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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm CET

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digital. storage marketing. w. d w news live from berlin and tensions over kashmir soar as pakistan says it's shot down two indian aircrafts a military spokesperson also saying that two indian pilots have been captured the disputed territory is once again at the core of this latest crisis between the nuclear armed to may burst also coming up u.s. president donald trump visits his vietnamese hosts before kicking off the summit
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later today with the north korean leader kim jong un and the two progress toward peace in their second summit less than a year plus a g.w. investigation shows that german weapons are being used by militia groups in yemen civil war this despite claims by the german government that weapon sales in the middle east are strictly controlled. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program a series of cross border incidents has ratchet up tension between nuclear armed india and pakistan over the disputed region of kashmir a video is said to show shells fired from pakistan coming down in indian controlled kashmir near the city of her jury skirmishes have also been reported in other locations along the line of control that divides kashmir now both so. sides also
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say that they have shot down aircraft pakistan says that it downed two indian war planes india has confirmed a loss of one aircraft and says that it downed a pakistani jet none of these claims have been independently confirmed both sides have closed airports and airspace to commercial flights in the region. let's get more now we are joined from delhi by the correspondents when they found the car and from islamabad symbol condé political and security analyst welcome to both of you and simple i'd like to begin with you because the pakistani prime minister imran khan he's been meeting with his security aides what has he been saying. i think this statement came out just less than an article and i made a very clear offer to get into the dialogue which has been his position all who as you have noted that it was an attack in the in in will live on which i started to
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me we are some security forces of this week were killed in the outfield in the suicide bombing oct of that attack when tensions but actually by prime minister was the only in the us i remember on heinrich gramma's in runtime range on t.v. and aust all our intelligence to be shared offered a chance to have a dialogue with this and see if there is some actionable intelligence that added on us to if it is if there is anything that india had that these attacks you know must in mind in pakistan but not that was done and we had a strike in the area in. the night to go. started this whole crisis and it was only a matter of time when somebody action from pakistan would have common prime minister brown had gone on t.v. in saying that there is going to be if an out acts in any kind of. so there are some internal political dynamics also there at play and sonia i'm wondering you
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know what the view is on your side there in india where do people in delhi stand on this dispute i mean is there a sense of worry that things could really spiral out of control. well i think this definitely a sense of worry here given you know these unprecedented aerial strikes by india deep inside pakistani territory and what seems like retaliatory action by pakistan today i think this marks a major escalation between the two countries a real spiraling of tensions between the two countries now india of course has closed off a lot of airspace across northern cities you know close to the pakistani border in punjab in the coach meter valley it has been suspended or reports of mortar shelling across the border residents of either side of the border in austin vacate the homes that are reports of people stockpiling food that everyone feels off often or breaking out so i think the real challenge now is for india and pakistan to
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figure out a way to contain this as the thought things get really dangerously out of control. and you know how about on the pakistani side there where you are because you know imran khan as the leader there is he gaining a hand over the militancy in the region just walk us through those efforts. i think you know militancy in the region is another question but millett seems like box started to challenge if you look at iraq and security policy any kind of any kind of a hand there on the bush that could have been a lot about internal security into an inability challenge of gender ism is a huge thing that we deal on the basis for us it's not just a regional issue it's also an internal issue every every prime minister every new government look at it with the ability and government that will look very hard on militancy china when we've tried to munich and of all kinds of internally also
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dealing with the international community with the with the financing for terrorist organizations trying to you know set up. it's an ongoing going issue and i think he has been trying to do you know i don't that i haven't seen any any break from the cost of any new policy that his government has brought on diligence yet but i you know it's a new government has just started coming in with economic issues and not those things but they're doing as much as you know any government does in pakistan because it's a huge issue and politics also really actually when we look at india sonia because we know that the prime minister narendra modi there is heading for elections later this year how important is it for him politically to take a tough line when it comes to dealing with pakistan. well i think it's hugely important to him you know he faces a really feel sorry election just a couple of months from now there's been a lot of pressure ever since that's aside attack of the of the c.e.o. there's been
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a lot of pressure on him and lots of calls within india for him to take tough action but that i'm not saying who have also you know questioned whether this isn't just political symbolism on his part you know his his need to show demonstrable action in india's spot just before the elections so there is that is that dattilo to how much of this is really playing to the mystical budgets thank you so much fun your son your funny car joining us from delhi and symbol con in islamabad we appreciate it. well now we're going to have to get going and the weapons used there to wage war the four year conflict has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis the german government has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german arms and technology involved in the war but an exclusive investigation by a team of media outlets including g.w. news suggest that those weapons are being used in yemen fears are. in yemen's brutal war it's the civilians who have bearing the brunt thousands have
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died millions on the brink of starvation i think the dominant falls has been the saudi led coalition the fact that it keeps bombing civilians and civilian infrastructure despite having the best weaponry money can buy. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates up both fighting in yemen and it's here at this abu dhabi that they're shopping for the latest lethal technology both among the german arms industry's top clients but bilin has repeatedly denied any knowledge of german made employed in yemen. i'm not aware of it we have in our coalition agreement let down so i'm very strict rules for further export of military weapons to parties immediately and directly involved in the german conflict it is now being implemented i have not had any news about it so far. germany prides itself on these
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strict export guidelines which ban the sale of weapons to countries involved in armed conflict. but d.-w. and its investigative partners report mentioned stand back and see in light us reports and belling cut trolled loads of phidias photos and satellite images and found evidence that german weapons sold to the emirates and saudi arabia oh in fact being used in the yemen war in the air at sea and on land. this is a german made warship in the port of market in yemen it's one of two minds sweepers sold to the emirates satellite images repeatedly showed german made vessels in the eritrean port of a sub sub is a main base for the naval blockade of yemen which has led to widespread starvation . this is a convoy of foreign mercenaries in yemen fighting for the emirates in the convoy a german built weapon station mounted on vehicles.
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these fighters are dancing around the wreckage of a saudi arabian tornado combat jet which crashed in yemen tornadoes have many german components wooden's that exported to saudi and he writes that makes a big effect against human use is that it is the tools of study and interest to kill me in many ways so i'm calling the west all that was doing in countries to stop selling weapons to saudi and. back at the defense fair the m.e. rotty signed weapons. deals worth more than five billion dollars many of them with western companies and they too could end up in yemen's brutal conflict. so let's get reaction to the story we're joined now by your going heart to foreign policy spokesperson for the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. parliamentary group in the bundestag welcome to the program and thanks for joining us and i'd like to begin by asking you i mean we see the evidence there presented
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by d.w. news that that german made arms are being used in the war in yemen it seems as if the german government arms export guidelines have failed in this case right. i think this case needs to be investigated deeply and every state that gets weapons from germany was allowance of the government has to sign and confirm that these specimens remain in the state where they are delivered to and if probably one state misses too to fulfill those obligations as might have be consequences for future. delivery of weapons but as it concerns the situation in german i would remind us all that there is a legitimate need to take government that is fighting against. insurgents terrorists sponsored by iran. against the illegitimate government government of yemen and that there is a coalition of some states that is allowed and asked by the limited government to
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help them to fight against the terrorists and therefore. a total ban on all activity in that war might not be helpful to a solution what we see is that for example saudi arabia is harming international. law involved for so let's talk about saudi arabia tents their activities let's talk about saudi arabia because i mean we know i and i i want to ask you specifically because germany imposed an arms embargo on saudi arabia after the alleged murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul we understand is due to expire in about a week does the government plan to renew the ban. from my point of view we should think about that because until you do that what pete greet on the coalition and the beginning of last year we decided not to delivery deliver weapons to part of states
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that are active in the civil war in yemen but some exclusions we say that some petrol petrol both small boats lightly armed and weapon built in germany can be delivered again to saudi arabia because they are not able to be a player all in that yemen conflict and from my point a few we should think about to come back to that strict but in this case open regulatory that we agreed on in the coalition in march last year. just a few days ago you criticize the grand coalition partners the social democrats for what you called a restraint stance on arms export policy is do you stand by that or you know are you are you rethinking it now that you've been confronted with this information. we have the most strict export regime on weapons all over europe but we need to keep involved in despair we want to have the best equipment for the despair and
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we cannot deliver it and produce and develop that by us own because the number of two is we need to if you therefore we need the cooperation in a moment industry and our partners for example like france expect that we agree on how we handle potentially export demand on those goods in case that we we develop that together we build that together we bring that. and others us to have that and i think it's good to have an agreement between the governments before we stop that cooperation about how we handle this export demand and not only to take up that topic and the end of. the treaty this might harm our relations to others and for my point of view we have to face the fact that to maybe sometimes as us for example like france ask us to robert be
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more moderate in this field i think concerning moralistic standpoint we can do more for peace and good if we convince others to follow. most of us tafe has ticked of regulation in germany then to do all by their own without germany german free equipment of the jumbo industry a think it's not possible to have that you're going heart foreign policy spokesperson for the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. parliamentary group in the bundestag thank you sir if i. well now we are heading to the vietnamese capital one no i where u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un are just about to kick off their second summit the leaders are scheduled to have a brief one on one meeting followed by dinner donald trump began the day with talks with the vietnamese president when truong now the two countries signed off on a number of trade deals and trump once again held up the u.s. relationship with vietnam as an example for north korea trump is pushing p.
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on yang to give up its nuclear weapons program in exchange for economic development the talks in vietnam come eight months after a historic summit in singapore the first between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader believe that he. has been indeed if you correspondent john heartache who joins us now from hundred so fast and trump and kim as we have heard are about to hold this first meeting of this vietnam summit the main talks though we know are due to take place tomorrow so i mean what can we expect to going into this. morning there i'm right outside the richer fuller telling here in the know are downtown annoyed one of the motorcade just pulled up i think it was the president dollars from poor arrived here well what can we expect from this to one on one meeting and then the dinner afterwards for today i think. served mainly for the two leaders to get acquainted with each other again because if you look back
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they only met each other once through that with some eight months ago at that summit in figure poor and back then they didn't get they didn't get a lot of great time so now they'll have a can do to each other again to have a quick conversation some twenty minutes before that before that joint theater that conversation will be one on one just the two of them and their interpreters of course then later for that there will be joint will be joined by a small delegation if you will the president feels like compel you will be there for the u.n. and. and acting cheap and not obey me and him jungle and we'll be joined by kim jung told who is the chief negotiator in these nuclear talks with the un for her north korean intelligence head and also the foreign minister of the agree on real hole in that theater after watching the last ninety minutes they're up today ok so a full program there but you know let's compare it and perhaps contrast what might
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be ahead here to the last mean that they had because that first meeting in singapore it produced a vaguely worded statement what differences will the leaders have to overcome in order to produce something of more substance this time. well i think first they have to agree on what they mean by denuclearization because in the single poorest state greenman that they reach at that first summit said they both agree to denuclearize but they both have different ideas of what that actually means so the u.s. means by it that north korea has to give up all their nuclear weapons and their nuclear production capability and north korea had better kim jong un is that that he that he said he will not use make a prolifer export kind of nuclear weapon so those are all things that concern the future not he didn't say he was going to destroy the nuclear weapon but he already has said that the first thing and then they're going to have to figure out if if they agree on that they're going to have to figure out what steps they might be
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taking though it'll potentially it'll end up in a sort of a tit for tat the united states of course. until last year would say we want completely new theories they should before we lift the sanctions but i think they've come to the realization that that's not going to work so there is there is a possibility that there is that north korea for example will allow inspectors into the country to inspect maybe the destruction of nuclear facilities or something of that kind and then in return the u.s. might lift some of the orient some of the economic sanctions that are placed upon north korea and that inhibits the country from mick anomic development there and heartache in hanoi thank you. now before his meeting with kim trump used a lull in his schedule to comment on events back in the united states media there are reporting that transformer fixer michael cohen will give damning testimony to
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congress today colin will say that trump is quote a racist con man and a cheat from vietnam trump tweeted the following michael collins was one of many lawyers who represent to me unfortunately he had other clients also he was just disbarred from the state supreme court for lying and fraud he did bad things unrelated to trump his he is lying in order to reduce his prison time. that's coming up a little bit later but first a quick check of some other stories making news around the world gyptian state t.v. saying that at least twenty people were killed and forty wounded after a fire broke out at cairo's main train station the fire was reportedly set off by a train's fuel tank which exploded when the train crashed into a barrier. australian cardinal and former vatican treasurer george pell has been remanded in custody as he awaits sentencing for sexually abusing two teenage boys this after a judge revoked his bail hell sentence will be announced on march the thirteenth he
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faces up to fifteen years behind bars. and the british prime minister theresa may has promised lawmakers a vote on delaying the country's departure from the european union that's if they reject her breaks that deal in a vote on march twelfth m.p.'s will also get to vote on a no deal exit from the union may announced on tuesday. emergency crews in indonesia are so rambling to find dozens of people worried in the collapse of an illegal gold mine at least three bodies have been recovered fifteen people rescued from the mining shafts in the north some of these eight profits. to nigeria now where muhammadu buhari has won a second term as president despite opposition claims saturday's election was raked by jury as electoral commission formally declared the results are live this morning showing a comfortable victory for the incumbent who hari took office and twenty fifteen vowing to fight corruption defeat vocal home rom and overhaul the country's infrastructure the opposition says the election was rigged and plans to challenge
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the results in court. so what challenges does bihari face in his second term funny tells us from the nigerian capital. supporters of president gathering here behind me are preparing a rally to celebrate their reelected president and all that money is basically inheriting his own promises that he has made four years ago which is to revamp the economy create more jobs making sure that the stability and security in this country by combating defeating the militant group boko are obvious specially in this stronghold in the north east of the country and there's something else of course waiting to be defeated and that's ripe and corruption symbolized by this gigantic broom the a.p.c. party. p.d.p. party the challenger and that man and his party did not concede to defeat yet they do not accept the results yet so it's going to be very interesting to see how the next hours the next days are going to play out as one part of the country is
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celebrating while the other is this the point of an angry suggesting that for trading has taken place. is funny to char in nigeria now to india's capital new delhi which is home to twenty nine million people and that's the city continues to grow so to does its rubbish problem but a group of artists have found an interesting way of dealing with the city's mountains of waste if built a theme park that turns trash into treasure have a look now at the newly opened waste to wonder. talent it's looking a little rusty so to the statue of liberty the egyptian pyramids the coliseum and the taj mahal. that's no surprise these versions of the seven wonders of the world have been constructed from waste material. the city of new delhi had truckloads of old pipes come pots and disused machines delivered to artists that's
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when the conversion started. we need to use the ward we have and be there fix we are going to do this only if. it is going to be lonely there are not going to be anything else so yeah. they will make broad i. welding mending sculpting what has now been completed involved hyping the so-called waste to wonder will become a major tourist attraction it has certainly transformed the landscape when we started working here we started digging up the floor and we realised it was a landfill site and that's where the horror started you know you're in the middle of monsoons this is august last year and we've been digging it up and everywhere there's just plastic. the theme park is a statement against consumerism food for thought for visitors and it's a place for some to live out their dreams like this local journalist he could
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almost be reporting live from paris all these indian eagles perched on top of the eiffel tower seem to have discovered the. now the french sportswear retailer decathlon has scrapped plans to sell a hit job for muslim women runners following a public outcry the firm suspended the product following a wave of criticism from the public. it was meant to offer muslim women always to participate but french politicians said they're running he just contradicted the country secure values there were threats of a boycott until retailer take up law buckled under pressure from angry activists. don't you need to do your dick is promoting a garment that's actually a confinement it's a women's bodies you know these women should be doing sports but it's supposed to be for the liberation of bodies and excellence this shocks me don't just.
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take up close it has received hundreds of calls and e-mails in protest of the heat up and that staff in stores have been threatened not everyone is offended though companies can women should do what they want and i'm afraid if they can't put this on they'll not do sports. it's a purely commercial decision sports has nothing to do with it why should. this. take up law is still selling the item in morocco while muslim women in france can find he jobs at nike stores the u.s. sports where giant introduced a product last year and keep selling it. quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here in the pakistani army has tweeted that it shot down to indian warplanes after they crossed into pakistani airspace capturing two of the downed pilots this latest crisis between the nuclear arms name first comes after pakistan based militants killed dozens of indian security personnel in the disputed
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territory of kashmir and u.s. president donald trump is about to meet with north korean leader kim jong un in the noise of the second summit between the two they are set to try and make progress on producing north korea's nuclear arsenal. i'm sorry kelly in berlin up next made in germany this.
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