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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2019 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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the fighting in yemen past the country starving where do the weapons come from a d w news investigation reveals the source it may be right here in berlin plus the two nuclear neighbors poised to attack each other pakistan and india so close to war tonight we ask who's talking peace i bring golf in berlin this is the day. that is all power and pay homage to india's gallant brave spots. pay homage with a heads bowed. no it is time for india. to sponsor a gun. safety blanket and. i want to assure the citizens of india that the country is in safe hands.
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i said the police and by easy. for their support. i said that a sponsor should be different see for yourself. this false. i have vowed to mother india has vowed to mother india i will never let your head down. it is. too big and getting close to place. also coming up theresa may just may take breaks it into may or june the british prime minister tells parliament if you want to waste your time with more time before brights it this may be your an extension beyond the end of june would mean the u.k. taking pot in the european parliament election it's. kind of message boards that send to the more than seventy million people who say it's a. the. free. to
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our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day on the trail of the weapons used in the war in yemen where do the bombs and bullets used to kill civilians and starve entire villages where do those weapons come from d.w. news investigation code named hash tag german arms reveals many of the tools used to kill are made in germany so by germany and for germany's government so far leading politicians are saying that this is all news to them. in yemen's brutal rule it's the civilians who have bearing the brunt thousands have died millions on the brink of starvation. i think the dominant calls has been the saudi coalition the fact that it keeps bombing civilians and civilian
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infrastructure despite having the best weaponry money can buy. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates up both fighting in yemen and it's here at this arms fan abu dhabi that they're shopping for the latest lethal technology both among the german arms industry's top clients but belin has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german made employed in yemen. i'm not aware of it we have in our coalition agreement let down so i'm very strictly rules for export of military weapons to parties immediately and directly involved in the german conflict it is now being implemented i have not heard any news about it so for. germany prides itself on these strict export guidelines which ban the sale of weapons to countries involved in armed conflict. but d.-w. and its investigative partners report stand magazine lighthouse reports and belling
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cut trawled loads of phidias photos and satellite images and found evidence that german weapons sold to the emirates and saudi arabia oh in fact being used in the yemen wall in the air at sea and on land. this is a german made warship in the port of market in yemen it's one of two minds sweepers sold to the emirates satellite images repeatedly showed german made vessels in the eritrean port of a sub sub is a main base for the naval blockade of yemen which has led to widespread starvation . this is a convoy of foreign mercenaries in yemen fighting for the emirates in the convoy a german built weapon station mounted on vehicles. these fighters are dancing around the wreckage of a saudi arabian tornado combat jet which crashed in yemen tornadoes have many
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german component woodman's that exported to saudi and he writes that makes a big it kicks against him in use is that it is the tools of study and interest to kill the many so i'm calling the west all the mystery and countries to stop selling weapons to saudi. back at the defense for the iraq he signed weapons deals worth more than five billion dollars many of them with western companies and those arms to could end up in yemen brutal conflict. and i'm going north to be table by my colleague and we can read she worked on this story we want to point out naomi that berlin the german government they imposed a weapons export ban to saudi arabia after crown prince mohammed bin salman was implicated in the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi right at the saudi consulate in istanbul but the weapons that we're talking about tonight when were
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they exported well that's quite a mix some of these weapons were ex filleted in the ninety's and eighty's at the tornadoes we saw quite a few of them were exported off at the start of the war off to twenty fifteen including helicopters patrolled. warheads right assistance you know the whole lot the list continues so these were exported well into the yemen well welcome to all the atrocities that have been documented into the footage of starving children that you see so that's important is that we're talking about weapons that were exported recently and also of course weapons that were exported decades ago in what kinds of restrictions are usually in place when we're talking about exporting weapons to the middle east yes i mean the german government prides itself on what it says are very strict export guidelines. which forbids sales and so the country is firstly involved in armed conflicts and on top of that the coalition government last late
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last year signed an agreement which also forbids weapons exports to countries involved in the yemen war so in theory none of these exports should be happening but they're still continuing to happen as places to mark tobin last year the government agreed sales to the united arab emirates and so i mean we can say that the german government chooses to ignore the guidelines when it feels like doing it and it's important also to say that these guidelines are not legally binding so if it wants to know the guidelines the german government can to say a little bit about the report here your team work you did german weapons military equipment being used in germany despite the government claiming to have any knowledge of german arms in yemen how did you do that we spent hours and hours trawling twitter and facebook and youtube and google earth literally looking for needles in the haystack and when we tried to locate weapons and videos we then
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compared them with other weapons systems and then what we did was we tried to do locate them if we could do locate them i.e. find where exactly this is a real number know so for example say these this weapon system is in this video is clearly. part of aden for example and hold data thereby definitively prove that these weapons were in fact in yemen and we we followed those of different leads some some leads we couldn't actually prove we did it it's been reported for a while now that german weapons are being used in yemen so what is different about the research that your team did well when the scale i mean we managed to prove that in weapons and components too so i mean a lot of big weapon companies are multilateral so we're talking about german components. of these weapons being used in the land and on the ground so basically in the attire that's happening in yemen at the moment and also we were
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able to produce some of these weapons i mean this talk of german to nato is that how german components be used by the saudi royal air force and we have had proof of this and you've presented your findings to the german government what's been the reaction not much so far i mean leave it there what's in this report for example they just declined to comment on specific weapons system but i mean we are expecting some kind of reaction maybe to maria writes and we can read as always you time tonight thank you. both from the weapons used to wage war to threats of starting yet another war tonight india and pakistan are closer to a military conflict than they've been in almost fifty years pakistan has summoned india's ambassador in response to indian fighter jets hitting targets inside pakistan india says the targets were terrorist camps and that the strikes killed
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hundreds but pakistan denies any casualties and says it reserves the right to defend itself tensions have been growing between the neighboring nuclear states since forty indian soldiers were killed in a militant attack in kashmir two weeks ago. jubilation across india as news of the airstrikes emerge there have been growing impatience to avenge a suicide attack against indian soldiers in kashmir earlier this month as delhi announced it had targeted the militant group that claimed the massacre celebrations are roughed it throughout the country. according to the indian government a large number of militants were killed after its warplanes struck a training camp near the pakistani town of balakot the town of some fifty kilometers from the so-called line of control the ceasefire line that is the de facto border in kashmir if confirmed it would be india's deepest cross border raid on pakistan indicates. new delhi says it launched the airstrikes because it
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had intelligence that the militant group was planning further attacks. the government of india is firmly and resolutely committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the minutes of terrorism hence this nonmilitary preemptive action was specifically targeted at the junction moment. but pakistan is disputing india's version of events in a tweet the pakistani military confirms that india violated the country's airspace but tonight there were any casualties. in response to the incident pakistan's prime minister imran khan called an emergency meeting to discuss further steps islam about accuses delhi of putting regional peace and stability at risk in a bid to gather support ahead of india's general election once again in government . want to do with their. lives. differs.
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from. what mr. stability. created with whatever the real motivation behind the raid pakistan's military is already planning retaliatory measures now it is time for india to vote for other sports the response to the gun. at the point and time of our choosing theyd over civil military leadership decides and it is as a matter of fact has decided it is your turn now to vary and go to the force of race. words of defiance ignored across the border at a campaign rally in raw just on indian prime minister in iran dr modi assured his followers their country is in safe hands. so what could happen next to talk about
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that i'm joined now by michael coleman he's an expert on south asia and deputy director of the wilson center in washington d.c. that's where he joins us tonight from washington mr kuhlmann welcome to the day tell me in in your opinion what happened today is a pakistani retaliatory strike is it guaranteed now. well i actually don't think it's guaranteed clearly for political reasons the pakistani leadership had to come out and talk tough and threaten retaliation and it certainly is a possibility but at the end of the day i'm not sure what options the pakistani military has the pakistani pakistani conventional military capacities are much inferior to those of india's so if pakistan were to say launch some air strikes on the in the administered side of kashmir that could rig risk a very this would destructive indian response and if that happens and you have to start worrying about nuclear scenarios so i think that we'll hear
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a lot of tough talk from the pakistanis they may do other types of punitive moves in on the diplomatic level such as recalling it their ambassador from new delhi but i don't necessarily think we're going to see any type of military response from the congress not at least not imminent you saw this coming just last week you wrote in foreign policy that the world should have seen this coming in your piece we've got a segment here we want to show our viewers you write still so long as pakistan continues to provide space and other forms of succor to terrorists on its soil kashmir will be vulnerable to terrorism pakistani state support invariably makes terrorist groups stronger the stage is set for a confrontation the mode of government is under great pressure to retaliate islam will not back down easily he was to take all that together it does lead us to the
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question what has to happen then for islam abroad to back down. well i mean i think that there's going to be a lot of international pressure on both sides really to try to defuse tensions and there's certainly a country like the united states i think quietly supported this this military strike by india because it believes that india should be able to act in self-defense but you know the united states germany you know all responsible countries across the world they do not want this these tensions between india and pakistan to escalate into some type of conflict i mean the last thing the world needs is a war between two nuclear armed rivals i mean we know that in the end pakistan of thought multiple wars but that was in the past before they became nuclear weapons states which happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety i think that there will be some some pressure not just from countries but from the likes of the united nations to try to get the two countries to walk it themselves back from the brink
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it's going to be tough it's going to be a very tense few days i would think and we can't rule out a retaliation by pakistan but i do i would like to think that this will settle down in due course i'd like to ask you if there are eight taliban link to this by and is today you tweeted that if you days ago islam a bad war and that an indian strike in pakistan could affect u.s. talks with the taliban will that strike you as you noted it has happened and u.s. taliban talks have been happening in qatar do you think there's a link. well there is because of pakistan and this is this is why the u.s. has a real difficult balancing act here and wants to support india wants to support india and taking these measures to out of self-defense and to deal with the terrorism problem faces at the same time the u.s. is really looking to pakistan to help bring the taleban to the peace table because the u.s. is engaged in these talks with the taliban to try to launch
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a peace process to end the war in afghanistan and that is the chief u.s. goal in south asia these days and that is to find a way to get a deal with the taliban that will allow the united states to withdraw troops from afghanistan that's one of president trying his biggest goals and the pakistanis have indeed said that if there is an indian military strike in pakistan that would quote affect. these u.s. taliban talk so the question now is was that just the bluff by the pakistanis are no good the pakistanis decide to stuff or operating and essentially try to dissuade the taliban from talking to the united states so there is that link for sure michael holmes in with the wilson center in washington d.c. mr goodman we appreciate your time tonight and your valuable insights thank you. thanks for having me. on the vatican calls the news painful australian cardinal george pell has been convicted on five counts of sexually assaulting children that makes him the vatican's former treasurer the
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highest ordering member of the catholic church to ever be found guilty of pedophilia hell says he is innocent or news of his conviction comes just after the pope's historic summit on child abuse in the church the timing is a stunning coincidence or as some believe divine providence. god will make. i do cardinal george pell was heckled as he left his latest court hearing in melbourne for now he's free but people outside the court were calling for a tough sentence. that catholics and did poorly a week amman that he be excommunicated from the kids george pell is amongst a of freak he has to be child not high in detention none of these thirty we just we want to seeming child we want to see him for all i help. a jury found that tells sexually assaulted two choir boys in
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a melbourne cathedral in one thousand nine hundred ninety six the unanimous verdict was handed down on december eleventh but due to a suppression order reporting is only now being allowed a previous trial resulted in a hung jury tell has always denied the charges peters and simple. i'm innocent of these charges of the photos. the sexual abuse is to me. palace on leave from his role as treasurer the third most powerful position in the vatican. he is also australia's most senior catholic cleric. and. pope francis has in the past praised for his response to abuse but his conviction is another stain on a church whose leaders are accused of failing to deal with child sexual abuse within their ranks. well media coverage of george pell's case was subject to
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a new zimbardo so why did the judge issued that order to put that question to correspondent roger maynard who has been following the case for us from said well the suppression order was imposed because there was a second case involving george bell due to a in law. involving separate charges of sexual abuse and it was felt that the first trial if it was reported that it might change the case it might have some kind of effect to look at the jury in a second trial therefore the judge decided we better to impose a suppression order so that none of the evidence in the first trial would be made public but of course that all changed today when the suppression order was lifted the australian public at least were given the look at unity to see what what will the allegations were against well and what his reaction was.
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for british prime minister theresa may has said repeatedly breaks it means breaks it but it could also mean more time may has taken a step that some people say was inevitable she told parliament that it will get a vote on delaying the date that britain leaves the european union now that if parliament doesn't back the brakes a deal that she's negotiated with the e.u. the deal parliament has already rejected by the biggest margin in the history of modern british politics as won by turned pro european member of her party but said she has given us a date for a new cliff edge this from the parliamentary debate on tuesday taken what if the house having rejected leaving with the deal negotiated with the e.u. then rejects leaving on the twenty ninth of march with our withdrawal agreement in future frank the government will on the fourteenth of march bring forward a motion on whether condiment wants to see a short limited extension to article fifty. and if the house votes when extension
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seek to agree that extension approved by the house with the e.u. and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension. yeah i've lost count of the number of times the prime minister has come to this house to explain a further delay so they say mr speaker history repeats itself first time as tragedy second time as far as by the umpteenth time it can only be described as grotesquely reckless here this is not desiring it's a deliberate strategy to run down the clock. the prime minister is promising to achieve something she knows is not achievable and is stringing people along you know what about labor my colleague at mass asked labor member of parliament ben bradshaw for his reaction. so ben bradshaw you've campaigned for
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a second referendums there is it all going your way well i'm very pleased with the announcement that jeremy corbin has made it's something that a number of us have been calling for for some time i think it really changed the dynamics of this whole process it doesn't mean it's certain we will get another referendum we have to win a majority for it now in parliament but i certainly think it gives the british people hope the majority of whom want to stay in the european union and you've just come out of parliament what's the mood in there to resign may also changing course and possibility of an extension what do you make of all this well it's good that she's contemplating the possibility of an extension for the first time because that has always been inevitable in most people's view but i still think there's very little trust in what the prime minister has to say and i hope that means that this week parliament will take no deal off the table we simply can't take the prime minister's word on trust anymore she's asking us to trust she's broken her word so
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many times before she's. caved in to her extreme hard right breaks it is so many time before that i hope an off of her own ministers and m.p.'s along with the opposition parties will force her to take no deal off the table this week do you think that realistically there is any chance that rex it will actually not happen in the end i do i've always thought that there's a good chance that breaks it wouldn't happen because when the british people who are known to for anything for their common sense saw the reality of bracks it they would think differently from how they thought in twenty sixteen that is now happening all of the opinion polls show a clear lead for a main if there were another referendum and when people are given the choice between to reason may's deal and the deal we have at the moment the status quo inside the e.u. that wins easily there are a lot of people who just want to get wrecked it out of the way and also a lot of the labor voters who really really want to leave the european union i mean how can you get them running to your opinion there is a minority of labor voters who want to leave the european union but when you ask
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them what their list of priorities are in their lives europe comes very low down that list and for those who say they just want to get breaks it over and done with if we leave at the end of march under the prime minister's deal this argument this controversy this political wrangling is going to go on and on for years because the main problem of mrs may's deal is it says nothing about the future relationship all of that is still to be negotiated so people who want this out of the way they should support another public vote and let's keep the relationship we have at the moment that will put the end to the matter and britain can get back to normal and face the real challenges our country faces pen pressure think you very much thank you. well the day is almost on the cover so she continues online to find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at for golf t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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china's new gateway to be indian ocean kuantan this country stunning port city lines only new so grand. chinese ministers are building infrastructure when there was none brought out of the new silk road connector so we're friends we're in the to lie down is flourishing yet it's not just gun happy about it. three thousand next d.w. .
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at who will win their school we believe that renewable energy play an important role in the future. look closer to the geopolitical must be shown starting march eighteenth on t.w. play. welcome to global street thousands today we made a social entrepreneur using cullen airy delights to tempt young indonesians back into farming but why.


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