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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 27, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CET

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series. takes his skills to new heights with the. so that was looking good but we're starting with some exciting news on the festival front and i'm joined by my colleague scott ross for our film expert patrick still scott can has just announced the new jury president for this coming may so tell us about yeah i was on. to the four time oscar winning director of one of the everything of babel birdman of the revenue at the level of the phenomenal phenomenal director and i think it's a huge coup for canon i think this is in my opinion the best director working today and it's kind of nice as well because it's sort of a homecoming for a new veto because his very first film amourous paris premiered in can one thousand
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years ago ok so he's got a long history there but judging by the last few years at the oscars there's a real mexican wave that you could almost call it sweeping world cinema is this a plot even possibly to get don't hold trump's ire up yeah it's funny because it's true last six years it's been five mexican directors have won best directors maybe from builds that will finally an american will get a chance to win the best director oscar but no i mean seriously it's it's quite interesting because this generation of mexican directors they've done something very very special and what i think they've done is they've combined one of the european style of cinema storytelling with the sort of american approach to to movie making and you really see it in work i mean you films like morris paris or more beautiful and these films are really much really very much in the european tour style of sanaa making but you need films of puja hollywood movie stars as well
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i mean just like babel with people and brad pitt or michael keaton in birdman the great stand alone. and of course the revenant with leonardo di caprio and a huge bear but so what he's done here is he taking time a very sort of personal european style of. filmmaking and combined with that big sweeping hollywood movie tradition and mantra stay true to both tradition both traditions at the same time so exciting stuff in store for can we're going to stop there just for a moment but i am coming back to bear with me because our next story could make a great screenplay one day nearly every family has its hidden secrets but it's quite extraordinary not to mention scary and destabilizing to see your own parents arrested for espionage german author dirk has just published a novel that was inspired by events in his own family in divided germany a story that says light on the impact of lies and deceit on generations of germans
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. the german spy museum in the center of berlin this man is no ordinary visitor and it's no coincidence that he's come here and is looking at the collection of dead drops dick brown's grandparents were spies they worked in east germany for west germany's foreign intelligence agency and they used dead drops which could be something as in conspicuous as this nutshell to exchange secret intelligence their story took a fateful turn one that had consequences across three generations eventually catching up with dick brown's inspiring him to write his novel. go you know i think every novel is autobiographical in some way and this one is especially so i used the story of my family but only certain details about you know inspiration for my story was the arrest of my grandparents in one thousand nine hundred sixty five this is the starting point of my story. because it's the arrest of the
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pounds in east berlin set the family drama in motion pounds was sentenced to fifteen years in prison and his wife to eight years to india brown's novel those events are the start of a difficult time for martine the couple's eighteen year old son and the author's alter ego. friends and neighbors cut him off and brand mark him as the child of traitors that was what sticks father did in fact experience. he's talked a lot to his son about what happened back then breaking the silence in the family after many years. with the scope of the other things were more important it was part of developments that weren't pleasant but we were relatively young back then i joined the east german army and the other things that were important so it was repressed only in as much as we just didn't talk about it at all we were. espionage can have a destabilizing effect personally in debt but ounce novel to generations never
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managed to reconcile in his life things turned out differently it's what for most of all it was really really nice to work with my father i would recommend that for troubled father son relationships right you know we'll together oprah paths to write one and the best case it will bring you closer together. for many years to put owns like his protagonist martin schmidt suffered under his family's silence about the past it looks as though his novel has given them a choice again. so interesting thought you know and this year of course marks the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall and these stories are still coming out obviously there are a lot of there that have not yet healed yeah no i mean it seems an endless supply of stories from this period i mean so many lives touched by by the cold war i mean what i find interesting about this book is that it's a spy thing by story but it's not style thriller is that quiet very quiet it's very
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very personal really told looks at like the untold stories of all these people whose lives were well started by global political power plays that so many families obviously affected we just saw there in the report the museum here in berlin. an accident to berlin really was in our central throughout the cold war and perhaps still is today yeah i think so i mean now a days i mean maybe the distance are coming not from hungary and poland but from you know turkey or china but they're still ending up here in berlin and the spy services are still following them is still happening here and i think that's also why berlin popular culture is the center for spy stories i mean look at all you know old movies you go way back to this by looking in from the cold you know with with richard burton on the the clinic or bridge the the infamous bridge where east and west crossed over and just and sometimes were shot down by the by the east german military but even in modern day films i mean steven spielberg make bridges
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spies so we have tom hanks taking the richard burton role and going up again on that infamous bridge same sort of settings same sort of approach in berlin and even i mean netflix has the series berlin station which is a modern day story. cia in germany modern terrorism is are the plot lines but it's still set here in berlin so it looks like if you want to do a spy story of some kind this is definitely a good place to start to do have lost its appeal they'll have to stop cleaning it up so. they're thinking about thank you for bringing us that story about the in conspicuous ones as it will be called in english thanks very much scott roxboro well for our series baking bread my colleague. is leading and needing us around the e.u. in twenty eight loaves or rather this time in rolls because this week's project is a bomb and where i'm from it's the perfect base for a basic sandwich or even a hamburger but at home it has a decidedly monarchical flair. in today's episode both baking grant
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will be taking things to new heights in fact we're approaching the summer. not the summit in brussels though today's recipe comes from the alps and was named in honor of emperor of sunset was it the fourth of austria presenting. the kaiser roll. so here's how you make an bacon you'll need five hundred grams of bread flour bakers mult pada sold. fifteen grams of fresh least two hundred seventy millimeters of water and softened butter. need everything until you have a flexible dough. divide that dough into nine equal pieces one for each several state in austria and
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then shape each piece. adding a little pressure here. into football. like one of these mozart chocolates austrians most famous prodigy what's going on my deal small talk took good care of his appearance and that's exactly the challenge if you have kaiser rolls they need to be i can't change just like australia's modern day wunderkind chancellor sebastian cortes. matheson if i actually think you're pointing the camera the wrong way on you tube you get all of europe's youngest national leader has perfected the art of image management. everyone get stage directions. even presidents and prime ministers so what can we learn from courts so first of all. aim for perfection.
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austrian bakers have developed a special way of folding these rolls to create the fancy star pattern but it takes a thousand drawls before you get it right. so let's the number to use a simple about that tie the dough in a knot. or rather tall. that's what the conservative cooks did when he formed a coalition with the far right in austria to become chancellor talk both into the sunda always taking from the far right a small. less number three if you end up tying yourself into many knots reach one of these stands specially made for kinds of rules. closing
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europe's borders was austria to the refugee crisis you need to press the stamp to look almost reaches the bottom if you don't. break for twenty minutes to get the part french kaiser roll they are crusty imperial and if you bake twelve of these starseed creds rolls you know if the entire you so breakfast. and before we go one of germany's most famous folk tales has an anniversary it was two hundred years ago the but even town musicians first appeared in the second edition of grimm's fairy tales to tell the story of a donkey a dog a cat and a rooster who all passed their usefulness but their nostrils refused a life of mistreatment and ran away to blame and become town musicians and although
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they never actually make it there the city orders them to this day on its central square. and not brings us to the end of the program so until next time all the best from us here in berlin and by.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. p.r. new security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names a woman faces it's also about a special advisor i guess this week friend rose the former national security advisor to president obama up to two years of top call while fuz obama's legacy holding up the conflict so for. thirty minutes douglas. sometimes books are more exciting than a real life. brain tumor. what if there's no escape. the church or list the german
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this is the w.'s line from donald trump's former attorney gives congress that damning indictment of us president. he's a racist. he's a con man. and he's a cheat michael cohen unleashed a torrent of allegations the white house says they are all liars also on the program.


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