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tv   Check-in - Winter sports in the Allgau  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CET

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in a good game of power and money the competition is fierce most important natural resource blocking better checking how long will they be able to play and who will win this we believe that renewable energy playing for role in the future. geopolitically mr strong marketing team t.w. .
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snow and mountains that's where i'm heading i'm getting closer to the most southern point of germany the el going. to stay up till the holiday rechy easy in winter specially in winter in fact. over thaw is located over there it's the winter sports center of the algo region in southern germany a perfect starting point for discovering the area i want to go up the mountains and of course come down in one piece i'll be on skis and on a snow bike i look forward to lots of nature adventures galore. and we have plenty more coming up on the show. a
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trip to brighton in england where in winter you've got the beaches all to yourself . hot and sunny florida two of our viewers show us the warm winter in their hometown miami. and people be like has sent us some fantastic shots of a road trip through central asia. this. downtown has mediæval already. now attracts over two million overnight guests every year i want to know what draws them here. knows . because it's so beautiful. fantastic it's just a lot of fun here. because of the snow and i want to show my girlfriend. the first tourists arrived here in the late nineteenth century.
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was told officially has a therapeutic climate it's a quality seal in germany given to places with among other things a certain air quality and they spot. the local history museum is set up in an ex farm house. here visitors can marvel at the biggest level ski boot in the world. and find out about the area since tree and how skiing first came to. that takes me to my first to get in the mood for my own attempt at skiing with a small l point to regroup through the mountain. without using a skewer. this is ski. during hiking up the mountain on skis it can be
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a great way to unwind and be at one with nature hardy oregon and only our touring the. ski tours have to earn their downhill runs with hours of up hill climbing. i like to take my time and i enjoy the climb and maybe stop and look at things along the way so it's not so much the athletic aspect that i like but more taking in nature and stopping to take some great pictures and. this is what skiing was like one hundred years ago. they ascend to two thousand one hundred meters on the good bits are one of the favorite peaks in the area. going off the beaten track has been gaining popularity in recent years in good
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weather the summit is rarely a lonely place. as the arsons avoid on the body. of a whole i'm sure we'll find someone to watch slopes. of out of the home and she told the feel of the home for now we have a ski tour guide at home dating from nine hundred eleven i think it was my grandfather who wrote it because. the other he'd been to read bagger horn mountain and said you couldn't even get up there anymore because there were too many people because it was completely overrun with there were only two other people up there that's where billy. despite the crowds their climb is handsomely rewarded but the. ski tours are still a relatively small minority germany has import of seven million winter sports fans ski tours make up
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a good four hundred thousand of them. on their tour of klein vols or tal valley hardy oregon and only weren't disappointed by the slopes they found. that this i knew every slope was fantastic. the lake in legendary great snow even i got up some good speed. reading carving going to join the deep snow there is nothing like it i moderate as a else gets. cold feet. it will be
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a long time before i can see like that in deep snow i'll need some lessons first it's been over ten years since i last put on skis so i booked a few hours with a real instructor. hello yes there was a little guy here he is this is odd links with my warn him that i'm pretty much a total beginner so we'll have to start from scratch. explain the basics and then we're off on what the conditions are perfect. i think i'm a little nervous because it's all new to me now boys have been the only thing that's why i'm here we'll take it easy we're going. to. live our lives like what does this have to do with skiing so a lot of this morning we have to push down and chill to ski with every step and
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we're putting our weight on it. after an hour i have learned the basics and we start descending. and then downhill. play. skiing it's a lot of fun but you have to be very careful plus i don't think that i'm a natural. time for you to check out our weekly viewers video. a
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filmmaker from poland accompanied a friend who drove with us oldfield one twenty six through the vast plains of central asia a road trip through russia mongolia and. live . a.
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live live. live. live live live live. even though i'm at the top of the neighbors all mount you choose thousand two hundred meters up and in the middle of nature i don't have to secrete fice
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uncomfort to keep on top of the competition everything here has been renovated faster ski lifts for example and this trendy new restaurant right at the summit. and from here you can see that switch bits of germany say hi dismount and area that's what's critical and alex is local to the area and tells me there's even some glacier lift up there. skiing and other winter sports are great way of enjoying nature and there's even some fascinating wildlife can be found here in the mountains if you know where to look. far away from the crowded slopes it can get a bit lonely. as the winter day breaks a two thousand meters in the hidden reaches of the alps only a few creatures are stirring
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to catch sight of them biologist heading there to spend the night at the mental home large. you may have to get ready and suit up for the climb right. heading is the warden for the al gore high alps reserve. he's studying to learn about the most important event in their lives this is their mating season the kids will be born in may and have the alpine summer to get their climbing legs . after four hours his efforts a reward it close to the summit he spots a female with a kid right behind her is the male hoping to meet. what all watch closely. now is moving again. i think it's
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incredible that these animals live at such high altitude. they have so little to eat for those will be just the dried up grasses of a daughter and that's enough to get them through the winter and also to commit the common. a second male has picked up the female scent. the males use their magnificent horns more for symbolic battles to place them in the pecking order. this interaction amounts to nothing more than a threatening gesture or two but for the victor it was all for nothing mating season or not she's just not interested here and it's made such a fantastic experience to be a guest here in this realm. and to see what a fragile system it is where the animals can run into trouble so easily and
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a rare snow grows called atomic and shows up another expert at surviving the harsh winter conditions. they're only a few hundred termagant in the bavarian alps far away from humans they stay here high in the mountains where in winter they almost have the place all to themselves . hello. i've come to meet me kindly agreed to show us around this alpine launch the at one point stiles is over one hundred thirty years old ts has been the lease holder since two thousand and fifteen. it's nice and warm here and just as large is one of several hundred owned by the german l. plan cook they provide high altitude services to hikers and skiers. is it always this busy at this time yes. guests at this large can also stay overnight in basic accommodation i'll just scooted near.
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yes you can why did you lisa lauch here on the mountain and then i grew up in august off and i've always been interested in doing something like this so when i heard it was a release again i just applied it. to a teacher says you make it sound easy but we are at two thousand meters altitude you can't carry up everything you need can you. have to plan a little differently if you run out of something you can't run to the store. we can only bring up supplies in the cable car on certain days. you learn these things. for example at high altitude water boils faster but pastor takes longer to cook. once the fascination of being up here. when you see the sunset in the evening and have this view every day. now that i live up here. there are mornings when i take
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pictures just because i still love it. and it's still something special to me. i went skiing myself and saw lots of people on the ski lift to what extent is nature suffering under the tourism can the to co-exist. yeah. well i wouldn't say it's overcrowded. there are lots of mountains around here where you don't see any people at all winter or summer. soon as you walk over the next hill you can't see any of it. so i think it's fine that people get the opportunity to enjoy all this. now we're in winter but honestly what's the best season to be up here design. and summer post definitely have their advantages. in summer you're free to go anywhere you want. in winter you can go skiing and
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enjoy the snowy countryside so they're both good on what is your favorite time to be here more like the before and after the seasons because i've got the mountain to myself and i can do my own thing all right then thanks sure most people like holiday destinations best when there are few other tourists around apart from themselves if that's the case then it's best to travel out of season and that's exactly what you're about to do now an hour your travel slot you'll see how beautiful the coastal town of brighton and south england can be if specially in winter. early morning in brighton it's quiet in winter time even around the famous brighton beach. locals like jeremy sanders enjoy the off season most of the resorts eight million annual visitors show up in summer. i would
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recommend when you can get around a lot quicker. and it can be quite warm down here some days if if you get a sheltered spot on the page it can be chorusing. brighton is known to britain says london by the sea the seaside resort of a quarter million people is known for its many little boutique shops like the chocolate maker jockey will he do the half with his hand made chocolate sculptures . right is really special because there's so many independent stores in brighton. because all the premises are quite small and. it's it's really good for individual seemed to come out and and really sort of shine. one of britain's landmarks is the grand eccentric royal pavilion with its indian style architecture king george the fourth at the residence converted into an oriental palace in the early nineteenth
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century. lol. this palace in particular is the best expression of how he was and he was he was a king who lived life to the extreme. right and has a lively music and art scene the town street art includes works by graffiti artist banksy. his painting of the kissing campers now surviving on. he has a copy is world famous. after london brightness the second time his concentration of restaurants in britain. two years ago sixty four degrees was named the city's best dining establishment. and of course there's always the beach and the sea a beautiful place to spend an evening.
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that traction other way came for people to come down here because they say the memorized sions of the stalins but there was a come down to see this incredible sunsets as well. of course there are other winter sports on offer in the algo else besides skiing and snowboarding and alex is going to show me one. so this is an alternative to skiing is it more fun or less easier or harder what should i watch for. is basically it's like riding a bike but with one main difference we have no brakes. but still we have to slow down either by digging our heels into the snow. or by curving back and forth like whiskey well you know how to ski now. and we go.
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it's work you want. something but i think you can manage to fall off a snowball like. illo . i know for something quite different as you know we regularly visit viewers who show us around the sights of their hometowns this time we're crossing the atlantic to the u.s. state of florida melissa materials and many products shows miami in our.
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b.n. venue go on miami welcome to miami many many and my name is melissa and today we're going to show you around our hometown from the beautiful beaches to its cultural streets and all the way so it's wild. to. play i mean it is a tough destination in miami to go see from the crystal blue waters to our white sandy beaches you can find just about anything to do on a sunny day here in florida. whenever we have a weekend off we take a quick trip to the beach. just to see the sunrise or sometimes a sunset. being able to see all of the cruises pass by and checking out the brand new pier. i'm.
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welcome to little bit of coyote show also known as eighth street. little havana is very vibrant there's all kinds of people it's always really loud because there's a lot of cuban population so there's always something going on. back . home let. the viewers. know. dominos is a special game played by the cuban culture everybody gathered at this park every
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sunday for about seven to eight hours and there's always a line so if you're going to play better expect to get here early or you're going to lose your spot. miami is known for its cultural diversity but there is a wilder side to miami and it's called the florida everglades so all these borders got very little turned on so we're going to be used to protect. league. players please elaborate the everglades is very special to us because of its unique legal system the everglades is the only one like this with over nine habitats and over sixty endangered species it is a very rare and protected site just. eloi
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. so we leave you here at the florida everglades we hope that you enjoy the tour around miami florida and that one day you can come visit it for yourself a little by. little. cutler might be in the al gore alps is almost over now it's time for the average ski party it was dolph you'll find plenty of venues for a relaxing drink with like minded people. i'm . i like the snow all the elves and of course that special feeling at the end of the day when you know you really accomplished something i'm tired but happy and now
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i know why the al gore is one of germany's favorite holiday regions especially in winter.
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field you then produce hundreds of trails fell from the field so the male can find there's insect pests globally they all operate by using pheromones and so if we can can develop it cheap enough and broadly enough political it will be used by the farm. i hundreds of opponents of venezuela and president nicolas maduro have been injured in violent clashes with security forces on the border with colombia the forces have blocked the entry of humanitarian aid at least two people were killed in clashes on the border with brazil.


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