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tv   World Stories - The Week in Reports  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2019 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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there was indeed at the end is live from berlin i'm my ass waiter there forget you can also get the latest news and information around the clock on our website did obviate out the weekend reports is coming up next a former prosecutor reflects on my don statins. cause. i'm secure in the they were not hard and in the end this is a me you are not allowed to stay here any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers will lie and say. what's your story. i'm a woman i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are
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trying always to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in four migrants your platform for reliable information. this week on world stories. india nuns call for transparency on abuses in the church usa finished wayland's are bringing their conflict into the country but first to ukraine five years ago bottoms escalated on the my dog square in the center of kiev the police used extreme brutality against the demonstrators one woman was in the middle of it she looks back to the protests in twenty four to.
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scenes of chaos as government forces moved in towards my down square trying to force protesters to leave the spot where they had been camping out for more than two months. among them was sixteen year old victoria roman chook her parents thought she was hundreds of kilometers away at art college instead she'd become a regular at the protests on the mind on on the day police attempted to clear the square victoria and her friends were out in the streets in front of their makeshift headquarters. and no i didn't immediately understand what was happening suddenly there was an explosion another flight suddenly everything went blurry and i was out . an improvised grenade covered in scrap metal and shards of pottery had exploded at her feet victoria suffered more than fifty flesh wounds but she couldn't go to hospital because police were arresting for testers in the wards so. instead she ended up in an improvised field hospital in the smaller street her parents still had no idea she was in q let alone ended that is until ukrainian t.v.
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crew appeared. here below much to my face was covered in bandages so that no one would recognise me but one of my mum's friends recognised this birthmark on my neck in the t.v. report that's how our parents found out. meanwhile tensions were increasing further as protesters began a counter-offensive drawing of a closer to the government district police change their tactics and live ammunition came into play. casualty numbers were rising fast and soon dozens of protesters were being killed every day among them was on xander kapinos but before all the shooting got underway he came up to me one morning and put his arms around me and said go home you don't have to be here. i'm going to put that if. i'm by the end of the week more than a hundred people have lost their lives images like these went through. the world
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prison the other coaches position had become untenable within days he was gone fleeing to russia. five years on from the model does victoria still think the protests had a last impact on the country. i see all the changes these are changes we really need this country is finally being built yes maybe not as fast as we had hoped or expected but it's happening with many even form of protesters say it was all in vain two months protesting and they thought they'd wake up in a new european country with better wages that's not how life works. sexual abuse in the catholic church is a taboo subject in india but last year an indian bishop was accused of raping a nun and now nuns want an end to the silence but the catholic church is stonewalling. its early morning in. the church has always been
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a powerful institution but in recent months its foundations have been shaken by six scandals loss of timber a nun and get accused an influential bishop of repeated rape when officials speak to action a group of nuns rallied around the victim and held unprecedented public protests. one of those who joined those protests was sister lucy. she cravell from a home here in the district of why not to support the alleged victim the nun is wary about being filmed public she chooses an empty auditorium to speak abuse in the terrorists by a pretext to that now it's happening but it's all very it is silent a lot of story i've heard all the day. god shared my sisters and i don't how do three experiences like that prompting me tempting me to their own ambition but they're trying. to sit with them at
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a lot of mistakes inside the turret but they're not ready to. do. this for it. and certify that they're covering up on this. the catholic church in india has largely stayed silent on the allegations against the bishop was arrested last year following the protests and then grill east on bail even here why not officials were unwilling to see one priest who did agree sort to downplay the issue my position is in my own memory. over sixty years. was. brought up in the public. so i thought that. apart from joining protests sister lucy has written articles criticizing the church
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silence on sexual abuse she's received warning letters from her congregation ordering her to stop speaking out she's been accused of causing harm to the church and belittling the catholic leadership says it. has said like that pastor anybody can speak freely and frankly. to the world if i am abused to saw them now there that can be made to them been a stat that so many are coming to the fact many many are coming openly. to that society today to talk there is not if there is no cult that we are all of a slave. in this case also we planned. despite the warnings the nun has no plans of backing away what i had to go i had to do i must go. i think i stop made like that. sister lucy his hope is that the latest
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scandal will shine a light on the church speed leagues and help make some much needed reforms. as the power struggle in venezuela continues and the government cracks down on its critics many venezuelans are fleeing their own cause. three and settling in southern florida but now they're finding the conflict has followed them to miami. life could be so nice in miami beach. new home in exile but when the venezuelan refugee fled to the united states he had to leave behind everyone he left after six months behind bars as a political prisoner he feared for his freedom his safety and his future. and you know maybe they can see i felt persecuted every day the police published a list of wanted people and my name was on that list published in several papers it was a dangerous situation but the only thing i did wrong was the money and liberty about
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. his new home lies in the neighborhood of stately mentions. fancy on the outside but so rundown on the inside he's embarrassed to show that. southern florida is home to one hundred thousand venezuelans bringing with them the tensions of two opposing sides protests are common here against the business partners of venezuela's president ma dural self declared president why don't supporters say they are trying to keep their money safe by investing in real estate in the neighborhood. collina represents the politically persecuted venezuelan so brought he shows us around the miami suburb off to raul which many moderate supporters and i'll call home with a dozen or so that i want us out we try to find these people and suggest they are expelled from the us and have their assets confiscated it doesn't make sense that
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they some fled persecution have to live next to the perpetrators initially. this venezuelan restaurant is the preferred meeting place for why dual supporters for our own b m e's are an active member of one party the self declared president represents the country's biggest chance for freedom in decades and i mean are going to feel now that i believe we are now witnessing the end of the my two year old regime we just have to carry on and he will lose popularity and power which is already happening pay by day. and boy did you set it up in the idea. it's this optimism that keeps. a life and his hope that one day he can return to his home safely. uganda is an uproar the african country is trying to use the image of curvy and
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sexy women to lure holiday makers and is even officially listing them as an attraction now feminist activist and their supporters are sounding the alarm. one of these ladies could soon be crowned miss covey uganda the beauty contest is strictly for plus sized queens with commissions bodies and organize a say over two hundred women of applied you must become vicious those ladies know themselves that is the truth when i say when when you ask me what my someone do what size are you going to consider we are considering. the idea to showcase women with car body ships has been fronted by uganda's tourism minister good for it you wonder after the launch of the contest the ministers say the beauty queens could help attract foreign visitors and boost tourism who was is not on the boat and just spoke about the what. do we. do we are really do i walk out.
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women rights groups a few areas and have gone to court to block the project for allegedly insulting women. hold their. reduced woman. into a group were approved and therefore we were one of the. one. of the ministers behind this idea need to charge me for yeah because this is not good he's got a wife can he present her as a tourist attraction enough to get to where i was i think it's on excellent idea because over the years they were been really promoting the slender sizes you find a dozen schools are trying to take lots of medication to lose weight and this is no intel three for us they're supposed to accept us and they even feel happy that that given the plus size people an opportunity it's just like any other beauty pageant but it's only that this one is only for the plus size. facing the backlash
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the minister denies accuses sions of using women to attract travelers he has toward parliament that it's a misunderstanding lifetime special i've. got should know. this my focus was more to support. that. we. will make the cut for me but i think that i don't live. with a to misunderstand or not and despite the controversy there are no plans to cancel the contest of the cop's.
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center of the conflict zone fronting the powerful. this week cummings owners of the annual security conference in munich. my guess is jim risch chairman of the powerful senate foreign relations committee countdown imaging is this transatlantic to my country committee is the trumpet ministration tonight sound. in good shape. can a genetic test help you stay healthy. some diseases can actually be caught by gene is simple blood. do you know what's hidden in your d.n.a. . genetic screening. in sixty minutes on d w. richard.
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joining me from africa. your link to exceptional stories and discussion from our use of these eat and what website d.w.b. comes to join us on facebook. or god. my. this week conflict zone is at the annual security conference in munich i made plenty of recriminations and bad blood between europe and washington my guest here is jim risch chairman of the powerful senate foreign relations committee how damaging is this transatlantic divide and how committed is the trumpet ministration tomato.


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