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yes. this is g w news live from berlin tonight the split screen presidency of donald trump two history making events talks about weapons of mass destruction in noise words as weapons in washington in a few hours trump and the north korean leader kim jong un are expected to sign a joint agreement capping their second summit what if any progress has been made in denuclearizing north korea and is there any substance interim spit to turn an enemy into a friend but in the u.s. capital is the explosive claims of
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a former trump friend turned photos that have captured most of the attention michael cohen trumps former fixer and attorney told members of congress that the commander in chief is really the commander in chief. he is a racist. he is a convience. and he uses sheet i fear that if he loses the election in two thousand and twenty that there will never be a peaceful transition of power. i bring golf it's good to have you with this it is eleven am in the vietnamese capital hanoi and a few hours the u.s. president and the north korean leader will take part in a joint agreement signing ceremony an indication that the world perhaps is a step further away from the threat of nuclear conflict. donald trump is urging kim
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jong going to give up his nuclear weapons program in exchange for economic development but trump says he's in no rush thank you very much jim. it's great to be with you again and i'm sure over the years we'll be together a lot and i think we will also be together after the fact the empirical deal was made we had a very good discussion where i did there. being pretty good it was very. clear lot of good ideas being thrown about i think very importantly the relationship is you know just very strong and we have a good relationship a lot of good things happen so i can't speak necessarily for today but i could say that in a little bit longer term and over a period of time i know we're going to have a fantastic success with respect to security given north korea is going to have an economic power out there but right that i've been talking about it i think it's going to be an economic power and it's something i very much look forward to
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helping with because with a little bit of help the right location in the right place i think it's going to be something very special. to say very much for the beginning that speed is not that important to me i very much appreciate no testing. nuclear rocket will have it we're going to appreciate it. very dim and i had a great talk about that last night i'd let him say what he said if he'd like you and if he doesn't even have to but we had a very good talk about that last night and again i think we will rush. to. we. we've developed something very special with respect to that but i just want to say i have great respect for chairman kim and a great respect for his country and i believe that it will be something economically that will be almost hard to compete with for many countries it has such potential. and that was u.s.
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president double trump here's how north korea's kim jong un responded when a journalist asked him what he expects from the talks. you go with what it's telling you that you know. that i wouldn't think. that i would go for gold. and it would only from what i feel right now i do have that resulted. in that was the north korean leader there speaking about two hours ago we have complete coverage of this second summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders here in the studio with me is bear he's a senior fellow in asia analyst at the german council on foreign relations and in hanoi is our very own correspondent alexandra fund naaman alexander let me start with you as we understand it the one on one talks are now over what happens between now and the signing of that joint agreement later today. kim and trump
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still sitting together now and expanded by letter old meeting they were joined by secretary pump ale and kimi young and north korean top diplomat top negotiator and a former spy and after that there will be having a working lunch together or the other on discussing the issues that are important to india and in only three hour time really have this joint agreement signing ceremony and we still really don't know what this document is going to be about if it's true that north korea is willing to dismantle at least one of its key nuclear sites and if donuts one will be willing to agree to an end of the korean war declaration if the u.s. is willing to open a liaison office in north korea but this shouldn't be very surprising it was the case in singapore when we saw pictures of kim and trump signing a joint agreement on all only a couple of hours later it turned out that it was
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a quiet big agreement but let me ask you what would a successful outcome look like. well a successful outcome is something that doesn't look very big in the middle of files times but that is actually leading to the last thing in sustainable peace and that is agreement that both sides want to set up working groups they want to set up a process and also structure of a process that will lead to peace treaty and in that way also to do nuclearization do you think that too much emphasis has been placed on denuclearization particularly you know by by those of us in the media that there hasn't there should be more attention on i guess the entire process not just the nuclear weapons but surely things there's a lot of factors that play into the process that make it possible that nuclearization can take place at the security of north korea that means that there
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needs to be reproaching process between north and south korea. and of course the u.s. and north korea have to normalize the relationship before that nuclear station will not take place so the emphasis has to be on the process itself on the process and others are let me ask you you know we talk about emphasis on the nuclear weapons there hasn't been much emphasis at all on this summit in the last twenty four hours because of the events in washington with the testimony has been given by the former personal attorney of the u.s. president michael cohen talk to me a little bit about how much impact the testimony in washington has had on this summit in one oil. well really have to say that this is a huge topic here not only for reporters like me covering the white house we know that this is also on president the president's mind we saw his tweet three s.
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today when he was tweeting about cole and we also can assume that he was watching his testimony because at this time he was already in his hotel and death is really think that. he is very seem to be concerned about michael cohen's testimony and what he's personally tony really has to say and how he is cooperating with them all their investigation and of course the president this is quite damaging to have this very important summit to to try to to get home a foreign policy success and now to to listen to questions asked by reporters during his meeting with the team yesterday what he has to say about the call and testimony that was something that apparently upset him a lot yeah which may explain why there's been very very little access. to the president and the north korean leader since this alexander stand by we know that these two previously hostile leaders are meeting to talk peace relations between
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donald trump and can have morphed from threats of nuclear annihilation to the exchange of affectionate messages here's a brief reminder of hell the two leaders went from foes to friends. is it bad that it has nine. zero ound nine. i. think you. know it's a friendship but it was born out. of conflict. beat up north korean missile tests in twenty seventeen cents shock waves around the world reverberating inside the white house. they will be met with fire
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and fury. like the world has never seen the insults flew and confrontation seemed imminent. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the north koreans didn't pull their punches either trump well battle you can tell us one. of them in the foreign minister calling truck a mentally deranged a gangster. then soon after seemingly out of nowhere pyongyang picked up the phone to better southern enemy south korea a conversation that kicked off a high level diplomatic dance involving both koreas and washington the results north and south korean athletes marching under one flag at the winter olympics. and trump hosting a north korean delegation at the white house and then as i prepared to meet next
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week with kim jong un. from fire and theory to the summit of the century. in singapore the fashion ever between the leaders of the two countries. historians made this take from the us president himself. i was really being tough and so we're saying i will go back and forth and then we sell it up ok. what a difference a year makes. in a bit in the last year the u.s. president he's been made fun of a lot because of comments like that has that been i guess is that criticism been misplaced i mean how important is this interpersonal relationship where oh he has made a big show of this and i think it has also overdone it but it's very important at this stage that the wording is right and these two leaders show respect in the
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conversation and the path that happen very often but one side has used the wrong language and the whole process both put into questions or in terms of conflict resolution no both sides have to be very careful alexander what do you say about the focus that has been put on the two leaders and their two personalities that we know that trump doesn't like to talk about the details av we in the media have we also been too quick to focus on the photo ops instead of maybe the you know the details of what did nuclearization could mean for example. well i can i would say that we have trying to focus on those issues that it's of course important the details are very important and that question whether progress has really been made and on the other side of course we see the pictures showing
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both leaders you know on smiles and pleasantries shaking hands and laughing and the u.s. president repeatedly stressed how important how good how special his relationship is with the north korean leader referring to this brutal dictator even as my friends and he seems to be hopeful dads that their personal report can help bridge gaps in the go. and the question here will be the real challenge challenge will be if there are parents a very good press no chemistry can be turned into a concrete agreement that those sides can be happy with and it's almost a contradiction isn't it alexander the u.s. president who is the master of the digital presidency he uses twitter policy and he's the president of instant gratification but at the same time he's
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asking the world to have patience and to let this relationship develop it's almost out of character for him isn't it. yes it seems however i would say that that might be his tech to get strategy you know on the one hand to say that yes we are going to see you to pull a great summit with great results on the other hand he is trying to downplay the expectations because we still don't know what this egremont is going to be about it's this agreement that those leaders are scheduled to sign later today that's a very good point the contents remain a mystery and baird's who is the stronger of the two in terms of negotiating leverage and power right now is it trump or is it kim jong un well i think it's really too even and i think that is one of the vents in two thousand and
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seven to have triggered for the north koreans wanted to have a nuclear deterrent course i was level discussions and look with the u.s. and that's what they reached with these talks and in the know trump has also been able to because he has made it possible that the narrative of the nuclear deterrent was accepted as a very good point bit bigger with the german council on foreign relations thank you very much for your insights as well as to our alexander phenomena on the story force in illinois alexandra thank you. it was what happened on washington in washington on capitol hill yesterday that continues to captivate much of the u.s. and the world despite what's happening in hanoi for more than seven hours before a house oversight committee the man who once said that he would take a bullet for donald trump fired off one damning indictment after another against the u.s. president tribes former fixer and personal lawyer said that the president had prior knowledge of leaked e-mails from the democratic party during the two thousand and
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sixteen presidential campaign he also said that trump instructed him to break campaign finance laws the committee chair elijah cummings later told reporters that it appeared had committed a crime while in office. mr kohut said only is the beginning of the process not the end ladies and gentleman the days of this committee for attacking the president at all costs over. the democratic controlled house flex this muscle with michael cohen's live testimony and they couldn't have chosen a more colorful witness to kick off their public oversight hearings i am ashamed because i know what mr trump is he is a racist he is a con man and he is a cheat cohen was president trump's personal lawyer for
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a decade before he was caught up in the probe of russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election he was called to capitol hill to testify on possible criminal conduct by the president and his inner circle including his son in law son and campaign manager related to the election and beyond cohen said the president had directed him to break campaign finance laws with hush money payments to porn star stormy daniels. i am providing a copy of a thirty five thousand dollars check that president trump personally signed from his personal bank account on august first of twenty seventeen when he was president of the united states pursuant to the coverup which was the basis of my guilty plea to reimburse me. cohen also painted a portrait of a candidate who encouraged associates to do anything to get him elected that included communicating with wiki leaks about e-mails stolen from his opponent
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hillary clinton stone told mr trump that he had just gotten off the phone with julian a song and that mr stange told mr stone that within a couple of days there would be a massive dump of e-mails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign mr trump responded by stating to the effect wouldn't that be great drums personal financial cohen provide a no smoking gun of the trump campaign's collusion with russia he suspects it he said but he has no concrete evidence but if wednesday's hearing is any indication the rest of the trump presidency will be dogged by inquiries as congressional democrats expand their investigation of the president's business and political affairs ice well let's take a story now to the u.s. capitol our correspondent held humphrey standing by in washington good evening to you helen the testimony of why koko it will redefine the trial presidency many
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people have been saying that suggested a do you agree. well brant i think it's fair to say that the democrats will certainly be hoping that they hope that this testimony will spark impeachment proceedings i mean certainly this was a moment of political history here in washington from ten am bars were open for hearing watching parties everybody was glued to their t.v. sets essentially a mr cohen set out or he painted a picture of mr trump being something like a kid into a mall box minus your body counts and many people are drawing parallels to his testimony and certainly another defining moment that being one nine hundred seventy three and the testimony of another presidential lawyer john dean in the watergate scandal now after his testimony was delivered that was a turning point in that investigation and richard nixon actually resigned the year thereafter so what we saw perhaps wasn't so inflammatory in terms of painting the
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president as a liar a racist and cheat i think that mud has been thrown for the past two years now and what democrats were looking for was a smoking gun and they certainly found some gunpowder what would you say was the most damning indictment that was leveled by call when he gets trump yesterday. i think what the democrats will be pinning their hopes on is the smoking a revolver was when mr cohen produced the check a copy of that check to congress to the tune of thirty five thousand dollars which he said was paid to him to reimburse him for the payments the hush money payments he made to stormy daniels and not check was dated august twenty seventeen of course when president trump was well and truly ensconced in his role as president two other things that i think a worth pointing out though is that mr cohen says that he is aware of a further investigation into illegality potentially committed by mr trump which we
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cannot speak about because it's currently under investigation by federal prosecutors in new york and something else i think that's been largely glossed over is testimony to congress and how the president trumps law is also shapes that that testimony from mr cohen which course has led to his conviction or correspondent telling the humphrey of the story corps in washington d.c. tonight i want to thank you very much. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world british lawmakers have approved measures that could result in a delay to brights it beyond the march twenty ninth deadline impedes voting to approve prime minister to rescind may's new plan for leaving the e.u. it includes an option for parliament to vote on extending the current deadline which would give me more time to try and read a go she ate an agreement with e.u. leaders thousands of supporters of the embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro have taken to the streets of the capital caracas they were protesting
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threats of foreign military intervention in the crisis ridden nation opposition efforts to bring in humanitarian aid have been thwarted by government security forces egyptian state t.v. says at least twenty people were killed and forty wounded after a fire broke out at cairo's main train station the fire was reportedly set off by a train's fuel tank which exploded when the train crashed into a barrier. the german government says it is taking seriously reports that german made weapons are being used in the war in yemen investigative reporting by d.w. news and other media outlets suggests that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have deployed the weapons in contravention of agreements with germany opposition parliamentarians have called them berlin to ended strategic partnership with saudi arabia. according to german regulations this mines we made in germany should not be in yemeni waltzes but d
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w and its investigative partners have assembled proof that the vessel is on active service that that's prompted cools for action is to know in my view it's a clearer than ever that germany based some responsibility for the terrible suffering in the war in yemen with them and if we don't want that money then we have to stop delivering weapons to all sites in the conflict. citizens and politicians have been expressing their dismay online using the hash tag german oms the greens calling it an absolute worst case scenario. is germany in directly involved in one of the world's most devastating conflicts in response to the report senior government figures are calling for an explanation they suspect of being illicitly supplied to warring parties i think this case needs to be investigated deeply and every state that gets weapons from germany was
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allowance of the government has to sign and confirm that they sped up and remain in the state where they are delivered to chancellor angela merkel's cabinet has denied knowing german weapons of being deployed in the war in yemen in the wake of his revelations the government says fresh inspections will be carried out concrete he invites the government takes seriously and willing vestey gate any evidence of abuse or failure to observe the terms of n.t.'s the question is what has happened to the weapons that found their way to saudi arabia the united arab emirates the evidence peaks for itself they ended up in the war zone in yemen. or wednesday was international polar bear day intended to raise awareness about the way climate change is adversely affecting things guys well there are only about twenty five thousand polar bears left and they could become extinct by the end of
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this century well that's why the birth of a new polar bear is even in captivity of such a big event so guess what just happened at a zoo here in berlin. she's still hiding in her den with her mother tanya but this infrared camera gives you a bit of an idea of the new female polar bear cub born at berlin's tir park zoo back on december first she still unnamed but not for long preparations are being made to introduce her to the public sometime in mid march and there's good reason for all the planned fanfare the species is in big trouble first of all mankind is encroaching more and more on its turf such as with gas exploration but most importantly the polar bears natural habitat of ice is disappearing at an alarming rate a new study says polar ice caps have melted faster in the last twenty years than in the last ten thousand the more ice melts the more difficult it is for polar bears
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to live in their habitat and the more difficult it is for them to hunt for their main staple diet seals they have to capture at least one c.e.o. every far to ten days that's just the breakeven and if they don't do that they're going to lose weight and if they lose weight then there are other things that come and play with their health their ability to reproduce and so forth the u.s. polar bear recovery plan said in january twenty seventeen that without action to address climate change the primary cause of diminishing sea ice it is unlikely that polar bears can be saved however other organizations do think that some polar bears will survive either way these are somber forecasts and all the more reason to rejoice when a new member enters the polar bear ranks. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you he was president donald
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trump and the north korean leader kim jong un are continuing their denuclearization talks in the vietnamese capital annoyed the mood appears to be positive kim says it's too early to tell but he expects a good outcome trump says there's no rush on reaching a nuclear agreement donald trump's former attorney michael cohen has told a congressional committee that trump had advance knowledge of leaked e-mails from the democratic party during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign cohen called president trump a racist a con man and a cheat during his life testimony. you're watching live from berlin focus on europe is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news look to see that.
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people are. upset about serbia's party most conservative government corruption. on the street. going to the. next. and then take. the
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temperature of the splenda a dream vacation spot thanks many. and he said why is this salad smell in my nose sky high real estate prices desperation local residents. time this kind of development you start. to set and you see most of the top ten cities like me some. players. take. them to the state legislature games in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce the it's most important natural resource bluffing. checking column what will they be able to play
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and who will win their story i believe that removable energy we play an important role in the future. of putting a jew clinic list starting monday to t.w. play. such. a low and a warm welcome to focus on europe it's nice to have you with us from harassment and swastikas to the desecration of jewish memorials friends is grappling with a rise in anti semitism dozens of graves were recently vandalized at a jewish cemetery in the region of alsace. and in.


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