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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is t w news live from berlin pope francis condemns the sexual abuse of children in the roman catholic church and in wider society francis says the church would make protecting children its highest priority and as a cover up of abuse that was common in the past also coming up. arab league and european union leaders meet for their first ever joint summit forty nine heads of state and government are in the egypt resort of sharm shaikh to talk peace politics money and mutual cooperation. and voters in the west african nation of senegal are
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called on to choose a new president or giving comment a second term in office but the vote is uncontroversial the two main challengers barred from running. maya schwager thanks for joining us pope francis has vowed the catholic church will spare no effort to build a to bring child abusers and the clergy to justice the pontiff was speaking at the end of a four days vatican summit to address peta feeling and the church amid an avalanche of investigations and allegations against catholic priests and evidence their superiors conceal their crimes francis promised the church would end its culture of silence and decisively confront the perpetrators. evil is within the catholic church according to pope francis and the time for apologies is
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over. no explanation suffice for these abuses involving children men. in front of an audience of international bishops francis spoke not just of human sin but of intentional crimes and the need for justice. i would like to reaffirm that the church will spend no effort to do all that is necessary to bring to justice whosoever has committed such crimes as. the church will never seek to hush up or not take seriously any case that. pope francis says an all out battle is necessary to rid the church of a culture of sexual abuse and cover ups but survivors criticized how much time the pope spent pointing out that child sex abuse wasn't limited to the catholic church
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. one said his speech was too light on any concrete reforms. very disappointing no archon was stricken. we feel that a surcharge for important to her character in the whole free to remove some of those bishops and. cover up with sexual abuse or sexual abuse themselves. the church is is wholly incapable of policing itself and its its statutory practices really have allowed this to continue and they have not to this point changed aside from anything he may have said positively but some are optimistic that a first step towards real change in the catholic church has arrived because its leaders have finally admitted the enemy is within. and we're joined now by father max cuppa bianca the catholic chaplain for students across the
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universities in berlin also worked at the vatican for ten years before that you're someone who as we said you spent a lot of time in the vatican. why do you think it took so long for the church to face up to what happened is these were crimes that were committed not just sins i mean child abuse sexual abuse is a crime no matter who commits it of course you know i saw the speech today live on the internet and when i saw all these bishops who are really the leaders of the church i realize also thinking of my time in in the vatican how slow this big institution is about to change and it's like an elephant you know who has to dance now and and what's what i felt today is that the pope really now is shaking the people and and pointing out that in the midst of everything has have to be the victims and. they come from all over the world and the situation is very different
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in different parts of the world and he stressed and the begin of his speech and for me it was really impressive to see how serious he spoke so do you think it was a good thing that the pope said what he said about bringing people to justice. yes you know i mean if you checked also the reactions in internet afterwards and i've seen many criticisms against him he said oh he's not getting concrete he's not taking measures you know but then i mean that was really is specially from organization for weak timbs who said that's really a bad speech but then i was thinking uh they write i think from their point a few yes because in fact he didn't say anything of concrete but what he did is really. pointing out the principles that no longer silence no longer covering no longer double life no longer of these things and
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that's something why i would say yes if it was good that he did it in this way briefly if you can we have heard some horror stories from victims in the past few days you are a catholic priest how does it feel now to be associated with an institution that has caused a lot of pain to a lot of these people. you know it's really hard because you know first of all i'm a priest and i want to be. i want to feel this the pain of the victims that's my first thing but we also we have pain and the pope also said that he that so many priests who are doing a good work are really scandalized by that time t. and he acknowledged it and thanked the people the normal people who know they could sense it was also good for us to be a little bit yeah consoled because you know everybody industry trend you are going like this and that people say oh
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a pedophile and that's really hot and doesn't if you know i think i know what why they do that but i really want to say we don't cover things up in the future father next couple bianco we certainly hope that that's true thank you so much for joining us here today. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world british prime minister theresa may has delayed a final parliamentary vote on bragg's it until march twelfth just days before britain is scheduled to leave you the vote was scheduled for next wednesday travel to brussels on tuesday to discuss possible amendments to the deal she already negotiated with the block. the u.n. report says twenty eighteen was the deadliest year in afghanistan's nearly two decade long war almost four thousand civilians were killed and thousands more wounded in attacks and bombings the u.s. and the rebel taliban hold a new round of talks aimed at ending the conflict on monday. police in india say
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another fifty eight people have died from drinking tainted bootleg liquor and the death toll from the latest mass alcohol poisoning to more than one hundred fifty another two hundred remain hospitalized the victims were tea plantation workers an awesome state more than a dozen people have been arrested for selling the illegal booze. in the egyptian seaside resorts the leaders from the european union and the arab league are holding a summit together for the first time egyptian president c.c. is hosting the gathering where leaders are also expected to discuss security and migration the two day meeting seeks to strengthen ties between the e.u. and arab nations other priorities on the agenda include the middle east peace process as well as the conflicts in yemen and syria for more on this i'm now joined by our correspondent in the shake so again this is the first meeting of these two
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very significant institutions what are we expecting out of this and why is this happening now. it is indeed and leaders have set themselves a rather relaxed schedule and a very broad agenda of topics here we're looking at all sorts of topics everything from environment climate but also trades the e.u. being the most importing trading partners of the states of the arab league and so one diplomat said to me here in sharm el sheikh it is the idea is to start a multilateral process in a time when donald trump is putting that issue of multilateralism very much into the critique interesting of all of those issues that you just named what do you think are the ones that are the most pressing that they're discussing i think really pressing issues also in terms of migration which is also a key issue here at the summit is really addressing the of the civil wars that are
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taking place within that union of arab states and most of all you have a syria a war that apparently is partly one now by bashar al assad and the leaders here of the e.u. but also arab leaders will have to think about how they deal with this and then you have conflicts a civil wars in yemen but also unstable very unstable situation in libya also a big issues here and the question of course for european leaders is how do they deal with these issues and how do they deal with the liberal and non democratic elected counterparts here that was a question put to junk at the head of the european commission and he said he has a headache talking to these people but he said if that be the criteria his week would end on tuesday so he said we really have to talk and this is the place to do it. care not us and china shape egypt where the arab league and the e.u. are meeting for the first time thank you so much. polls have just closed in an election in the west african nation of senegal president maki saul is set to win a second term in office but opponents complain that the leader has blocked the
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strongest opposition candidates from running against him. incumbent president baccy sall likes to style himself the builder of modern senegal the country has benefited from strong economic growth and this seen as a bastion of democracy in an unstable region so we're going to. would like to hail the turnout everywhere in the country around the broad. that is allowed citizens to make their choice in peace and serenity. the election has not been scandal free to have cells main rivals were barred off to corruption convictions the question by rights groups but turnout has been brisk. but it's a citizen's duty to take part in democracy i think b.p. it's a very important moment for if there's impossible they were done voting for change
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. i'm very happy as a citizen i have to vote when everything's ready and what it. is the voting process is going smoothly so far there were only this morning some minor incidents as independent observers told us but they told us also that this time it's going far better than in two thousand and twelve when sinegal saw the last elections since seven years of the government of macky sall is an office and in this time with this lawsuit he got in melbourne with a plan of emerging senate he did it chief the major project second new airport. challenges including former prime minister idris a sec have criticised cells focus on expensive infrastructure they've campaigned for better basic services in a country where many young men in particular risk. their lives in search of a better life in europe. hollywood is gearing up for its most glamorous evening of
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the year its oscars night one of the favorites at this year's awards ceremony breaks the mold in several ways take a look. at the red carpet is rolled out for the ninety first oscar awards ceremony two films with ten nominations each face off against each other mexican director alfonso clone is perhaps in pole position with his autobiographical film roma he is also nominated as best director and accolade he already won back in twenty four to somewhat controversially roma is a netflix streaming platform production. but in how many categories quilts a favorite triumph this costume drama about british queen anne in the early eighteenth century defies convention. coleman has already picked up a number of best actress awards for her portrayal of the ailing queen.
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christian bale at burning international film festival and christian bale as former u.s. vice president dick cheney in vice the incredible transformation could earn the british actor his second oscar he already has won for his role in the fighter but that was only for best supporting role. walked around went to a couple of stores in a couple of shops has. this actress has been nominated six times but always went home empty handed close in the wife playing the wife of a fictional nobel prize winner in literature. much more interesting traditions of the swedish academy the money says it will be several. i'm lucky close will find me lift the coveted trophy the fights of oscar hopefuls see old
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members of the academy submit the votes by last tuesday the show can begin hollywood is ready for its close up. they're watching the news from berlin i'm irish waiter coming up next a shift to living in the digital age and we'll be back at the top of the hour with more news you can always check out our website t w dot com thanks for joining us. curiously. don't miss our. can't sleep. sleep. soon. to be good. actually.


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