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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2019 12:45am-1:00am CET

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trade's and why you should put the tin drum by nobel prize winner. on your reading list. and we catch up with berlin based illustrator can't mention crews worked with some of literature's real heavyweights. but first the oscars are the really big deal today and a lot happening there i'm joined by our film expert scott rush progress looking none the worse for wear for the long night. it was about telling. you how surprised were you at this win for green book yeah i mean if you're going to design an oscar winning film green book would take a lot of the boxes because it's a lot of story to feel good story about overcoming racism through the power of friendship. it's also a true story which is come hollywood loves as well in this case it's based on a real man who is a racist to tell you the american play by the film becomes the chauffeur of a very successful black musician and together in one nine hundred sixty s.
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segregationists. in america they travel through the southern states and. i describe it and you briefly probably say it's a bit like driving miss daisy except in kate instead of morgan freeman being the chauffeur just it handy in this case you have a white man doing the driving ok so i'm detecting a slight note of skepticism there but we do learn about the actual green book kind of a survival guide for black people traveling in the southern states at the time and so we went to the source to find out more about it. columbia south carolina the deep south musician reggie scott experienced firsthand the dangers that black travelers once faced in the region visitors from the north unfamiliar with the strict racial segregation laws in the south were specially at risk. because you. you have to do anything to be stopped but. they wouldn't consider
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harassing to us to be just serious and stop starting in the one nine hundred forty scots aren't in mother offered lodging in this house to travellers who were banned from staying at the hotels for whites only the address was listed in the green book named for its publisher victor greene and that was the only indication that the cornwell family's hotel even existed. begin to me that. this is a book i will tell you that in the film's white chauffeur frank vellar longer is given a copy of the special travel guide before driving black pianist don surely on a tour through the south the story is set in the one nine hundred sixty s. rich southern whites want to attend the famous musicians concerts but they make it clear that he does not belong to their circle you're looking for they come out here second let me help you it's right out there for that.
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alice broadwater seen here with her son also traveled with the help of the green book. her own copy of the guide has been lost but she hasn't forgotten the discrimination she faced on trips with her husband who was a lawyer it was demeaning that you were not considered a human being. and accepted in a stablish meant that served people in europe paying money you're not begging to stay there. going to eat their room for the film shows how surely is refused service in restaurants he can easily afford and how he is forced to stay at the lowest budget accommodations reserved especially for black people. reggie scott's home is listed on the national register of historic places but he lacks the funds for necessary upkeep perhaps the success of green book will benefit this time capsule of the segregation era american sound.
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so that's got that's going to make a very good airplane movie i just want to get to the point that there's been a lot of controversy quite hefty actually that this film won best picture some very strong words out there on social media and obviously you were thrilled about the choice yourself tell us more about why yeah i guess the problem i have this film it seems really like a throwback it's another story about race is america told from a white man's perspective and we have plenty of those i really think maybe that's not the correct perspective to take perfectly in the twenty first century and we've had enough of these type of films of you know how a white person was nice to a black person the one nine hundred sixty s. i don't know if we need another of those movies i think it's maybe time to have some new perspective new perspective that's what people were after in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen with oscar so white and not push for more diversity in hollywood something that they cademy has really been at pains to correct it seems
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of trying desperately to change what's your take on on this year's crop have they succeeded yeah i mean it's mixed a bit but one thing you do have to have any credit for when it comes to nominations this year they've made huge progress i think we're the most diverse group of nominees ever if you have films like on a black panther or beale street could talk all black cast fact that spike lee won his first oscar finally that is definitely definitely a sign of progress the latest and i mean obviously that this idea of looking at narratives from a different perspective are almost perhaps the best. the. sample is definitely i mean stories are all. personal story of growing up in one hundred mexico but the interesting what he did with that film is telling it from his perspective a sort of a privileged white kid growing up in mexico he told from the perspective of his indigenous domestic servant to actually raised him and by switching that perspective by telling it from a telling a story we haven't seen before that gave the film its power and that's really why i think it's one of the most amazing films of the year and maybe why the academy
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should be given a little bit more recognition and allowed but allowed it nevertheless to beat out a very strong field for the best foreign language film oscar thanks very much scott rockstro for bringing us those background insights. back in one nine hundred eighty the oscar for best foreign language film went to five doss adaptation of the tin drum and the one nine hundred fifty nine novel by has been hailed as the masterpiece of german post-war literature and in our series one hundred german must reach my colleague david leavitt's tells us why despite its whopping six hundred pages every one of them is worth it. and it gets worse. that scream went around the world it's the sound of goods or classic novel the ten drum bitten drama is about oscar a tiny young man with a scream that can shatter glass oscar is born in own hometown and present
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a poland he's born with the mind of an adult. i first saw the light of this world in the form of two sixty watt bulbs with the exception of the obligatory perennial tear my birth went smoothly for closely i freed myself from the head first position favored by mothers embryos and midwives alike let me say it once i was one of those clairaudient and friends whose mental development. complete at birth and thereafter simply confirmed at the age of three oscar decides he's had enough of growing and so he just stops from there on out he goes through life with a ten drought. experience as the rise of the nazis in world war two and the destruction that follows telling his story with a mixture of naivete and malevolence and unreliable narrator who may or may not be
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crazy. when cast published the term drum it caused a scandal no one had written about world war two with such crassness such brutality and such humor it took forty years but finally won the nobel prize by the way the american author john irving has called the tin drum the best novel of the twentieth century. and then there's the movie director for it won an academy award for his version of the ten drama the book and the movie are brilliant but if you read the book you'll fall hard for good authors page turning writing and that is a guarantee. well i can also guarantee you that kept men shake is one of germany's most sought after illustrators pictures are in magazines newspapers comic books and novels and
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she's also the favorite illustrator of the bestselling japanese author haruki murakami and we met up with her here in berlin interested. welcome to the world of kept mentioning where the prize where the literature crime thrillers cookbooks all gardening books her distinctive illustrations turn them all into works of art. with author tillman schleck els and mensch it put a modern spin on old songs as they launch their retelling of the georgia national epic poem the night in the panther skin at the two thousand and eighteen frankfurt book fair. mentioned has illustrated the graphic novel version of babylon berlin was the focus also chance to with illustrating its prequel beat at the same time the t.v. series was shot but men she didn't want her drawings to be a storyboard for it. the kind of illustrating i do allows me the greatest possible
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freedom because the text says in the book in this case the reader can immerse themselves in one nine hundred twenty s. lens through the words so i'm not obliged to draw a tool. on the. death. the result is a book in the format of a nineteen twenties magazine the story is told in the form of an article complete without birches months and illustrations for example a character in the story falling ill is accompanied by pictures of the appropriate medication. they have recently so the most crucial call of my career came from to moment many many years ago the publisher asked me if a i was familiar with more commie and b. whether i wanted to illustrate one of his short stories. and. i was standing in my garden at the time i knelt down in front of my cherry tree and thought a yes i'm familiar with more commie totally admire him have read all his work and
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yes i absolutely want to illustrate it. more a commie was. so pleased he had her illustrate all his stories from then on. the japanese author even signed one of her pictures. in february a cookbook is coming out about her quote desperate attempts despite extreme dislike of cooking to throw something tasty together this book about her garden in brandenburg was voted one of twenty fourteen's most beautiful german books in it meant she tells personal anecdotes with plenty of self mockery for example how she and her daughter nearly poisoned themselves with elderberry juice. and tales of the legendary garden parties she throws every year for over one hundred good friends.
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just saw a copy of that cookbook in a window the other day so it looks like it's worth looking into a copy of cat mentioned lots of fodder for your cultural to do list that is all for this edition of arts and culture you can find out more on this and other stories on d w dot com slash culture that's our website check it out and until next month all the best from us here in berlin and by. the way. good.
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to go. three points and a big confidence boost don't be late because i'm going to pre-game in the stream os. three goes for three points and a big surprise among the women to block the continuing mess some of the blame. the book. the most. modern gives the world's largest police organization the interpol. in recent years it has cooperated with antagonistic students and is a. far cry becomes influencing the super police. how independent are the international criminal cleese really interpol who controls the world police. in seventy five minutes on t w.
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that peter jennings thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the question is you think the future of your country guy not. yet needed to take his grandmother. to eat it's all about ok. i might show join me for me the german fun d.w. . post. u.s. vice president mike pence says told but as well an opposition leader for the choir though he has the full backing of u.s. president. the pair were meeting with regional allies in bogota colombia to work out a strategy to oust venezuelan president nicolas maduro the group said they supported a democrat.


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