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the end. this is the job you news coming to you live from berlin scandal hits the catholic church yet again this time allegations of sexual abuse of nuns including within india's catholic community the obvious speaks to a non who is refusing to remain silent also coming up now and see below see a tense and nato gathering in brussels after president dollar trump's frequent criticism of the alliance the u.s. house speaker is hoping to reassure members of washington's ongoing commitment.
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wanted to win the us president dollar trump is facing growing opposition to his declaration of a national emergency sixteen u.s. states are going to course to block the president's plan to appropriate funding for a border war that. glass in the city that the beatles made famous one german is gaining status. the first mantra. for me to believe. is we're going cluck takes live afford to more football glory he could join the list that includes the beatles his team hosts the mighty by neil nick tonight. hello and welcome i'm on the touchy about good to have their company. the catholic church is facing a new storm of allegations over the sexual abuse of nuns this after the recent
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admission by pope francis that such abuse has taken place and is still continuing this is happening in many parts of the world including india in one some shocking cases in the southern city of carolina a bishop is accused of raping a nun thirteen times over a period of two years the nun says she was ordered to remain silent but one of our fellow sisters is encouraging victims to speak out our correspondence on their phonics spoke with her and sent us this report. it's early morning in. the church has always been a powerful institution but in recent months it's foundations have been shaken by six scandal last september a nun and accused an influential bishop of repeated rape when officials beat actually a group of nuns around the victim and held unprecedented public protests. one of
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those who joined those protests was sister lucy. she cravat from a home in the district of why not to support the alleged victim. the nun is wary about being filmed public she chooses an empty auditorium to speak in the thirty six years that she's been a nun she's come across many instances of sexual abuse by the clergy. sex abuse in that by priests to that now. but this silent a lot of story i have already. got shared by the sisters and i don't how to three expedient that prompting me tempting me to their own ambition and their cry. and i said trying to sit with at them that a lot of mistakes inside the church but they're not ready to. do. this for. instead of that they're covering up all this.
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the catholic church in india has largely stayed silent on the allegations against the bishop was arrested last year following the protests and then grill east on bail even during why not officials were unwilling to speak one priest who did agree sort to downplay the issue. my position is. my remember i. brought. was. brought up in a public discussion so i thought that speaking out against the powerful catholic church and drawing attention to sexual abuse is never easy especially in a conservative state like. nuns who are dead to break the culture of silence faith ridicule isolation and even disciplinary action from their congregations this is.
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apart from joining protests sister lucy has written articles criticizing the church silence on sexual abuse she's received warning letters from her congregation ordering her to stop speaking out she's been accused of causing harm to the church and belittling the catholic leadership says it. has said like that pastor anybody can speak freely and frankly albany to the world if i am abuse to serve the now leave that campaign me to bambina stat that so many are coming to the fact many many are coming openly. to that society today to talk there is not if there is no cult like that we are all of a slave. despite the warnings but none has no plans of backing away. i have.
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made like that. to lucy's hope is that the lead to scandal will shine a light on the church speed leagues and make some much needed reforms. joining me now from delhi. she's the director of the center for social research in india and an active campaigner for women's rights to the public protests by the nuns over the abuse of the catholic church was quite unprecedented what impact has this had there. well i think it's a deep impact because not only that it isn't and mine meant in the country at the moment that women are questioning religious institutions hindu women are questioning their right to enter the temple muslim women's has thing to do away with all kinds of obnoxious cultural and religious practices with people like triple the lock same be it first time ever war someone from inside the church and none comes out and you know the kind of really or instruct of the bishops on
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them by trying to prevent them first then second given they came out on the protester attention that they will be really by listening penalize will have done that because of the largest support that they got from this was id from him is organizations from all of us they managed to stand the ground and they managed to fight back and i think that is this is if it's deep down investigated this whole idea of celibacy and trying to see that all these people are living by the rules of the church is not true women are sexually getting exploited and adults and now that we in our country have a law to really protect women against sexual harassment at walkways that in women are able to do that again as one of the nuns said that because of meikle movement you know it is very strong now we may not realise in that they are not supposed to be becoming some kind of a sexual slaves in the institutional working of the larger knocks of was risky runs
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in as we heard in our report the nun who alleges he was raped no support from within the catholic church suddenly it was the police who arrested the bishop and then let him out on bail what is expected to happen now. well you know the it is now the ball is in the court of the police and i think because of the when they were trying to suppress the voice within the charge that you know they were the they were really scaring them and they were trying to tell them that if you come out you will be penalized and that is why the voice was not coming out but now that given and didn't of course there was that big outrage in the country you should have seen the electronic media of it print media every raid it was there in the social media people started protesting and finally the police was really forced to take action now the ball is in the court of the police davao for investigation there is a charge of sexual assault and this is a very very serious offense often in my arc is you know we change the law any kind of sexual sart that will be in or can see done under the law and once us again she
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is complete and case is filed i'm sure he is going to be punished for sexually assaulting that one and they cannot really they tried to bully them but it is not it was not working because there is so much of the support from outside and people like us are standing with the nuns to support them. catholics at a very small community and under nine indeed just about two percent of what he was saying there is a broader support for the nuns among the community there. absolutely absolutely there is a general environment which is changing that is a cultural a shifting india which is taking place where remains right with dignity at walk is really getting institutionalized if it's through the law abiding themselves and by the action of the large of amos woman support that we are trying to really push for this and catholic church has to come up with some kind of a solution they cannot just covered it up because this is not this is one is
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whether none spoke and got by support got the support of the state know all kinds of political groups also in the state and that is why they have been able to stand the ground and in spite of all the critics that the church just had no business or curtain the nuns what they declared on bishops have come together and they have taken that nuns know what he's talking nobody see this senior from the church is talking about it at all they're not going to make a statement but that doesn't matter the crime has taken place we have a lot of the women and this sexual assault case really be really i investigated and there has to be some kind of for you know all by the shaman to the bishop ryan to run to the comedy director of the center for social research in delhi thank you very much for that. vatican has responded to the sex abuse allegations facing the catholic church spokesman on his arms or just stop he said the church needs to quote look the longs to of abuse in the face last week the vatican defrock
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to former u.s. continent after he was found guilty of sexual abuse they did this make pope francis is holding a catholic bishops conference of the vatican to discuss the issue of abuse. they've been having it up to date with some other stories making news around the world pakistani prime minister in iran khan has wanted scum triggered retaliate if india takes military action following last week's deadly attack on a security convoy in the disputed kashmir region this comes after india's top military commander in kashmir accused pakistan's intelligence agency of involvement a pakistani based militant group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility for that suicide attack. resilient president. who has fired one of his most senior ministers over a campaign funding scandal gustava bibiana was secretary general of the president's office brazilian markets fell on the news with investors worried the case could
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kinda watson otto's chances of passing keep pension reforms. three police officers have been killed in two wounded in the egyptian capital cairo they were chasing a suspect when the device he was carrying exploded he was reportedly planning an attack on a police patrol invest in cairo on friday he was also killed in the explosion. the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi is on a charm offensive in brussels together with the congregational delegation lucy is hoping to convince officials that there that washington grameen skum it'd to the nato military alliance president donald trump has regularly lashed out at the alliance saying other nato members must pull their weight and above all more speaking at a press conference nancy pelosi said the alliance is crucial for today's.
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when he meets him as we go forward in the challenges complicated in a bipolar. union snow much more diverse and here is where the friendships that we might see in. joining me now is the w.'s brussels bigger chief max wolf i was covering that trip now max the washington post is describing this as a democrat's reassurance still for european allies why do bad donald trump what kind of reassurance can then see below see give the congress men and women that are in brussels at the moment actually use that same same word reassurance tour and that's the half of the mission really here to show that america's not just donald trump america's not just the administration of the current u.s. president but there are a lot more americans who have their roots in europe and feel connected to europe and committed to transatlantic relations i must tell you read it was quite
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impressive seeing those politicians coming out one by one reaffirming that there are shared values telling their own little stories where their ancestors came from and saying nato is extremely important in fact nancy pelosi the speaker of the house said nato is more important than it ever was. donald trump has come close to suggesting the u.s. might you need to actually be drawn from nato if other member states failed to substantially increases spending on the military alliance seriously is the alliance taking this threat. in the past i would say many thought he would never act upon that it was just an empty threat but donald trump has proven that he does act upon what he says not all the time but he has done so on many occasions so the question really is can he do that by himself or not and the verdict is still out on that some lawyers say he actually could do that other say he would need congress and if he needs congress then this is
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a very important tour supposin or fellow congressmen and women because that would mean they are more or less in the driver's seat here but since we don't know exactly since there's incertitude i would say the worries are beginning to increase in brussels yes and next trade is another issue which is dividing the europeans billows the match with the e.u. commission chief what assurances issued lucky to have offered him via i think you know if you had to put up a hit list of the worries that the europeans have at the moment with the us administration then probably the car tariffs are on the top of the list at the moment because there is a possibility apparently a very real possibility that donald trump will declare european cars and national security threat in the us and if he does that then our understanding is he wouldn't need congress he could just do that and slap on tariffs and if you don't need congress for that then the reassurances that that's it billows you can give your are very very limited still europeans at least include younger the head of that you
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commission believes that donald trump will stay true to his word apparently he promised to include your group last year when you were visited in washington that he would not do that he would not raise tariffs on european cars and it's probably going to be in the next days that we see whether he does it or not next if one in da says thank you very much. to the u.s. and a group of sixteen states led by california is suing the trump administration over its declaration of a national emergency they claim the plan to appropriate funds to build a wall along the mexican border violates the constitution the president's emergency declaration is also drawing opposition from civil society groups and. they were doing it in fool view of the white house. in new jersey.
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texas. the the in south carolina. and in colorado a grass roots show of force and opposition to the us president in colorado we will be on the side of the rule of law. the end because colorado will be his only watch and having fun as there are dedicated to be spent here and elsewhere we will be joining in action to challenge. their own mongst sixteen states to challenge what they see as a cash grab taking disaster relief money to pay for a more than two thousand kilometer long vanity project on the mexico border the wall standoff came to a head on friday when president trump said he would invoke a rarely used power bypassing congress to fund his campaign promise i could do the
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wall over a longer period of time i didn't need to do this but i'd rather do it much faster for his opponents that statement appear to undermine his case there's a crisis president trump got it right when he said. he didn't have to do this but i would now pressure is mounting from within his republican party with senators objecting i think it's a bad idea whether that last currently written permits it or not if it does it's a moment to sort of study whether congress has delegated too much power to the executive but i actually i just think it's about. as he arrived back at the white house donald trump may have missed the protests but the brewing political writer will be harder to escape. and now for some analysis on this issue i'm joined by having reka from the jail and council on foreign relations. now sixteen states will suing the trunk administration describing this as a cash grab how much off
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a case to they have legally i think they have a strong case because there needs to be some sort of emergency some sort of crisis situation that needs to be overcome and trump is trying to paint that picture very dystopian bad image of hordes of migrants flowing over the border but there is no truth in that there are high numbers of refugees coming but most of them want to seek asylum or they go to. the regular entrance is now. if they argue that he himself has said well what we need to do declare emergency i simply want to build the wall it's clear that this is about the money he wants to spend or not not about the crisis he wants to solve so not launch this case or what is the time frame and the seat and could it end up in the supreme court i think it could well do so because. the first wave of complaints goes at the district
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courts and the other levels of it my belief is trump is aware that there will be a fight about this and he tries to look good in that fight because he's appealing to his own voters and in the end he hopes that to come to the supreme court where he has installed conservative judges so it's a pretty good strategy as you're saying and we all know for trump this is a prestigious project with this border wall he's a vanity project is also how it's described why this case is going on really be able to use this emergency funding for the war i think when he tried to agree to compromises about the funding and the size of the wall and whether it would be a look through structure that looks more like defense all that the conservative commentators were at him at once they said oh you wrote you're a coward you're a wimp you you move back from your promises and so since he wants to fulfill his promise to his voters he's now adamant on building a wall that looks like a war i don't think about voters how much support does he have for his border one is about is this emergency funding for it i think if you look at the overall
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american public i think about a third says it's absolutely unnecessary if it says border controls are necessary but we have other means and only a third says a wall is the right thing to do but it's that last third the most the most conservative people he wants to appeal to because they are the base for his reelection in two thousand and twenty and that of course for trump is the one deadline that he that he has in mind. right heading to get from the jail and council on foreign relations thank you very much waiting on this this. you're watching the news coming up ahead he's not on par with the beatles in liverpool but good become an icon go to if you're going club has won the hearts of liverpool football fans the former coach and his team take on one is the guy champions the line the country foreign companies are also reassessing their presence take a look at the town of swindon in southwest london england where japanese come make a honda announce it will be closing its plant into yes thousands will lose their
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jobs and many local businesses will lose their main source of income the announcement from tokyo was expected but when it came the shock waves could be felt most acutely in southern england and he said he should have started talks with the union aiming to end the production of completed vehicles at honda u.k. manufacturing in twenty twenty one. honda has insisted that its decision is not to brakes it the swindon plant how tough times long before the u.k. voted to leave the you see a hero had chico says other factors are pushing it to produce the new honda civic in north america or elsewhere. as you are aware the four wheeled vehicle industry is facing a turning point under the circumstances in order for hundreds to survive we need to provide our products in a speedy man out to meet our customer's needs and to keep on creating new value towards the future. that will provide no comfort at all to the three and
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a half thousand workers at the swindon plant and it's another blow to the u.k.'s motor manufacturing sector at a new sample plans to build one of its new models that the u.k. government has described hundreds decision as devastating. turning to europe's top club and the round of six even the champions league tonight's premiere match up sees england heavyweights liverpool hosting by munich liverpool is the german coach club has managed to bring a new energy to liverpool and is gaining almost cult status in the legendary city. liverpool loves its legends among them the beatles and hometown club never cool f.c. since its foundation in one thousand nine hundred two the club has won eighteen league titles but it's been twenty nine years since they were last a champions under coach. their fans are allowing themselves to dream big again. the
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but. if you need him. being in charge at liverpool since twenty fifteen where his management style is popular with most of the supporters. or his side reach the champions league final but lost to real madrid. if they want to keep their hopes alive of reaching the final again they'll need to get past german giants barn unic. and to finish the season and you don't. need to think about a. night really big one of these games if i would be really happy about being in. a german team has never won a champions league or european cup match and on field. byron have tried on three occasions coach nico is familiar with klopp who used to coach dortmund and has only
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respect for him. to keep this he doesn't give up he's a fighter he just keeps going you can see that with his team well we're expecting this on tuesday and in the second leg. that if you're going to plop it manages to lead liverpool to a champions league glory. he may well become one of the club's legends. now the force is strong with the french the country's fencing federation has voted to briefly recognise a lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport promising joe di masters all six lords will no longer have to travel to a galaxy far far away to hone their craft the any direct because they used by the do miss even counting with the sound chip to emulate the crackle of the iconic style was weapon francis promoting the sports to encourage physical fitness among the nations. and china is marking the end of its new
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year celebrations today with the traditional lantern festival counting the shanghai zoo to live on a special treat or two for its newcomers these polar bears were given a feast obsolete dumplings the stuffed dough bulls won the festival's traditional foods past also well light by the bed. you're watching the news here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you a wide ranging allegations of sexual abuse have rules the catholic church in india activists say officials within the church are covering up the extent of the problem . and opposition to u.s. president donor trumps national emergency over migration has intensified sixteen states have now joined forces and plan to challenge his plans to build a southern border wall in court. you're watching news coming to you live
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from berlin i'm on the third she next up the best of the this leader in kick off stay with us.
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because. hungry for more. lives more beats mobs and sets its sights on the whole belief. code wiped out how to the masses to hide in the relegation worthy performance. dashed hopes of the game and shots have to believe with a last second equaliser. lead. to a. double pole. lawmakers in the
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big game gave them a people smuggling a multi-billion dollar business. reporter spent two years observing smugglers helping migrants to enter europe illegally. they met with insiders investigators and migrants. a rare insight into the lucrative trade of people smuggling. close up sixty it's. not often. just sometimes i am but i stand up in. the german thinks deep into the german culture looking at the stereotypes klatt indians think you see for trying to find out i. needed to pay for this drama.
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it's all that. i might show joins me for me to. post. match day twenty two it's full speed ahead is the bundesliga season rolls into its final five.


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