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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin donald trump says he hopes for great things from his hanoi summit with kim jong il and the u.s. president has been visiting his vietnamese hosts before he talks later today with the north korean leader can the to make progress towards peace in their second summit in less than a year also coming up an investigation by the w. shows that german weapons are being used by militia groups in yemen's civil war this despite claims by the german government that weapon sales in the middle east
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are strictly control. plus incumbent muhammadu buhari is declared the winner in nigeria's presidential election after a trouble with allegations of widespread irregularities. hello i'm terry martian thanks for joining us we begin in the vietnamese capital hanoi where u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un are just hours away from kicking off their second summit in less than a year the leaders are expected to have a brief one on one meeting later tonight donald trump began the day with talks with vietnamese present. the two countries signed off on a number of trade deals and trump once again held up the u.s. relationship with vietnam. as an example for north korea trump is pushing john yang
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to give up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for economic development the talks in vietnam some eight months after a historic summit in singapore the first between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. a washington though has set only modest expectations for the summit hinting only that it could loosen sanctions if pyongyang takes further steps to dismantle its nuclear arsenal nonetheless trump is building up the meeting he tweeted. is thriving like few places on earth north korea would be the same and very quickly if it would denuclearize the potential is awesome a great opportunity like almost none other in history for my friend kim jong il and we will know fairly soon very interesting well
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d.w. correspondent joins us now from hanoi he's covering the summit there. trump and kim will be meeting face to face today what to expect. well i think terry that meeting tonight that dinner that is a lot about deepening the relationship the personal relationship between the two leaders between donald trump and kim jong un the two only met once before and that was at that summit in singapore last year and they didn't have a lot of time they didn't spend a lot of time together now in hanoi they're taking more time to do that hence that social event tonight the dinner which is preceded by a round of talks and you mentioned the tweet that donald trump wrote this morning and he already set the stage he called kim jong un his friend so he seems to be very interested in a close personal relationship with with king. as well and we're not sure if the anything's going to transpire regarding what they'll be talking about tonight or if
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we're going to have to wait till the event actually ration at the end of the statement at the end of the summit tomorrow terry the first summit john was long on symbolism but short on actual commitments to denuclearize the korean peninsula is there more pressure this time to deliver something of substance. absolutely terry the statement that the two agreed on after the summit in singapore that was extremely vague so i've heard from many sides that they're definitely expecting something more concrete this time maybe a roadmap that spells out concrete steps towards denuclearization that could then be used to gauge progress and to use to hold the leaders accountable because if you look back at the time that has passed since the singapore summit not much progress has been made in the way of denuclearization on the contrary there are reports that
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indicate that kim jong un has pushed pushed forward with his nuclear program and that he's even increased his nuclear stockpile that terry now president trump has been holding up vietnam as a model of what he says north korea could become is the it is the actually playing an active role in these talks well vietnam is the host country of the summit so that they don't participate in the actual negotiations but of course you said it the significance of vietnam really is that it's that it's being used as a potential development model for north korea and so today president trump met with his vietnamese counterparts with the vietnamese president and the vietnamese prime minister and they signed a trade deal and maybe that was also a sign and direction of north korea look this could be something that could be happening to you and definitely that's what president trump said in his tweet he
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said if you do hear arise kim jong il and then you look at vietnam this could be your country question thank you so much for that. in hanoi. as we heard the first summit ended with great fanfare but little substance w.'s bureau chief in washington xander from naaman has been finding out what policy strategists there are expecting from this second round of personal diplomacy. when president trump a north korean leader kim jong un met in singapore last year very good very good there was there was a circumstance but not much stuff. from the accepted if they remained getting nothing in return those are the cia's former deputy division chief for korea considers to meetings and failure to do nothing. since singapore we've had no
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progress whatsoever on denuclearization in fact north korea continues to nuclear as they continue production of fissile material as well as warheads and mobile missile launchers and missiles and indeed they've even expanded and refined the production facilities for all of those components. trumbo obvious his strategy is working because north korea has stopped its nuclear and missile tests and allowed the repatriation of the remains of americans killed during the korean war in return the u.s. president can soak military drills with south korea i decision met with a lot of criticism on capitol hill lawmakers there remain skeptical talks are always better than insults and fighting but. i'd like to see a real agenda for this summit rather than just complacency and there is a danger in complacency when you get sick and something more and more talk and
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hopefully more measurable progress. donald trump desperately needs the recent government shutdown was seen as a big defeat for the president his approval ratings remain low the moeller investigation is closing in and the democrats in congress are blocking trump's domestic agenda in this situation a foreign policy success could provide some relief but for that the you as president has to get more concessions from kim than during their last meeting in singapore it's a high risk said to. worth trying so smart to a former state department official and an expert on korea there are two things he will be watching for there's a possibility that we might see. soaping up until going to washington first singapore idea of normalizing relations i mean it's time that they actually have something more permanent that could be a big announcement the second one on the peace regime on the peninsula i would be
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surprised if there was some kind of a declaration of the end of the korean war or a peace settlement. could you know not truly announce the end of the korean war it would be great t.v. but it wouldn't necessarily mean all that an excellent peace treaty would involve south korea and china and it could take time so whatever brand proclamations are made a real breakthrough will be hard. now to yemen and the weapons used to wage war there the four year conflict has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis german government has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german arms and technology involved in the war but an exclusive investigation by a team of german media outlets including t w news suggests those weapons are being used in the here's a report. in yemen's brutal war it's the civilians who are bearing the brunt thousands have died millions on the brink of starvation. i think the dominant
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falls has been the saudi coalition the fact that it keeps bombing civilians and civilian infrastructure despite having the best weaponry money can buy. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates up both fighting in yemen and it's here at this abu dhabi that they're shopping for the latest lethal technology both among the german arms industry's top clients but belin has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german made arms employed in yemen i'm not aware of it we have in our coalition agreement let down very strict rules for export of military weapons to parties immediately and directly involved in the german conflict it is now being implemented i have not had any news about it so for. germany prides itself on these
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strict export guidelines which ban the sale of weapons to countries involved in armed conflict. but d.-w. and its investigative partners report mentioned stand magazine lighthouse reports and belling cut trolled loads of phidias photos and satellite images and found evidence that german weapons sold to the emirates and saudi arabia oh in fact being used in the yemen wall in the air at sea and on land. this is a german made warship in the port of moscow in yemen it's one of two minds sweepers sold to the emirates satellite images repeatedly showed german made vessels in the eritrean port of a sub. is a main base for the naval blockade of yemen which has led to widespread starvation . this is a convoy of foreign mercenaries in yemen fighting for the emirates in the convoy a german built weapon station mounted on vehicles.
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these fighters are dancing around the wreckage of a saudi arabian tornado come but jet which crashed in yemen tornadoes have many german component wooden's that exported to saudi and india writes that makes a big effect against him in this is that it is the tools of intimidates to kill the many so i'm calling the west all the mystery and countries to start dealing with this to saudi and. back at the defense fair the m.e. raj he signed weapons deals worth more than five billion dollars many of them with western companies and those arms too could end up in yemen's brutal conflict. and e w's naomi conrad who filed that report is with me in the studio now good morning knew me so you've been working on this investigation together with
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a number of other german news outlets you found evidence that german made arms are being used in the conflict in yemen how did they get there. they were sold by the german government i mean we're talking about arms sold directly such as the troll vessels or helicopters but also components say of tornado jets and of other weapon stations so it's a mix of components that were sent via third countries for example through the u.k. also directly and some of them were sold off of the wall started on helicopter. rifles guns a lot of weapons were exported even after the would been going on for several years and a lot of the human rights violations have been documented what kind of restrictions does germany on exporting weapons to places like yemen or countries involved in that conflict. gems got they strict guidelines in theory i mean we have guidelines in sales to countries involved in armed conflicts and early last year
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the coalition pasta agreement on top of these guidelines which explicitly bans exports to countries involved in the yemen was so in theory no no weapons and systems should be exported to these countries but obviously a lot of mean this is what our research shows the german government is making an exception when it comes to the emirates and saudi arabia these are strategic partners very important partners the government says they told us this in the regions and so they're just ignoring the guidelines german government is ignoring its own guidelines you say chancellor merkel government claims it has no knowledge of german arms being used in yemen your team found evidence that such arms are indeed being used in yemen difficult was it to find that evidence finding the evidence itself wasn't that difficult i mean we've basically just used open source material that means we troll twitter and you tube and looked at satellite images on google earth verifying it was
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a little bit more difficult so to verify it we actually had to take eight these weapons so we say maybe just explain a little bit we found a video that showed the tank with a german weapons system on it then we had to prove that was actually in yemen so we then looked at satellite images tried to compare mountain range is how is is roads even rocks beside the road to see whether this actually matched up with satellite images we had and then when we had exact coordinates that meant yes this was a verified proof that these weapons these weapon systems were actually in yemen at the time the videos of the photos or whatever we were looking at claimed you mentioned the vessels have been used you mentioned other kinds of german millet german made military hardware being used in yemen do you have any estimate of how much of german made weapon. actually there in being used in yemen in that conflict now that's difficult to quantify because. definitely play
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a role i think components are incredibly important when it comes to for example the tornado jets but we also have i mean british american even east european arms have been used in this war so yes german arms are important and they important in the air on land and on sea but they're only part of the y. depicted which is that this will could not be full without weston. so there are other countries that also have weapons involved in this conflict but in germany's case to germany the german government has planed no knowledge of weapons german made weapons being used there what is the german government saying about your investigation not so well so far we obviously confronted them with this evidence they declined to comment on specific weapons systems in use in yemen they just reiterated that the emirates are a strategic part about them ports in the region so they've been quite tight lipped so are they still saying they have no knowledge so far yes there we thank you so
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much regulations on your reporting namely conrad from our investigative bureau and you can read his full in-depth report there on german weapons being used in yemen dot com. you're watching the news still to come deal no deal for did les british pm teresa prime minister teresa my throat was another break that option into the mix is it what the u.k. needs to avoid a messy departure from. the first some other news stories making headlines around the world today an indian air force jet has crashed in kashmir killing at least two pilots and a civilian local media are also accusing pakistani combat jets of entering indian airspace in kashmir tensions between the two nuclear powers have been escalating since a suicide attack on indian troops in kashmir two weeks ago there. was truly an cardinal
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for about a can trace your george pell has been remanded in custody as he awaits sentencing for sexually abusing two teenage boys this after a judge revoked his bail hell sentence will be announced on march thirteenth he faces up to fifty years behind bars. u.s. president all transformer lawyer michael cohen has been begun testifying to u.s. congress lawmakers first question him behind closed doors for nine hours later on wednesday he has a public hearing where he'll explore he's expected to reveal new details about trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign exactly so. now to nigeria where mohammad who has won a second term as president despite opposition claims that saturday's election was rigged nigeria's electoral commission formally declared the results early this
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morning showing a comfortable victory for the incumbent bihari took office and twenty fifteen to fight corruption defeat boko haram and overhaul the country's infrastructure. while d.w. correspondent fanny has been covering this for us and joins us now from just she's in front of the a.p.c. campaign headquarters i'm told fani. has been declared the winner of this election what does this mean for nigeria. well basically the jew is facing the same problems the same challenges just like four years ago when the no new old government was trying to tackle corruption trying to revamp the economy increased ability five book arrived so those problems obviously did not go away those problems are still the same but also quite practically here in front of the competing have supporters of a.p.c. you have different reactions of people some erupting in joy over this result but others are angry because just suggested that there was
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a pull to bring people to beyond the economic problems the security challenges that this new government or that and reacted government is facing president rouhani also needs to unite this country that is so split over this result but also is already split beyond religious and ethnic i so you're there at the headquarters in front of the headquarters of the home of biharis party that has been declared the winner is it clear though what biharis main rival in this election atiku abubakar will it's that he will accept the results. so far p.d.p. did not sign the declaration that they are actually accepting this result in fact as you're speaking right now members of the opposition party are asking questions at the electoral commission asking questions especially about the four states that are disputed when it comes to p.d.p. there is a narrow margin in some states about one percent difference but they also claim
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that even more votes cast the sort of polling stations than people who have been accredited the electoral commission is saying to these allegations first of all they're rejecting it but they're also saying they're going to look into these allegations have up for that it's clear they're saying this is the result of a president who haris party won by the six percent and the challenging p.d.p. party and they aren't and it has lost forty one percent of the vote is going to be really interesting especially as the preparing for victory rallies to start shortly what the atmosphere is. and to be not just about to jump but all around the country because as i say the country is split over this result forty one percent of those who cast a ballot today did not vote for president mubarak. in funny finally briefly if you can is there a lot of optimism in nigeria that president bihari in his second term can address the problems that vexing the country. but among
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the voters who support team who still see him almost like as the messiah when you started four years ago the person stands still intact with the personal fight corruption they have the optimism that now is when he is most to actually work on these problems so yeah there is optimism in poll among the voters to vote to deploy him but as i say again the people who did not vote for him up why disappointed because they have hope for a change not because they know it is going to be a magical change if a car takes office but they hope it is going to be a change in terms of a new administration help deepening to democracy it's not the same government being reelected but if the new government has a chance to fight those problems that president rouhani sparty did not accomplish during the past four yes thank you so much. there and. now to the latest turmoil over briggs it british prime minister theresa may has
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made a major concession by telling lawmakers that she supports a parliamentary vote to delay britain's exit from european union mase move comes amid growing fears of economic chaos if britain exits the balkans scheduled on march twenty ninth with out a deal several government ministers threatened to resign if she didn't offer the possibility of extending negotiations. prime minister teresa mayes announcement of a motion to the labor exit is actually the announcement of a series of votes and more votes if parliament rejects the deal she is negotiating with the european union it can vote the next day on whether it endorses a no deal bragg's it and if parliament rejects that the government will on the fourteenth of march bring forward a motion on whether parliament wants to see a short limited extension to article fifty. and if that house votes for an extension seek to agree that extension approved by the house with the e.u.
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and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension. the british pound rose on news of may's motion which called some fears that britain will crash out of the european union in just over a month without a deal some analysts have predicted economic chaos if that happens. several senior ministers had threatened to resign unless may allowed m.p.'s to extend the march deadline and that comes a day after opposition labor leader jeremy corbin supported a second popular referendum on leaving the e.u. if labor doesn't get the deal it wants to get mass spoke to lawmakers on both sides of the divide well it's good that she's contemplating the possibility of an extension for the first time because that has always been the never to be in most people's view but i still think there's very little trust in what the prime minister has to say and i hope that means that this week parliament will take no deal to table he breaks it to us to see did you vote for him to morrow
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which may extend. the time scale on which the european union but at the end of it. we leave at the end about extended period. the motion to allow a delay goes before parliament wednesday injecting yet more uncertainty into a process that has exhausted many in britain and in the e.u. let's get more now from the w's charlotte charleston pill who's been following these developments for us in london and then later the u.k. leaving the european union almost twenty nine is now more likely than it's ever been before and days who are afraid at the prospect of a no deal will be breathing something of a sigh of relief today but it could be short lived prime minister it's a reason may's main priority is still trying to get head deal with the european union through parliament and that's far from guaranteed leaving all options still
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on the table. just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on the w. news u.s. president donald trump has been meeting with his bit and he's hosts ahead of a summit in hanoi with north korean leader kim jong il in their second summit two leaders are set to try and make progress on reducing north korea's nuclear arsenal . and an exclusive investigation by a team of german media companies including g.w. has shown that german weapons are being used by militia groups in yemen and prolonging yemen's brutal war the german government has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german arms and technology being used in the uk. and returning to our top story got hot we'll have the business angle on the kill summit. look at how the business community to diffuse this summit and a possible agreement there in hama and how that could to give donald trump some
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tailwind in the trade holds with china the old us in just less than five minutes of stage.
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a new summit and a new round of political poker. the two sides will have to overcome decades of hostility. stoked by an unpredictable u.s. foreign policy machine mom and a family of dictators united by one obsession killing their own atomic bomb. the kim dynasty. in sixty minutes on g.w. . how about taking a few risks you could even take
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everything that he and thousands of followers are joining us on the streets they are women who are changing the world to bring. the digital. storage march. on g.w. . with talks between the u.s. and north korea set to start in just a few hours we look at the opportunities the business community seems in a successful outcome to those who those nations. and us comic as shift their priorities to adopt a rapid change in market conditions we need.


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