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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2019 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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close. to zero. zero. zero zero zero zero. this is the w. news live from berlin clashes on the border between colombia and venezuela as a showdown over humanitarian aid sneaks up troops loyal to president nicolas maduro have fired tear gas at rock throwing protesters in as well as opposition wants to bring essential supplies into the country in defiance of government orders to keep the border closed also coming up. at the polls are open in nigeria's national election surveys show a tight race between incumbent president mohamed who will having and his main
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challenger i think will back up we'll talk to our correspondent in lagos. also on the program. fires that cooked up document the terrible deeds and maimed those responsible were destroyed almost even created. instead of the perpetrators but we were regulated i'm sorry lives imposed to a book that was german cardinal run hard knocks with a frank admission as the roman catholic church digs into its history of sex abuse by clergy who go to our correspondent at the vatican for the latest from the pope's conference on preventing abuse. oh. i'm irish waiter thank you for joining us. in venezuela a showdown at the colombian border is heating up opposition supporters have
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confronted soldiers who closed a key crossing point troops fired tear gas at rock throwing protesters in the venezuelan border town of orana early this morning the classes erupted supporters of opposition leader why don't prepare to escort humanitarian aid across the border . tear gas and tension on the venezuelan border the opposition supported by leaders from neighboring countries and elsewhere have called for a revolt against the government of incumbent president nicolas maduro the venezuelan military has been under majeure strict order to prohibit us back to liveries of food and medicine from entering the country maduro says the foreign aid is unnecessary and intended to undermine his government for weeks a key motorway bridge leading into venezuela from colombia has been barricaded and guarded day and night but calls to storm the border came on friday night particularly from opposition leader and self declared interim president one quite
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old. on february twenty third a month after having assumed my powers as interim president venezuelan people will be on the streets demanding the entry of humanitarian aid and thanking the world for this unprecedented coalition. speaking in colombia quite a was supported in his speech by leaders from colombia chile and paraguay and the head of the organization of american states reports say he was able to avert a travel ban with the assistance of the military hundreds of venezuelans camped overnight near the bridge to support the opposition looking to reach a turning point in the weeks long standoff. our correspondent how they are grade us at the colombian border for us here they have been clashes early this morning what more can you tell us about that. well we've seen several clashes the ones you mentioned already in the record and also in venezuela leader
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and you could as my little has apparently tried to use all the state resources in order to ensure that no one actually reaches the border with colombia let's not forget that there's two stories happening today the one in the colombian side and the one in the venezuela we will focus on the colombian side of course because the press is mainly here but in venezuela there is some mass mobilization of people trying to reach the border to receive the humanitarian aid and also to protest against the government in several parts of the country so attention is in the air right here where we're in right now you can see the trucks perhaps on the back side it's sort of the trucks with the humanitarian aid that there are due to start towards the border in just a matter of hours we heard that the interim president on by joe is in colombia right now even though he's not allowed to leave venezuelan soil how is he going to get back into that as well. well that is perhaps the most important question here because no one truly knows if the military is behind why do
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or not he claims that he has friends in the military and that is certainly true but the question is are there enough of his friends to actually mitigate to the effect of nicolas maduro supporters and that's the question it he entered colombia as the leader of the government and as the leader of the military or did he enter it illegally no one really knows that for sure entering colombia illegally is actually quite easy we've seen it many times in the last few days that's why today is the decisive day where the military forces will have to choose whether they stick to nicolas maduro supporters or support why don't. you sense we were talking about the military here how much backing does the door actually still have especially in the military this seems to be the big question here. it's definitely being questioned and even though we can distinguish the heads of the military always supporting equalise maluco and reiterating his that support we
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do know that the military is definitely fractioned in general one could say that the top leaders of the military are with mother but the medium range and the lower range their ranks are probably supporting why don't because they are not privileged because they don't have the money that the elite has because their family members their friends and their colleagues are in need and they probably will know that once they decide who to support have adequate us for us at the colombian border thank you so much. the jury and are voting for a new parliament and for their next president the elections were postponed by a week with the delay causing tensions in the country to flare up after four years of economic stagnation and failure to deal with a jihadist terrorist. president mohamed who bihari is under pressure from challenger. our correspondents on a char sent us this report from that area capital of georgia. people are queued up and determined to make their voices heard this is just one of almost one hundred
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twenty thousand pointing stations across the huge country there's anticipation in the air but also concern and skepticism. people are concerned about violence they're also concerned about whether this election is going to go ahead as planned without any major disruption without any major interruption but as you can see here behind me people are lined up very excited very anticipating off today to cast their ballot some people are camping here for hours to actually get to the top of the line to vote for one of the candidates that's more than seventy candidates on the ballot list today but it's not just about who is going to win this election there's so much more at stake whatever happens during and after the election we'll see a lot about whether this election was fair free and transparent and it was say a lot about the status of the still very for job democracy twenty years since the end of military rule in nigeria. there are more than forty million you were just
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it's voters compared to twenty fifteen many of them a first time voters especially young people one change many are ready to vote bihari out a lot of us are not out there's blood shed there's every the government is not doing a lot about what is up in this country really let's just put ourselves through all those believe not everything was bad on their team combin president bihari. corruption and. you know you have provided a direction before you can cast your ballot. you must check if you serial numbers on this wall at you pointing station grace doesn't find her she's angry. because i have not i don't have my pseudonym my picture is not yet words things chaotic this morning but in the end unofficial assured grace she can vote regardless of do just a number on the selection will play out healthy a free and transparent it will be will help determine the future of the country.
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and creatures outside a polling station in nigeria's commercial capital august and here and how has the voting been going so far did this week long delay have an impact on the polling station where i am right now in our papa in lagos everything went pretty well actually most of the people who are registered here already went out to work so all good right here but not in all parts of the country especially in the northeast of the country we hear reports of attacks and three different towns in the area where boko haram is very active for a member of the terror group has threatened to target these elections and residence in maiduguri the provincial capital there reported several explosions this morning however the security forces have not confirmed that it was a terrorist attack here in lagos there were many logistical problems that we've observed today many of the polling station where we went to open really really late
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two three four hours later than scheduled a lot of people i talked to were pretty angry about it because in the first place that was the reason why i nick the electoral commission decided to postpone the elections because they said they for peroration and logistical reasons they need one more week but nonetheless they did manage to really solve all this problems and start things on time here so what are the main issues that voters care about for the selection. well three key issues that were talked about in the campaigns this is the issue of unemployment insecurity in huge parts of the country and corruption those also those three key issues that the government party is party a.p.c. has been campaigning with they say they made tremendous prove mens in all of these areas but many people leave to see a see it's quite quite the other way yes bill has succeeded part ways in pushing the anti corruption fight for what the security is still a problem and huge parts of the country more and more problems are coming up in that sense and also the unemployment rate has really significantly increased under
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his watch. very quickly if you can how much of a big how much of a challenger is i will back out to the incumbent president is he actually have some clout to see have a chance well especially in the south and the economic average here in lagos he will probably get quite some votes because people are not happy about the unemployment situation the economy situation many believe that he would be the better president in that sense but still has a massive supporter base in the northern part of the country so i expect it's going to be neck and neck race and increase for us in lego's thank you so much. analysis a look at some of the other stories making news around the world sudan's president omar al bashir has declared a year long state of emergency and dismissed the federal government of bashar took the steps in a growing protest against his government he called on opposition forces to engage
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in dialogue and. thousands of algerians have joined demonstrations against president of dualism is with a bid for a fifth term in the capital algiers police used tear gas to stop marchers approaching the presidential power palace the crowd of mostly young people shouted slogans of no fifth term and no to corruption. south korean media are reporting that north korean leader kim jong un has set off for vietnam on his armored train next week he will meet with u.s. president donald trump and hundred three thousand kilometer journey is expected to take at least two days. a top roman catholic cardinal has admitted that the church destroyed their records about priests who sexually abuse children brian todd mox brought this to light in a speech at the vatican conference on preventing sexual abuse by clergy friday marks met with some of the victims and heard firsthand their testimony of their traumatic experiences starting point millions of bad dogs to move
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my legs that's my sex. noir the award for this about. my whole life. it will never be that. people are told that jesus saves. lives he says on top of a process he might change. it was the only thing i could focus on to take me out of what was happening. when he sneezed. let your dog. we you know this is also. a book for the poor the working poor the truck country thank you thank you cardinal marx of germany has admitted the church destroyed files on paedophiles that most certainly allowed for more children to
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fall victim to earlier i talked with our correspondent martin gak in rome and i asked him if this news came as a surprise he did not explain exactly what he stakes tent of those struction of files he said that this something that had happened inside the church we do not know if he had if this was actually church policy or this is actually the purview and the doing of particular bishop priest of particular congregations around the world nonetheless i mean this most certainly essentially increases the problem exponentially because what we've been talking about for the for this many years is really about turning information to justice systems i mean police et cetera to investigate cases of abuse know a new layer is really laid on top of that which he's there will be presumably a goal to bring police and national authorities to investigate the church itself for the cover up of people committing sexual abuse and so it really confirms many
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of the suspicions that people had it really makes the problem all the more all the more important to be here. you're watching t w news from berlin waiter don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock dot com the reporter is coming up next who will meet germany's first robot lecturer stay tuned . to. my first boss a total sewing machine. icon for all women are bound by the social tools even something as simple as learning how to write them by side those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home but it took me years to undo it.


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