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digital. storage march. double. the but. this is the good news coming to you live from bali and donald trump cut short of march high summit with kim jong il and. for this particular visit we decided that we're going to walk and we'll see what happens trump says he refused to ease sanctions on north korea in exchange for the country's top station was the meeting then
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a waste of time. also coming up trump response to his former lawyers damning testimony michael cohen accused trump of committing crimes before and during his presidency trump says could and is lying. plus pakistan extends an offer to ease the kashmir crisis this is a behind a pilot of india and indian war plane shot down over the disputed northern territory and he's speaking with parkinsons ambassador to germany joins me in the studio. and welcome i'm under that she my good to have their company. a dramatic turn of events in hanoi u.s. president dollar trump and north korean leader kim jong un have ended their highly anticipated summit in the vietnamese capital hung noyo with no agreement the talks
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were aimed at ending north korea's nuclear and missile programs in exchange for a lifting of sanctions just a short while ago president trump had this to say about the outcome of that meeting basically they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that they were willing to do new goal arj portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that so we continue to work and will say what we had to walk away from that particular suggestion we had to walk away from all the sanctions that are currently in existence remains are there in place and you know i was watching and so a lot of you folks over the weeks and said no we've given up we haven't given up anything and frankly i think we'll end up being very good friends with chairman kim and with north korea and i think they have tremendous potential i've been showing everybody they have tremendous potential unbelievable potential but we're going to
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see but it was about sanctions i mean they wanted sanctions lifted but they weren't willing to do an area that we wanted they were willing to give a serious but not the ones we wanted. joining me now from hanoi is our washington correspondent alexander phenomena and the southeast asia correspondent boston bulls have been at the summits covering it for us alexander let me start with you you were at the press conference where donald trump was speaking a summit with no agreement just how much of a setback is this for donald trump and his north korea policy. i would say it is a major setback for the u.s. president and he is north korea policy truncates came here to hanoi with a clear expectation that a deal can be reached although the u.s. intelligence community warned him that north korea is unlikely to give it give up its nuclear weapons but the president was hoping that his personal rapport with the
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north korean dictator kim joke can help a rich gaps in negotiations and that didn't happen and now trump had to leave empty handed handed and for him the turn of events here in the high noise amounted to a diplomatic failure and bustin turning to you north korea has also gone empty handed from this summit a lot at stake for the country once described as the most isolated and reclusive in the world what does that lack of an agreement mean for north korea. well north korea obviously wanted to develop economically that's what chairman kim said in the past he says now we're ready and we want to develop the country economically now of course that can't happen if the sanctions stay in place and if you look across the border to south korea they're going to be they're going to be similarly or they're going to be disappointed for sure i was just recently there
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and i spoke to a lot of people and all the people i spoke to there literally were so optimistic and so hopeful that something tangible something something something positive would come out of this summit something that would help south korea push their relation with north korea to the next level i mean they have huge dreams in south korea they want to build railway lines that connect south korea with north korea and eventually with china and with russia and obviously none of those dreams are ever going to get off the ground if the same sions stay in place so they're going to be bitterly disappointed they would have definitely hoped for they would have a hope for a huge breakthrough but they would hope for small incremental steps that prove that both parties the u.s. and north korea they're both both serious about this process maybe a reopening at least for a time of joint economic zone in case song between north and south korea in return for maybe weapons inspectors to enter the country something like that something
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that would show them ok we're heading in the right direction but this the events that happened here in annoying think that they're going to be bitterly disappointed and redone i don't alexander where do we go from here just ten months ago we had this historic meeting between came and and a south korean president a more what and what do you think trump say ah more talks between the u.s. and came on a more summits likely in the future. while trump said that he didn't commit to have another summit with kim jong un but he also stressed that the u.s. is willing to continue to negotiate. asians to continue their talks and so they're clearly pointing to the fact that they are not willing to get back to the fire and fury rhetoric that we saw last year or before the negotiations. began however it will be very important what kim jong il is going to do when he gets back home if he is going to keep his promise
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a promise he gave president strum that north korea is going to refrain for from any nuclear or missile tests in the future or are we going to see any provocation that's something that will be very important for the future relations between north korea and the u.s. of course and must then turning to you as you said i mean the disappointment is very bitter on the korean peninsula and one is a lack of an agreement mean for the wider region. well i think that other countries of course in the region they're not going to be happy about this either take japan for example they are worried by. north korea's nuclear nuclear weapons and nuclear program say they want back to stop so they would have definitely hoped for the next step in these negotiations and and you don't even have to go that far look just around where we are here in vietnam
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they're not directly affected by this of course but they would have as a host of this summit they would have hoped for a positive outcome to this summit as well if you look around the city here there's huge posters everywhere with white doves and saying noise city of peace there of course they would have wanted they would have wanted some some peace accord or something to come out of this summit that would have then been connected forever with the name annoying with the name vietnam and they were already saying we would like to host the next summit as well and we're really interested in that now we don't even know if there's ever going to be a next summer ever read a ride boston a southeast asia correspondent and alexander phenomena correspondent from washington one of the few in hanoi thank you very much for your reporting. and now for some analysis on the just concluded summit i'm joined in the studio by shyness was there from free university of west come on this time we had with our correspondents there had to say huge disappointment on the korean side and
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obviously perhaps some disappointment also on the american side what is your take on this summit was it a waste of time no not at all i mean at this point of time it's difficult to say but i would term it this way it's a huff success is only ha success because they didn't reach an agreement they didn't sign substantial agreements but it's still a success because those two leaders of those two countries that have been in a hostile relationship for the last second seventy years have met for the second time now and they have talked about the main major issues and even after all. the some of the rhetoric remained positive so i think it's a half a success if it would is a dollar failure when you can sign an agreement usually when leaders of this caliber but the top leaders need for a summit of this guy and with much anticipation. that all the work is done the leaders come in and just sign the dotted paper the work is already done by their delegations you know that's what you usually would expect but even at the first
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summit i was thinking maybe it won't be that successful as that actually turned out to be but because it's north korea we're talking about here and we have donald trump on the other side so donald trump is always and will be always a very large element of uncertainty so this is not a usual summit and seeing it in this light i would say i'm cautious here but i would say this is not a failure but a half a success and we will see that in the future so what do you think went wrong i think it's difficult to say of course but i think it was donald trump who. demanded too much in the last moment so. you could see from from the north korean perspective we gave him an inch and he wanted wanted to go the mile and i mean you have to be clear about north korea they don't they cannot given all at once even a complete road map that's too much for north korea because the atomic bombs the
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nuclear weapons is all they have and if they declare that in the first place they have nothing to negotiate with so to be realistic you cannot demand that by trying to make one of the under list of expectations from both sides donald trump expecting north korea to give the only bargaining chip it has its nuclear program and for the united states to lift all the sanctions is what north korea wanted and that's the only kind of weapon that the western world has on north korea if this was really the case that both demanded these unrealistic games then of. was there was very unwise but i cannot imagine north korea because they have or they have to be very small because they have not much to bargain with so i don't think that they demanded we give you only the younger one facility and you give us all the sanctions i don't believe so i think it's rather it's both sides always but it's this time i think from just one of the big deals the great deal that was the
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problem so then very you see this going given that this summit had to be abandoned without an agreement what does the future look like in terms of actually coming together and finding a more substantial treaty i think that's what i said earlier i think it's still half a success and they now know what much better what the sides are expecting from each other so i suppose they will have more meetings on the on the working level which is also very important some commentators said there was not that much not sufficient preparation for this summit so this will be continuing and i'm sure also north korea will play mediating role but one important point here is i think the european union and also germany can play a very important role now since we have the situation here tried to harness mostly from burdens for university thank you very much for the analysis. and one that summit was underway in hanoi in washington crumbs for my lawyer gave damning
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evidence to lawmakers about his former boss michael cohen said trump repeatedly committed crimes before and during his term as president and compared him to a mafia figure cohen is facing a three year sentence for lying to congress in two thousand and seventeen and other charges he told the congress the committee he would no longer live for his former client i've acknowledged i have made my own mistakes and i have owned up to them publicly and under oath. but silence and complicity in the face of big daily destruction of our basic norms and civility to one another will not be one of them given my experience working for mr trump i fear that if you lose the election in two thousand and twenty that there will never be a peaceful transition of power and this is why i agreed to appear before you today . not trump responded to cohen's allegations just before leaving hanoi he called
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cohen's testimony shameful and untruthful he lied but it was very interesting because he didn't lie about one thing he said no collusion with the russian hoax and i said i wonder why he didn't just lie about that too like he did about everything else i read a lot about so many different things and i was actually impressed that he didn't say well i think there was collusion for this reason or that he didn't say that he said no collusion and i was. a little impressed by that frankly could have gone all out the president from a follow remarks followed cohen's testimony from vietnam during lunch in the summit we asked the dumbass of washington correspondent stefan siemens how damaging the testimony by could and could be for the trump president say. depends on who you ask if you again right and left of the political divide if you ask democrats and the left or the progressive and the so-called resistance to donald trump how damaging
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this testimony was they say it was that is basically the beginning of the impeachment process for donald trump couldn't get any worse for donald trump and mr cohen is a very very important building block in making the case about or against donald trump and how bad he is for the country for the united states for the world and as a president if you ask republicans and his supporters of course not only in the company but in the senate or. in the house as well as in the country don't forget thirty percent. of americans are his core base so they are supporting the president and they will support the president beyond what mr cohen now said they will wipe this away and say it doesn't really matter mr cowen himself is a bad character and a crook that's why he will go to present prison after all and the president can't go. bat and ball so the country remains along those fault lines political fallout it's divided. that stefan seaman see the obvious correspondent in washington you're
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watching video of the news coming up ahead pakistan offers to return an indian on it shot down over disputed kashmir retentions still running high between the nuclear neighbors i'll be asking pakistan's ambassador about this and more in just a few minutes. but first let me bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the world thousands of supporters of the embattled venezuelan president nicolas maduro have taken to the streets of the capital caracas they were protesting against threats of foreign military intervention in the crisis ridden nation opposition efforts to bring in humanitarian aid have been thwarted by government security forces. british lawmakers have approved measures that could result in a delay to brag beyond the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s voted to approve prime minister terrorism is new plan for leaving the e.u.
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it includes an option for parliament to vote on extending the current deadline which would give to reason me more time to try and renegotiate an agreement with e.u. leaders. the pakistan says it's willing to free a captured indian pilot if it helps deescalate tensions with india over the disputed territory of kashmir the statement comes a day after pakistan shared a video purporting to show the pilot who was shot down by pakistani warplanes india also says it shot down a pakistani plane on wednesday and both countries traded fire overnight the u.s. and the e.u. are urging both sides to exercise restraint. joining me now in the studio is george salinas pakistan's ambassador to germany welcome to sleep let me first begin with reports coming out from pakistan's foreign ministry that pakistan is prepared to release the captured indian. commander of the nine then who is in pakistani custody
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if it helps to ease escalate tensions can you confirm this release yes there's been a statement of the foreign minister on that today this morning in the formalist has clearly said that pakistan. can consider the release of the pilot in pilot in custody that we have provided it helps and does it give seclusion and opens the way to peace so what does it mean it helps in deescalation what is pakistan looking for specifically invitation for. release in the pilot when i mean do you look is calling for the exclusion of you all know what the escalation means now because this whole crisis has sprung up because of they did aggression we all know what happened you know like the. indian planes which the secular. making a surgical strike on pakistan but they were looted. space they tried to
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bomb of course there was one at the aspen indian claims you know. they did claim something we all know what they claim but in actual fact all that happened was that some trees on citizen alike uprooted was basically the bombing happened in a forest and just perform and stand in a craft for president on the space and they had to leave so in the in this position is that this was a preemptive non military strike targeting specifically what they called a terrorist camp run by the jaish e mohammad and that's the group that claimed responsibility for the attack which took place a few weeks ago in india instead kashmir if pakistan says there are no such camps and they only only hit kind of forests and there was no casualties and there was no information infrastructure damage why did pakistan feel the need to
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fire back and retaliate first of all this is not what i'm saying you know national media reporter was basically saw what has happened. sits in an old international circuit al-jazeera reporter also said that there was a gesture bahama seminary madrassa there and which was potentially recruiting jihad these. i don't think that the department first of all why was it a problem the problem is this whole concept of a preemptive strike basically what it was was in a christian you know and it's was in total contravention of international law in between parts and in india since nine hundred seventy one so we're talking about five decades here this has not taken place although as you know in the past as well they have been ok sions for the tension level has risen so this is the first time in fifty years that india committed this aggression and nationally there would have
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been a response to this aggression and their sponsors there for the world to see the two indian a craft have been downed we have a pilot in the custer impacts on custody you know one of the cry. after filing the puck some side krefeld on the indian side so what we have shown here is that you have to keep ability we have the room you have the right to defend ourselves and we were maybe even in the terms of these figures disputed pakistan claims they down to two aircraft india says one aircraft is missing and the other was an f. sixteen which belonged to pakistan but be that as it me tensions are they hi everyone is calling for deescalation pakistan is offering dialogue now the question many in india ask is why do we have a dialogue going at once level pakistan in public office a dialogue but in private they are offering a safe haven to terrorists like the gesture of mohammad. these accusations you know these aren't in a position which you believe adults obsessions i mean they come to
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a conditions as well but he knows the keys of completion job if you know they didn't spiral serving the naval officer you know what they have been doing in pakistan in baluchistan other parts of pakistan pakistan has been facing terrorism to a much greater degree that india has you know the number of tests that we have faced in the last ten years if you're talking about seventy thousand people so what does that mean that we should just point attack india because you know you cannot just accuse somebody and then sort of you know we have austin our prime ministers and very clear on that we said they should provide actionable evidence if they do that we can investigate them at india says it's provided a lot of evidence in other previous attacks which to place in india the indian fall in what was attacked in two thousand and one the one by attacks in two thousand and eight the u.-t. attacks in two thousand and sixteen are let me clarify that because the first of all the intelligence of the deuce here that they have provided on this has now been provided you know just yesterday as you know why didn't it happen in the first
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place you know before this started you know because they started that aggression without even sort of going to substantiating any of their position. in the past as well you know if you said they have forwarded disease haven't people what it does is to them we have much bigger evidence you know when we have this spy in custody you know a game when they say that sort of financial donor parsing of sixteen words that you know is what they're obviously you provide evidence for that we substantiate that which you know what this say is just sort of you know based on their belief you know and sometimes you know you'd like to know what terms of belief believe as you know you have mr moody you would believe there are thousands of years ago indian time to be able to grasp that measurement every movement you know in from the county where you have to. sort of like so obviously both sides have their own version of events and of course also believes india funds terrorists ahead status
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and this is what sides have to think. investor joyously which is a pleasure to have you with us so that was pakistan's ambassador to germany giving us his perspective we've also reached out to india's ambassador to germany and we hope to get delhi specific to from her on this crisis soon and we've just found out that pakistan plans to release it has been confirmed now release the caption indian panda tomorrow that's march the first. turning now to other news and feel how many concert hall is hosting a different kind of performance this week in place off symphony orchestra's visitors ah being treated to more synthetic sounds and sights it's the brainchild of conceptual artist laurie anderson take a look laurie anderson has long been steps ahead of the crowd she's a luminary among of on guard artists and describes yourself as a storyteller by condensing sounds and converting them into tones. for almost fifty
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years anderson has mixed words and colors into unique art forms. she used to plan and prepare everything nowadays she mostly improvises. building a ship in the air you know it's like and if you move you can. sink it but you're building it in. anderson's project titled reflector is running out hamburg held for money for four days loud guitars have been installed on various stages and in the building's holds. the motto goes the artist is being given a key to the elder money and she can make her project four days long anderson is performing in the main concert hall every evening she tells every day stories through poetry electric violins that she designs are also part of the performance.
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these guys when they are playing around those. andersen's are it was heavily influenced by new york in the one nine hundred seventy s. andy warhol the velvet underground it was a wildly innovative scene music painting videos anderson blended the three genres a pioneer in electronic music used electric sounds and experimented on the human body using amplifiers in two thousand and eight she married a music legend lou reed they were together until his death five years later today anderson is in her seventy's and still focused on silent waves. she believes you shouldn't just here's sounds but also follow them with your thoughts anderson's work has also won her a grammy this year. i don't want to seem to be a snob but hey i'm not in that world so they say you got
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a grammy i was like ok you know i'm not like. you know after more than half a century of performing never tires of searching for new forms of expression to her it's all about attitude. you're watching news coming to you live from button up next hour dramatic moments an anti-semitic attacks is pumping more and more jews to the front spoke instead one that shows.
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the bad. people. are upset about serbia's populist conservative government. traditional. market.
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next. enter the conflict zone come fronting the powerful. daniel security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names and well known faces it's also about the special advisor my guest this week is ben rhodes a former national security advisor to president obama after two years of child what is obama's legacy coding up conflict in sixty minutes g.w. . global. players. take. the stage and petroleum games in
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a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce could lose most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win their story believes it renewable energy will play an important role in the future. of the day but you can look on the stage starting march eighteenth on t.w. . in the evening. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe it's nice to have you with us from harassment and swastikas to the desecration of jewish memorials friends is grappling with a rise in anti semitism dozens of graves were recently vandalized at
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a jewish cemetery in the region of alsace budget.


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