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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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extravagant. true. we know their stuff. with. the permission of. the party and share with visions from around the world. every week. this is d w news asia coming up on the program a massive fire in the bangladeshi capital has left scores dead as a tour through a dense shopping district in dhaka is this yet another tragic failure for the country's fire safety laws plus. czars choice to feature this freckled supermodel in a beauty ad kicks off controversy in china. also in china the country's new
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generation of single women who don't want to dish marriages but instead want access to sperm banks we'll look at the national seven ist awakening. i'm melissa chana thank you for joining the program great to have you with us bangladesh is once again mourning the victims of a deadly fire the latest blaze in the capital dhaka has killed scores of people with many more suffering severe burns the inferno broke out in a busy shopping district in dhaka crammed with buildings and narrow alleys here in the chalk bazaar many people live above shops and warehouses packed with highly flammable goods bangladesh's lax fire safety laws are once again in focus despite official promises to tighten them up buildings by. has become
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a regular occurrence with hundreds of people killed in recent years. explosions and blazing fire lit up dock us old city as the fire raced through five buildings in the district. some of the buildings caught in the blaze stored chemicals one housed a plastics warehouse filled with flammable material those caught in the inferno described how the fire started. if that's what i saw a sudden massive explosion with fire and shockwave said holy destroyed the roadside wall i was in a rickshaw when the explosion took place i don't think my rickshaw driver is alive anymore it's going to be doing firefighters had difficulty finding enough water to battle the blaze and had to rely on a nearby mosque for help. chief outlined the scale of the catastrophe.
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for the dead bodies are being sent to dhaka medical college hospital. and we have rescued forty one injured people and sent them to the hospital and our fire extinguishing operation is almost the last stage we are now searching the rubble in preparation for dampening the area is under way. large as it. initially struggled to get close to the scene because of heavy traffic and narrow alleyways around the area the death toll is expected to rise and some of the injured suffering critical burns. to china where aides are a beauty ad has kicked off a heated debate on social media it's the latest western fashion label to ruffle feathers recently in china michelle stockman from our social media desk has been following the story for us so michelle tell us a little bit more about this controversy over the weekend the spanish fashion labels. r.-a posted
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a cosmetic said on china's top social media platform. now if you choose the chinese supermodel legion one very prominently featured as you can see are her frankel's now in china freckles aren't considered classically beautiful and in fact many people see them as blemishes well this ad has kicked off quite a stormy debate in the comments there were some users that suggested that zahra was imposing western beauty standards or even by choosing this particular model to represent chinese beauty of trying to uglify china will bring up one of these comments here this way the user said sorry we asian women don't have freckles even if some do it's just a small minority like this young woman it's just her really the model you found is one in a large city. so you know zorra has responded to this controversy they have said we meant no offense basically we can boil this backlash down to differences in a static between spain and china so it's stepped on
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a mine field has come out relatively unscathed unlike melissa as you may recall dolce and gabbana a few months ago that tell you in fashion designer house had put out an ad featuring a chinese model glamorously dressed fumbling with chopsticks as she tried to eat pizza and pasta so across the world that ad was considered racist well you talk about the differences in aesthetics between spain and china but it sounds like just looking at the online comments within china there are differences of opinion in terms of what is beautiful as well yes if we go back to that ad many many users said basically get over it ok beauty comes in many forms will bring up one of these comments here that actually was a video and this way values are made her point by photoshopping leading one to conform to the so called chinese beauty ideal here you can see she's a race in the freckles lighting the skin and making the models face thinner she says that's the kind of popular face you want is that really what you think is
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beautiful. well i would say free the freckles but i don't speak for the whole world beauty is in the eye of beholder well i have freckles too so maybe in china some people don't think that i look too good in fact i remember when i started working in hong kong i was considered too fat as a chinese american and then when i moved to beijing some people thought i was too dark because i had the california tan coming from los angeles so it's it's a complicated you know i hear you i totally hear you in france where i live there is considered a gore mind race here on t.v. right now i am breaking so-called beauty barriers by being a gray haired woman on t.v. but you know i did die a year ago i feel great about it i'm not going back excellent very good i love your hair thank you very much for your time michel you're welcome. and now on to a nother expectation chinese society imposes on its women many people feel some
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pressure from their parents to get married in china there really is double the stress when there's often only one child and therefore only one person to deliver the country only recently relaxed its family planning policy they had created a generation of single children but times have also changed and young chinese want more individual choice and freedom over their lives for some women that means a different kind of motherhood a different kind of happiness as our correspondent mathias bolinger reports. for allah and hanging up the chinese character for double happiness is an ironic gesture it is usually reserved for newlyweds but alan is single and she doesn't want to be a wife but she does want to be a mother. so has it is interesting to show what kind of yeah you hope. of wanted to have adult life don't have to shit. oh i
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want to be a mother and as a woman i want to experience getting pregnant and giving birth by me being it doesn't have that court. arlen has petitioned delegates of the national people's congress china's parliament asking that single women given access to sperm banks in china where family planning authority is can still find unmarried mothers for unsanctioned babies she's realistic about her chances of immediate success if you were only seen you know him often through getting access to artificial reproduction technology as an unmarried woman is certainly going to be very difficult but i think sometime in the very very distant future it will be possible all an author you name has talked about a unit for motherhood on social media her posts have sparked a lively debate in a society where traditional family values do rule in a park in beijing parents gather on sundays to lay out their children's resumes for
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prospective partners and unmarried child can stigmatize the whole family women in particular are under huge pressure to marry by their late twenty's. and you put additional marriage in china is an arrangement between families everything that happens in that marriage becomes the business of the couple's parents and extended family but i want a relationship where two people decide for themselves how to live and whether they want children there in the city. i don't know as those aspirations would make it easy to find a partner so she's now looking for a sperm donor online currently she was down three different jobs in the creative industry she belongs to china's me generation those born after one thousand nine hundred and often considered more individualistic and demanding. that. our generation's ideas about marriage and childbirth a very far away from the last generations. most people don't want to
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discuss these issues but if you look at their behavior there's a clear message and that message is that our generation is less ready to compromise and wants to have more personal choices. alan says she would love to find a father who would take care of the child without the expectations of a traditional family but if that doesn't work out she's willing to go it or alone. for more background on what's happening in china i spoke to author late a home venture her latest book is betraying big brother the feminist awakening in china released not too long ago and it has received a lot of attention i began by asking her just how bad the stigma is against single mothers. yeah well it's it's not so much stigma although the stigma obviously exists the biggest problem is government policy and it's extremely difficult for
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single women to give birth in china without being penalized in some ways so for example a lot of single women who have babies will then have trouble getting the baby and official registration our. household registration which means that that her child will have trouble getting medical care will have trouble getting into school the mother may herself be fined in some cases and so it's much more regulatory policy controls on single mothers it's also really difficult for single women and in fact they're they're not allowed to get artificial reproductive assisted reproductive technology so there are single women who leave china to freeze their eggs for example and are we seeing a change though will people feel differently in a generation. well we are seeing
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a change because that i mean on the ground already there if you talk to ordinary people they don't necessarily have that much of a problem it's single mothers they're in the critical question is what is the chinese government policy going to be and and if you're looking towards a generation from now i mean it really is an open question will the communist party still exist in a generation in the same way that it does today. but that attitudes on the ground are constantly evolving specially young people in china actually often have very very progressive attitudes on gender and sexuality. there's more on line on our website e.w. dot com forward slash asia and don't forget to check out the news on facebook as well and this week sri lanka held its annual no one procession one of the most
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colorful buddhist pageants in the country will leave you with those pictures see you next time. i'm secure that volume or that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions of the what's your story.
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i mean when i was in women especially of victims of violence in rooms and take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. international retailers are india's controversial decision to restrict market access for foreign companies they ask why invest billions in india when you company sure the government might change the law to your disadvantage. and it's foldable but it's hardly affordable. this is a smartphone that come variants into
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a mini tablet nice gimmick but are consumers ready for its hefty price tag. and the head of aston martin says and no deal breaks it is awesome madness so then why is he a new plant in britain. whose business. has welcomed could india be making it harder for foreign investors to do business u.s. retail john's walmart's and amazon battled it out last year to take over indian delivery service flipkart with the aim of bringing e-commerce expertise to the world's second most populous country but now a new e-commerce law and yes making investment difficult with tough restrictions for foreign investors in the retail sector india's revised foreign direct investment rules for e-commerce went into effect at the beginning of this month. the new rules especially affect platforms selling their own products because no
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single vendor can account for more than twenty five percent of an online marketplace offering their restriction is aimed at protecting india's.


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