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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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how long will they be able to play. with. you little investigation starting. on t w. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin cut short a highly talented summit with kim jong un. for this particular visit we decided that we had to walk and we'll see what happens. trump says he refused to ease sanctions on north korea in exchange for the country's partial dooney quote the nuclearization was the meeting then
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a waste of time. and pakistan and india tried to ease tensions after claiming that they shot down each other's aircraft over the disputed region of kashmir. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the program a dramatic turn of events in hanoi u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un have ended their highly anticipated summit in the vietnamese capital with no agreement the talks were aimed at ending north korea's nuclear and missile programs in exchange for a lifting of sanctions president trump had this to say about the outcome of the summit basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to do newco orange portion of the areas that
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we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that so we continue to work and we'll see but we had to walk away from that particular suggestion we had to walk away from that we always think sions that are currently in existence remains are there in place and you know i was watching and saw a lot of you folks over the weeks have sent know we've given up we haven't given up anything and frankly i think we'll end up being very good friends with chairman kim and with north korea and i think they have tremendous potential i've been telling everybody they have tremendous potential unbelievable potential but we're going to see but it was about sanctions i mean they wanted sanctions lifted but they weren't willing to do an area that we wanted they were willing to give us areas but not the ones we wanted. president trump there speaking a little while ago in hanoi well our correspondent out xandra phenomena has been covering the summit and joins us now from hanoi so alexandra summit with no
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agreement how much of a setback is this for president trump and his policy in dealing with north korea. you know terry it is certainly a major setback for the president and he'd say he snow's career approach is no score we have a policy because he came here to one expecting clearly espec that a deal can be reached but that didn't happen when you look how the events unfolded today and when you listen to how donald trump justified his decision to walk away from the negotiating table then you would say well that's right that was made sure wise decision not to sign anything not to agree to a deal that would be criticized later on as big as not bringing any breakthrough on the other hand to hold this summit summit at all if you don't see any progress on the ground if you don't have any detailed commitments from pyongyang so i think
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that for trump the turn of events here amounted to a diplomatic failure. and we've heard donald trump's explanation for why the talks broke down he gave what sounded like a rational argument there but what about the north koreans have they serve anything yet. i didn't see any oficial statement from kim jong un and this is really important how he is going to see the whole thing here and how he is going to react he clearly came here to hug noise expecting that it will be possible to get relief from this these punishing economic sanctions that was here and so what is he going to do when he gets back home is he going to stick with his promise he gave that he is not testing is not conducting any nuclear or missile tests
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or is he. going to see any provocations that i think very important question here and we don't know what's going to happen. now some analysts have suggested that this summit was premature and not properly prepared what what's your impression alexandra there in tannoy. well i would say that's true that was to case for the first summit things up or and so that was the case here as well we know that those sides have been negotiating for months now but we also know that you asked that was not very happy with the outcome of these negotiations so to decide to hold this summit anyway was very whiskey risky decision from the beginning alexander thank you so much alexandra from naaman there in hanoi with us here in the studio is a lecturer in korean studies for university good to see you again what's your take
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on what happened in hanoi. well. there is a couple of things i think we should take away from this we have to call it unfortunately failed at summit meeting on the one hand we saw that it was not prepared at least not well enough we have to we have to remind ourselves that the working level on these negotiations was just recently a step list so there was not a lot of time on the working level to prepare all of the details apparently the big question will be what are the lessons learned for the trump administration in how to move this process forward and it has to be that we need greater flexibility on the working level more time for the working level to hammer out the details which are very complicated when it comes to denuclearization when it comes to the question of step missing a piece regime on the korean peninsula and the normalization of relations between
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basically two into going to stick states this is a big challenge well how would you see that process moving for you say the progress needs to be made on the working level these negotiations are nothing new they've been going on under different presidents different north korean leaders for quite some time how would you approach that aside from saying they need to work on it what actually has to happen in concrete terms who needs to move what where first of all we have to remind ourselves that this is a different process this time around and we have for the first time a top down mandate the mandate given by the leaders of north korea and the u.s. which is given to the working level we didn't have to face in previous negotiations so that is very different now of course we need to him or about the details and as you mentioned the working level has a lot of work ahead of itself so i think it's important now to basically make
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progress on all three fronts i would just say in the denuclearization p. normalisation from at the same time and there are some steps they can take immediately so we need to bring in nuclear experts to hammer out the technical details of such an agreement it's not enough to have to go metric negotiations alone political negotiations you know and they are important to provide a framework but you need experts who. basically hammer out the details of what the denuclearization process actually looks like and how long it's going to take because there is there's a very different take from the political and diplomatic circles when it comes to denuclearization and the experts the experts would say it takes at least a decade at least ten years for a forty nuclearization of the korean peninsula so you need those expert right now otherwise you create false hopes or at the nuclearization process which will take
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much longer than political circles would think so this process is about much more than the united states saying we will live certain sanctions and you north korea should richard get rid of your nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons program in certain areas that's much more there's much more at stake here than that yes and i think the failed to make no actually proofs that they had apparently an agreement on the table with just some details missing from what we hear but it's those details who does what at what time who gives one who receives what and this is on the working level hemorrhoid those details. now donald trump whom we heard just a little while ago was responding to the to what has been going on in washington let's let's catch up on how he's what he's been saying about the explosive testimony given yesterday by his former lawyer trump said that michael cohen quote
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lied a lot in statements to lawmakers cohen implicated trump in a number of crimes before and during his term as president cohen spent more than seven hours testifying before the house oversight committee he said the president had prior knowledge of leaked e-mails from the democratic party during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign and he also said that trump instructed him to break campaign finance laws. now let's move on to some of the other stories that been making headlines today thousands of supporters over the of the embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro have taken to the streets of the capital caracas they were protesting threats of foreign military intervention in the crisis ridden nation opposition efforts to bring in humanitarian aid have been thwarted by government security forces. british lawmakers have approved measures that could result in
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a delayed or breaks it beyond the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s voted to approve prime minister teresa mayes a new plan for leaving the e.u. it included an option for parliament to vote on extending the current deadline which would give me more time to try and negotiate to renegotiate rather the agreement with e.u. leaders. and egyptian state television says at least twenty people were killed and forty wounded after a fire broke out in cairo's main train station the fire was reportedly set all by a train's fuel tank which exploded when the train crashed into a barrier. now as india and pakistan have exchanged fire in disputed territory of kashmir that's a day after both countries said they shot down each other's jets in the area the u.s. and e.u. are urging the two sides to exercise restraint warning that the conflict could lead to serious and dangerous consequences for the two regions for the two countries and
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the wider region. the conflict rumbles on overnight. on both sides of caution his line of control pakistani authorities evacuated several villages as well so it's aerial sparring matches up tensions further. thursday's paper splashed on the conflict but many details remain unclear pakistan says it took down two indian fighter jets it published this image to prove its version of events. when it released this video of a captured in their pilot. says it lost only one aircraft and it shot down a pakistani will land. once again the disputed kashmir region has brought the two nuclear powers to the brink of war the area's been a source of friction for decades. the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian paramedics police were killed by a suicide bombing and put. on pakistan based militants. india retaliated by bombing
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what it says with a training camp in the pakistani town of balakot killing quote a large number of militants. delhi says it launched the asterix against the group jaish e mohammad after got hold of intelligence that the group was planning further attacks . the likes of continue to refuse. to acknowledge this. and this isn't going to be information that. either gets into. the mid of india you said you could be an even. as tensions between the nuclear neighbors escalated pakistani prime minister in one khan pool for talks with india. and. i want to ask the indian government a question considering the nature of the weapons that both of us have can we afford any miscalculation. should we not think at this moment that if the situation
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escalates and where will it go it will not be in my control or not render modi's control the border control with. calls for the escalation being echoed by world leaders germany the u.s. and the u.k. have all appealed for restraint. now as tensions escalate further pakistan's civil aviation authority says that it has shut its airspace to all commercial flights dozens of flights were cancelled from thailand on wednesday night bangkok airport officials said over four thousand travelers were affected the airspace closure came shortly after pakistan's claim that it shot down two indian warplanes airways says flights to europe will resume on thursday. you are watching g.w. news. up next few cities are considered more beautiful and only
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a few are as threatened by mass tourism or talking about venice stay tuned for our documentary on that beautiful italian city and i'm rita will be with you at the top of the next hour with a another full bulletin of international news meanwhile all the stories online at the w dot com thanks for. one organize party it's a real policy because there is no rubbishing about everyone rights that only in the room and then we parted. and you know what the great thing is.


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