekend about all the polls pulled us all. our correspondent in lagos. also coming up. how the new addition to its floor was an industry. activist doing everything possible to prevent that. and. looking creatures under threat from extinction pangolin. africa. uganda just sees the.
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juno welcome to news africa i'm glad you tuned in we start off in the millions where ready to vote today or five hours before the start of the pol the electoral commission. voters will have to wait until next weekend to choose their next leader many have expressed disappointment and international election observers are also worried. well i think there are concerns as international community has international observers is the one hand that the postponement happened so late in the process that happened just hours before the polls were to open people were moving towards the polls at the time. and. i think it's very disruptive in that sense if they knew they couldn't do it they should have given people more of a heads up earlier and build trust in the process. now let's talk some more about this with our correspondent funny in leave us alone funny good to have you with us so this is the deal of many nigerians traveled for long hours to the cities all
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states just a cost of votes only to be told it's no longer happening what's the mood like funny . right very very mixed to say so because some people take a look at this you war with irony saying this is not your average is by the way one of the sentences that people keep saying something does not work in nigeria but others are actually quite angry and disappointed because they say this should not be nigeria they are disappointed because democracy they think that's going to be closely dated deepened if a timetable cannot be kept and that there are practical reasons to why people are angry some had to postpone their wedding because the election was postponed osa just came back from the nation's capital from abroad and a lot of young people there were stranded where they are to vote here for the national addicks royal commission but didn't have any place to say it's just days it's a very mixed mood right now ahead of what is supposed to be taking place the election
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on a february twenty third now. electoral commission said anything more than we already know to calm the anger and disappointment of voters. all right apart from repeatedly saying that this is due to the just ticks through to the weather to certain sensitive documents ballot papers could not be delivered to certain regions in nigeria also i've heard members of the national election national call it the story of the electoral commission seeing some sort of a finger pointing actually two different parties that they did not deliver the candidates on time that have to be printed on those documents that again have to be delivered to all over now geria so there is a thing appointed but not only from i only see the two parties also in between parties and i've met a woman a young lady a young mother and a lawyer in a house alone who says people don't expect anything from politicians anyway but rather try to be the change yourself now this is how she is doing it let's have
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a watch. lawyer not much is bringing her message to this here so on but she's not campaigning for herself or any politicians rather she wants nigerians to become more politically active. you are. you want to see in my. corruption runs deep in nigerian politics but snugness says it's not the only problem the next government will inherit. it worries me i feel that there are people who have tryst in how bad my. do will be a bets to ensure people are where enough to live brits themselves with the f. ing kim that's to main drive beyond her efforts to encourage social dialogue wherever she meets people. once in a young person comes into are when this enough to start asking questions he would
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change nigeria imagine if everybody with asking questions not us approach has an immediate impact in particular on her hairdresser victoria. curry do you. do your very good job you can sit out of any effect. if you don't go out to work the roads are empty and election time for a moment it seems as if they belong to nigeria su the majority of the population for change to take hold it's up to them to hold politicians accountable that's what nonna believes she woke up to the news that the elections have been rescheduled to saturday it's made her even more determined to cast her ballot. i'm going to vote because i want i want every government to realise that once you come in there is no automatic to care to the next now knows very that some young people might not vote out of frustration in the postponed election but the delay hasn't damaged her drive
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to motivate others to be the change she believes that jiri are so desperately needs . now that it has definitely not affected man as drive to vote but based on your judgment funny what is that against the commissions that many more will not turn up like they did last weekend or this past weekend in their numbers to vote again what's what's your judgment on that. don't want to get into those speculations rather it's fourteen million people that we just had to vote for this election compared to twenty fifteen so that was actually about the dynamic that people have pretty much bumped up to go out turn out and vote the question is yes what's going to happen next weekend now there are some financial reasons behind the fact that people may stay away from voting because most of them have to go through their location where they live where they are you just heard to vote and they may broke somewhere else so that is actually very closely but also
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when it comes to young people depending on whom i'm been speaking to yesterday some said they are really frustrated about the way this played out just a couple of hours before the election that is an element was made that the election is delayed and they say they don't feel like voting others again do that frustration have a completely different reaction saying just like not in that report that yes now definitely more detail meant to go out and cast my ballot what will happen of course we will see if the election takes time takes place this time on a saturday clearly many mixed reactions that funny your correspondent in lagos nigeria thank you very much. next to uganda which is why the markets to the rest of the well that's the peril of africa among its attractions safaris with crystal clear blue skies giraffes and african wildlife but there could be a new addition to that list beautiful woman could play
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a role in the trucks and visits as recently revealed by tourism minister godfrey wanda that infuriated women's activists accusing him of promoting women as a tourist attraction they want to scrap his plans for permissions to attract every woman ambassadors for uganda in full swing. one of these ladies could soon be crowned miss cover uganda the beauty contest is strictly for plus sized queens with commissions bodies and organize a say over two hundred women of applied you must become vicious those ladies know themselves that is the truth when i say when when you ask me what my someone do what size are you going to consider we are considering. the idea to showcase women with coffee dishes has been fronted by uganda's tourism minister good for it you wonder after the launch of the contest the ministers say the beauty queens could
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help attract foreign visitors and boost tourism. is little doubt some of our team was. doing oh no we are reacting i walk out. women rights groups a furious and have gone to court to block the pardoned for allegedly insulting women hold their. reduced woman. the board. approved and therefore reg her one on one. it's a part of all data and it's uganda's missed copy has been made with anger and approval and it's a similar picture under streets for some the minister is a champion of tourism promotion for others he's objectifying women. i think it's sun excellent idea because over the years they've been really promoting the slender
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sizes you find in schools are trying to take lots of medication to lose weight and this is no intel three for us they are supposed to accept us and they even feel happy that given the plus size people an opportunity it's just like any other bit to plug in but it's only that. this one is only for the plus side we are being portrayed like greg just cheap women make meat on sale in the international market that's a very bad and i totally disagree and is that the minister behind this idea needs a turn for here because this is not good he's got a wife can eat present here is a tourist attraction enough to get around was facing the backlash the minister denies accuses sions of using women to attract travelers he has stored parliament that it's a misunderstanding my special i've. got. this is my. we.
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were they to misunderstanding or not and despite the controversy they are no plans to cancel the contest of the cards. now to the plight of one of the more unusual animals that pangolin. into they are the only mammals completely covered with honey skills but poaching is now threatening them with extinction around one hundred thousand pounds trafficked to china and vietnam every year for use in traditional medicine. this find is worth some eight million dollars ivory and penguin scales the biggest toll that uganda's authorities have ever made in that one container what about to get about forty eight hundred thirty grams from that now imagine how many probably were killed graze this number of killers the
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goods are mainly headed for china in asia pangolin scales are believed to have the power to heal all kinds of complaints even though they might have karajan just like human fingernails tangled in meat is sold in luxury restaurants trade in the animals is illegal. we believe that it's an international network of other people who are involved we are going to drink and our investigation. the only memos with horny scales one kilo of scales will fetch around six hundred u.s. dollars on the black market because the animals can be sold illegally for huge sums they hunted in many african and asian countries are the most trafficked amends in the world and listed as critically endangered. that's it for d.w. news africa i cannot.
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