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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2019 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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street. this is news law from a political crisis escalates in venezuela as border clashes over aid erupt into violence a convoy sent off from colombia by opposition leader. is pushed back by venezuelan troops loyal to president nicolas maduro they fired tear gas to keep the border close to emergency supplies also coming up to. vote counting is underway in nigeria's presidential election surveys suggest a tight race between incumbent. and his main challenger
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a tea. party movement. and those responsible were destroyed almost. cardinal one hundred marks makes a frank admission as a roman catholic church digs into his history of sex abuse by the clergy. spicer thanks for joining us. the showdown escalates and as well as embattled president nicolas maduro has announced he's breaking diplomatic relations with colombia his statement comes as trucks carrying humanitarian aid are trying to breach the border into venezuela from that country troops loyal to madeira are using tear gas to push back the convoy that opposition leader has vowed to deliver
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the emergency supplies. aid trucks aiming to breach the border between colombia and venezuela crowds of jubilant venezuelans cheered on the emergency food and medicine colombia's government says people are prepared to take the supplies across in human chains opposition leader one quarter cave the go ahead you'll meet the idea here manning tarion aid is on its way to venezuela right now it's a calm and orderly process which will save lives. but the situation on the ground in venezuela is far from orderly protesters demanding work and age clashed with national guardsmen who reacted by firing tear gas. and this dramatic footage apparently shows a small group of deserted venezuelan soldiers using an armored vehicle to smash through a security barrier on the border with colombia. eight has become the focus of the
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unrest with the opposition claiming as many as three hundred thousand venezuelans are entire need of supplies a lot more that's get the humanitarian aid through where unarmed the only weapons are medicine and food. the country remains divided pro-government supporters of president nicolas maduro rallied in the capital caracas maturer has rejected the eight calling it a pretext for a u.s. invasion. will be crossing over to our correspondent for the latest at the event as well a colombian border a little later in the show. in nigeria a vote counting is under way where people have been electing a new parliament and the next president the elections were postponed for a week with a delay causing tensions in the country to flare after four years of economic stagnation and failure to deal with a jihadist terror group boko haram the president will come out who is under pressure from challenger. long lines of voters form the outside some polling
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stations that open their doors later than planned. tiny fish are our correspondent reports from the nigerian capital. vote counting is under way in nigeria and this particular pulling station the nation's capital in one part of that counting has already finished and that's about the candidates for president according to their results the challenging p.d.p. party won by fifty nine votes now there's a say anything about the result of the selection of course not given the fact that this is just one of almost one hundred twenty thousand polling stations across the country but i tell you it's excitement and anticipation of course about to result these people here are waiting even though they have cast a ballot because they want to hear themselves the results they want to hear themselves as votes being counted which of course also has to do with the fact that the selection has been delayed by one week and it was time for that skepticism and
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doubt could grow about whether this election is going to be fair free and transparent. a top roman catholic cardinal has admitted that the church destroyed records about priests who sexually abused children reinhard marx made the revelation during a speech at a vatican conference on preventing sexual abuse by the clergy victims of the crime say they find little comfort in the admission. sex abuse survivors marching through rome determined not to let the vatican off the hook for some german cardinal reinhard marx's admissions were unsatisfying we've destroyed criminal evidence of child sex crimes well that sounds like illegal is what that sounds like how do you find out about it. so who did it so those questions weren't answered earlier inside the summit francis looked on as church officials reckoned with the
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decades long legacy of sex abuse some have criticised francis for moving too slowly to address accusations after his predecessor failed to address the subject at all and german cardinal marks spoke of an institutional culture of secrecy that protected abusers. instead of the perpetrators the victims were regulated and silence imposed the way in which church at the station was struck to carry out did not contribute to unifying the whole human race and bringing mankind closer to god but on the contrary why are you late to. back out on st peter's square reactions were mixed visitors from ireland divided on the urgency of reform every institution in history has been infiltrated at some stage and it's depends on how did you rid of all this and the curia is doing that at the moment it will take
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time and it takes centuries probably i don't know i know it a lot of young people have turned away from the church and a lot of the old people who are still quite still in to coptic are dying out so i don't know unless there is a very fast reform and a huge apology i don't think so priest as cardinal marks pushes for a new culture of openness the question for many is whether this comes as too little too late. ok let's come back now to our top story of the escalating showdown over the delivery of humanitarian aid into venezuela we're joined by have your our gate us who is at the venezuela colombian border have here what's the situation now. well the situation. being very critical we see four and more and reports coming from different sides of the colombian as well on border mainly over the bridges that connect the two countries that so far we can confirm that it there is at least
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a twelve wounded even though reports are conflicting because some say the number could be up to twenty years there is also fire happening right behind us in would in your city in venezuela were two trucks carrying humanitarian aid were burnt therefore we can still see the traces of this mold and this shows us a very. clearly that the situation is not orderly this is a full on confrontation that so far has the lead to no deaths as far as we know but that could escalate very quickly and get worse throughout the day. we saw in that report several venezuelan soldiers have left their posts today can you tell us anything more about that. what this shows is that there is definitely some degree of division in the military these members in general can be up to twenty people from what we know from different authorities in venezuela that have today supported one way though we don't know if he they
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supported him before hand or if they actually changed their minds to date this number is however not that high but it is crucial because it is happening at the border where of course nicolas maduro would need support the most so as the day progresses let's not forget that it's just the afternoon here in colombia we will see how many more will switch sides and eventually support one way to go and the humanitarian aid so it can enter venezuela. and if i understand correctly the pictures that we were able to show our viewers with major was a military major was among their number can you tell us just how much backing overall nationwide does nicolas maduro still have in the military. that is very difficult to tell we know that the most high ranking officials have sworn loyalty to me. if you see what the media and the state media is saying at the other side of the border in venezuela nicolas maduro has called for loyalty to his country and to the devalues of his government. that what he considers to be an
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invasion basically sponsored by the united states but if we take a look at the lower ranking military officials there we can see the need of the people they are hungry they need medicines and they see their colleagues and family members suffering and that's why some of them have decided to switch sides today we'll see how many more calm the longer way. thank you for that. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of anti-government so-called yellow vest protesters have taken to the streets across france for a fifteenth straight weekend at the eiffel tower in paris police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators the movement has been trying to reenergize supporters after recent violence and allegations of anti semitism in its ranks. in india nearly one hundred people have now died after drinking tainted alcohol and at least
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two hundred more have been hospitalized officials say the illegal bootleg liquor contained toxic amounts of methanol to increase potency most of the victims were tea plantation workers in the countries that with these. and here are the football results from match day twenty three in the bundesliga so far. came from behind to beat nuremberg by or new nick edged out hertha berlin dropped points at home to holes or minds defeated shall and freiburg thumped. on friday braman share this bold spoils with stuttgart on sunday hand over free base frankfurt and dortmund host. on monday entertain hoffenheim and. it's not news that when you use a free app like facebook it's not really free you're paying it with your
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data and your privacy but now report in the wall street journal has revealed that the apps on your phone could be sending your sensitive user data to facebook even if you're not a facebook user and that includes sensitive health data our reporter sacre has is here to talk to us a little bit about it can you tell us broadly which which apps we're talking about here well so the wall street journal did a test of seventy outs and they found that eleven of them was sharing sensitive health dos so sensitive datta with facebook without the knowledge the uses and in some cases even for users who were not on facebook that their information was also shared with facebook and they also found that the seem to be no easy way to turn this function off and the app now i mean it's looking at health apps here you know one example is a heart rate monitor which immediately off to you know checking a hot it would send that to to facebook. another example is
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athletes helps women among them so they periods you know that can be helpful if you're trying to get to get pregnant. the company that makes this they say that they would never share you know woman's menstrual cycle information and pregnancy status information with any third parties. but this was the general report basically says the opposite not only are they sharing that dots are but they're also it's also possible to match the dots i with a facebook user profile well how do they do all this sleuthing or how is the test conducted so facebook uses it in many thousands of apps there are facebook analytics software installed facebook use that so they can you know get your dots and then they use that to create it's targeted advertising we know we know about this for for a long time now you know typically it's on. well you know you go online to buy a flight to. spain and then the next day you go on facebook and there is adverts for you know hire cars and buses i know for example here now the. test finds that
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this. software is also being used to send sensitive data to. facebook and the software company that actually did this research with the wall street journal they say there are you know it serves no useful purpose for this. shit ok facebook seeing a lot more about us than we knew what is the company saying well they have released a statement they say we were quiet after vela has to be clear with the uses about the information they are sharing with us and we prohibit prohibit app developers from sending us sensitive data we also take steps to detect and remove data that should not be shared with us so that's basically the opposite of what the wall street journal has found that there is reason to believe that this practice
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violates european union. privacy laws. but we don't know what the fallout will be there is an investigation underway in new york but in the meantime . delete those apps of your phone if you can just we will thank you much for that you're watching the news live from berlin. we make we watch as a whole after. twenty five we are this image surfacing. the want to keep the continent's future. reporting in britain youngsters can actually share their stories.


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