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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2019 3:02am-3:30am CET

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rule on whether to drop the prosecution. there are two major developing stories to report tonight in the u.k. for the first time the leader of the country's main opposition party says he now wants a second breaks at referendum and in the minutes wailing crisis the u.s. vice president issuing an ultimatum to the soldiers supporting nicolas maduro abandon your president or else i bring gulf in berlin this is the day. i say to the members of. bettas weightless armed forces. you can choose to accept president quite those generous offer of amnesty. to live your life in peace with your families your country. but if you
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choose the other tab. going to support federal. alternately we'll be held accountable. also coming up tonight we'll go to los angeles and go down the list of who won what last night at the academy awards this and we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is is proof there were longing for for stories like this. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a break sit bomb dropped by the man with the political explosives but who until tonight showed no desire. to even light
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a fuse for the first time since britain began to go she engines to leave the european union and with only a month before breaks it is scheduled to begin the head of britain's opposition party says he now supports a second referendum now this is a major u. turn in the brakes of policy of labor leader jeremy corbett and it is the most powerful boost yet to the possibility of giving the british people another go yes or no to membership in the e.u. now this evening labor's spokesman tweeted this this week labor will put its alternative plan for a vote in the house of commons if parliament rejects our plan then labor will deliver on the promise we made our annual conference and will support a public vote public vote that is the key word. all the talk about that i'm joined now by brits analyst and political blogger john wirth john it's good to
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see you again this is becoming a regular thing now here with his friends and story so we've got the labor party really surprising people here with this this u. turn but do we know what this vote will be on i mean will it be teresa mayes plan or will it be on remaining in the e.u. we're going to get things in the right order. jeremy corbyn and the labor party first and foremost want their own version of bricks it a soft of bricks it's a job we do less damage into the economy that's their first priority they finally realise what has been clear for a long time to anyone who's been observing this will to achieve all their full back position which they finally coming to today is essentially say ok we realise that and now we've got to move to holding a referendum the challenge is going to come when this is going to be voted on wednesday is there a majority for that in the house of commons at the moment i think actually the olds
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are just a bit against it because there are some labor members of parliament who will defy the jeremy called an illness a move refuse to back up people so then this is. what we're talking about then we'll actually have a. difference of those with the it may make some difference in the scheme of things because ultimately we reaching some kind of breaks it and game. called is taking we're down to a month before britain leaves now so i think that this will focus minds on wednesday. and those politicians that refuse a referendum now are going to be put on the spot what is the solution to this how you actually going to find a way out of this is clear that the reason may steel is going nowhere it's clear that a no deal breaks it is dangerous to be economy so what's your solution and the people's vote a second referendum is about the only way of getting clarity in this matter and so ultimately the pressure for that is there for bills you know you see the people's
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vote we use that language interchangeably with the second referendum that would actually be a second referendum though where it's going to be a different referendum in the sense that the previous referendum was was we knew what remain men and there was this vague idea of what breaks committing anyone what anyone wanted it to mean the question then if there would be this circle people's vote is what the question be we don't really. no because would it be to reason may's proposed deal against remaining minutes we could generally join the conclusion from. the axis but suppose that was that was the moment that would be more detailed than the first regular a it's a nut that's a very very important case for such a vote is to say actually you have two propositions and what you would know what each one meant rust however there is also the argument which is made actually this so-called no deal breaks i leave in european union without any any agreement to be put out on the ballot paper there are certain people have put forward a former education minister just in greeting for examples but for the free option
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referendum remain mase deal and a new deal breaks it with a kind of a preference voting between them so let's take everything in any term let's get some of your first whether such a referendum could happen first before we don't go too much into the detail about what the question exactly would be and we know that jeremy gruber he's had problems with members of his own party quickly so how much is this move tonight about killing to ring them up it's very much that as i see it there are two major parties are hearing coping in devi's as an individual he himself leans towards breaks it but above all else he's a party animal he wants to keep the labor party to get up and so the challenge for me is a labor members of parliament let leaving last week suddenly put him on the spot so this idea that that all of his party will just carry on and can consistently pack him the cigarettes from other members of parliament to leave this threat that
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actually that will become a party in its own right and essentially prevent jeremy coleman ever becoming prime minister and that threat i think is focussed his mind and i don't think that without those defections last week that we would have this announcement tonight. john wirth stand by me some more talking to do in just a moment now this was a double brag when me for u.k. prime minister to resign major day earlier the president of the european council he called on me to extend article fifty to avoid a chaotic crash out of the european union but after two days of failed because she with you leaders in sharm el shaikh may dismissed that proposal arguing that it would not solve the impasse over a broad deal i believe it is within our grasp to leave with a deal on the twenty ninth of march it's for me to absolutely clear that there's no majority in the house of commons. to approve a deal i've had a real sense from the meetings i've had conversations i've had with either leaders
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in recent days a real sense that we can achieve that deal we will face an alternative chaotic break that. any delay is a delay it doesn't address the issue it doesn't resolve the issue the less time the . twenty ninth of march the greater the likelihood of an extension and this is an objective fact not our intention that i plan to for i think there is as i say the opportunity to leave with a deal on the twenty ninth of march and that's what we're going to be working on prime minister may. believe that she's able to avoid this. no met in which to be. will show mock him understanding and will do. john worth listening to that it's like watching a tennis match if you will but it just brings home the point that the european
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union is not prepared and doesn't think it has to really change anything substantially to its side of this divorce and listens to reason a there it's as if the defeat that she suffered she lost in the house of commons by two hundred thirty votes the biggest defeat for a prime minister ever in the house of commons. just make statements like that to cement of course that will be a deal that we go through but donald tusk is the one of those true that is being more realistic and that is the reason why the european union doesn't know what it could give. because i think teresa mayes at the moment now about the only one who really believes her deal is going anywhere and the question is only when essentially she's going to be put out of her own misery. somehow war of maybe these amendments about a second my friend well maybe for breaks
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a delay may have mentioned do that but i'm from my point of view that i'm very much with donald tusk i do not see any way the vistula table is going to get through the house of commons and until that looks like it's going to be so why should the e.u. yes very good point was to see what happens in the next forty eight hours in london john was always we appreciate your insights thank you so much you. are now two minutes what opposition leader met today with leaders of north and south american countries in the colombian capital bogota u.s. vice president mike pence was there washington has become why those key backers since he declared himself in the room president in his standoff with president nicolas maduro now this is a key moment for the opposition days after four people were killed and hundreds wounded along but it's one of those border when bureaus security forces locked why do supporters attempts to bring international aid into the country. uming.
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the material regime thinks that blocking humanitarian aid is an achievement that chanting victory that done thing on the graves of the indigenous people who were killed. in the us and reaming became loose with those usurping power in caracas must understand that saturday was an attempt at helping at saving lives in venezuela and that the international pressure the democratic siege has just started . up in m.p.'s. why next guest tonight served eight years as a senior foreign policy adviser during the clinton administration his specialty is latin america and he is a senior fellow at the brookings institution he joins us tonight in our washington bureau good evening it's good to have you on the program mr because i want to ask you what do you make of the situation as it is tonight i mean following the weekend violence today's lema group meeting and warnings from the vice president it doesn't
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change the fact that the military is not changing sides. well i think we're seeing a very important next phase in this conflict and so far we're seeing it stay within certain boundaries but pushing at the edges and in the last say forty eight hours the pressure that mother is facing from the international community from nation to get that humanitarian aid into the country is forcing him to take violent action against venezuelans who are trying to bring this aid in of course he's casting it as an american trojan horse that's trying to foment a coup i think of course with every situation there are two ways of looking at this problem today is very interesting because vice president pence flew to colombia to meet with the in term president one why you know to announce additional
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humanitarian assistance support additional sanctions this time on for governors who are aligned with more doro but very importantly the lima group came out against any use of military force and i think that is where the line is being drawn that the region you're european countries are stepping up to say we need to do something about this but we're going to hold the line and not threaten or use force what you think we have heard countries which is brazil saying that their territory will not be used for each u.s. military action against. the doesn't that speak to the fact that what the u.s. is doing with this is a it is in defect. creating a crisis that even if there is a crisis already these attempts to push this aid into the country are only exacerbating the situation would you agree with that assessment. no i would not i
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mean let's be clear that the crisis is caused five and zero and his policies and there's no i think question about that you have over three million venezuelans who have left the country in the last two or three years seeking relief from the economic problems of their country so the united states approach is to work with other countries and to develop a. coalition to support both humanitarian assistance for vet as well as and outside the country as well as diplomatic and economic pressure to push toward some kind of negotiated resolution free and fair elections under an interim president now in the last few days i think the way the humanitarian assistance has been played i think the trumpet ministrations got a little too far in and using it as a tool without really doing the homework and the diplomatic ordination in
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particular with things like the international committee of the red cross and other countries to make sure that it's not misused to mishandled i think now they're stepping back think they tried of course very much hand in hand with wanting white oh in terms president and i think now they're moving into a more realistic phase ok let's keep the pressure on mother oh build up more of a multilateral coalition on the pressure front continue to support the venezuelan people on humanitarian assistance and let's see where it goes i would also point out that they're planning on taking another attempt at the u.n. and getting the security council to address the venice well a crisis as well what do you make of what the president said today concerning that it's where you live. he's in i'm quoting here he said that now is the time
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for you to make the right decision and then he warned you do not go beyond nicolas maduro there will be consequences for you that is a military threat isn't it. no not necessarily i mean the u.s. is thinking very much in terms of legal measures they can take against different and which they've already taken to block assets of various senior military officials around duros what they're trying to do is high volume the kind of middle group of junior military officers and get them to say you know walk away from the doro and support wydow by the way let's be clear this is pence echoing what himself has said so it is in the opposition appealing to the military and to break ranks with mud doro and join them in this effort
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to return that as well as to democracy the u.s. with pence and sen rubio by the way echoing in a way that point of view in more aggressive language is not helpful i think it's counterproductive actually they need to step back and make sure that the venice whelan's are in the lead in trying to solve their own problems to go on with the brookings institution joining us tonight from washington d.c. thank you very much we appreciate your insights tonight. thank you. well last night's oscar ceremony in los angeles had plenty of surprises best picture was one of them going to the green book a feel good film about race relations in the u.s. britain's olivia colman the best actress for her role in the favorite and this year's ceremony seemed finally to have gotten that memo about diversity.
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british rock legends queen up the ceremony inside hollywood stole the theater off to a browsing start fronted by american idol star adam lambert. the band stayed in the spotlight as ronnie malik picked up best actor for his portrayal of freddie mercury in the queen biopic bohemian rhapsody. this and we made a film about a gay man an immigrant who. lived his life just unapologetically himself and the fact that i'm celebrating him and this story with you tonight is is proof that we're longing for for stories like this oh the vehicle maybe
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i named best actress for her role as queen and in the costume drama the favorite olivia colman said no one was more surprised that her. this is the loneliest. on the list. but the night's biggest surprise was arguably the pick for best picture and oscar to. cream. panned by many critics as racially tone deaf green book story covers controversial ground but its director said it was an important one to tell. this is he's right this is the whole story is about love it's about loving each other and despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are we're the same people. best director went to mexican filmmaker a fun so clear on for his tummy autobiographical film roma a movie that highlights the plight of poorly paid to mystic workers. i want to thank the academy for recognizing
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a feeling center around an indigenous woman one of the seventeen million the mystic workers in the world without works with a worker rights. room also won the oscars for foreign language film and cinematography. and the talk about the stars were going to pull in one of those local stars most angeles intertainment journalist k.j. matthews joins me in the hello it's good to see a k.j. so let's talk about last night a lot of viewers have been saying that last night's oscar show that it felt different from years past what did you think. it absolutely was different number one the ratings are up we're hearing now that the ratings are up double digit since last year which was the lowest rated oscar as you know there was no host so we all wonder well how will a show go on with no host one here to tell you it go shorter that's what happens when you believe that that show summed up in about three hours and i think like
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twenty twenty five minutes as opposed to four hours last time so when you have a show with no host that's what you get a lot less political as well so i think this might be something that they may be on to watch might not might not be the last time we have a show with no host here in hollywood for the oscars yeah i think you may have a point there told me about the big shock of the night when livia coleman won and glenn close did not. oh my god it was just it was it was shocking because if you had read all of the articles in and paid attention to all the film critics everybody pretty much said this was the time for glenn close to finally won an oscar for best actress and that did not happen even the livia home and when she went on stage to get the best actress award for her film the favorite she even seemed to be stunned and she even said you know she
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grew up watching and mired aglen close and you know wanting to acknowledge that yes you're a great actor yes i'm surprised and i think a lot of people were surprised i had some people feel that she was robbed but if you see the favorite and you might understand why you know libya did a phenomenal job yeah that's i mean i've heard you know positive things from everybody about the favorites many many are saying that last night's oscars. showed the world that hollywood finally got that memo about diversity last night spike lee he think the originator of the oscars so white campaign right take it take a listen to what he said about a boring hash tag us so white and the former president of the county or most of the signs sure when isaacs i wouldn't be here tonight they open up the cademy to make the camera look more like america's more diverse now he was visibly moved
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last night it's been what four years since that campaign yes began you know you're not we've been talking about that long but for years and how much have changed in hollywood. dramatically now listen last night alfonzo qur'an one that makes him the fifth mexican born director in the last six years to win best director and last night six black entertainers one is well into categories that you've never seen black equal one which is set design and costume for black panther so there are more black people that won last night than any other time in oscar history so diversity was really out there front and center and happy to see you know of course spike lee give his award that really a lot of people felt was overdue i have to throw this at you the the best picture award going to the green book. that shocked a lot of people as
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a matter of fact and correct me if i'm wrong i've heard that spike lee actually got up and walked out of the obituary of for a moment is that true. yeah that is true he attempted to walk out he didn't get all the way out but he threw his hand up when the winner was announced and he attempted to walk out you know spike lee is never one to bite his tongue he has been saying leading up to oscar day that he was not a fan of the green book and a lot of journalists felt the same way that's why they're bashing it today some people who even said the green book was a good film it still was not the best film a lot of people have a problem with it because i think that it is another story about revisionist history something that tends to gloss over a really painful racist past in american history for black people by making into kind of a comedy but he do one not really staying straight to the history of the story and what happened yeah i heard several people today saying that it was like driving miss daisy but in reverse will be average as a break would you agree with that. i would agree if some you are saying as he
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emerged you know our driving miss daisy two point zero and we don't need three point zero there's the fact that there is so they're saying let's make sure that this doesn't happen again. matthews in los angeles as always it's great to talk with you k j i look forward to seeing you the next time thank you. well the day is really done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at brant off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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pick up. three points and a big confidence boost don comes on. the street. three three points and a big surprise comes to remain complete the continuing mess some of them
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a. pick up. a new summit and a new round of political power. the two sides will have to overcome decades of hostility. stoked by an unpredictable u.s. foreign. holocene regime and a family of dictators united by one obsession getting their own atomic bomb. the kim dynasty. in sixty minutes d.w. . look closely. listen carefully.
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