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tv   Night Grooves - with Max Mutzke and Soulsinger Yakoto  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2019 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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they're watching the news from berlin next spicer coming up next is night groups talk show stay tuned for that or we'll be back at the top of the hour for more international news keep in mind you can always get the latest news and information on our web site that's dot com thanks for joining us. for first coming listen. to the doors granted her. joining a regular to on her journey back to freedom. you know or the interactive documentary. in a regular returns home on the w.
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don't come to tanks hello and good evening welcome to house shrink welcome to our kitchen all let's call it social kitchens today because of who gets not only share information for soul and just music they also seem to be actual so me yeah and what the artists have in common will be revealed at our show tonight so stay tuned enjoy the evening we are looking forward to a great show that's so true we just can't wait we want to forget cooper will be performing here across the hall in the living room along with a fantastic singer as well. i don't think i'll get to see him let me go. to such a music talk come to me. to. come.
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you know we. like to thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you frank yes see. that's good because you have all you have to go on it's not going to be my life. because of the money but if i should. go home and from. other stuff that's come. by the by the about fifty five women have. also stated there's been less fighting done so bad to rough that's sure to back out . thank you. thank you so much to get school we needed to have them here. i mean
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this international star as she had. finished the just yes i'm listening. thank you i'm thinking this is the image in fan sort of because you guys have a shocker does a foreman and off you just happen if the scores are for the vast shelf filipe and total feeling. one. zero should just one comment about. the fun. this is in don't teach press release can it be best is unknown in time outs and i can say that you haven't oh if you have to feel for the best and as you have other things i also dr you can hear also. kind of brown hang by. comes in the home begin these are known cancer in fact i not to go
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against it i know it's a government i know. yeah i mean i'm a town boy got to go. back . to. saunders if. it's over. done. with this.
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system. must develop a system too. show me something the young. guys know by spending as a show or by. the show about. some. show money stays. in so it's ok i'm. curious so i should have thought of how. just as much a cup of coffee because that is not. schmoe slow decision to feed on the. saudis something else and. it's
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a long. shot. long way. to ask it all back to just give me the. something to soothe. the months to come it's just too long to show the cops on the road up. the road. you don't think it's going to bust them out of the total number. two don't. you see it is easy. to see how. even. the free fair and fun of. by. that.
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thank you everything. that's been you said. you know yes it's all mine to do so i nominate you so this is a form of. mystery on its own feeling who in the charts is new that fortunately but is not pop on rap. defense hit movie called so in this biting us down what's on the. steps towards. you get on the first one i think as mark is that you're going to disclose your own . current image of putting him out of the management and i'll be deported but. after my window i should anyone this could be fighting cancer. in
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a pop album i was such a he said few neons it was me and she didn't mean you're trying to one just me you know that's actually dispensing food like he does among the middle house christians with isn't going to be used. as an on to modern world so the of us. one gets to tell you no one who to demand one keep off the hundred gets into this or does it as fast. as it. could to the exhibit the. obvious to the nice one who should soon leave or does is but for me it was you cannot visit the star who look after you might find it in his posse its own billion dollars just money. there are but i'm sure you should be all in on it city. most of. the litman we don't loiter eye in the eye and with can when this is lucifer much must in this new client as it did not survive the must wonder out
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among the much needed most of the you know in the middle. or have been. in toil or is this for the new to give this life its own yet again as. that's from the ministry at least most of it in the. studios are going to get same amount of. off. as a douche moves from us my view how can i be if i don't shoot off my own zombie she's going to die. after to get the spine is to highlight often you have the key to take it as it. is the whole file this is so i need even small tool for. us and i was mad as he hung from going to spots what. i thought. her man has been doing as i was last was my does often him. know that. it really is the love of god i. know a nice that.
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by the dumb would tell. ya by the number. of us are you going to do often yeah ok you can't thank you kind of became a show on. guns for me as it's attacked yeah yeah. yeah yeah that is course of looked as if you fucked would find it too i and my mom had as many names. begin to get on to the chalk mark that is. in support and so they are just as an intended. concept if only as far as yeah
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. as in my hat and the house without him was it. just after mission school soup by its nature is a monument as a fire you must have been hot that is a quality that as you have members i want to show the tough guy before we can. as i've examined the response i'm defending the typical i get leave different voice on the bus the music of the specials you can yourselves a dog of dog is that how man is i feel you see if you possible get there quicker it will be no market for the other thought also but it's reform was it and how book one can know this about a hundred fifty young and humble one and god of comebacks and then get on the hum but then i began my sunday that's all it was and never gets invited so i am paris and that's because for the here i just barely. lived. in just a little bit of oh. i don't know what it is how does not do this how is every american's left and real question is it cannot be. allowed. to live
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what i live that's one of if you could want a yeah yeah but if i was so tired as punishment for whatever goes out for the mouse would give idea of home. that in my eyes a. shaft is imminent dovish one that mission. to demolish you don't come near have hesitated to farm. and then bow mike and humble. and say good bye i mean the more fun it's going to get now except i'm not my mission from yet up when you meet me i'm kind of hunkered peck. just among. the shaft neediest mission of mine the following the first line of the new father new step is important stuff when you keep getting to the good moments cusick i mean what is when i see all that much does leave a most vice when my mom. has come to. know what you know and if i
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don't want to tell us i guess because nick us wasn't one i know from for the last hour or more then it cannot be done and if i was your daughter the question has gotten you to exist. down the nation as it's been the guy on the show. is being. picked and the. air force and. their. bio shock my is. yeah yeah yeah. i'm shrink from a few flash. but that's. going to get tarnishes. fast because. of this and. so let's listen to yeah kauto and her amazing song.
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thank. you want. to see.
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you have to. to show you. if it is useful. to you think it's. expound you. got the clue if you're a good live the good luck you'll find time in. the field of life living to live in the correct code in the future.
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the day. the day. you die. wow. how come so how does it not but you have a piece it sure and selfless of you to answer that and i was. sure the ones we should have the power of all of it myself. having. also not have a few minutes is the. man. of.
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the president trying to tell sure there's some kind of if my bit by bit to turn it . up to. yet smith about it comes klein. a few talking because of expense of us is a lot of sure. even to cheat on the subject if you get have i was that the face that i. guess is that an answer patent is packed lavish never used to have to fight guess i'm. guessing coffee stand dog for autonomous not you but i've had him an alphabetic it's a polish guy behind the seat in. fact that she has a multitude of excellent kind of a second that's actually live off the machine which is being finished from shots fired as well as all of us who have much more of a fight and there's again all the offices are going to line it out safely. until if
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we need a few would have fallen who wish to have the ship even though the five to seven sometimes must so i'm just. in pain came in in the office and stand off and it's my own not something i'd want to clients to accomplish under a new line despondence found out from i am one of the victims and i'm not being allowed that's what he. decides to be. once and i don't he can of. money summit and before i mean before not on my ma'am i've been going to city before playing and off that's a huge comfort type to do this thing out just to die and distinguished not just by me your aversions welcome to some cause not a patient but because aspects of up on the. i don't need to go to start your own. i don't stand in all fifty two show and home dog. as you do or dog what i want if you're not trying to get some positive title mitt don't form john to disagree had
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eyes and be what it is a figure of those who talk to us with this is a little less than an insulated from aussie rules here. it is a. culmination in this was. my passion as i found a status that involved a man i. was going on on and. on and you can see how. this kind of come across. in terms of competition for them on the computer can affect not on. the mind and fantastic. for my own
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fun to hear. one of our own if you do it to us as. well just within just a few billion man how off because our distinguished shiny research and not enough we call it as it us we're just in one. bit busy in most industries a bit in the up close and wonder star that's just absolutely nuts not just the little we are. but i was in the by victor system the holy father is it what's your own moment on. there's a lawyer for you i submit them for quite some and couldn't and if i'm starting wish we would. aspire. to common plots from thousand to five thousand but it would i'm going medivac dignity i'll. mention a bit of. that's come from thousands of what i'm going to get materials on to get it out in two thousand com went to the lot of these plots of the french neutron
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bomb me a mention of these plots. especially not isn't this find the actual speed by the moment. as we do does i'm in the height you need to see me heights and. it's in absolutely i took tideland tile often has provided on vines and a little hollow yard to say for sure it's as easy as it gets me off. as a kid cannot use its against head from damage he invites me to see it as would have us my mission as because that of his friends wouldn't be so nice of a fish because that's the logic that two thousand different. in under an hour mr that's bizarre another smash you have the entertainment but. that of a sleazy as the city council as it is it. does for some must. be the relative very often some kind of action as windows on the other must incur. and power to do and seeing on the assets and thousand mentioned by them was exploited combat vet bill to be a good and then i was
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a fan of your kind i'm sure wasn't about it i had as a percentage. as a man and which at some. i started some by the diploma and i can't mention here have. just finished so vicious does a mention to hurt. after poor the feeder isn't because of what the got out of it it's of a different here and this song is another one that everybody needs to hear hears your call to performing meg thank you very much thank. you.
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to ski. the key. is to. choose to. see. a.
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thank you very much. then. you have a very. important yet less tense but i kept. this weird to me still as a monthly blitheness johnson by now. a man to me one night and somebody thinks. enough with this contract that you can by being a young girl that's me dance and. the future doesn't as a country this is not like she said much the little pensive the allston come out and stop as i'm going to show her. the squeals first got out of their mind about this is garbage i think i'm dancing join the fun to the hopeless vice must come to
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it would have to suspend thousand children was aborted that's what i thought i'm saying all the time so it's good that i'm not up to much to solve he knows i'm not going to kind of this was really good. that's obvious you mentioned boss fights or distinguish nasty stuff but you can take that in a. few times if you don't move and get back. to some other to come up with that guy lived in my mind on my list cook yashin i was glad to. have one yet snowed in and spam because i was told. to now handle. yeah i get the station has been on hands that's what. i want. you to follow me. here which in my. life. is to be offered as a young man able to have you have wholesome store found the who still wishing for
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but we constantly and doesn't need to let smitty in him talk about the best you can mind when some test of shit gets the biggest son who doesn't see it and see others might not understand your fears on stage coming and up to you so far must have wanted to just bust the sub in your head to get my hands on you. and no months in high enough fun loving guy. this is. you know. you know rebuff bad enough but. if you need me call me. names. in the club we have to.
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keep you from going. to. set you free so you could come. down and that. you come.
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out and shoot. you. it's. thank you and you don't forget to thank you thank you thank you thank. you thank. you. thank you thank you she was zero ish. what i meant and that's why so she's one of those yes it wasn't religious muslims
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it mostly guys i am going over to them if it's a cause of my own cause a few times. does a classic of the twenty's off them. the songs on the. petition allowed to read music must have been. actually helps allowed like a text concert which was just all fun. and hip hop. oh my god born that of any rapper yeah oh boy who comes up on the hunt for these kind of. events a repetition of president cannot make is at the session less than a this is a question that's will not of us need to do kind so much for that matter of session just sort of as a party for me as a man mustache neighbors and. the kind of. classic of. classic car as it was
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a leap lynx leave us alone big light yeah. i listen to music a soul motown styx atlantic i was so gun supply was some semen in thomas from al green let's stay together this is some spin this after translation my lawyer friend about it will business love to reminisce mutinous on d.j. on the left let's stay together there's a god the lord is an. even song the can or the obscene the song that art from was equal in value d. . good rules there's a lot of us what i want titles in music to my there's a reason it's hard to understand plan order it says to us as when young as he puts you think happiness my friend took up the who said my son just be strong touch a small one so i'm not young not as smart as i was parked. in front. of us i mean this still has a. has a plan come out for me and i was it was with us i was a title
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a nation of days in the evening so far said. lips no hurt. like so much as i need to give and i'm trying to have now left can't wait until tonight the labor market. but it was at the station admission the most of us ing must of been from sydney and didn't yeah sometimes it is meant as if i missed one and you know what i lost which is fast as women's officer then smack as. they saw on the snakes from berkeley yellowish my mind as i was a guy who was a sort of machetes of the tide and i had my keeping strict from deo what actually took us the story so absolutely classic i might or might not have this for me once that's a list of i'm a foot apart there gan duffy which began yeah chat yes ladies and gentlemen let's listen to fool me once.
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sang. my heart. line. you mean. you make it hurt. again. was seeing. me so why is she who needs who. he was many seem to. get soon the man. who.
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i'm feeling it. from me. dave. says. they. see this. says. the. money. as if. she was she needs to move.
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the same. family. out of the things. i'm feeling and. for me. feeling it. for me. thank. you thank. you thank you thank you thank you.
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out. of us from should us all so if you. are such speak for us if it's a victory fest think of the best how to root for. and who was outing holds and c. the few that were just making had. if you did all your town halls all see this is. going to be important she gets you want of something easy to spot i chose the side effect of reduced to sending him a whole sign on who to see it coming or looking through. the vent how then do you know how it's done house that one house never does your study or what a house as a result once it's a house already just a touch and if in a little moment then come back safely as an it does does the outside must of us how to process how to us remember a moment in kind of an issue in v. one. type was a mind of one of want want that's funny and done up to us and what i mean when you
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can't. even be your what is kind is it not is to steve poizner i and some of us from got so much response what that statement does interest enough to see the base in the other side because. that's actually just finished. as will be. mostly also. just with us also when will be a dozen and then this has expanded so much when we ask it of and this is i have is the i'll. d.m. med of getting us as a people here so uniquely months old in a bed but i was in consequence for the twenty five percent is a horrifying on top of that song was in b.c. it's actually. this is my studio to him how come it doesn't actually go to florida because i feel. i did so no one else was the only. one might offer one storm system. they've been on they survive to say he was was
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not think of them so housing was money so i asked i'm forced to ot fund then and not face anguish thank god does no one have kleiner no cause. yes it's tough to swallow your month of it and not bunting i don't. need it clinging by me i'm always allowed to share. yet as i thought i would need as near i need as i have my my. own age group from me as a my mother has its downs old bio nuts and he damn akala the name of my son's chanel from then stay mine and i'm not so love as he'll focus on thursday as he henschel he missed it all in my skin that's where the i love hands on so no man have it me i'd still mention to the to my back at songs and on time yeah good for the function of reality that was just us i mean the one family of not having scott so we got this house and this is someone who got our truck past the finish by saying it was unfair to have every fifth us steel fence to harm the complete grind
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or dramatize to the home team up to fifty ft rate in toss out skid row but it will become much more vague tkinter gloss. this with us by those who knew. you wouldn't else. don't be shy of music for long to. come which don't concentrate on the but there's a certain i'll see. it done come from my those. two vets and circle. who gets
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a. bad sense are glad. it's a good chat. back. i'll . bet. you would look at check that one off spot so. he is a. guy. playing. big stuff we. did this to me and he. still gets i didn't say oh.
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oh. oh.
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i suppose you know. not going. to happen here for sure the last month every officer hundreds of how divisive would a small boy nevertheless not as a muslim in the boston hear the muslims in the book who. really have fought saxophone and on that the sun has a sense of the cinema this is awesome was really don't see much on the national who make the money this it's lost yet until they die isn't it so much the irony as it has been over the last month trying to open a small musician with one thanks for joining us at night grooves how to see you at our next show here at night cruise in hell sneak and think a very much for max months can't get caught so it was a pleasure thank you. to
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. the guardians of the crew. this time they arrived too late to all think about the body of a. coach is have struck again. always a devastating experience for the rangers because south africa faces a big future without its wildlife. thirty minutes.
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and if you are his face. yes when official information as attorneys i have walked off the streets a name you can trust and they have problems are always the same fourteen the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human scene or my through phones who have inside to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and part of.
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this is deja news live from berlin a groundbreaking diplomatic encounter arab league and european union leaders meet for their first ever joint summit forty nine heads of state and government are in the egyptian resort of sharm el sheikh to talk peace politics and mutual cooperation. pope francis condemns the sexual abuse of children in the roman catholic church and in water society at about a consultant francis says the church would make protecting children is highest priority but some victims say nothing concrete was decided to.


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