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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 3:00am-4:15am CET

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the on full gear sunday w. news. this is g w news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump at the center of historic events on both sides of the globe today words as weapons in washington weapons of mass destruction in hanoi in a few hours trump and the north korean leader kim jong un are expected to sign a joint agreement capping their second summit we're looking at live pictures right now of both leaders they have just arrived at the sophie tell her tell where they
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will be holding their talks what if any progress has been made in denuclearizing north korea that's the big question and is there any substance in trump's bid to turn an enemy seen right there into a friend. but in the u.s. capital it's the explosive claims of a former trump friend turned photo that has captured most of the attention michael cohen transformer fixer and attorney telling congress the commander in chief is really a commander in chief. he's a racist. he uses convience. and he's a cheat i fear that if you loses the election in two thousand and twenty that there will never be a peaceful transition of power. i'm
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brooke goff it's good to have you with us it is morning in hanoi vietnam and today both the u.s. president and the north korean leader are expected to tell us whether their talks have brought the world closer or further from the threat of nuclear conflict donald trump and kim jong un are now in the hotel in hanoi where they will be holding their talks today we're looking at live pictures right now you see both leaders seated together and the world of course waiting to find out if both men will prove what most people have been saying wrong will they be able to strike a deal. i think there is a it impromptu press conference taking place right now are we going to go back into the hotel and looks like we just lost that signal ok we lost the signal from hanoi we're trying to get back to that in just a moment but we do have complete coverage despite the technical difficulties beggar
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is here with me he is an asia expert he's going to be sitting here with me throughout our special coverage today and in hanoi busty heart is our correspondent on the ground there plus you let me start with you kind of walk us through what we're going to see today we've got both leaders now at the hotel where do things go from there. ok so as you said and as we have seen they're at the hotel right now and they're talking to the press president trump is taking some questions. giving a brief statement and then they're going to meet that they're going to have a one on one meeting that just the two of them to continue what they were talking about yesterday and then that's scheduled to last some forty five minutes then it's going to be an expanded bilateral meeting to bringing the delegations from both sides in and that's going to be followed by a working lunch at noon and then at two o'clock local time that is there will be an
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agreement signing ceremony and we're all of course waiting to see what's going to be in that agreement if it's going to be any more substantial than what we saw in in singapore where. it was extremely vague and of course a lot of people are waiting we're expecting something more concrete to come out of this summit here and then another interesting point on the schedule is told trump's press conference which is scheduled for this afternoon and that of course will be interesting because for sure he'll be asked a lot of questions about the news coming out of washington about what his former lawyer cohen said about him in that hearing so it's going to be interesting to see if he's going to be equally equally open and equally comfortable as he was last last year in singapore when that press conference went on for a really long time but you know how he handles that today you know speaking of press conferences boston we want to let our viewers know we didn't lose the signal because of technical difficulties we understand that the president kim jong un
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asked the reporters to leap which is what we actually just so happen there in live real time but we do have a sound bite of what the u.s. president said right before the cameras went dark let's take a listen well thank you very much to me. great to be with you again and i'm sure all he hears will be together a lot and that he will also be beginning to. thankfully there are two dealers made we had very good disguises. and even pretty good really very. well a lot of great ideas being thrown out of that i think very importantly the relationship . is very strong and when you have a good relationship a lot of the things happen you know i can't speak necessarily for today but i can say that in a little bit longer term and over a period of time i know we're going to have a big success. are that was the was president there donald trump again talking about the relationship that these two men have been picking from the german council
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of foreign relations and ask you we hear the u.s. president talking all the time about this relationship he talks a lot about that but he doesn't say anything really about denuclearization in the nuclear weapons program that he wants north korea to get rid of how are we to read that. well i mean at this stage she cannot deliver any full results as is expected also in the media the do nuclear is asian can only be something that's at the end of a process which involves security guarantees for north korea which might even involve security guarantees in the whole region and there be a lot of small steps there'd be going to be no negotiated after this event that will build trust between the u.s. and north korea but also involves south korea and north korea and the trust easy a small steps and had there been any steps to speak of since the first summit in singapore last year well there were small symbolic steps being done the remains of
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missing in action soldiers were brought back to the u.s. there was. the. test side was dismantled and there were several as a small steps inside of north korea. and of course that both sides have to come together there were a plan working groups or they decide what kind of steps they have to do along the way bustin let me ask you from where you're standing there who is going into these talks with the stronger hand the north korean leader or the u.s. president. well so obviously they both want something out of these talks now the u.s. of course wants north korea to denuclearize but they know they've come to the realization that it's not going to be something that's going to happen very quickly and if you heard those comments that the president made just before the summit or just before the meeting today where he said speed is not important to him and he
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reiterated that again he always said that in the past he said he's happy if if north korea continues to not test a nuclear weapons or not test not test the missiles and he says there is no rush so that's his position because i think there's been the u.s. delegation has come to the realization that they need to give something to because they went into these negotiations initially last year saying we are not going to ease any sanctions until north korea is completely do nuclear as now of course they realize that that's not going to happen now kim jong un on the other hand he wants the sanctions to be eased because he wants to economically develop his country and that's necessary also but he can only do that if if the sanctions are lifted or or at least eased and then they can engage in economic cooperation with south korea for example so they both have something to gain and they both definitely want to bring a victory home from the summit right exactly and what about for people who are trying
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to do the work for example that you're trying to do there we know that yesterday reporters were asked to leave the room and we just saw there the hotel that that impromptu press conference was cut very short is probably because of what has happened in the united states in washington in the last twenty four hours with that congressional hearing of trump's former attorney do you get the sense that the michael cohen story in washington is overshadowing the the talks there were you war . well it's definitely having an effect and as you mentioned we could see those those reporters barred from that dinner event last night and then we're going to we're going to see what happens later on in that press conference if it's going to have any effect because for sure reporters are going to be asking a lot of questions about about the cohen affair there as well and they will have to see how the president reacts and and if they're going to be if they're going to be
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inhibited from from from asking those questions freely in the street that's a very good point there have been some analysts who have said that the events in washington increased the chances that the u.s. president will resort to something extreme in order to distract the world's attention but also to claim success in this these talks what would that be what could you imagine i mean i know in an effort of the first talks we were all shocked because he consulted with no one when he announced that the military exercises between the u.s. and south korea were being canceled what could he announced today for there's not much he can do because the situation dictates what he can do not the other way around and we have a conflict between two nuclear powers who try to engage in reproach meant to find ways to communicate and find ways to to come to an agreement where both sides get
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their absolute the month which of the peace treaty at the end and also denuclearization so for now he can only engage and symbolic gestures such as perhaps and go for agreement which would have no legal repercussions but it would look very good on paper what would it mean what would it mean for the presidents of the u.s. military on the korean peninsula. well it would have not any immediate repercussions on the peninsula and then to avoid agreement cannot replace the cease fire agreement that is still in place a replacement of that agreement what involvement of china and south korea that would not be the case here so it would be merely a declaration of intent so there would be there would be more symbolism as you go what i had asked the boss in here and he was going into these talks with the stronger hand right now the u.s. president or the north korean leader well at the moment it's more about finding a normalization of the relationship and then finding
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a mode how they can communicate and how they can find a road map to to get into action so i think both sides are quite even on that level right parents stand by there we want to take this now to the to talk about the two previous hostile leaders who are meeting in vietnam right now they're meeting to talk peace. that. is nine. zero. nine. i. think you. know it's a friendship but it was born out of conflict. beat up north
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korean missile tests and twenty seventeen cents shock waves around the world reverberating inside the white house. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never see the insults flew and confrontation seemed imminent. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the north koreans didn't pull their punches either trump we're about all you interviews with. doesn't mean the foreign minister calling truck a mentally deranged a gangster. then soon after seemingly out of nowhere pyongyang picked up the phone to better southern enemy south korea a conversation that kicked off a high level diplomatic dance involving both koreas and washington the results north and south korean athletes marching under one flag at the winter olympics.
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and trump hosting a north korean delegation at the white house and then as i prepared to meet next week with kim jong un. from fire and fury to the summit of the century. the han shake in singapore the fashion ever between leaders of their two countries . historians made this take from the us president himself. i was really being tough and so was saying i will go back and forth and then we fell in love again thought what a difference a year makes. all rights we want to take you now back to the hotel in the noise where the talks are taking place and show you what the u.s. president had to say just a short while ago thank you very much. the great be with you again and i'm sure
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over the years we'll be together a lot and i think we will also be together after the fact really here's the deal was made we had very good discussions with united they're. making pretty good it was very. clear lot of good ideas being brought about i think very importantly the relationship is you know just very strong and we have a good relationship a lot of things happen so i can't speak necessarily for today but i can say there's a little bit longer term and over a period of time i know we're going to have a fantastic success with respect to cure everything here and north korea is going to have an economic powerhouse and be right that i've been talking about it i think it's going to be an economic power and it's something i very much look forward to helping with because with a little bit of help in the right location and the right place i think it's going to be something very special. at the very very much for your beginning that speed
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is not that important to be very much appreciated no testing. nuclear rocket you have it very much appreciated and they carried him and i had a great talk about that last night i had let him stay. what he said if he'd like you and if he doesn't he doesn't have to but we had a very good talk about that last night and again i mean you're right. it's no wonder that. we've we've developed something very special with respect to that but i just want to say i have great respect for the chairman kim and a great respect for this country and i believe that it will be some of the economically that will be almost hard to compete with but maybe going to be it has that potential. are there was the u.s. president there speaking just moments ago in a noise at the hotel where those talks are taking place let me ask you bustin our correspondent who was there in annoy him you know it wasn't that long ago when you
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had the u.s. president talking about the north korean leader calling a rocket man and yet the north korean leader referring to the u.s. president as a mental retard now we're talking about an economic powerhouse in a special relationship that is a dramatic change in a relatively short amount of time is that the real success of these summits is that what we can talk about. well of course with people like president trump and kim jong un you never really know how much of that is actually real and how much of it is just to actually show just. you know increase the stakes and and have a bettering have a better bargaining power in these negotiations so. but i think yes they've come around one hundred eighty degrees and if you think back to. just over a year ago when you know the north korean or the korean peninsula was on the brink of nuclear war at least so it seemed so then yes there is
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a huge step forward and if anything at least the tensions have been diffused at least for the moment not to say that that couldn't just change back as quickly as you know as it came around but yet so that's definitely what a lot of people are seeing as one of the great successes of this process at least they're talking right and even if nothing comes out of the summit or nothing concrete comes out of the summit at least they're in conversation they're thinking about opening liaison offices which would be the you know the first preliminary step to actual diplomatic relations for example so that seems to be on a good way because what experts are saying is as long as they're talking they're not going to fight yeah that's a good point and we have it stays that way behrendt is it really these two leaders these two men are they completely in control here i mean we had talked earlier about mike pompei of the u.s. secretary of state he was doing a lot of attempts at shuttle diplomacy between washington and pyongyang but that
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has not happened lately and lately the attention has been solely on just these two leaders is is that by chance or is there a reason there. was this thing a person i'm a but was a lot of scope for negotiations they could have immediately gone into a negotiation over a road map but what actually happened was that as it seems the state department went back to north korea. brought up old former lawyers there was a former lawyer cannot become sessions in return for nuclear disarmament that is a formula that neither worked during the six party talks nobody pay agreement and the north koreans got considerably upset about this so at the end of the day no especially commune tried to bypass this day to department and get straight access to donald trump and at the moment it seems both arrayed in charge so when these two leaders come out later today and sign this joint agreement i mean is it safe to predict into assume that this is going to be an agreement that was truly worked out
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but just between these two men now of course there were consultations over the mysteries and so on and there were a lot of trek dialogues when i could demick liberal and there was a lot of preparation so basically the results already existed before the both leaders came together. and it will have to go on because i think the agreement that they will sign will a basis for more talks working groups and a trump has repeated that nuff it will take time to get results and first of all would take time to actually find the way how the process will be set up ok and there were the german council on foreign relations and bussed in hard to in annoying to bush's the thank you. now i want to talk about the story on the other side of the planet that is also centered around donald trump it's what happened in washington on capitol hill yesterday that continues to captivate much of the u.s.
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and the world for more than seven hours before a house oversight committee the man who once said that he would take a bullet for donald trump fired off one damning indictment after another against the u.s. president trump's former fixer and personal lawyer said that the president had prior knowledge of leaked e-mails from the democratic party during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign he also said that trump instructed him to break campaign finance laws the committee chair launch of cummings later told reporters it appeared trump had committed a crime while in office mr kohut said only is the beginning of the process not the end ladies and gentlemen the days of this committee protecting the president at all costs over the democratic controlled house flexed this muscle with michael cohen is live testimony and they couldn't have chosen a more colorful witness to kick off their public oversight hearings i am ashamed
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because i know what mr trump is he is a racist he is a con man. and he is a cheat cohen was president trump's personal lawyer for a decade before he was caught up in the probe of russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election he was called to capitol hill to testify on possible criminal conduct by the president and his inner circle including his son in law son and campaign manager related to the election and beyond cohen said the president had directed him to break campaign finance laws with hush money payments to porn star stormy daniels. i am providing a copy of the thirty five thousand dollars check that president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of twenty seventeen when he was president of the united states pursuant to the cover up which was the basis
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of my guilty plea to reimburse me cohen also painted a portrait of a candidate who encouraged associates to do anything to get him elected that included communicating with wiki leaks about e-mails stolen from his opponent hillary clinton stone told mr trump that he had just gotten off the phone with julian a song and that mr stange told mr stone that within a couple of days it would be a massive dump of e-mails that would damage the reply campaign mr trump responded by stating to the effect without the great drums personal financial cohen provided no smoking gun of the trump campaign's collusion with russia he suspects it he said but he has no concrete evidence but if wednesday's hearing is any indication the rest of the trump presidency will be dogged by increase as congressional democrats expand their investigation of the president's
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business and political affairs ice. quite a day yesterday the world still talking about it's so are we let's cross over now to washington d.c. where our very own helena humphrey is on the story for she's burning the midnight oil there in washington with this list talk about yesterday a very long day would you say that the testimony of michael cohen will it end up redefining the trump presidency would bring was a testimony in front of course that says it was a court of public opinion and everybody here in the united states were glued to their t.v. sets to watch this testimony in terms of redefining it was certainly a defining moment many people i spoke to who can remember that testimony from john dean a presidential lawyer for richard nixon was quick to draw a parallel there of that nine hundred seventy three testimony he delivered in the watergate investigation which turned out to be the turning point in that
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investigation a year after that richard nixon then resigned from office what we saw in the testimony from mr cohen was a approach on one hand we had that character assassination calling him a racist a cheat a con man a lawyer perhaps something that's not new there in terms of month slinging that of course you can hear that online or any of president trump's detractors what the democrats were looking for was a new smoking gun and new allegations and certainly they did turn up some gunpowder i'd say and they will need pursuing those lines of inquiries going forward gun powder you know what was the most explosive of those indictments yesterday. well it was interesting that mr cowen could bring exhibit what he called evidence of course whether that's proof is another matter and he said he does have a credibility issue but he did bring a coffee all of
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a check which he alleged was from president trump to the chief you know thirty five thousand dollars paid into mr cohen's account as payback as reimbursement essentially for hush money payments to storm lee daniels' the adult film actually and he held that up in court he said that that was part of a scheme meant to look like it was a retainer and that continued till august twenty seventeen when the president was of course well and truly in office two other things that i think we know where the from today the fact that mr cohen said the president trumps a legal team looked into his statement and sort of croft today that he delivered to congress under oath of course he was convicted of perjury there often and will serve prison time because of that mr cohen also says that he's aware of further illegality that he couldn't discuss further because it's currently being looked into by federal prosecutors in a court in new york so potentially and of a damning act then and we know that michael cohen has spoken with his the special
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prosecutor numerous times so in the whole scheme of things how significant is michael cohen's testimony yesterday to the overall investigations that are underway . right now i don't want to kind of on the cell of the blockbuster nature of what we saw here in washington that said we do need hard evidence and it's fair to say that you know the murder investigation the results that we're waiting for that will be so very significant when mr cohen set out today seem to be the cement between you know of course what democrats are hoping all the bricks of what will come out of special counsel robert motos investigation so be very interesting to see what we learn from that when that report is true that it and what about the oversight committee yesterday to help hardison did it behave and what does it tell us about the united states and its deep political
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divisions at the moment very partisan indeed for and it was almost painful to watch at times and that partisanship essentially reflects what we're seeing in terms of the deep divides within this country then lost and they're going to take a long time to heal in mr cohen's closing testimony he said that if president trump does not win the twenty twenty and lection he is not confident that there will be a smooth transition of power base in the united states i mean a very all menace warning that you know that true believers talking about that earlier in the newsroom you really hear predictions like that out how in the humphrey of the story for us in washington helen thank you michael cohen said that he wanted to tell the american people his story and it seems the american people wanted to hear it in washington d.c. bars open to early use so that patrons could watch the testimony of trump's former
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lawyer over a drink maybe they thought they'd need one our washington correspondent stephanie headed to a watch party for our next report. duffy's i respond just a stone's throw from capitol hill and known locally as the go to venue for so-called watch parties when big political events happen here in washington the public testimony of president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen brings such an event even if it's brand of political theater it almost certainly guarantees a relatively full house at duffy's it's kind of unique it's kind of special it's washington d.c. the main thing you know we work for the government and we want to see how the government works when there's a little crisis going on this is almost like a sporting event. that i don't think it really translates anywhere else in the world my husband i actually having a day so we both played hooky from work and we have a babysitter for our daughter so that we did. enjoy this is that right we're not
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all but most patterns at the office who agreed to talk to us despite being employed by the federal government agree on one thing after listening to hours of michael cohen's testimony and then you just listen to what cohen says if you believe them fine if you don't you don't but he deserves to be speak because he was an eyewitness a criminal who is telling the truth has got nothing and he's kind of a doofus but he's telling us what we all know has happened and he's giving it into a narrative. that's on the record that we can understand. the political divide seems to deepen yet again in washington and also as the entire country seems still far from unified nobody here really expects positive change anytime soon and with that they could be many more watch parties and duffy's irish pop in the future. here's a look at some of the other stories around the world the european union has urged
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india and pakistan to exercise the utmost restraint after the latest outbreak of violence over the disputed territory of kashmir the e.u. warning that the conflict could lead to serious and dangerous consequences for the two countries and the wider region are wednesday india and pakistan both claim to have shot down each other's fighter jets. many details surrounding the latest skirmishes between india and pakistan remain unclear nevertheless pakistan says it took down two indian fighter jets. two indian air force planes once again entered pakistan while crossing the line of control. pakistani air force was ready they took them on there was an engagement. and as a result both the indian planes were shot down. the incident is the latest in a series of events in the contested kashmir region the area has been central to the
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dispute between the two countries for decades by some estimates it's the world's most militarized. zone between two nuclear neighbors. the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian paramilitary police were killed by a suicide bomber and. according to the indian government its war planes retaliated this week by striking a training camp near the pakistani town of balakot killing a large number of militants delhi says it launched the strikes against the group jaish e mohammed after it got hold of intelligence that the group was planning further attacks. that locust continue to diffuse in a bike is that i think not needed at this funny. and this isn't going to get information that. either gets into biggest fights in the magazine get decided to think and get action with pakistan's claim it shut down two indian war planes tensions have escalated even further pakistan's prime minister imran khan is
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calling for talks with india and. i want to ask a question of the indian government. that considering the nature of the weapons that both of us have before can we afford any miscalculation should we not think at this moment that if the situation escalates johnson where will it go it will not be in my control or narendra modi's control controlled we will not in the border control who calls for deescalation a resoundingly from around the world with germany the u.s. and the u.k. all appealing for restraint. and here are some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world british lawmakers have approved measures that could result in a delay to bragg's beyond the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s voted to approve prime minister to resign may's new plan for leaving the e.u. it includes an option for parliament to vote on extending the current deadline which would give me more time to try and reduce she ate in agreement with e.u.
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leaders thousands of supporters of the embattled didn't sway than president nicolas maduro have taken to the streets of the capital caracas they were protesting threats of foreign military intervention in the crisis ridden nation opposition efforts to bring in humanitarian aid have been thwarted by government security forces egyptian state television that says at least twenty people were killed and forty wounded after a fire broke out at cairo's main train station the fire was reportedly set off by a train's fuel tank which exploded when the train crashed into a barrier. well the german government says it is taking seriously reports that german made weapons are being used in the war in yemen investigative reporting by d.w. and other news outlets suggest that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have deployed the arms in contravention of agreements with germany opposition parliamentarians have called on berlin to end its strategic partnership with saudi
3:35 am
arabia. according to german regulations this minesweeper made in germany should not be in yemeni waters but d.-w. and its investigative partners have assembled proof that the vessel is on active service there that's prompted calls for action is think adama in my view it's a clearer than ever that germany has some responsibility for the terrible suffering in the war in yemen with them and if we don't want that money then we have to stop delivering weapons to all sides in the conflict citizens and politicians have been expressing their dismay online using the hash tag german oms the greens calling it an absolute worst case scenario. is germany in direct li involved in one of the world's most devastating conflicts in response to the report senior government figures are calling for an explanation
3:36 am
they suspect of being illicitly supplied to warring parties i think this case needs to be investigated deeply every state that gets weapons from germany was allowance of the government has to sign and confirm that this weapons remain in the state where they are delivered to. chancellor eyeing a limb ackles cabinet has denied knowing german weapons of being deployed in the war in yemen in the wake of his revelations the government says fresh inspections will be carried out concrete to invite the government to take seriously and willing best to gate any evidence of abuse or failure to observe to terms of and to use the question is what has happened to the weapons that found their way to saudi arabia with the united arab emirates the evidence speaks for itself they ended up in the war zone in yemen. nigerian president muhammadu buhari has been
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declared the winner in saturday's elections the electoral commission reported that bahari secured fifty five percent of the vote by his main rival the billionaire atiku abubakar claims that the election was rigged he says he'll challenge the results in court. scenes of joy as supporters of president mohamed who bahati celebrate his reelection behati swept to power as a reform candidate four years ago now voters have given him another term to deliver on his promises four years he has been busy fighting corruption on p.r. mean you know before he can create opportunities he has to fight other things before those of what he did come bequeath it so we think this opportunity we've given him now we give him due right time did the right time for him to create more in play man city youth and to everybody in one junior. he has vowed to fight
3:38 am
corruption bring jobs to nigeria's young population and end a festering jihadist insurgency in the north of the country but even those who voted for him admit that he's fallen short of expectations. i don't think i have any other choice but he's not the best choice and he's the best says but we don't have any other option because. what was done here. what the supporters a sanguine his opponents a furious his rival. refuses to accept the election results saying the vote was rigged up a bucket supporters feel cheated to cool it is there we know of this presidential election but they would begin pulling the election in the field while they're at the seat and there were no happy on the check or double don't know what is ip because they're not out there are you cool it is time for him to become president of the under. civil society groups report that thirty nine people were killed in
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clashes between rival supporters on election day alone with his second term secured biharis first task is to stop the anger at its controversial victory leading to further bloodshed. in other doping scandal has hit the sporting world this time nordic skiing as. under scrutiny after police made arrests here in germany and in austria the raid focused in part on the town of z. felt in austria where the nordic ski world championships are taking place. the house used to peace and quiet in the austrian alps is now at the center of the police bust here police arrested seven people among them five athletes austrian police are working together with german authorities in a sting centered on an international doping ring whose back is up believed to come from germany. and start so much of the meaning public prosecutor is bringing charges against four german citizens on suspicion of using doping methods for
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a bit and by the anti doping law because it's. the athletes who are alleged to have practiced blood doping which involves blood being removed from the body and later reinjected shortly before competition boosting delivery of oxygen to cells police say on wednesday they caught two austrian athletes red handed or thors he's they say the doping network originated in germany they believe it operates around the world. at the same time as the bust in austria police in germany searched nine buildings in the town of effort including the practice of sports medicine specialist mark s. he was arrested along with an assistant police believe he is a leading figure in the doping network. a public outcry has forced the french sportswear retailer decathlon to scrap plans to market joggers his job in france some politicians and threatened to boycott the brand it's been a big seller in other countries france banned to his job fifteen years ago. it was
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meant to offer muslim women a way to participate but french politician said the running he job contradicted the country's secular values there were threats of a boycott until retailer decathlon buckled under pressure from angry activists. don't you need to do dick a deal because you know it's promoting a comment that's actually a confinements of women's bodies you know these women should be doing sports but it's supposed to be for the liberation of bodies and athletic excellence. shocks me don't just. get to kathman said it had received hundreds of calls and e-mails in protest of the job and that staff in stores had been threatened but not everyone is offended incomplete and women should do what they want and i'm afraid if they come put this on they'll not do sports scipio it's a purely commercial decision sports has nothing to do with it why should they cut lawn not sell this. decathlon is still selling the item in morocco while
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muslim women in france can find he jobs at nike stores the u.s. sports where giant introduced the product last year. i'm going to take you back now to our top story and it's that summit between the north korean leader and the u.s. president u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un have begun their second day of denuclearization talks in the vietnamese capital annoy the mood appears positive kim says it's too early to tell but he expects a good outcome here's how north korea's kim jong un responded when a journalist asked him what he expects from the talks just a short while ago. but it's too early you know that you know. but i wouldn't think that that i could go. go. boots but i don't know what i feel right now i do have that resulted. all right
3:43 am
our coverage of this second summit continues now here in the studio with me is bigger with the german council on foreign relations he's a senior fellow there and an asia analyst and noise our very own correspondent bustin hartsock is following events force there on the ground in boston let me throw this to you we saw pictures images a few moments ago of both leaders. walking i guess they were still in the hotel where are things in terms of talks now what kind of walking through the schedule. yes so we just saw them emerge from that one on one meeting between donald trump and kim jong un and we could see them presumably on the terrace of the metropole hotel where they're meeting and they were accompanied they weren't alone anymore they were accompanied by their senior diplomats president president trump had a secretary of state my compatriot by his side and kim jong un had his chief
3:44 am
negotiator came young told by his side so that's sort of seems to indicate that they're now entering the decisive phase of these negotiations before they actually go into that working lunch and this is where they're going to try to hammer out a deal presumably that we're hopefully going to learn about later later today and now of course it's what this important is is what's really on the table here what are both sides willing to give are the u.s. is the u.s. willing to ease the sanctions a little bit maybe in turn for things like. like a declaration of the nuclear facilities for example or will kim jong un be ready to allow inspectors into into the country will he destroy or dismantle some of the nuclear facilities in north korea so those are those are things that they're going to be talking about and they will have to wait and see what comes out this afternoon and so we're going in the very critical phase of these talks bear and we
3:45 am
understand it's just going to be the north korean leader is going to be the u.s. president and each of them has an interpreter and that's it. do you see that as something as a positive or as a negative in terms of bringing a a significant outcome from the talks well i mean it's difficult to say what they still have to negotiate because most of the negotiations and consultation that happened before and there was only this year that was open was really how the wording on the nuclear resume should be and what the final gold should have been coming in the standing about this. as for the steps of course there is was also open if there will be steps by north korea if they will decommissioning some facilities and what role the u.s. give them in return we know that the u.s. president is not a man for details he likes the bigger picture so the the fact that they're in there
3:46 am
alone in that they don't have my pump a word that he doesn't have any of his advisers with them does that tell us then that they are the talk about the details that you're talking about that that is now over. i think it should be over by now of course i mean they will have to sign the agreement in a few hours and it would be very late if they were still in hold debates right now and so i think at the moment they're probably discuss how they will move on and i think it is very important for care mostly to see where trump sees themself because at the moment a lot of this protest process relies on trump being in office the other alternatives in the u.s. government who would go a different path than the this and do you think that's a consideration in kim's calculus here knowing that the u.s. president could possibly face impeachment and that there is an election at the end of next year which means two years from now there could possibly be a different president well absolutely has to think the young the trumpet mr asian
3:47 am
and that has also do a lot to do with the security considerations that are part of this process if there's a different setting if you look two years back there were surely people that means duration who proposed preemptive strikes and went so far that the incoming and best that are to south korea victor cha resigned so it was a very serious situation and at the moment to look depends on drums and what does that what does that mean i'm just trying to get an idea here of where that takes us that we've got each man each leader together with just their interpreters and the details of already been discussed what's left to be discussed that or is this again is this is this more of a photo op ses that we're in right now well it's very difficult to say what they still have to discuss i mean we had similar situations between putin and trump where afterwards it was not obvious what they've been talking about is because there was no one in the room except the interpreter right likely. ok let me pull in
3:48 am
boston bussy and so. you we saw that sound bite from kim and he was actually very positive in his assessment of where things are right now what did you make of that were you surprised. no no not really brant i mean as as we've just heard they've been talking they've been talking for a while the delegations have been talking for a while so if both leaders come out now and say that they're positive about the outcome then at least then they seem to think that they'll have something at the end of this that they'll be able to sell at home what would surprise me is if they came out and there was nothing came out of this meeting it might not be very substantial and president trump already said that in the run up he said look there's no rush i'm not in a hurry i'm quite happy the way it's going right now north korea is in testing ballistic missiles they're not they're not testing nuclear weapons and that's
3:49 am
a success in itself and so that i think that's that's the that's the theme here that this is that this is running on and it will have to wait and see what's in that declaration and if that is any more concrete than what we saw coming out of the singapore summit and bus and we know that we're hoping that there's going to be some type of press conference before this summit is over but that may not happen because of the events in washington and the congressional hearing with trump's former attorney michael cohen you know the explosive comments that were made yesterday how much of a factor is that in one or you today. well we did see those those white house reporters barred from that dinner event last night after having asked questions on that cohen issue we're going to have to wait and see how president obama's going to handle that at his press conference this afternoon which is scheduled i mean i mean he's here this is for him this is
3:50 am
a huge p.r. then he's going to use it to and try and use it to to gloss over the troubles that he has at home right and so he wants to he wants to celebrate a foreign policy victory here and that's what he's going to try to do in that in that press conference that's definitely what he did last year after the singapore summit when when he when he was really he was you know his the press conference went on and on and on and he felt really really comfortable talking about all the great things that he said that they did steve even though it was such a vaguely worded statement that came out of that and maybe we're going to see something similar here this afternoon and ok bastion hearting our man there on the ground in hanoi at that summit bus and we will check back in with you a little bit later. and figure with the german council of foreign relations with your insights as well as to bear well you know it's not just the two leaders who might benefit from this summit the advantages for the two koreas could be substantial the potential is the only place in the world that still firmly in the
3:51 am
grip of the cold war even though armed hostilities in the korean war ended in one nine hundred fifty three but in the past year there have been signs of a fall. libya has had closer contact with north koreans than almost anyone in the south she was the captain of the joint korean basketball team at last year's asian games a bonding experience. one time one of the north korean players brought us a snack rights with i didn't expect it to taste good but it was delicious so i told her i loved it and she brought me more than the day i was going to we've heard i brought her some snacks from south korea so it really felt like we were members of the same family. she thought. mommy. so-called sports diplomacy like at the winter olympics in chiang mai last year is
3:52 am
one of the few ways open to north and south korea to build trust and improve their relations i'm planning. to meet on a congo case on the relations between north and south and between the north and the west are very closely connected. to keep the house out progress in the denuclearization process is attending college north and south korea has a very limited option realize you have to hang up to its restricted to things like sports culture or religion has areas that are not restricted by the sections. but south korea would like to move faster and strengthen economic cooperation with the north. as a catalyst to denuclearization. of north korea did better economically and the
3:53 am
people had a better quality of life. nuclearization. despite the sanctions there has been some progress and into a korean relations the two sides have explored railway corridors that could link north and south and to ease tensions along the heavily fortified border they have blown up guard posts on both sides. of the three direct meetings between north korea's leader kim jong il and south korean president move day in where the main driving force behind these developments one symbolic visit however is still missing kim jong un has said he wants to come here to south korea's capital seoul that would be historic no north korean leader has set foot in the city since the end of the korean war some sixty percent of south koreans think a visit would be a good idea if it helps build peace and it might surprise you but there are some here who are even outright fans of kim. i meet you in the head
3:54 am
she regularly things at public events in support of kim jong il. seeing him frequently on t.v. over the last year sparked her interest. sometimes you know. at the first you could see me and somebody came to see you a very polite. model such a young leader and he treated our president so respectfully i don't look there are two years i did some research and found out that he introduced many policies as if he did this north korean people. condones wins on you days to come to its. views that are heavily contested in the past his activism could easily have landed her in conflict with south korea's national security laws now the political climate is more open so even though few in south korea share her through the asm for north korea's leader many now do see
3:55 am
a window of opportunity to finally come to terms with their neighbor to the north. what do you think we are in a unique window of opportunity in terms of bringing the two koreas together oh absolutely i mean at the moment we have this perfect constellation that you have president moon and south korea who really designed to korea to the point that you can now like negotiate with the norse we have proof or whatever reasons it's going a very new path for us foreign policy it's never been done before and there's a young leader and north korea who made his way to get to the point that. this negotiations who turns around the complete policy office father and i think there's a window for you to need to know which the last thing very long but it's a obviously this and one about the big big neighbor china. well china has
3:56 am
since the six party talks during the two thousand is always set by they've been very constructive and they were just looking that their interests were safe got it but otherwise it was supporting diplomacy all along those who supported the same sions on nonproliferation so they're the ones who really try to get progress it's it's in their interest for there to be a denuclearization but it's not in their interest for there to be a reunification of the two koreas is it. well that depends on what terms i mean the did nuclearization is still something that is a long way down the road and first of all both sides have to. engage each other more perhaps economically integrated but there's absolutely no plan or wrote my power that can really happen if you look at the industries of mills and those career they completely different their lifestyles a different obviously the governments are completely different so that be a long term. goal you say that the constellations of the stars are aligned just
3:57 am
right in terms of bringing these the to korea's together and donald trump is one of those wildcards that has proven to be a positive force here and if it were after twenty twenty if he were no longer president could that mean every turn to a more of a bellicose and belligerent north korea could we see those nuclear tests resume well it all depends who's coming into office in the united states a and b. how far that process has gone on at that stage of all sides have managed to to implement steps that have built trust if the u.s. and north korea have managed to normalize their relations perhaps even with ms young officers on both sides then perhaps there's a good chunk that a new government in the u.s. would continue the course and there would be no reason for new tension in your opinion would following the course of the trumpet ministration would that be there
3:58 am
bright way there are people who say that the policy of strategic patience which was followed by the obama administration was a big mistake that trump is now correcting do you agree or do well in a way it is there was always a or for a long time the doors on the north korean side were open for dialogue and i think their only saw that this won't be happen by two thousand and fifteen that's when. they stopped all dialogue on all levels and said ok we need to nuclear deterrent in order to talk and i level with the u.s. and that's likely what happened at the end of it i mean i wonder what the time horizon is right now because we know that north korea has nuclear weapons so that you know that hurdle has been jumped across for north korea so is there a going back immediately north korea sees what happens to countries when they give
3:59 am
up their nuclear weapons there's ukraine for example there's libya for example is there any incentive internationally that you can think of that would lead north korea to give up its nuclear weapons well it would have to be a combination of things that would have been would have fear the regional solution which involves japan and china russia and south korea and they have to set up some kind of security the architecture that would serve the security of all which is a very different difficult thing to do juju historical reasons i don't need to fold course clear signs between the u.s. and north korea in terms of denuclearization but also in terms of how conventional weapons are positioned so it will be very difficult to define that point where the north korea will become confident enough to go the last that that's something which has to be discussed in the coming years which is probably also the most important
4:00 am
step and figure with the german council of foreign relations we appreciate your insights. all right i want to recap our top story for you this hour u.s. president double trump and the north korean leader kim jong un have begun their second day of denuclearization talks in the vietnamese capital know what the mood appears to be a positive one kim says it's too early to tell but he expects a good outcome. here's more of what the u.s. president had to say a short while ago. thank you very much kim. quickly with you again i'm sure over the years we'll be together a lot and i think will also be given after the fact the theory to be a was made we had very good discussions risk united there. thinking pre-dinner was very good and through a lot of good ideas being thrown about i think very importantly the relationship is you know just very strong and when you have a good relationship
4:01 am
a lot of good things happen so i can't speak necessarily for today but i could face a. little bit longer term and over a period of time i know we're going to have a fantastic success with respect to security given north korea is going to have an economic powerhouse i've been writing about it i've been talking about it i think it's going to be an economic power and something i very much look forward to helping with because with a little bit of help the right location in the right place i think it's going to be something very special. everything very much the beginning that speed is not that important to me i very much appreciate no testing. nuclear rocket will have it very much appreciated. for me jim and i had a great talk about that last night i had to let him say what he said if he'd like you and if he doesn't do this and have to but we had a very good talk about that last night and again i have no rush. you know.
4:02 am
we've we've developed something very special with respect to that but i just want to say i have great respect for chairman kim and there is great respect for his country and i believe that it will be something economically that will be almost hard to compete with but many countries it has a potential all right there was the was president there here is how north korea's kim jong un responded when the journalist asked him what he expects from the talks . you know that but it's too early to tell you that you know. but i wouldn't think that that i would go for. gold. to put on from what i feel right now i do have that resulted. and it was the north korean leader there kim jong un if you are just joining us this is deja vu news special coverage of the second summit between the north korean leader and the u.s.
4:03 am
president we've got complete coverage of that summit here in the studio beggar he's a senior fellow in asia analyst at the german council on foreign relations and in noise in vietnam our very own busty and heartache in boston let me throw this question to you. tell us exactly where we are in terms of the rundown for the day we're basically waiting for both of these leaders to tell us what they've agreed upon right. almost right we're almost there they're still in discussions right now and there's that those discussions are that session right now is going to be followed by a working lunch at noon in just a few hours and then after that there's going to be that agreement signing ceremony and that's presumably when we're going to know what that agreement says and then after that is the press conference scheduled at least donald trump's press conference so we're just
4:04 am
a few hours away from learning what will come out of this summit here in annoy the second summit between the d.p. r. k. or north korea and the u.s. in boston you know what we've been saying this a lot today i've been can't escape it ended the it's the events in washington from yesterday the testimony by trump's former attorney michael cohen and the allegations that he made that the president basically had committed a crime while in the oval office the meet those allegations there they've really taken the tension away from these talks in noir do you get the sense there that the talks have been overshadowed by washington. well those events definitely reverberated here we saw that yesterday when these a white house reporters white house press corps reporters were barred from the dinner event at the metropolitan because before they had asked some questions about cohen and then we're going to have to wait and see how that plays out in that press
4:05 am
conference that all trump has scheduled for this afternoon because for sure he'll have to or he'll be confronted and you'll have to answer you'll be confronted with questions about the cohen affair obviously we'll see how he deals with those questions surely he doesn't want to talk about that or he's not going to be very interested in talking whether he wants to he's come here to sell this as a foreign a foreign policy victory here his second meeting with kim jong un and yes of course that is being overshadowed by the events that are coming out of washington and very and what the best case scenario what would this summit produce. well it will produce short term steps which both leaders need as means partially sanction relief for north korea and some smaller commitments towards nuclearization small steps. that it will involve perhaps an end of august recruitment to have
4:06 am
a symbolic gesture on the summit to make it more look at more historic and then there are smaller steps like continuation of. like like returning m.i.a. remains and perhaps even your own offices and john young in washington yet and you had said earlier that there have been. you did some levels of progress during the first summit but in terms of denuclearization by north korea has anything happened since the first some well the taking small steps they have clothes don't fit civilities have. destroyed the entrances to the nuclear side to them has that been verified by the united states or outside observers were during the destruction of the test facilities there were international reporters present it was filmed there is of course these were small steps as a first. resort like low hanging fruit but if it were variable at this stage i
4:07 am
think at this stage they would have to be bigger steps for the same time it's always important to see that this summit opens the way for new decisions how process towards a peace treaty can be set up a member in the run up to the first summit in singapore it felt like the the the weight of proving that he wanted something was really on the u.s. president meeting with kim jong il and saying we except you as the leader of the country we want to talk with you ok that has happened is the weight now on the shoulders of kim jong un to you know walk the walk and talk the talk. well before the summers the u.s. actually had to move and that was the case with that they had to change the negotiation for much no longer tell north korea what to do to to accept it you cannot make concessions in return for nuclear disarmament and now the change that
4:08 am
has actually happened is that the u.s. is engaging in a long term process which has never happened before no they have done that and the next step is commune one who has to deliver and i think he has to deliver by setting the straight goal towards denuclearization when we will be waiting to see if that happens bent standby we of course asking the question today what is in this summit for kim jong un and what does he want to take back home with it kim is promising his people a future full of economic prosperity but first still need to ensure that everyone can put food on the table malnutrition is a widespread problem in north korea can trump help him keep his promise to the north korean people we have this report. cullen airy confections from north korea at the annual cooking competition and chong yang three hundred chefs show off their skills. yet few north koreans have the privilege to taste these kinds of
4:09 am
delicacies crop yield this year was meager due to the dry summer and the country recently sought help from the united nations to deal with food shortages this is just before the summit between kim and trump some have claimed that this could be a veiled appeal for an end to international sanctions in private marketplaces north koreans can buy almost anything chinese traders can import capitalism it appears is not unknown in this socialist country. but food is only plentiful to those who can afford it an estimated forty percent of north koreans are undernourished. amid this crisis the leadership in pyongyang is promising an economic boom state television celebrates the work or brigades that have supposedly volunteered to build up the nation. the message things are looking up.
4:10 am
some see this as a result of a political transformation. that transition has been rather dramatic in portrayal taking down those images of hostility and the regime seeking some legitimacy both from the talks with south korea and the united states but also by a shift in the focus. the giant parade last september to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the founding of north korea was the usual display of military might yet for the first time without a display of nuclear weapons. the us president saw this as a positive signal. and there were more positive signals as kim gave his new year's speech he seemed at ease almost pacifistic. we remain committed to the goal of denuclearization as we stated we are not building more nuclear weapons nor
4:11 am
proliferating them. by north korea clearly at some point should and will denuclearize there is the need for a peace treaty to reduce tensions in the peninsula there is the need for diplomatic relations and these steps create a circumstance in which the north no longer needs its nuclear weapons was a reversal of seven decades of hostile relations will not happen overnight a peace treaty could take years to negotiate. that's a very positive outlook there by that american he was in the story but do you agree there will come a time when north korea will denuclearizing will not see a need for nuclear weapons. rw first of all that the needs to be situation created they don't i think don't feel a need for it and the other way around of course a con be such a situation if these nuclear weapons are bad to stay for the security of south
4:12 am
korea but those would be for the other neighbors and were very outspoken about this so many variables in that equation bussy i want to ask you about the host for this summit vietnam we've heard the us been if i just get rid of my nuclear weapons is vietnam the success story that donald trump wants it to be but i think from an economic point of view it's definitely a success story if you look back some forty forty five years ago when vietnam was a closed off impoverished country and then they started reforms economic reforms and then they started opening up to the worlds and opening up their economy and today it's one of the fastest growing economies in all of asia last year they grew with seven percent so that is quite remarkable and if i have to i've spoken to business people here i've spoken to investors and saying this is a great place to do business and it's
4:13 am
a great place to invest and. of course what what what business people like is that the politics here are very stable but that's at the same time the flipside of that coin is that vietnam's government of course is as a tight grip on on political freedoms and on civil liberties and that's the other side and that might make it an interesting model for north korea as well because of course they want to reform economically they want to they want to develop their country economically but what they don't want to do is open up politically and what about there in hanoi has there been a general level of excitement about the world you know casting its attention on the city and hosting this very important summit. yeah absolutely i think the people were excited that that these two leaders came here to their city and that that drew so much international attention at the world
4:14 am
looks on this city in these days and i think for the vietnamese government of course it's it's a possibility to portray the country as a positive example as an open country that's open to the world especially economically that's what they want to do and they want to rebrand they want to they want to a new image for vietnam because if you think about i mean today people here vietnam and one of the first associations that they have is still the vietnam war the american war as it's called here and of course that's what that's not what the vietnamese government once they want the world to see it as as as an open country and especially as a booming economy a correspondent based in hard in her noir vietnam and here in the studio with me is spent there with the german council of foreign relations to both of you gentlemen thank you. and quick reminder the top story that we're following for you this hour u.s. president donald trump in the north korean leader kim jong un are continuing their denuclearization talks in the vietnamese capital. the mood relatively positive kim
4:15 am
says it's too early to tell but he expects a good outcome donald trump says there is no rush on reaching a nuclear agreement which. is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news and more of our coverage of the summit in hanoi have to see you then. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes nigerians bringing back hari as supports is up the president granville in easy election when we asked how far does the cuban nation over his victory go in the country. and we get in the call of africa's most unfriendly champions in uganda they call her. africa's fording giant samus.


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