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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is you know we are to use life for a girl and that call for help saudi women in germany who say they fled abuse at home claim they're still not safe saudi women seeking asylum in germany allege they're still being threatened by their families and they claim the country's embassy in berlin is complicit also coming up start warning for vladimir putin you know who has taken a combative tone with the west in his annual state of the union speech but he also promises russians improve living conditions as polls show a fall in popularity for the longtime president plus calling it quits three close to politicians from britain's ruling conservative party defect to the newly formed
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independent group citing it's a recently disastrous calibrate there is yet another blow to the embattled prime minister who's traveling to brussels to make the case for who breaks the deal again . thank you so much for your company everyone we began with a story that you may over called the case of the saudi teenager who barricaded herself in an airport hotel room last month to escape her family while we're off the hotel cancun was also only given asylum in canada but she's not the only woman who has fled from this deeply conservative country a number of saudi women have now come to germany to seek asylum but they claim they're being threatened by their families and they allege that the saudi embassy
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here is helping their relatives. they fled from saudi arabia to germany here they hope for safety and freedom but these women still live under threat from their families. to her to i thought i was safe that the psychological warfare of the violence and oppression would be over but i still feel like they could get me. the women offer to talk to us only on condition of anonymity we have changed their names and voices. l. say shortly after arriving in germany they received threatening messages from their families. before i knew my family knew i was in germany in one city all of that info so they're threatened me with medication can animate not i am sure that through their connections with the saudi embassy and through the saudi embassies connections and it's spies that are everywhere they can get information but i do not know the kind of information and what they know exactly in my heart of no way
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you talk to me a ten minute mark to loose. some activist claim that the cases of murder and russia l. are part of a wider patent. people are followed we have people breaking into the perp months and the families back home always know exactly what is happening these patterns are repeating themselves. we just ask ourselves does every family do this individual even pay someone here in germany. that would take a huge effort or could someone else be behind us under suspicion is of course that maybe the saudi embassy is the one starting all this. we spoke to several parties dealing with saudis seeking asylum abroad they suggested that the saudi embassy could be directly or indirectly involved trying to get refugees to return we reached out multiple times to the embassy in berlin efforts to contact them over
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the phone and via e-mail came to nothing. but still the question why would saudi authorities help families trace women who flee abroad. under side to waive the constitution it's citizens government their mana key the king their absolute in return they tell the men that they can have complete control over their women so when a saudi woman needs have found this out just will go out of their way to ensure that she's returned because not doing so means that people themselves may start to question why their own beauty and to the king and why they don't have their own. say turning back is impossible they fear they might be tortured or even killed. are joining me now is stuff on terra firma atheist refugees relief he co-founded the organization and they are supporting both women that you saw featured in that
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report good day why is your organization supporting these women did you reach out to them if they reach out to you. we started with the when we made connection to run ahmad she's a saudi activist atheist activist and she was active in the atheist arab network and this is how we started and women now reach out to us because they don't feel represented by religious organizations so that they express a desire to leave their religion is that why where you're involved in this case yes they all say they are atheist they're human ists they don't want to be involved with any religion whatsoever is that also the source of the reason why they have fled their country. yes it's very hard to. disguise that you're not believing anymore because you don't follow prayers a strictly anymore you don't fast strictly anymore and the family gets suspicious
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and the state gets also suspicious maybe or they will report the state and there's a death penalty on leaving islam and saudi arabia and twelve other muslim countries what have these women told you what about their conditions back home. these are different stories i mean sometimes they have somebody in the family that supports them and tries to disguise what's going on or they sometimes they even have a family that's not that religious but then they don't you know then something changes and somebody else gets the guardianship and then things start to get dangerous for them or they really come from a very conservative family where they're always in fear that the family might find out that they are reading. non-religious or stuff online or that they are you know interested in other file for loss of fees or human ism because this could have very. hard consequences for them let's talk specifically
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about these women that are featured in a report that we aired earlier they allege that the saudi embassy here in berlin is complicit with their families do you have evidence of these allegations that they are making i mean i was involved when for example do you know are you was in money land i was speaking with the with the embassy here in germany and i was calling the airport and the end of the story was that family members came to the airport and took her back and specifically the leave the i want to talk about this case though is there evidence of the of the saudi embassy being complicit red relatives in saudi arabia to try and influence these women to bring them back to saudi do you have evidence of that i mean we had another case where somebody really went to the
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embassy and was talking with them a woman and but she didn't go back to saudi arabia but the saudi embassy definitely tries to make them come back all right stefan paynter from atheist refugees relief thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much art let's shift our focus now to russia where in his annual state of the union style address russian president vladimir putin has made a thinly veiled threats directed at the united states put news parts of his address to say that moscow will respond to any u.s. deployment of short or intermediate range nuclear weapons in your by targeting not just the countries where they are stationed but the united states itself but well he took a very combative tone with the west putting reached out to his domestic audience promising russians improved living conditions. it's one of the most important domestic political events for the russian president in his fifteenth state of the
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nation address but amir putin promised a raft of measures to improve economic and social conditions for his people above all families should benefit putin promised them tax breaks as well as better child care. but what are the. thanks to the many years of joint efforts and the successes we have achieved as a result we can now heavily invest in our country. people should already notice how things are getting better. the russians are certainly hoping things will improve incomes have fallen since two thousand and thirteen putin's popularity has cratered there have been protests against pension reforms that raise the retirement age then there's foreign policy putin sees the us withdrawal from the i.n.f. treaty as russia's most crucial issue. russia does not want to be the first to place these missiles in europe. reduced and stationed in europe
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and the u.s. has not denied doing this. that would intensify the international security situation. once again cast himself as the country's patriarch appealing for the solidarity of the russian people in difficult political times. all right let's take you now to the russian capital moscow to speak to our correspondent there and the tilton good to see you aaron president putin used this address to tell russia's new weapons and some barely veiled warnings to the united states were you surprised by that. well hardly i mean some perfunctory shape saber rattling is actually par for the course when it comes to speeches like this for vladimir putin actually if anything what was surprising was how little time he devoted towards international conflicts in his speech i mean he didn't mention syria at all or the ongoing conflict in ukraine instead he chose to focus his
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address squarely on economic issues you have to remember he's looking at for him at least some rather disastrous polling numbers coming into the speech his address to the nation and he's really decided that it's that at least the kremlin thinks that economic issues are what most russians are really concerned about right now now mr putin erin also criticized the u.s. so from up pulling out of the major nuclear arms treaty this month how did he address that thorny issue well again as we've been hearing for for weeks now regarding the specific issue but general when it comes to conflicts united states he basically just stated that russia is reacting to aggressions and unilateral moves on the part of the united states saying that russia is kind of in an reluctant partner when it comes to it and he potential. tensions is that we're seeing between washington and moscow but as i said it was really very very perfunctory even at one point said he didn't want to spend a lot of time dwelling on it and instead chose to focus warily on these economic
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issues as we heard there in the report. correspondence aaron tilson reporting from the russian capital moscow erin thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. swiss bank u.b.s. has been fined a record three point seven billion euros by a french court for helping wealthy clients evade taxes well prosecutors say the bank helped clients conceal assets in switzerland from french tax authorities not several of the bank's top executives also received fines for their involvement. saudi arabia's crown prince is in new delhi for talks with indian leaders following his visit to pakistan a saudi official say mohammad was some on hopes to play a diplomatic role in deescalating the situation between the neighbors while tensions have flared after last week's attack in indian administered kashmir. bernie sanders campaign team says the u.s.
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senator has raised more than four million dollars from one hundred and fifty thousand individuals since announcing his presidential bid on choose day while that far exceeds other democratic candidates sanders has pledged to build a grassroots movement to take on the special interests he says dominate u.s. politics. three members of britain's ruling conservative party have resigned they are joining the newly formed in the pen a group friend in a joint letter m p's and a subaru heidi allen and sarah walston blamed prime minister teresa mayes handling of briggs's for their decision in all three campaign to remain in the european union they are joining now eight labor m.p.'s who quit their party to launch the independent group earlier this week will present a search result make has said she is saddened by the decision while in law one of the defectors ana so explain why she's leaving the conservative party let's take
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a listen. the right wing the hardline anti e.u. could squad that if destroyed every leader for the last forty years are now running the conservative party from top to toe they of the conservative party explosive or defections there in london joining us now from the u.k. capital is our correspondent better get a mass bigot it is like we are watching the fragmentation of the british political landscape unfolding in real time well yes for sure because they are following a labor m.p.'s who have said that their party is just going too much to the left so both parties in the conservative party and the labor party we have a lot of center ground m.p.'s and those are not the only a defections they're not the only ones who are unhappy those who have to fecht it we have many more m.p.'s
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in both parties who will be moaning that their respective parties are going to march to the edges that labor is going to much of the hard left and we have had honest review saying that parties in the grip of the n.t. europeans more right wing extremely conservative m.p.'s and and also members so as shift to the extremes and those are trying to move the landscape more to the center ground why is this happening right now better get. well the conservative m.p.'s have been working together with labor m.p.'s on the people's vote campaign so really this is coming to a crunch on the issue of bragg's that we have other underlying issues that labor has been really had a big problem with anti semitism in the party but with the conservatives it's really about drags it and the fear that prime minister trees i'm a is listening too much to those who are really desperate to leave the e.u.
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at any cost and other risking that the u.k. could crash out without a deal at the end of march in just a few weeks time and they just say that their conscience cannot allow them to go with the government and to go with a party that they say is just not listening to common sense and is just driving the country to the edge and they say well even if we sort of toppled they have a huge risk that they might just not be elected in the next general election because they have no party machine behind them but they say they just could not well participate in this process any longer and just want to try and do something new and move the discussion more towards the middle of british politics begad mass reporting from london thank you now to a story of lost childhood in afghanistan in a country where half the population is under eighteen it's estimated that more than
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one million children work instead of going to school while some initiatives are trying to break the vicious cycle of child labor and poverty but decades of violence as well as droughts and suit insecurity are taking a terrible toll on afghanistan's children. yeah my name is ahmed says this child i'm six years old and i work here in the poppy fields who are the lotto or due to her and i work from sunrise and till about ten says this boy sometimes i manage to go to school for a few hours in the afternoon it is ok that. this seed pods are ready to burst its harvest time the capsules are slashed by hand and the raw opium is collected the work is done by children there are no adults anywhere in sight across the fields. the youngsters earn around one hundred afghanis for an entire day of work the equivalent of just over one year zero. a few hundred metres away is this
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workshop this young boy can barely hold the heavy hammer in his hand his face is covered in sweat it's hot and sticky in the dark blacksmith's shop. a village in the province of an ngo heart but it could be any other province in afghanistan almost half the country's population is under eighteen and they have to help support their families otherwise they can survive work instead of school and childhood. many children have to work because the parents need the money to support the rest of the family it's easy to condemn child labor but without their earnings many families would slide into even greater misery. your xian. weaving carpets this work is done by girls it's estimated that more than one million children in afghanistan have to go out and earn money but this due to sticks often don't take girls into account because they work at home. the american
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born while i sit here and work i don't know anything else if i actually manage to make it to school some day i probably won't have any time to do homework. for impoverished families children who are forced to work and can't go to school one initiative aimed at breaking this vicious cycle involves giving the children lessons in the afternoons along with a warm meal but many villages are very remote and parents often lack the necessary motivation the careens have three children the eldest is helping with their work the two younger ones are sleeping the mother periodically gets up and gives the younger children the small black pellets raw opium is to keep them asleep so the others can continue their work undisturbed. the mother knows exactly what she's doing and it took a while until she was willing to be filmed as she had minister the o.p.m.
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to her youngest child did up work i give it to them a few times a day in the morning i weave carpets then i work as a washer woman then i go to the market and buy vegetables and opium for the children i have to keep them sedate and to give otherwise i can't get at all dynam they can hardly stand it's either drugs or work instead of school and right he mccurry me isn't the only mother that gives her children drugs. now next to the frozen expanse of the ark antartica an hour journey southern most workplace is celebrating its tenth birthday today it's a part of the world where temperatures can drop to minus fifty degrees celsius and there is no sun for three months of the year but here in the research station that resembles a space ship on stilts want to cook a doctor the civil engineers and technicians live and work together running
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experiments on the slopes and continents. into the great white yonder antarctica the world's biggest expanse of ice and the seventh continent in places the ice is four kilometers think more than two dozen countries are conducting research here at about eighty research stations. germany's noire meyers three is one of them the antarctic offers a unique environment the world's greatest quantity of fresh waters here frozen solid neumeier three sits atop sixteen hydraulic stilts they keep it from sinking into the snow to be crushed like some of its forerunners. here outside the temperature is minus fifty degrees celsius but that doesn't stop the researchers though they measure the sounds of the antarctic ocean and movements in the earth using seismometers. they also collect data
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on the atmosphere including information on gases that escape into it and contribution to climate change and they observe the weather the whole year round. but neuer three days are numbered the ice on which it sits is sliding towards the ocean but until it heads out to sea the station will keep on delving into the secrets of the ice. to talk about this milestone anniversary i'm being joined now from the alfred they can or institute for polar and marine research by next door if he is a director of the institutes a good to see you sir celebrating the tenth anniversary of their research station i may or three what have you discovered so far. you know first that we say good afternoon to you and make a slight correction i'm a biased director not the director the director would be until it would suit us.
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well we are doing numerous measurements at law in miami but during the last ten years one of the biggest experiment that we served for it was the search for the oldest ice in antarctica and therefore you know in my own laws the logistical hub for accuracy measurements and the acar off we're equipped with radar systems and with these radio systems we undertook last service over the an arctic in illinois is where we've searched not only for the thickness but also the entire layering of the ice and why it would be a look for the oldest ice this is because we want to understand why in all our climate today we have a period of about one hundred thousand years between glacial in interglacial and this was about forty thousand years some three million years ago and we want to understand why in order to understand the physics so that we can predict maybe
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future processes now sir a climate change of course is a major concern no matter what you witnessed in antartica. well the climate change can be witnessed at the an optic an interloper whereas there are big parts of the arctic but we have no temperature trade change seem so far for instance a normal we're looking for that and we are analyzing the temperature since thirty years and even at normal we do not see no trend and all so we need to understand why there is no trend in the last parts of the un archy compared to the an arctic in also compared to the under octagon into law where we see disintegrating ice shelves. in vast areas
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but not so in the area of joining more land than normal have bases situated. next door for as with the alfred there is to do it sir thank you so very much and happy birthday for think you. are right next up we're going to shift our attention to some football to the champions league knockout stages and we were all hoping for a dramatic clash between two great clubs liverpool and by munich it was never for staying wired in the first of a two leg match up in the end defense was the winner. liverpool pressured by in munich from the get go they paid off the english side we're creating them more and the better off the chances but liverpool's dominant display lacked the killer attach sad human a with perhaps the best chance of the game but he couldn't quite get his footing right by unabsorbed on the pressure adopting
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a more defensive approach it was effective have a pool where unable to break down by ends defense with both sides shouting each other down this one ended in a goal this draw but if the first leg is anything to go by it's here and the sets up an exciting return leg in munich. and the other big match of the evening also looked like it would produce lots of goals but despite barcelona's twenty five shots against leo they could not find the net the french side also failed to hit the target in the second goal was draw of the night's. are you watching you know where your new is coming up next the deal made it was asia how hong kong neighborhoods deal with go forwards of selfie takers in search of that picture perfect must have shot on that story and a whole lot more coming up with melissa chan in just a moment you're watching new day over news from grow it i'm lay a lot of herat go on the up the entire day think of spending as part of your date
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with us and also you going to top it all.
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up. next trip begins to come. to. really know their stuff. which feels good and to finish. up the party and share with situations from all around the world. the groups every week. number of small
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thieves in my clubs. where i come from rajoy remains an important soft transmitting new form ish and when i was young my concert was drawing. the more prominent people most people would cause them. to see. if one's mind joel two in one. just sets souls on everyone in the top. missing tons of games as. nothing has been from inside my own copy have enjoyed. more design. even if it's not. us i was into it and. my choices in this card because given the way transmission systems.
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lenin's mcnish my much and i will. eat up. this is d w news asia coming on the program violent protests over last week's kashmir attack kashmiris worry as anger spills out onto the streets we look at the rising tensions and how some indians are trying to counter the hatred plus confuse the bigger countries the richer countries it's a bigger democracy should act quickly think about the. pakistanis bilawal bhutto zardari calls on india to extend the hand of peace over kashmir more of that interview later in the show.


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