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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CET

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and online. this is news coming to you live from berlin donald trump and kim jong un cut short their summit in hanoi without reaching an agreement both leaders have left the summit of promptly after canceling a lunch and a joint signing ceremony now we're awaiting a final news conference find the u.s. president will be crossing over live to that meanwhile half a world away trump's former right hand man makes explosive allegations about his former boss. he is a racist. he is economy. and he uses sheet.
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props x. lawyer michael cohen tells a congressional committee the president is a serial felon lawmakers listening to his testimony pledge that this is just the start of their investigation. and pakistan and india trying to ease tensions after claiming that they shot down each other's aircraft over the disputed region of kashmir. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program things are not unfolding is expected at the highly anticipated summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong scheduled meetings between the two leaders in hanoi have been cancelled and the two parted prematurely without signing any agreement for the very latest let's go straight over to hanoi and our
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correspondent alexander from naaman xander what's happening there now. so as you may see behind me on this stage we are expecting president trump to start his press conference momentarily and then of course we are very eager to learn what happens during this meeting what we know so far at the what the press white house press secretary sara sender's confirm is that both leader had constructive and good meetings here in hanoi but there are no deal was reached and this time however she also said in her statement that those teams are looking forward to continue continuing their negotiations so at least at the end he a hint and this direction that we are not going to see the fury of rhetoric anymore but the sides are going to continue day negotiations. though break through
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here no deal reached here in hanoi during this meeting no deal indeed a dramatic turn of events not at all we were expecting we were expecting at this hour for the two to be sitting down and signing an agreement do we know why the talks broke down. we don't know the reason i would is you that it could be that the north koreans are very interested in a relief of punishing economic sanctions something that he as was not ready to give them that is my speculation we just know how the whole thing happens today so first they were sitting together in a one on one meeting trump and kim then they had an expanded by a literal meeting with there and visors and the secretary of state and then they were scheduled to have a working lunch together and that was that moment where the white house press
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secretary told the press that there was a change of plan that there will be no lunch together and at this hour for. this after this statement presidents trump left at the summit site and now he is presumably already here and this marriott hotel ready to hold his press conference of course we're looking forward to that press conference we hope it gets underway any minute but things are in disarray right now. we're live we're we're going to go she ations go from here. this is very difficult to answer right now so what we were hearing during the summit was that the north korea was offering a sort of concessions that they were even willing that were the rumor that president strom was thinking about opening office in north korea and there were even there was even talk about
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a possible and of the korean war declaration sold their hopes there they were high and we cannot say at the moment what was the reason. leaders to leave the summit site and not be able to reach any agreement at the moment and as i said i would assume from what we know what the north korean were interested in that they're sticking point here was word the sanctions because president trump made it very clear that you as is not willing to ease existing sanctions at this moment alexander thank you so much for now we'll be crossing back over to you where that press conference is about to take place with president trump in hanoi thank you sir thank you for now. well here in the studio with me is eric balaban he's a lecturer in korean studies at berlin's free university and has been following
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this summit very closely thank you for being with us this morning first of all your take on what has just transpired in hanalei where there is no denying the fact that this was a setback for the process moving forward it's also it's not the end yet we have to be very careful about this it goes to show that the failure to reach an agreement is ample proof of how complicated this process is how complicated it is to reach an agreement not only on denuclearization but on at least two further into related issues which are very important to the north koreans that is the normalization of relations between north korea and the u.s. on the one hand and the creation of a peace mission durable peace regime in the green and in turn on the other hand so basically you have three issues to talk about at the same time in reaching progress in all of those what's maybe not enough time for the working level i hope they draw
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the right lessons and completions from this summit tree is important summit diplomacy is important especially when you negotiate with a country like north korea you need this amended from the top but it's not everything you need a stable working level relation and it seems to me at the moment there was not enough time for the working level to prepare the details of it going into the summit there was an effort on behalf of the white house at least to downplay expectations too to say well we're not expecting to get some grand agreement to fully denuclearize the korean peninsula in one fell sweep but we want to have some confidence building measures and so there could have been an agreement at the end that simply reinforced what we've heard about all along maybe it a leo's own office being set up. on maybe some exchanges on on different levels can agreeing to continue to talk basically if they can't even agree on that what what
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does that say that is the most interesting part for i think any observer of this summit at the moment because there were some low hanging fruits for both to pick up and you mentioned confidence building measures and these are not merely symbolic steps it's very important when you negotiate on that level between two countries which have been in kind of pentagon mystic relationship for over half a decade now will so it's very very important to reach small steps and as you mentioned the fact that they couldn't agree on some of those confidence building measures also shows the pressure the pressure to actually deliver something and maybe there was this thinking in the trumpet ministration that it's better to appear tough no agreement then to have an agreement which would be basically criticized from all sides at. singapore was important it opened.
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directly and we got a kind of an understanding and agreement with kim jong un that he stressed denuclearization is important it's the first time we heard this from the leader of north korea but there was pressure going into the second summit to deliver some more specifics and it seems like there was not enough time to do that . everyone is going to be wondering now how do we proceed from here we are still waiting for the press conference to take place there in hanoi with thought president trump we are hoping to get that any minute now will be coming over to that if we do but given what we know about donald trump's personality and his negotiating tactics what would you. expect from him coming out of this out of this summit that has been broken off like i said before i think it's
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very important to draw the right conclusions no and give the working level space space to negotiate give them time to negotiate because that it's all in the details now from now on it's not about only broad agreements anymore it's going to into the specifics there are two levels to every denuclearization process if the political level and this is certainly important but you have a very technical level with you need experts to basically hemmer what the details now of how this denuclearization process would proceed and this will take time on the one hand and political will on the other hand i'm not sure if both of this is a given that the drum ministration at this time. are you more or less optimistic about the prospects for achieving some agreement on denuclearization are you more optimistic or pessimistic now than you were before the summit well at the moment
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i'm most pessimistic as basically any observer of this basically is at the moment i think we all hope for a deal we all hope for in an agreement which provides further amended to the negotiators at the working level we didn't get this and now it's about what's what comes next this is a very important question of course so we can only hope that they have going into the details no we have stephen began on the u.s. side as the chief negotiator who is a very experienced negotiator and made a very important gave a very important speech it's then forest last month it's good to give those people space it's this one this will be i think important to move the process are there though. we'll be coming back to you as we get more details from from hanoi but first i'd like to cross back over to our correspondent xander phenomenon who is
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standing by still for us in hanoi of course we're awaiting a press conference with u.s. president trump alexander looking. well we're still waiting here and we normally would get a two minute or five minute warning so just to be sure that the president is going to be there on the stage in five or two minutes but that has not happened yet and that means that this press conference is not going to start momentarily and of course what we know is that what the white house press secretary said there is told us that the president himself would like to explain why there was no agreement what is the future of the talks between the two countries and as you said earlier it's true that he was trying to downplay the expectation for this summits. at one point he said that he things that this summit is going to be successful and
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then but he also stressed that it could be that the whole process is going to need more time and i talked to many experts here and one noyo and in washington and they also told me that they don't think that one single summit can bring a breakthrough but there were at least hoping that this summit could start sort of process and show a road map towards to nuclear is ation of the korean peninsula now when president troll if president trump does deliver his press conference as expected there in hanoi there will no more of course but at this point there's a great deal of speculation about whether it was a clash of personalities or whether there was some policy detail that led to things breaking down what are you hearing there. well i would say that we are talking here about huge differences in negotiations because president
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repeated pleas stress. he's good relationship with the north korean leader referring to this brutal dictator as my friend so he was hopeful that there are apparently good person the rich poor can help the gaps and then negotiations it was obviously not the case and we saw both leaders year you know being all smiles pleasantries did really seem that they do get along well with each other so i would say that despite this apparent good chemistry between the two leaders they were not able to reach a deal because indeed this is such a complicated issue. at this time alexander thank you very much for an alexander from naaman in hanoi where we're expecting any moment a press conference with u.s. president donald trump book commenting on the summit that has now been broken all
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with no agreement we'll be back to you in just a moment thank you but first let's cross over to washington where the man who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump has fired off one damning indictment after another against the u.s. president trump's former fixer and personal lawyer michael cohen spent more than seven hours testifying before a house oversight committee in an explosive performance he said the president had prior knowledge of leaked e-mails from the democratic party during the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign we're going to understand the president is now approaching the podium in hanoi where he's expected to begin a press conference explaining what just happened between him and kim jong un in their negotiations toward an agreement on denuclearizing the korean peninsula. economic development really something special so i want to thank all of the people of vietnam for having created us so well. we have. i
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think reasonably attractive news from pakistan and india they've been going at it and we've been involved in trying to have them stop and we have some reasonably decent news i think hopefully that's going to be coming to an end it's been going on for a long time decades and decades there's a lot of dislike unfortunately so we've been in the middle trying to help them both out see if we can get some organisation and some peace and i think probably that's going to be happening we have venezuela as you know has been very much in the news and we're sending supplies supplies are getting through a little bit more it's not easy to talk to believe somebody would say let's not do it what difference would that make except it's great for his people to let it get through but we're sending a lot of supplies down to venezuela people are starving to death and you would
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really think that the man in charge currently would let those supplies get through we are getting them into some of the cities and some of the areas that need them the most and it's not an easy job it's very difficult actually on north korea we just left chairman kim way to really i think a very productive time we thought and i thought and secretary pompei o felt that it wasn't a good thing to be signing anything i'm going to let mike speak about it but we literally just left we spent pretty much all day with kim jong who is. he's quite a guy and quite a character and i think our relationship is very strong but at this time we had some options and at this time we decided not to do any of the options and we'll see where that goes but it was. it was
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a very interesting two days and i think actually it was a very productive but sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times and i'll let mike speak to that for a couple of minutes. thank you mr president we had been working our teams the team that. i brought to bear as well as the north koreans for weeks to try develop a path forward so at the summit we could make a big step a big step along the way towards what the two leaders had agreed to back in singapore in june of last year we made real progress and indeed we made even more progress when the two leaders met over the last twenty four thirty six hours unfortunately we didn't get all the way we didn't get to something that that ultimately made sense for the united states of america i think chairman kim was hopeful that we would we asked him to do more he he was unprepared to do that but i'm still optimistic i'm hopeful that the teams will get back together in the the
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days and weeks ahead and continue to work out it's a very complex problem we've said since the beginning that this would take time or teams have got to know each other better we know what the limits are we know where some of the challenges are and i think as we continue to work on this in the days and weeks ahead we can make progress so that we can all to maci what it is that the world wants which is to denuclearize north korea to reduce risk for the american people the people all the around the world i wish we could have got a little bit further but i'm very optimistic that the progress that we made both in the run up to this summit as well as the progress that the two leaders made over these past two days put us in position to get a really good outcome and the president chairman kim both felt good that they had made that progress. but couldn't quite get along the line along the line any further to make a deal that would have been bigger at this point i hope will do so in the weeks ahead thank you mr president. but major place.
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this process been more difficult than you thought and was the north korean demand for lifting of some sanctions the real sticking point here in that you do not want to do that and they did and bill there was about a sanctions when the various third summit was to present basically they wanted these sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that they were willing to denuclearize portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that so we continue to work and we'll see but we had to walk away from that particular suggestion we had to walk away from that with all the sanctions that are currently in existence remains are there in place you know i was watching as a lot of you folks over the weeks of said oh we've given up we haven't given up anything and frankly i think we'll end up being very good friends with chairman kim
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and with north korea and i think they have tremendous potential i've been telling everybody they have tremendous potential unbelievable potential but we're going to see but it was about sanctions i mean they wanted sanctions lifted but they weren't willing to do an area that we wanted they were willing to give us areas but not the ones we wanted john. as we as we know i mean there's an incredibly complex set of issues that are a play here in terms of lifting the sanctions and what denuclearization is right did you get any distance toward sort of what kim's vision of denuclearization is because we did there is there is a lot of. line of thinking that he wants to keep some nukes you know i mean would you allow him to do that if you well i don't i don't you know i don't want to comment i don't want to comment on that exactly but he has a certain vision and it's not exactly our vision but it's a lot closer than it was a year ago and i think you know eventually we'll get there but for this particular
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visit we decided that we had to walk and we'll see what happens ok. look we have a gentleman nobody's ever heard of that was sean hannity what are you doing here sean hannity should we let him do a question i don't know if you have john but with you so. if he wants the sanctions completely off and you want more on denuclearization how how can you bridge that gap between now and the next time you might sit down with time it'll be bridged i think at some at a certain point but there is a gap we have to have sanctions and he wants to the new point he wants to just do areas that are less important in the air is that we want to we know that we know the country very well believe it or not we know every inch of that country and we have to get what we have to get because that's a big that's a big give us on please. i work in radio and t.v.
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the mikes on mr president thank you mr secretary good to see you. mr president you can elaborate a little bit more. we have some history president reagan walked away and reeking of a lot of condemnation at the time and it ended up working out very well in the end for the united states was this mostly your decision or and what would message would you want to send chairman kim as he's listening to this press conference about the future and your relationship question i don't want to say it was my decision because what purpose is that. i want to keep the relationship we will keep the relationship we'll see what happens over the next period of time but as you know we got our hostages back there's no more testing and one of the things importantly that chairman kim promised me last night is regardless he's not going to do testing of rockets and. nuclear not going to do testing so you know i trust him and
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i take him at his word i hope that's true but in the meantime we'll be talking mike will be speaking with his people he's also developed a very good relationship with the people really the people representing north korea i haven't spoken to prime minister rabin yet i haven't spoken to president moon south korea but we will and will tell them it's a process that it's moving along but we just felt it was inappropriate to sign an agreement today we could have i just felt it wasn't very appropriate it jonathan. thank you mr president two questions if i may first did you learn anything new about chairman kim through this meeting and secondly of course while this was going on the drama back in washington your former lawyer mike what's your response to
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michael cohen well it's incorrect and you know it's very interesting because i tried to watch as much as i could i was unable to watch too much because i've been a little bit busy but i think having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing and they could have made it two days later or next week and it would have been even better they would have had more time but having it during this very important summit is sort of incredible and he lied a lot but it was very interesting because he didn't lie about one thing he said no collusion with the russian hoax and i said i wonder why he didn't just lie about that too like he did about everything else and he lied about so many different things and i was actually impressed that he didn't say well i think there was collusion for this reason or that he didn't say that he said no collusion and i was . you know a little impressed by that frankly because if he could have gone all out he only
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won about ninety five percent instead of one hundred percent but the fact is there is no collusion and i call it the witch hunt this should never happen to another president this is so bad for a country so bad you look at this whole hoax call it the russian witch hunt and now add the word hoax it's a very very bad thing for a country but. i was impressed with the fact that he went you know because the most important question up there was the one in collusion and he said he saw no collusion so we'll see what happens but it was pretty shameful i think yes ma'am please place. president. and you have been watching live coverage of donald trump's press conference and hanoi in vietnam where he's been meeting with the leader of north korea kim jong owned those talks were suddenly broken all unexpectedly broken all with no agreement president trump there saying that the two leaders had
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a really productive time in their talks but that wasn't a good thing to be signing anything well let's cross over to our correspondent who is in hanoi and following that press conference at xander front naaman alexander your take on that press conference. well i would say what we've heard so far it really seems to be a mature decision to walk away from the negotiating table notes to sign any agreement that could be criticised later on as a fake agreement that was something that we saw in singapore so i think it looks like it was a good decision and to president trump a stress here at that at the talks there was no deal reached at this time because the north korean wanted all sanctions to be lifted at that and he once again stressed that the u.s. is not willing to do that without seeing progress being made towards.
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ok alexander phenomena in washington thank you so much in the spin hanoi thank you so much for now and with us in the studio eric a lecturer in korean studies for university your take on that press conference do you understand why president trump and kim jong departed without an agreement well i have to reiterate the point i made earlier there wasn't enough time for the working level apparently to hammer out the details before so it only goes to show how important this is i think it was. positive to hear that they are still optimistic in the talks will be ongoing. you know the summit level below the presidential level which will be of crucial importance give them time and give them space to do that it seems to me from what the press conference from what we heard in that press conference that sequencing still seems to be the sticking point seems
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seems to be the most important point who dusts what at what time and who gives what at what time exactly so how to sequence this process going forward it's going to be important to get something which has to be negotiated on the working level not on the presidential level. ok i'm fredricka went to have to leave it there for now eric paul bach lecturer in korean studies at berlin's free university thank you for making with us today on d.w. news and that wraps up our live coverage of the of the summit in at least for now of the some of that's been taking place in hanoi in vietnam where president donald trump of the united states and kim jong il in the north korean leader have parted without an agreement thank you for speaking with us here on g.d.p. and.
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hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe it's nice to have you with us from harassment and swastikas to the desecration of jewish memorials friends is grappling with a rise.


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