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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2019 9:30am-9:45am CET

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social media is quite as critical as it. seems of yours are. not down the street they are women or changing the meaning of. digital. storage marching on g.w. . foldable folds at five g. those are the number one game changes in the tech industry after the moment where the world mobile congress in barcelona to find out what really is the next big thing. also coming up meet against the god now of los angeles and his radical ideas about feeding the sprawling city is least lost and left behind. this is the business i'm good how else was in berlin welcome but first we go to
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asia where markets are up across the board that's after u.s. presidents donald trump said he was postponing a new round of tariffs on china scheduled for march first china's stock markets jumped by over five percent with the shanghai composite index gaining five point six and shares on the shans and com said jumping by five point four percent investors are increasingly confident that a comprehensive trade deal between china and the u.s. could now be within reach. so let's talk about this have to bring in our financial correspondent color of business standing by in frankfurt correct that's quite a significant jump there on the s.s.i. is that all just from story. it's. well you know if the united states and china increased those terrorists from ten to twenty five percent chinese exports would likely decline by around about one hundred and seventy billion
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euros so of course the fact that the governments of china and the u.s. continue that talks that the terrorists will not be increased at least not for now is a huge relief for businesses in china and of course also for investors now people of the markets are discussing what the motives of the plant administration might be is this all deal making you know the art of the deal or does trump know a little bit more about how much the u.s. economy has been impacted so far by the tariffs this week we'll get an update on the u.s. g.d.p. and it's expected not to be looking good. you know it will be an interesting week. this this week to stay where you are we going to come back to you in a moment moment it's going to be a very busy five days with lots of interesting stuff on the horizon let's have a look at the week ahead. for a trade deal will continue between the u.s.
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and china now that donald trump has pushed back the deadline for an agreement trump also meet with north korea's leader kim jung un in vietnam and especially asian markets will watch that very very closely because a further thought between the two sides or even tangible steps towards deano care right denuclearization will have a significant effect on stability in the region in britain regarding briggs's prime minister may is to update parliament on that process report reporting on progress rather in talks in brussels than the federal reserve chairman chairman a j a powell will deliver his semiannual address to the senate banking committee on tuesday and will discuss the state of the u.s. economy there as well also as a host of economic data coming out in the us not mentioned that we have to have fourth quarter g.d.p. we have consumer confidence confidence figures and manufacturing figures those of you on the fire let's bring back in frankfurt kind of what else is on investors'
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minds today. well today here in germany a lot of focus will be on the news from the united states where a buyer you know the german pharmaceutical and chemicals company is facing another challenge another courtroom at this second case. that buyer has to deal with in the u.s. will also be about this herbicide round up that contains this chemical you know life is a which is said to cause cancer remember in the first case about life as a buyer was had to was convicted to pay two hundred eighty nine million u.s. dollars this amount later was reduced to seventy eight million and of course all this the discussion about life to say it has been weighing heavily on the stock price for abuse in frankfurt thank you.
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the mobo world congress as the world's largest mobile communications trade fact kicks off in barcelona today last week the world's largest small from producer presented a sensation a phone that unfolds too for a tablet but now china swallow it says it's gone one step. away says the mate x. is the fastest foldable five g. phone in the world. it appears to be a well thought out design to. the screen folds back to become a six point six inch display bigger than the screen on the foldable phone samsung unveiled last week but the while away device won't be out till at least june those who can wait will be deep pockets and not just to fit the phone it will cost twenty three hundred euros in europe and in barcelona its look don't touch the five point
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four millimeter thin phone is only on display behind much thicker plexiglas. feel things down a axes and the outside amazing amazing me and the cuts that shape. that it's nice to hold political and design i think it's a very useful and i think. too expensive for these device it's not ready it has a lot of failures i can see right now it is little. i think for the end product when they release the brought it is going to be ready it's another chinese manufacturer royal that thinks of itself as the trend setter here it already sells foldable smart phones in europe they cost just under fourteen hundred euros. these all are flexible screen you can take a screen full of all candy so that you can have
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a post the poll the baby teeth and also. a lot of schooling we're experience so we totally changed the way we sold the traditional design the smartphone people more of the zine rooms you know way shoots a smartphone but it's huawei that's the star of the show today the company is going big on five the future mobile communications standard that will see all sorts of home devices connected to super fast internet for now huawei is concentrating on flashy displays and while the company's president has rejected u.s. warnings that the chinese government can use its technology to gather intelligence here at the show it prefers to dance around the issue. and the has been the presentation of the really dancing around the issue have they they address the spying charges that. yeah it was the big elephant in the room yesterday at the product presentation everyone
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really everyone in the audience was talking about it about the cybersecurity issues except for who always saw the questions are there kill switches you know is the company going to sell out its state or to give it stated to the chinese government and there was no. a word about that any their way except for later when richard you was pressed about this by journalists he said we would hurt our own business if we gave away the state we would hurt our own business so at least for the consumer brand that's the stance who weighs taking seem to have a little bit of trouble there with our connection. still let me ask you is the. dominated by gadget is that the same this is that the top top pick. well with the foldable phones we're finally seeing something new in the smartphone
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world rather than just you know square blocks which is has been for quite a while now there's there's some innovation there but of course also the network's five g. the fifth generation of mobile networks is has. people here are really in a euphoria because they assume what that with this high level of data transfers and with this high level of connectivity there's a lot more money to be made that will make it possible to have autonomy as cars driving and connect really everything from you know the smallest to the smallest thing to even human bodies and definitely something that we need to give you for next appearance in barcelona so that we don't have these technical issues. in bus a lot of.
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south central los angeles is one of the most the tour has neighborhoods in the whole of the u.s. war has got away local businesses will soon find liquor stores weapons shops and fast food restaurants then organic apple it's home to fun good nutritious food in what's known there as a food desert but one man there is bucking the trend they call him the gangsta guy . ron finley comes from the neighborhood of south central los angeles a place with few grocery stores and no organic food by trade finley decided to design neighborhood gardens but why call it gangster. i mean i got into a lot of trouble because of this you know i almost got arrested because of my garden you know but mama thing is you don't have any healthy food here don't stop me from putting you. know the change change change change this or much change. finley compost says leaves and collects coffee grounds from
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a local diner an army of worms turns it all into fertilizer replicate the forest the result is an organic jungle with vegetables and fruits in various stages of development. the bottom line is i want my i want my food not local i want my food hyper local ok i want to do like this you know. this happens i have a limit in my handbag that's how i want my food like that. because it's. l.a. might be known for hollywood and its clytie wealth but more and more los angeles residents find themselves homeless and living on the streets of the city in makeshift tent villages these residents as well as others from long neglected neighborhoods have little or no access to healthy food there are plenty of fast food restaurants but these people live in the so-called food desert. one thing is
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for sure growing one's own food assures good quality and saves money ron finley hopes that gangster gardening will catch on with his neighbors and community but until then if you're looking for a gannett food in the middle of south central los angeles ron finley the gangster gardener might be the only game in town. is a gang i really like and that's it for me and the busy. steve here in berlin a lot more business news i'm background stories on our website w dot com slash business and do follow us on facebook. and on twitter they should all right do state you know. both of us stop thanks for this picture global markets.
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the euro the. how much learning material can you retain. look at him for taking. that in its place. yuki is professor you can hunt because assistant at philips university of my book in germany punk is known as a digital teaching pioneer and one of the first professors to have a humanoid robot assistant the professor uses an interactive teaching approach which is made possible by you.
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think. you're. going. to be a number one. it's the state just after seven am at my book university thursdays always start early for your going hunt and patrick hines this is yuki's work day and he needs to be woken up. to go out. on. this issue and.


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