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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2019 6:02am-6:16am CET

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this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes the battle continues south africa's golden child cost us the man you know is in courts this week she is fighting for her right to compete without medication. plus the fisherman tackling greed invision on lake victoria but fish stalks dwindling kenyans and chinese imports. and. leaves if you want to have it. well don't worry these stylish lookin bob is all power you in the. junior welcome to d.w. news africa great to have you with us gold medal winning south african run our cost
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us the man is in court this week trying to face down the lead to govern body the. rules that would force athletes like cement not to reduce the at the still strong levels that south african governments are still in its weight behind the athlete sponsoring a case and launching a social media campaign on the naturally superior the landmark case has divided opinion. cast to cement his name and athletic skills have polarized the world of sports in the last decade she is hyper androgenic that means her body naturally produces high levels of testosterone but the i.w.a. half want athletes like her to take drugs to lower their testosterone levels in order to compete in middle distance track events testosterone they argue gifts are many an unfair advantage the core value for the odd overlay of his empowerment of
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girls and women through a lot it's the regulations that we are introducing to protect the sanctity. of fair and open competition not really what we're here to define symon your first game global prominence in two thousand and nine at the world championships in berlin she won gold in the eight hundred meter us to make his legal team says the signs the i.w. has put forward to support its route changes is flawed and discriminatory that higher testosterone levels do not necessarily prove a competitive advantage some a cadet makes have also criticized the research and they question why don't you apply to middle distance track events. that home in south africa so many it is known as the golden girl media reports say that the government is investing around two million dollars into a court case so many supporters say there's more at stake than just the right to participate in a sport. women's bodies there will be the ability to.
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have very identity their privacy their sense of safety and belonging in the will of being questioned i cement his legal team says unless reasonable scientific evidence is presented the rule be nothing more than an arbitrary decision the idea of only after names it's simply pushing for a level playing field. i am i to delve more into this we're joined by someone some may not consider as includes friend toby sutcliffe director of talk sports university of pretoria told me that thanks for joining us first things fest how is custom doing cast as a very confident person and i think that she's approaching this in a in a mature manner. she's very confident because with all due respect she's done nothing wrong she's even being that is trying to blow trite and what are the
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strengths that she does have is a lot of self-confidence that has been born about what does happen to in the past. now she is seeking to about ten regulations or restricting testosterone levels in a woman before they come to spades in the sports now how do you think she's going to argue this case well i think if you go back to the previous case in two thousand and nine when she was originally tasted and didn't participate in two july two thousand and ten we put together a group of specialists they live in of them in fact they actually proved to audible a if the levels of testosterone were on the ten was the level it was that was sent and we proved it to them in turkey and that was the accepted norm in in twenty teams wow all of
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a sudden do you go and talk at the three vents in four hundred eight hundred and fifteen hundred when in two thousand and ten the level was proved with our medical team at ten and now they've evolved to five so you know for me this step only three events. an interesting one that you seeing you smile or ott. well i you know i just think that people are talking just don't think it's totally unfair and you know what is amazing for me is no one has actually edged come out and said that custer has yet to break the eight hundred meter world record but yet they talk to her and say she's unfair advantage so what's unfair advantage of jesson broken the record yet. i mean the fact though is that because it's claimed that she has high levels of testosterone that gives they have bit of an advantage
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over other women that do not have that don't you agree with that point not necessarily i don't believe i mean if you have a look at in other sports as well and you look at shaquille o'neal you know michael jordan are you saying that they bondage should have been something that stopped him from playing basketball is that fair. interesting question i guess the other one. yeah it's a different question altogether but i mean i just believe that if you if you already proven something it's been accepted that that is the norm wow all of a sudden go back and not say we have to solve it but we're only going to have it for these particular events. for me sorry i just don't buy it ok and what's what is they are ok so what does this all mean for. and indeed the future of the sports whatever the outcome or the court case is. well i think it is
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a serious implication you know this is the first of two cases one is. and the other one is direct with audible a if. the scary thing for me is that if this thing should go against you if you just take people away from participating in sports. you know you taking away the rocks to live almost in iraq to earn a living and for me that is totally unfair ok toby sutcliffe the director of talk sports university of pretoria thank you very much for your time. now kenyan fisherman on lake victoria have been struggling with an enemy of a peculiar kind this. invasion that has kept them from reaching the deep waters of the lake as a result they are struggling to meet demand the fish altered has forced the kenyan government to revise the ban on fish imports from china. next piled into the
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i wouldn't buy these fisherman are ready to set sail for a night. but once again kissimmee bay is cloaked with a thick green cop it's of water hyacinth blocking the fishermen from reaching the deep waters to fish. because we're suffering because we're not able to get food. if we don't go fishing ground we lose a lot. of. water hyacinth is a floating across that plant native to south america its spread abroad and has believed to have first reached lake victoria and the one nine hundred ninety s. floating down the lakes west and tributary. since then it has caused serious difficulties for fishing boats and other vessels on lake victoria. what we're doing you know and i do many of our colleagues have had problems while fishing on the lake they sometimes get stuck recently some fishermen got stuck on the lake and
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the kenyan government had to send a helicopter to rescue them. lake victoria is shared with tanzania and uganda which on the kenyan side alone hyacinth covers roughly five percent of the water surface the plans affect fishery production and the fishermen are struggling to fill their nets. if the shoe. was more you could. do. it from the pool to the room and some people did you see you go through the mantel piece with pride to supply. at the market in the. gap between local demand on the lake supply is filled by frozen tilapia fillets imported from china after kenya's president bans the imports last year a shortage of fish has now forced the government to lift the restrictions it's clear kenya's appetite for fish is not going away. now
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and care about our look stones we male grooming is a growing industry and in ghana a new business venture is making the most of bats trend they've set up a mobile service looking after clients in the confines of their own home. this customer has its good system. he gets his hand treatment leaving you free to make calls listen to jazz we even enjoy a bit of a deep dream it's all part of a new service called shift must operating in a crowd and we just want to come to you. i used to drive every saturday. for about forty five minutes before i can do my hair but this time around i sit in the conference of my home and they come today at any time as early as five thirty am so the convenient that has been created by shift
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must i say is excellent as well as the service shift must insist they can go to the next level by making sure the employees i don't cannot stress shop you always have to present yourself could see people. because of. tejpal and we. should must this started a year the company has grown to employ five five days actually since bill is sick out to found out once the company to be a cut above the rest would fundamentally we want to rewrite the story that africa yes africa is rising but we are rising with quality with excellence and with precision and so much says that whether you are in the u.k. or you are in gun man the kind of service you get is the saying. even beyond as you can see of heart my head looks so i feel so good i feel like
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a boss of mine. when the sea level of customer satisfaction. for such a safe place to keep grew we. now fast as a service love to have. news africa you can stories on our website on the facebook page we leave you now with pictures of the golden child of south africa cost us america loves to win so you next time i for not.
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how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized really early that it made sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking forward and need journalists they can trust for them to make sense of. it is not often i work at the w.


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