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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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social media is critical critical incident over. the. long. history of our rights are not only for discussion. they are women for change a good moral already. digital. storage portrayed on g.w. . this is d. w. news asia coming up on the program toxic home brew after a deadly incident in india we take a closer look at the dangers of bootleg alcohol and addiction plus. the north koreans building a so-called socialist utopia with their bare hands a pride of kim jong un's the defectors say it's anything but heavenly. and
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okinawans have had their say on the future of this u.s. military base but it looks like their decision won't change the government's relocation plan. i'm melissa chana thank you for joining the program great to have you with us bootleg alcohol across asia millions drink it every year it's much cheaper than commercially produced equivalents so home brewed alcohol is especially popular among poor communities but it can kill people in india this weekend one of the deadliest mass poisoning has happened with more than one hundred fifty workers in assam state dead after drinking toxic liquor with scores of people still being treated in the hospital some in critical condition did the death toll could still rise government data shows that each year around one thousand indians die from
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illegally produced alcohol suggesting the weekend's tragedy is far from an isolated incident but a public health problem. overwhelmed medical staff at this hospital and a some state forced to administer help on the floor hallways tunde into makeshift wards. the latest victims of india's illegal alcohol trade complaining of migraines severe vomiting and extreme chest pain. t. plant workers who drank a batch of toxic alcohol late last week now fighting for their lives with their gun and i've never seen anything like it i'm a regular drinker but i've never seen such a horrible incident. in every corner casualties of india's bootleg alcohol industry anti alcohol campaign or see the area on the map for all the wrong reasons. one one six you know what book of out there it's very sad in no other districts have so
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many people died as a result of drinking illegal liquor they have it all and more than one hundred people are still in hospital or whatever look. it's the washed mass poisoning since one hundred seventy died in west bengal in two thousand and eleven and weeks ago more than one hundred people lost their lives in the top of their tainted booze. after last weekend's incident some are demanding change as locals grieve police say they've made ten arrests samples of the toxic white have been sent for forensic testing but just as here won't be enough to solve the crisis industry groups estimate forty percent of india's and you'll alcohol consumption is illegally produced and it keeps claiming lives. joining me now is jacqueline allonby david she's an addiction counselor and researcher in shinai jacqueline more than one hundred fifty people have died what is the national
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response so far. god being available. to work fine and see have been hospitalized is the news of the statistics that there is no public that is responding is yes most of them i don't grant this is a problem which is. this. issue that we just. need. plantations. and. i. just. thought it was for why did i think it only because it was not you know the common for white it never is the thing not there so it is also our damages that it is also very. complicated now is this
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a problem connected to alcoholism or are people just having one drink and getting poisoned to has to do with the production of the bootleg liquor. i would say it is a problem to addiction i listen and i would say that is the alcoholic who feels that i meet god so it can be any problem at all as long as it gets me i so this is an issue related to any should be that some of them i stand before. you know what actually i don't want to cause most of them to have stayed. with me nice solution that works. you know. like you and so does mall a problem and the related do and it should what is the government doing about this problem with bootleg alcohol and what more needs to be done. the government yes very very clear steps in the sense of
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a new venue not eviction the government at the center level on the seats the government also gives the states on these issues which we used but imagine programs and use it to prevention then to do prevention we go from schools to just everyone gets a prevention and when there's not a mental block what does that make sure and now this issue is a problem within the community there so even the communities this issue addressed but my acting is not the problem coming up make this the fault of should need a community based approach bet these significant people in the community should be can but they should be in line and they should be used as the source they should be the. people who are going to convey the message it's so many of these significant people in the community and believe the message it will be a school teacher will be unreligious and the like so in la d.c.
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but in the prevention look at the doorstep jacqueline allonby david thank you and thank you. this week the second summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will take place in vietnam the focus and concern for the world of course is pyongyang's nuclear program but it's also a great p.r. opportunity for both leaders to craft their image of strength internationally and at home kim jong un is keen to show his people that he has a handle on both diplomacy and the domestic economy since taking over the country from his father the young leader has rolled out a series of reforms and he's making sure that it's advertised his latest project is the so-called socialist utopia of some jion a city near the chinese border where workers are constructing a ski resort you know apartments and shopping areas he seems to believe that if you build it they will come but there's more to this utopia the needs the i and some
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detect defectors have troubling stories about the toll it has taken to turn kim's dream into reality. the sun looks kindly on some gian in the opening scenes of this state produced documentary. and this army of workers is building it was. toiling away in snow and ice. falling stones up tall buildings without a thought for safety. as your leaders look on you know. perhaps it's them through some for kim jong un's socialist utopia that helps them endure such extreme conditions. but a defector who worked on the build site says passion for the project is fake that the regime has been struggling to retain recruits as the country's economy gained support. north koreans are not interested in political incentives any more
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such as being a party member or getting medals now they know that they can make money in business or live on what the. people with money don't want to be a brigade members. not a big show for the cameras though one of support these boxes filled with donated coats and blankets and then express loaded with cement heads to sunday on. yet so it's now a destination location for those with no other choice rights groups say an estimated four hundred thousand people are forced to work here putting in twelve hour days for up to ten years. slave labor disguised as loyalty. or unions who. don't take on a poor job they've had to in the north korea's brigade is doing it as modern slavery. they receive. which don't even have basic
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nutrition. so that she and the reports of such human rights abuses are cited by the u.s. in sanctions levied on north korea. but the work appears to please the supreme leader determined to finish his show his city no matter the cost no known. analysts say some gian is both a vanity project for kim jong un and an example of a genuine desire for economic change and growth sanctions have hurt north korea's economy and kim will likely want to negotiate with trump over them this week and to japan now residents in the southern island of okinawa have overwhelmingly rejected a plan to relocate a controversial u.s. military base more than seventy percent of voters opposed the proposal to move to ten my air base to a less populated part of the island as reported last week opponents want the base moved all together but the government has said that the vote was non-binding has
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vowed to press ahead with construction plans. need to be. to much north american gun it has been more than twenty years since japan and the us agreed to completely relocate for ten months and it hasn't yet been realized but you were there we cannot postpone this any further we have held talks with the citizens of all canara for many years and i would like to continue to promote dialogue and i hope that the people will understand what i would like to deal. tokyo may have the final say but i doesn't mean the referendum won't matter in the court of public opinion nationally japanese support the people of okinawa there's more online on our website u.w. dot com for slash asia and don't forget to check out d w news on facebook as well. sticking to japan we'll leave you now with pictures from the annual plum blossom
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festival in kyoto about one thousand five hundred plum trees are now in full bloom at the kitano ten mangu shrine and shinto priests made offerings of the flowers at the main shrine to see you next time.
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birth. home to use of species. we're seeing. here those are big changes and most start with small steps and big global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. to use the country to. bring your solutions and a force to action. community interactive content teaching the next generation took such action. using the channels available to inspire people to connection and were determined to bring something new to the next generation. is the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and on line. one tweet on sunday and stock markets brief a sigh of relief donald trump said he will delay tariff increases on china thanks to productive trade talks also on the show foldable phones and five g. those are the number one gain changes in the technology industry or add to the
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world mobile congress in barcelona to find out what really is this year's next big thing. hello and welcome to business asia i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us and what a dream start for equity markets today from asia to europe stocks are up after u.s. president dollars trump says he was postponing a new round of tariffs on china scheduled for march the first. investors increasingly confident that a comprehensive trade deal between the world's two biggest economies could now be within reach. the shanghai composite closed up five points. six percent marking its best day in almost four years shares in china have gained over twenty percent for the year now officially trading in a bull market that after u.s. president trump said he would postpone a march first deadline for tariff i can china imports he says reason trade talks are going well everybody it's really been terrific a whole.


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