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this is g.w. his life from berlin polls have opened in nigeria but the elections in africa's most populous country are taking place after a one week postponement that has prompted questions about the elections credibility we'll talk to de w.'s correspondent in one theory as commercial capital lagos also coming up. cars that could just document the truths and blame those responsible brought destroyed. great truth. instead of the
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proper traitors the victims were actually silenced composed of the. german car not and i not smocks with a frank admission as the roman catholic church digs into its history of sex abuse by clergy i'll go to our correspondent at the vatican for the latest on the pope's conference on preventing abuses. and all frolicked good to have you with us. nigerians go to the polls today to vote for a new parliament and for the next president elections were postponed by a week with a delay causing tensions to flare in the country after four years of economic stagnation and failure to deal with the islamist terror group boko haram president mohammad to hari is under pressure from challenger to cool.
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nigeria's president. evo ting in his hometown of daraa in the northeast the country's electoral commission blamed logistical problems for the week long delay. that led to accusations that the two main parties tried to manipulate the vote heightening tensions between rival supporters these boiled over on friday when supporters of bihari and of his closest rival at abu bakar clashed leaving two people dead. analysts say the election will be tight alongside widespread corruption and a lackluster economy a bloody insurgency by the jihadist group boko haram caused biharis popularity to slide in a refugee camp in the northern city of yola those displaced by the insurgents are fed up with the government but many won't be able to vote for change. my voters card was burned when we were chased by
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a vocal around the entire village was torched we couldn't salvage anything and we had to flee for our lives if i had a card i would have voted the last elections held in twenty fifteen were postponed a full six weeks they resulted in good luck jonathan becoming the first incumbent president to be voted out of power. will hope that history does not repeat itself. to w.'s alley occasions outside a polling station in lagos and leon has the week long delay had an impact on the election. well it certainly might have an impact on the amount of people who are going to vote because remember the elections last time where just postponed five hours before the vote and many people were travelling to their home locations to cast the vote some might not do that this time around but the electoral commission argued that they needed to postpone the elections for logistical reasons now we had one of the polling stations here in our gate in the
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commercial capital in lagos voting has started spats we have seen in many of the polling station here that it was delayed by two three hours that i next the electoral commission did not bring the materials on time let us bring in one voter here the gentleman who's been here since early morning thanks for coming to the shows or discover a little bit over here police say you've been here since the very early morning hours yet the officials showed up quite plates are you happy about the process well i might be because our what we're supposed to do here we're supposed to do and we know there are logistics program common in leeds but our community is a civilized community we are determined and ready two weeks to vote our civic rights and we're going to do that today but do you blame i think the electoral commission for showing up that late they had a long time to plan it in your robot learn on in there you know we don't blame anybody want to get a result we're not there for blooms to vote that is what we're going to do let him do a new department out women that will still vote i thank you very much sir so you can
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see a lot of patient voters right now here but the mood was a little bit different when i came here for the first time and the electoral offices were not here of course people were aggressive and disappointed not really aggressive but disappointed certainly that there was a delay but now it seems things are going on. things are going on learning is underway but there have been reports of violence tell us what you're hearing. right not here in lagos but in the northeast of the country that's the area where boko haram is still active in the early morning there are reports of explosions from the city of maiduguri the the regional capital there so. explosions were heard we don't have confirmation by the security forces yet if it was a book or on the take but it is like you have to recall that they are already a tech my degree last week said today when the elections were originally scheduled eleven people got killed them we also have further reports from two other cities in the northeast of the country that fighting broke out broke out so it seems to be rather problematic in this part of the country at the moment. what about the
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candidates how big a challenge as article i will block aren't you incumbent president mohamed hari. well i would say specially a challenge here in the south of the country where a lot of people are not happy about the economic oh performance of the current administration remember nigeria's been going through recession for a long time it has not yet fully recovered and many here believe that is not the right man to fix this problem on the other hand in the northern part of the country you still have a huge supporter base of president mohamed why are you still extremely popular there so most people in the country here are expecting a neck and neck race between hillary and a to go back. and taste in lagos think. now to some other stories making news around the world. thousands of algerians have joined demonstrations against president lizzie's beautifully has been for a fifth term in the capital algiers police used tear gas to stop marchers approaching the presidential palace
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a crowd of mostly young people shouted slogans of no first term and no to corruption. so dance president omar al bashir has declared a year long state of emergency and dismissed the federal government or took steps and growing protests against his government he called on opposition forces to engage in dialogue. as president don't trump has nominated kelly knight craft to be washington's ambassador to the united nations after in these terms and the master to canada and she's confirmed replace outgoing u.n. envoy nikki haley. us r. and b. singer r. kelly has been arrested on ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse and nearly two decades the fifty two year old artist whose real name is robert sylvester kelly has faced accusations of child pornography sex with minors operating a sex cult and sexual battery he denies the accusations.
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supporters of humanitarian aid relief for venezuela say they've made preparations for a showdown at the border with colombia on saturday self-proclaimed interim president has called on supporters to flock to achieve border crossing between the two countries their goal is to help humanitarian aid trucks bypass a military blockade that has been in place for weeks incumbent president nicolas maduro denies the need for aides and financial people died in conscious but the military at the brazilian border. to delay a correspondent is following the story for us and the city at the colombian venezuelan border the surprise appearance of one by doing colombian territory changes things a lot here at the border between colombia and venezuela where do is take mclean not allowed to leave his country and it's hard to imagine how he will get back in that means that according to the plan two elements will have to enter venezuelan territory by force this saturday the humanitarian aid and why do himself thousands
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of volunteers prepare for a dangerous journey. a top roman catholic cardinal has acknowledged that the church destroyed records on priests who sexually abused children not mox made the statements in a speech at a vatican conference on preventing sexual abuse by clergy on friday marks met with some of the victims and heard first hand testimony of their traumatic experiences. starts to move my legs. noida you walk. that day my whole life and. it will never be the thing. people have told me jesus saves. me creases on top of me face cross just taking off my shoes. it was the only thing i
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could focus on to take me out of what was happening. in one of the cities are. not your dog i'm ugly. but if you look who's also. the book for the poor the working poor patro to thank you thank you thank you. let's go live to our correspondent in alone. wanting to know months of germany just admitted that search destroyed files on paedophiles that most certainly allowed more children to fall victims to accused given what we know does that come as a surprise. it does not come as a huge surprise however it does this confirmation of not just the pro of sexual abuse which is one that i think that has captured most of the attention of international public but this actually talks quite directly to the church of a massive cover up i mean the files have been destroyed what we're talking about is
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no longer sexual abuse but no we're talking about direct evidence of essentially a church or institutional organization for the protection of abusers and criminals . the spokesman on the german bishops conference just said in an interview today w that they're still trying to define one zero tolerance means rather shocking considering that we're talking about serious crimes about children about lives being destroyed what do you think about this. it seems to be the case. sure as initially five years of talking about zero tolerance it is twenty minutes at least to late to have this question about what zero tolerance might mean especially given the fact that we're not just talking about generic and theoretical crimes and abuses but we're talking about sexual crimes against children very soft cores so this caution that would have to be had which he savored the jury to call aspects of to zero tolerance whether priests that actually engage in this behavior
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would be defrocked or would be turned to national authorities that i mean it is it is really quite remarkable to hear officials of the church talking about the phoenician of zero tolerance specially after having talked about it for four years . and about an hour. right now when you are there in the global markets and zero tolerance what do the participants expect from the catholic church. i mean it's hard to say what he's seen the mind of an entire set of people engage in demonstrations nonetheless i think that there are some very very clear pictures that particularly american conversations with victims the main one i think is that the time for talk has now come to an end that talk and listening is no longer welcome what many of the victims want is actually very concrete actions part of the problem is that actions of course require protocols and protocols to mend
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discussions so we are in a bit of what feels really like a tail chasing competition and really i think that this is to rescind why we continue to see so much frustration expressed also in the ministrations us the one that is about to take place here understandably so and brown thank you. sports and match day twenty three in the bonus lee got kicked off on friday night with mid table but i blame him at home too lowly finishing in a one one draw the home fans were stunned when stephen slotted in the opener after just two minutes on the clock. to see him celebrating at rams and borders had to wait until the stroke of half time for the equaliser that any class on hammered home and unstoppable shot the result least got languishing in the relegation zone for another week. powerhouse english football club chelsea has been banned from
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signing new players until the twenty twenty summer transfer window after breaching rules about signing minors found the premier league club guilty of twenty nine incidences related to the transfer of players under the age of eighteen the world soccer governing body also find the english football association the club released a statement refuting the charges insisting they have complied with the fans' rules and regulations chelsea plans to appeal the decision. robert kraft principal owner of the reigning n.f.l. super bowl champions the new england patriots faces charges of paying for sex according to police in florida it's alleged that's what a seventy seven year old billionaire was seen for dissipating in a sex act in a massage parlor police and jupiter florida had planted cameras in the parlor as part of a crackdown on prostitution in the area craft and any wrong doing . you're watching news from berlin up next shift
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