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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm CET

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to the breaking point we're looking at that coming up on three. hundred. sixty minutes d.w. . it's not easy to go to another country and know nothing about why for i don't do this because we can't stay in venezuela. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes it's getting out of hand zero rape crisis has sparked a huge public outcry about what's being done about it speaking to the country's press lady for the mamata view. also coming out. as a crime in kenya the high court's meetings that on friday we meet one woman for
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whom the landmark ruling huge has no him. jr welcome to news africa i'm glad you tuned in rape and sexual violence has been a continuing crisis in syria and for yes and it's getting worse in fact it has led presidents matter be you to declare it a national emergency in media now spends i made a public outcry over the issue after recorded cases of rape and sexual assaults doubled in the past year two thousand five hundred activists believe the actual figure to be much higher as many victims don't report sexual attacks and that's another shocking statistic seventy percent of the victims are under the age of fifteen one recent high profile case. involved
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a three month old baby president he'll also announce that people convicted of sexual offenses against minors will be imprisoned for life the move was welcomed by activist victims of sexual violence well as vice president of an organization that advocates represents the rights of women and girls and we welcome it we welcome it because it is bringing the spotlight and attention to it to an issue that we believe deserves. a place via government government officials so welcome idea. this thing has been going on for so long in the real so happy to have peace president one. final stop to meet and we just hope that. impeachment teachin of the new. issues i have. both.
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those. how much. joining me from her residence in freetown is the first lady of syria only on my view she's also a woman activist campaigning against gal child thank you very much mrs beale for making time for us and first of all how do you feel about the president's declaration of calling this a national emergency. oh well as as a woman and a mother that's. so great in winning the lottery because we need it we needed a bigger voice a greater voice in the country and there is no reason for us as the president himself so when we had to declare recession as women we send a brute and we embrace he's declared mission because that is what we need it for us to be able to to actually chase the people that do with this. crazy thing in this country. well some will see better need than
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never but still why has it taken this long for reef to be declared a national emergency considering that it's been in major problem for your very long time now well my husband has only been the president of the republic last ten months or so in the last ten months myself of gone out and campaigned against it and the end of all public person who have stood up and let the nation know this is something that their government is not going to accept and not count and so now the president had to say it is time this is a great time for you to come out people know he's not going to be accepting any of this nonsense on the he's on the to shoot us to president of discussion tree last year the number of sexual related that violence more or less doubled to about nine
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thousand cases but you and other women's activists believe that the number is even . should be more and so you believe that many people do not come out to report these cases what is being done to do with a culture of not reporting cases so many more people can report it. well the fact is before now when people report rape most times says shannon definitely it will affect them in the future it just does not fit the individual and then tell your family so they best thing to do is to just not saying anything about it and just keep it on that and the victim will just be victimized and you know the truth will cause courts free because they know that it will be too shameful for the victim to come out and say i've been raped and nothing will come out of it anyway but now that the country knows that the president himself is back in the victim's
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myself and to force navy working to once that is on that my slouchy as if you know if you've been following that's why i had lunch the hands of those campaign in december hands of. rape is at the top of my yet that really is one of the things that i believe we need to stop. the number of rape now people are more bald people come forward because they're not they have somebody didn't own a house people who would support and you have been many stars agenda will this work in this view to make sure any rip victim that can forward would we do you will support you will support your campaign and we will support all your pieces going forward but before now that is what was lacking they don't have the support still don't have anybody who will champion the cause is sort when they get to court. it's
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their what against if the traitor unfortunately to populate or is. bitter it will not people in high places that kids will just be washed washed and defective will be left weeks nor justice as it is now if you if you if you do something like that i have promised this whole country if they catch us who. just know to. your case it's not only would you seek to know it's meet all of those if the woman in this country would all come out and we. because you need to get up we definitely need to go thank you very much mrs deal for your time we know you are very busy so thank you very much we appreciate your time thank you to kenya now where on friday the high court will rule on whether or not to decriminalize gay sex it is currently punishable by law and one could serve up to fourteen years in prison if found guilty activists are hoping to win this case i think it's a really it would be
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a monumental. point for us i think that. it's a decision that would have a ripple effect across the region because it would be the first country in and central africa to successfully determine lies homosexuality that is if their so called repeal one six two petition is successful on friday so how important will that be for the l g b t i.q. community our correspondent melanie corrado bow meds with mary moody who is still in office after that in society for you getting the law could change everything. the skulls may be healed but never mind real fire which i passed through the years . sometimes i ask myself why you were a good somebody just because i used to love for him. if
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it weren't for mary with three scars she would have a hard time guessing what she's been through mary identifies as a lesbian that is why has stepfather koster out into the street when she was still a child that is why she was attacked by a group of men as a teenager and infected with hiv be with me all. it took. me all of. them there after me baffled the song by the pool of my own blood. type thank you. both should they even kill myself that's because they have done that to even just a local pregnant. and i'm so thankful group who may cause someone to me is. the mom.
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has. to give me. some christopher has given mary strength when facing prejudice and along with it criminalizes mary's very identity. in kenya it's not illegal to be gay but it is against the law to act on it in practice this means that in so many cases like that of mary activity i.q. couples have had their relationships repressed by the state and given the widespread disapproval of homosexuality they face constant discrimination and the threat of violence in their community. mission we did. we did. because they're bringing evil on their well god groups of adam and eve not adam and steve. not accept the idea we can't adopt and never learn to or that it's our behavior to be creative selves although they are born like i don't know i see it is i'm not it is a good news. because i'm still a t. she's encountered hasn't broken very spirit to start asking yourself. a
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minute that this is. who or how you need. to because although i'm different in theirs and make me want to go to one love. love i don't know what these hold will hold dear. mary hopes that soon she won't have to fear imprisonment for having women and that one day in kenya she might be able to marry the woman. i am when my mum. love is the message and the message is love that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all austar on our website on facebook page. we leave
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you with some stunning images from the number of deaths it now maybe in german artist mock zealand off i set up a sound installation playing africa by told tool on a new little m p three players a solar powered and i'm instantly tentative now if you planning to look for this acoustic artwork don't get lost in the desert because nobody except beatus knows exactly where it is. isn't that beautiful that's it for now bye bye.
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our digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission the battle for freedom and dignity. against repression and violence they deploy the powers of social media.
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their messages are spreading like wildfire the social media spectacle is critical to the boat and thousands of others are called. on the streets and they are women who are changing the world to. the. digital. storage market. d.w. . hello and welcome to arts and culture i'm david leavitt's coming up on this edition . team seventy five take the brit awards by storm with their album a brief inquiry into online relationships and speaking of dating could this be your
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next romantic dinner a new report details what you can expect to see on your plate and twenty nineteen and beyond. and come this woman chinese video artist kwan shall teach us how to live more in the moment. first though britain's top prize for pop music the brit awards have quite the history it was at the brits that madonna got whiplash when she fell off stage wearing a giant cape and where the singer of chum bill one dumped ice water on a deputy prime minister this year though the focus was on the music mostly. hollywood superstar hugh jackman kicked off the show in fine style singing the theme from the hit movie the greatest showman and. says the move should i. use it should lose the use would still be true the fool the big winners of the night.

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