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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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and come this woman chinese video artist kwan shall teach us how to live more in the moment. first though britain's top prize for pop music the brit awards have quite the history it was at the brits that madonna got whiplash when she fell off stage wearing a giant cape and where the singer of chum bill one dumped ice water on a deputy prime minister this year though the focus was on the music mostly i probably would superstar hugh jackman kicked off the show in fine style singing the theme from the movie the greatest showman and. this is the should i use it to let you sweat so through the school the big winners of the night. who picked up the best british group and british album of the yeah it is except in speech singing at sea he gave a shout out to women who have highlighted missed such
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a need in the music industry friend of oz nora snipes said this she said the music. male massaging this acts are examined for nuance. and defended his traits as difficult. whilst women and those who call them out i'll treat as hysterics don't understand. a standout performance from georgia smith who picked up the bridge for best female so. this is still a business for the no. women who are just being themselves and like. us singer of pink became the first known brit to pick up the annual award for outstanding contribution to be using.
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she closed out the show with a medley of songs from her twenty year career. i thank my colleague adrian kennedy has all the scoops when it comes to the british music scene hey adrian let's start with one thousand nine hundred seventy five this band is not to everyone's liking i mean their second album it was called i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it you can't have an album with a title like that without making a few enemies can you people seem to either love them or hate them but the band have actually embraced it says famously including a lot of the criticisms that people had of the band in one of the music videos but i do have the impression that the numbers of hate is forming on a daily basis this is a band from stop and they were a bit of a mishmash they have a unique mix of retro r. and b.
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saul. but also very multi and political as we saw the ninety seven five brit album of the year has the striking sure to title this time a brief inquiry into online relationships how we interact with the internet is one theme it's very popular with. post millennial owners that is and the singer matthew healy struggle with drug addiction is another topic and they've got a new album coming out soon they have a new album coming out the fourth in may it's expected and it might be called notes on a conditional form well we'll have to see about that now the person who was actually really making all the buzz at the brit awards wasn't even bear she's not even a musician meghan markle the former u.s. actor now the wife of prince harry tell us about. the. jay z. for the uninitiated except that they would for best international group than our
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group of course so they can win more prizes in a pre recorded video message and that was the brit moment that almost broke the internet because they did this in front of a picture. of sussex macon markel why you might say has the answer on instagram page in black history month we battle it out the war of one thousand mona's and this is a reference to make and market african american heritage of course and to last years since video for the coxes single you can sit and read ok short you got me scared that the louvre in front of the mona lisa as we saw the so the collatz is music royalty giving a shantytown to a new member of the british royalty at a time when she's having a rather rough time with the british press so and also portraying her as a princess very cheeky very clever another sensational. jay z.
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press which the internet is describing as beyond of course it is adrian kennedy thank you so much. and for music announcer fine arts one shell lives in beijing but she's a hot commodity for collectors here in the west her videos and sculptures offer an alternative view of wife and how she thinks we should be living. just a normal day new video work from chinese artist. a collage on three screens showing footage one shower found on the internet the images have different origins and to put together to make a composition that works. it's like life itself. icing life is really be a tough by moment season or
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a whole package so the only reason we consider nets as a whole package is because we wanted it to be it's not it is supposed to be life is supposed to be like a moment or you have this moment and you move on to another moment this is just the pass away. we could all use a little more humility. takes a critical look at people's attempts today to optimize themselves in the pursuit of immortality who are we what do we want to be better more powerful even if it goes beyond the boundaries of what it means to be human. self racism is what. we are jail gyal called perfect so we put ourselves in sight it and be extended to our really far far away. back to the roots. roots sculptures
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reflect the chinese tradition of brute carving. symbols roots and industrial products to create new objects sculptures that are any. nothing but perfect. the artist is a practicing buddhist and through her work shares her view of the cycle of life and death. we have so so many beautiful moments or we have so many disaster but somehow we're going to die. i mean desk two may stay pretty much like a release every night before i forget to sleep but i try to calm this myself i my in and i so i sing if you sing guns at way you might totally release a lot of things like you can just let them go and then maybe the second day when
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you wake up and you can realize oh i'm still lives every saying get easier. so no fear life goes on no matter how imperfect it may be it's all about experiencing the beautiful moments. now speaking of beautiful moments here's a question what's for dinner you think after a few hundred thousand years on this planet we humans might have figured it out by now but some of us are still open to trying new things well this really be the year we start eating worms if you believe the anywhere food trends report by austria's future institute it just might be we met up with the author of that report for a little food adventure. slow knows what some trend and where to get it we catch up with
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a nutritionist in the heart of vienna one thing on the menu for twenty nineteen is french cuisine but with a difference now cocoa bans accompanied by falafel and coos course instead of those he said i was given to french cuisine is very old very musty it hasn't changed much at all but now it's starting to move among other things french cuisine is lovingly reinventing the classics a little new or fresh or lighter allowing for entirely new influences. shows is another of her top trends. feelings stop shop helga. here she tries chia seeds. milk and dried chlorella alvey combine to form a pudding. sunni community is a wonderful combination tend to al be really opens up a world of flavor totally different from the dried varieties we know from asia i
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can well imagine using this. good taste tree in vienna as the name implies is somewhere patrons can try out new products before buying them now that long promised food trend in six a trail mix of crickets and worms. if you can so i think together with a hint of sour from the berries it's a really wonderful mixture you know the not complements the flavor of the meal worms it's a nice light snack with a really good portion of protein what you want but it. isn't only interested in earthy new flavors but also in consumers' concerns mother of her trends transparency specifically in food packaging shoppers increasingly want to know exactly where things come from when and where they were harvested slaughtered or processed. and finally the trend of
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healthy head in ism it sounds almost like an oxymoron but if done properly it can work this will tighten our culture we've long believed if it's too young it's unhealthy but in france it was just the opposite they believe if it doesn't taste good it isn't healthy this is this old bull. can worms an algae on the menu ever compete with this. bring all that green powder we hope you enjoyed the show and remember there's always plenty more online i did dot com slash culture we leave you now with some more music by the nineteenth. seventy five the big winners of this year's brit awards take care and seems to.
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play. play play play. this is. from berlin tonight sex abuse children and the catholic church the vatican the church's leading bishops convene to hear the children. francis who has come under pressure to address the string of abuse scandals so. the world is expecting not just condemnation but concrete action but is the summit too little too late also coming up german guns being used in massacres across the world judges find former employees of the gunmaker eckler.


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