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digital. starch marjorie's body double play. found. the back. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin the women feeling abused at home who say they are still not safe in germany some of the women seeking asylum here say they are still being threatened by their families and in a d.w.i. exclusive they say the country's embassy in berlin is complicit also coming up in paris and other friends cities thousands joined rallies against anti semitism the
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protests come after a spike in incidents targeting the country's jewish community. and fans pay tribute to a fashion icon karl lagerfeld who died in paris on tuesday at the age of eighty five i'll be joined by one of his fellow german designers in getting to discuss his legacy. on and welcome i'm. you may remember the kiss of the saudi teenager who locked herself in an airport hotel room last month to escape her family. knew it was ultimately given asylum in canada sadly she is not the only woman from the ultra conservative islamic kingdom who has fled for her life a number of saudi women have come to germany to seek asylum but this is their being threatened by their families and they toured extensively they believe the saudi
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embassy is helping them. they fled from saudi arabia to germany here they hope for safety and freedom but these women still live under threat from their families. to her to i thought i was safe that the psychological warfare the violence and oppression would be over but i still feel like they could get me. the women offer to talk to us only on condition of anonymity we have changed their names and voices . say shortly after arriving in germany they received threatening messages from their families. before i knew my family knew i was in germany in one city all of that info so they're threatened me with my location can animate not i am sure that through their connections with the saudi embassy and through the saudi embassies connections and it's spies that are everywhere they can get information but i do
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not know the kind of information and what they know exactly in my heart of know a u.-turn commuting model mark to loose. some activists claim that the cases of murder and russia are part of a wider pattern. people are followed we have people breaking into apartments and the families back home always know exactly what is happening these patterns are repeating themselves. and we just ask ourselves does every family do this individually and pay someone here in germany. so much that that would take a huge effort or could someone else be behind us and the suspicion is of course that maybe the saudi embassy is the one starting all this. we spoke to several parties dealing with saudis seeking asylum abroad they suggested that the saudi embassy could be directly or indirectly involved trying to get refugees to return we reached out multiple times to the embassy in berlin efforts to contact them over
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the phone and via e-mail came to nothing. but still the question why would saudi authorities help families trace women who flee abroad. underside radius concentration it's citizens government their mana king the king. in return they tell the men that they can have complete control over their women so when a saudi woman needs her family this article which is will go out of their way to ensure that she is returned because not doing so means that people themselves may start to question why their own beauty and to the king and why they don't have their own. turning back is impossible they fear they might be tortured or even killed. joining me now is a correspondence under putin's vanu had to search that story welcome sandra now these women are living in fear of these of their lives have the has anyone thought
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of going to the german authorities for protection read it they did it let's start with us here we of course contect at the ministry of the interior and berlin and they said they have no knowledge of anything going on in that century reception center in and hold well all asylum seekers from from saudi arabia they have to go to and then contacted the ministry of the interior of that particular federal state and they said yes they have knowledge and let me quote it's a well known problem procedures and appropriate measures are in place and then when we are so what are these procedures and appropriate measures we didn't get any further on so to our request for you know please give us an answer because we really would like to know and also that was one of the women that we basically spoke to intensify the we went to the police station with her when she actually fight a complaint ok so how are then these women staying safe. it's different for
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each and every individual case because what can you to know and i'm rita is that you know when the asylum request is processed they have to stay in this state in sex and sex and the and hold and then after that let's say they are granted right of residence they have to stay there that's a legal requirement for three years only then are they free to you know to move elsewhere and they're only very few exceptions from the roots of course these women try and get that exception from the rule but as long as that is not granted they are all you know concentrated in this state and so that makes it rather easy to find them and to spy on them and they all basically know rate at the same to us and they don't know each other not all of them know each other is that they felt specially in that central reception center in where they are it's their reference point they felt spied upon by fellow refugees and the allegation here is that the embassy is involved because information get that there ended up with
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a family in saudi arabia so how does that happen now these women are obviously very scared to speak in public but they spoke exclusively to d.w. what did this is about the specific circumstances to why they're feeling the homeland again individual reasons but they did side for instance domestic abuse they didn't side to the feeling of oppression because as you know every woman in saudi arabia needs a legal guardian you know if they want to study if the want to go to the doctor is that if they want to study they need male consent and in one particular case there was a fractal for forced marriage and that's then when this woman decided to flee and to come abroad and to stay in germany right saudi arabia's off a strong on women's rights sunder peterson thank you very much for those insights. a thousands of people in france have taken to the streets to protest against a spike in anti semitic attacks and this comes after dozens of graves vandalized a do cemetery president amman and macdraw describe the incident as an attack on the
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nation france is home to the world's largest jewish population in. i can outpouring of solidarity on paris's plus still a republic. thousands of purchase just turned out to express their support for france's jews. but their anger magnified by yet another desecration of a jewish cemetery. the lease were just one of dozens of demonstrations nationwide in response to a search and anti-semitic hate crimes of. three i think that anti semitic actions are on the rise it's something that strikes fear that brings back bad memories we want to show younger generations and there's another path to take. this is what future the outreach the jewish cemetery in the village of quite some time in
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eastern france he faced with swastikas and other anti-semitic graffiti french president has vowed to bring the vandals to justice and once more to stop anti-semitism in his tracks. a group of individuals full of hate has unfortunately done what others have done before for too many years what. i'm here to express for solidarity of the whole nation. will complete determination in fighting anti semitism whatever it takes. this was the second time a jewish cemetery has been desecrated in recent months and friends. in december nearly forty graves and a holocaust memorial were vandalized in the same region. it is attacks like these that brought people together. not only ordinary citizens but also top politicians and religious leaders i don't think they wanted to send
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a clear message they've had enough. and joining me now on the line from barron's the shimon samaras he's the director for international relations at the scene one reason center there a welcome to dot you've been a how important was this gesture of solidarity with these demonstrations and rallies for the jewish community there. i think it was rightly important it was it was high time the fact that the reporter strike a number of incidents was a governmental report in fact in an interim ministerial report was something that is really quite new. statistics come from the jewish community so here we have it coming from the government and we see that as a very good step forward and this is magick attacks have been on the rise in france what do you see this and what explains a sudden jump in the number of jewish targets being attacked by people there. it is
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by no means certain this has been growing over the past ten years. i think that it's been for a number of reasons and also we also have to take into account that many many incidents are not reported i mean i get on my smartphone every day at least one incident of somebody coming out of a synagogue yesterday a van was shot by a gun from a window facing the synagogue. they're not even reported anymore we simply tabulate them for reasons of. people like you in the media who are interested to see if it's going up if it's going down but it is going now besides just the question of not being really. a static situation it is a dynamic situation it can be affected by outside. one of the situations is of obviously what goes on in the middle east. young radicalized youth in france
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not only in france playing a game of cowboys and indians in the slum built around the industrial cities and the palestinians and their jewish neighbors. the indians and they're playing this out the transplanting the middle east to europe and that all obviously is creating a spike in anti semitic attacks people are moving into the center of paris to escape this you know we heard president. strongly condemned these attacks and what do you think he needs to do to deal with this problem. ok president mccrum will be speaking tonight at a dinner i am attending and obviously he is going to address this matter we have been calling this government to consider bringing back what we all know on the
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administration and that was to place armed guards outside synagogues jewish schools in. indonesia. for the macaw had removed the state of emergency and the gods were sent on walkabout and i spoke with them and i said to them you know when you are walking about that's the moment the danger and then they will move completely now. and i think it's important to provide not just out of the community for. bullet proof doors and windows and. c.c.t.v. cameras but also the state should be providing some type of security and if it was slim community need it then the so should they and the point which is a danger also a danger to the public as this situation goes indiscriminate as we've seen in london. she wants on the director of international relations at the scene on
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wiesenthal center in paris thank you thank you. let me now bring you up to some other stories making news around the wasn't british prime minister to resign resign majority has been dealt a blow as three of a conservative lawmakers spritz the coffee table sit as independents defection in protest over breaks it may damage may's chances of forcing a highly unpopular. through parliament. russian president vladimir putin has promised to improve living standards within the year in his state of the nation address said to many russians were living in poverty and pledged several measures to improve conditions a recent report found approval ratings have fallen sharply. rescue teams in switzerland have called off this search in a ski resort. police say they have four to the operation because no one is
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registered as missing four people were rescued after the avalanche on tuesday it took place in the town of trance montana in the heart of the swiss alps. tributes have been pouring in for karl lagerfeld the influential fashion designer and the creative head of the fashion house chanel he died in paris at the age of eighty five during a career spanning eighty seventy s. the hamburg born designer was one of the most well known names in modern fashion world famous for his designs as well as his personality on. that. call lagerfeld in one of his final public appearances last november the star of paris just christmas lights seventy. fame that he gained over a lifetime of pioneering and the world of fashion it takes something special to stand out. and the legend of like
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a failed. at the chanel flagship store in the french capital the miss him already eternal admiration read one tribute. at london fashion week the duchess of cornwall joined others in paying her respects to fashion royalty the. best thing. for all of. outside to his presence is everywhere and thoughts about what his death will mean for chanel. of the art world i don't know what i should say but it's. really missed him keep it up keep it classy kubrick love as we wore the classic chanel. kate pick last year to be like a nick street style. that you have but you know pretty sad news for you it's
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already close friends and. benetton the struggling atari and brand that could do with like a felts midas touch remembered him as they showed off their latest collection. that . is what i will keep very close to my hoss is the example of a man who knew how to be an extraordinary artistic director excuse our father of all artistic directors just. many will try but you will leave a legacy like karl lagerfeld. and for more on karl lagerfeld legacy i am very pleased to welcome ye to europe she is a fashion and jewelry designer welcome to you play you met god lagerfeld many times what are your plans to be collections of the men the last time i met him was that his show that he had of his pictures that he took of cat for the car company open
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and nobody could sort of show himself as flamboyantly as he did you know when he was around you felt like the king of everything is in the room and there was like a whisper around her colors there kind of a hole into raj you know trying to make sure that he was happy and. yes very very intelligent man he flamboyant is a good way to describe you know that is established image but how different was his public image from the man you met in private if you think about his roots back and good old hamburg you know him because a very conservative and industry city and he came from quite a wealthy home and he seemed to have been what today would be called. a child he wanted to draw all the time he didn't want to play with of the kids so you see that sometimes you should leave very creative people alone and not make them change
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otherwise before we won't have another collage of one day so he was always seeking attention he always wanted to be in the public eye is what you're saying but i believe he was probably a much. more intelligent that he ever showed you know because he was reading all the time he spoke seven languages and one time he said that he was speaking way faster than his brain was sort of formulating the words sometimes the stuff he said was very very provocative. and controversial yes sometimes he didn't like fat people and like all people that he didn't like this and that you know because he was such an amazing creative mind he was allowed to do that imagine somebody else would do that today that you know you yourself are a famous fashion designer what do you think made a fence fashion's so unique but he had this amazing sense of how he could
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sort of keep this branch and now totally up to snuff totally modern and fresh so he invited young talents all the time to be on stage and to wear his creations so there was an edge to the brand that kept a very young and fresh because if you imagine how old the brand. was and how much of it but it still desiring these bags that's really have a thing you do you know apart from this fashion he was such an amazing personality everybody felt that they knew him but apparently it private he was a very quiet in reclusive man well obviously if you know a lot about the world and especially a lot about the fashion industry it's maybe it makes you want to be alone sometimes because you have to do if you have to deal with vanities all the time you maybe sometimes also deal with not only the good part and people but also with the vain difficult parts so it's very clear that fun artist you maybe then want to be
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reclusive alone and in peace and he had very close friends of monte carlo. i guess felt at home very much. there will never. be anybody like him again gosh this so many added jokes about him people talk about what he said what he did what is your favorite three collection of can not defend well i like the way he was sort of. controlling this whole industry and how he was sort of making bad jokes at the same time he was sort of dissing everybody but making everybody for the love of them at the same time yes as you said he was controversial he once described a french president as an embassy but i think that's people love his grandmothers and yet are you thank you so much for how you want to do that view and sharing your thoughts with i see a lot. the tension between the u.k. army was indent pakistan are running high delhi blames islamabad for the last
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week's suicide bombing in which at least forty indian security personnel what kid the muslim majority of terror divided between india and pakistan back in one thousand forty seven with the so-called line of control separating them but both countries lay claim to the whole of kashmir since nine hundred eighty nine the separatists have been fighting against indian drooled a rebellion that india claims is supported by pakistan with emotions running high at present innocent muslim communities have become targets of hate. sent us this report from delhi. was carried out in the wake of the dead attack and bushmeat small protests like these have sprung up across india. most have been against pockets. but some have reportedly targeted young. students in the last two hundred cities of the under water to feast traps from
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right wing activists in bihar one tree to us from bush me were attacked. on a ship by a young activist from kashmir says he has met dozens of students in delhi who fled how distant in different parts of india. he was to use about the message this sends to youngest midis in the country as a muslim it's been a problem. i did sadly you know it's tragic that to the people who have been of feeding into that out of your fear just because this is the ultimate goal of terror of terrorists all the people who attack the people want to be some to keep the society. as a fish meat on the business in new delhi khalid because he has not faced harvestman but back home and gosh meet his family that's what it's like my mother. she didn't talk to me in these two days because she thought that. people will come to
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know that. it is the feeling which is spread the heat which is spread but there is hope. and response to reports of targeted how dismount and violence against meeting the hash tag on hits now stop it trending on twitter in india with people offering their support and even their home. feeling threatened. krishnan a political activist did not want young to only see debates of hateful responses from other indians. she chose to offer her support over twitter and she was not alone even very ordinary people who are just instinctively feeling that this is wrong this kind of targeting is wrong so many people have come forward and opened their doors offered accommodation contributions offered funds. and generally tried
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to respond in a more humane way and i'm really reassured by that and finding this outpouring of support reassuring as well khalid that his friends have created the group india africa. to share messages of support i'm sure that for all those targeting them many others will stand by them as well. to not make one thing that it is important to discuss the dog and then to create. something which helps the sights and not only one say it's important to spread peace. now to the champions league knockout stages and we were all hoping for a dramatic clash between two great clubs liverpool and by munich it was little ball hosting by in the first of the two leg match up and the defense was the ultimate winner. liverpool pressured by in munich from the get go it paid off the
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english side were creating them more and the better of the chances but liverpool's dominant display lacked the killer touch sad human a with perhaps the best chance of the game but he couldn't quite get his footing right by and absorbed all the pressure adopting a more defensive approach it was effective give a pool where unable to break down by ends defense with both sides shutting each other down this one ended in a goal this draw but if the first leg is anything to go by it certainly sets up an exciting return leg in munich. and the other big match of the evening also looked like it would produce a lot of goals but despite barcelona's training five shots against leo they could not find the net the french side doing the same in the second goalless draw of the night. and because of the top stories at their funding feel in france thousands of demonstrators have marched against anti semitism that offer
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a spate of attacks in the country targeting the jewish community. here wanting to have the news coming to you from but when i'm on the up next children in nigeria get to grips with plastic pollution that's an eco africa up next.
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eco africa plastic waste has a productive future thanks to eco heroes from kemah. she collects bottles on the streets of the capital galton de. lots and lots. it's fun and then she gets down to work making furniture from plastic. one up.
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next to. nothing out of the jam just sometimes i am but i set it up in the winter when the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes clad in here think the future of the country that i now live from. kiev needed to be fit for this drama they are to me it's all about. nothing i'm a joke join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post hey this is. video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experience to another level. to him compose that way most are.
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featured in many games his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. though genre that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. her and welcome to a new edition of our african european environmental magazine africa today we'll be taking you to morocco where pharmacies can have an insurance against the effects of climate change more on that in a moment and i will raise i have my charming colleague from nigeria at my side
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