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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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one thing. checking how long the claim and the with their story believes it bring the energy reclaim important dream in the future. you're going to. start launching. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe it's nice to have you with us from harassment and swastikas to the desecration of jewish memorials friends is grappling with a rise in anti semitism dozens of graves were recently vandalized at a jewish cemetery in the region of alsace. and in paris anti semitic
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protesters hurled abuse at jewish philosopher finkielkraut such incidents have sadly become commonplace in france. well the statistics are alarming last year the number of reported anti semitic attacks rose by seventy four percent president emmanuel mccraw announced new measures to tackle the problem saying it has reached its worst levels since the second world war and despite france being home to europe's largest jewish community many french jews such as. no longer feel safe in their country part of his family already left for israel now dinny is wondering if he should follow in their footsteps. in this neighborhood north of paris where many jews lived in need makes his home. he has a company that appraises real estate here his children grew up here. but he says it's
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just a matter of time before he emigrated to israel he's one of many observant jews concerned about the rise of anti-semitism in france he's already sent three of his children to school in israel. there's a school just opposite so it was stupid to send our children to a private school a long way away. but we made this choice because we didn't want to send them to a state school where they would have been the targets of mockery and stigmatization or the best case scenario. within our social circle to have been some cases of violence it was just too difficult. to multi ethnic district of bellville in paris its residents include jews muslims and people of other religions last year the jewish pensioner sara halimi was
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murdered on a side street an immigrant from mali reportedly shouted in arabic that he had killed the demon. more than five hundred anti semitic attacks were reported to the french police in twenty eighteen many were perpetrated by young muslims one apparent motivation is to seek revenge for israel's settlement policy some observers believe that the israeli government has fomenting anti semitism in france including these men who didn't want to be named. israel's official stance is to be jews from all over the world to come to israel by making them think they're less safe in france germany or pretty much everywhere in europe. the main goal is for them to all go to israel. head and speak you feel that pushing people to hate the. anti semitism in france is not linked only to muslims other french far right extremist jews nazi propaganda to incite
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hatred and anti-semitism in the media and on line. pictures of late politician and auschwitz survivor simone very recently vandalized. and the french philosopher and i'm finkel crowd was insulted at a yellow vest protest in paris. with invectives such as the dirty jew you go home you bastard and france belongs to us. feels abandoned by the french government which he believes is more interested in the votes of the muslim community. we will get a good. many jews are selling their apartments to be more flexible and making sure they have valid passports the ones i mean drop of this says a lot about the state of mind. many in the jewish community who think that one of these days they'll go to the bank to withdraw some money and they'll be told that as a new law which prevents them from doing it. they won't be able to sell their own property
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this is what we're thinking. some of the relatives went to israel four years ago. reported on his cousin and her husband lawrence move . the family no longer wanted to live in france because of the increase in anti semitism now they live in are stored not far from tel aviv. alone manages several restaurants. the oldest daughter's u.d.t. is currently doing her military service. they have changed their name from rougemont to like their ancestors they don't regret moving. they feel safer now. there's a total. i can let the children play outside in the
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evenings and go to school by themselves in france and i was afraid to let the children take public transportation because there were cases of their friends being attacked on the metro so i was not just in france but i knew that there was a risk. his cousin dinny is thinking about leaving paris. he used to play in this park with his children now he goes for walks alone he was hoping to stay in france at least until his retirement but he doesn't know whether he'll stick it out until then. i can easily move to another country but i can't change my religion so easily people despise me to this extent israel is the solution the destination for each of us. he points out that asian stores have replaced the jewish stores that used to be in the area even if older jews are still unwilling to leave france for good many are sending their children to israel or to the us jewish life in france is changing.
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well it's an issue that's motivating more and more french people to take to the streets are using the slogan that's iffy or that's enough to denounce anti semitism . now to serbia a country in the process of becoming an e.u. member state but many serbians fear that president alexander roots which is drifting away from european values and is steering the country towards autocratic rule people like a ten year milan of it have been taking part in anti-government protests for months the movement which started in the capital belgrade has now expanded across the country. once again like every saturday tiny emeline of which joins tens of thousands of sobs on the streets protesting against the country's state of affairs . and. incredible how many people turned out so nice. you
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can feel the end it's one way fantastic. serbia's middle class has had enough that angry at the country's political class and the widespread corruption and nepotism plague. that brought is the us the most. we want to live genuinely free democratic alliance. but i feel trapped in this country how is that even if. i'm young and i don't want to have to move to germany i want to build my life here i want to make it my country that's. one change i want just dictatorship to and. the protesters blame right wing populist president who church and his being progressive party government which held a firm grip on society in the past anyone who wanted to make it in serbia had to go through them but today the country lacks any credible political opposition that could bring change. this isn't about the opposition making demands this is about
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ordinary seven people expressing their discontent we don't represent any patterns we merely demanding that serbia become a decent country in which the constitution laws and rules are respected like in any normal democracy. the following day tanya shows us one of the many problems she's talking about the narrow street where she lives is set to be turned into a pedestrian zone even though belgrade and development plan doesn't allow for this . even so one day construction workers showed up to cut down the trees sparking local protests in dodge and that was a mcqueen if we've been able to hold about this all consulted even though this affects our lives and that's why we thought to turn off the water. tanya is a successful designer and is currently remodeling a famous football player's apartment she's been working with these builders for years these days pretty much all they talk about is politics. vertical marianna of h. restore stucco to make ends meet and feed his five kids he regularly travels to germany
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for work. i've also joined the protest just as. i wouldn't if i didn't think it would make a difference that. we're disappointed with life in serbia there's a muslim as ago and we deserve better because this was a. president who has a loyal following mainly because of his openly nationalist stance mislead. us not the opposition movement is stupid toppling milosevic was already a major mistake and they failed to make any changes in the critical mission as an image. we contacted for chechen members of a serbian progressive party numerous times for comment but to no avail then finally we receive a text message by the party spokesperson it reads you are prejudiced just like in the past and we will not be involved in this. clearly the party objects to critical
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media coverage most serbian media outlets meanwhile already told the government line which the e.u. has repeatedly criticized. that and film producer brownies left one of each is one of the protest movements best known figures he wants the e.u. to put much more pressure on serbia to on a basic democratic rights. so. you can practically sense something is wrong. with them as they can it's much easier for brussels to watch from the sidelines until everything is over. that pains me. the e.u. is hypocritical in its conduct was. that's what's happening today is sort of the premise for most of the soldiers and. the protesters feel the e.u. has abandoned them even so they'll keep marching so that someday hopefully things
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will improve in siberia while many teens spend their time scrolling through beautiful landscapes on instagram two teenagers in norway are going to great lengths to experience it with their own eyes here in the northernmost region of alta outdoor enthusiasts guru and kiss you are in their element it's cold remote and not without its dangers hardly a place where many of us would want to spend the night but for the long time friends it's the perfect weekend getaway. guru crim piece just eighteen years old but already a national celebrity in the way and some twenty eight hundred she hiked several hundred kilometers across lapland. and google have been best friends since they were little this weekend the girls are out hunting and fishing. they slept in
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a tent at minus twenty one degree celsius as really elder monk live i don't think you can ever become immune to the cold in most. men the most obvious that you can be of use to freezing just a bit but if you've grown up here you can probably stand the cold a little better than someone who grew up on the ground canary islands. takes care into a sign that. they're let their dogs back at the campground. google's been here a few times and found tracks left by no graphs this time to the girls spot fresh tracks in the snow. they decide to build a trap for the grouse they stick
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a few green twigs in the snow the grouse like to eat the fresh spots on them the birds have to pass through the center we have barely visible smell lies in wait. back at the camp fire the girls enjoy a classic norwegian wilderness dish to toast. the campfire chat has less to do with grouse or traps and more to do with the boys' school and fear of the dark forest. the out there although it's important to have someone along you can trust blindly. if i may have completely learned it would be a very different feeling. breakfast
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next morning and casio are out dancing to johnny from the part of the factory a well known woman chant in norway. part of the art. some of their friends are thinking about moving south to was slow we've been abroad after finishing high school or i thought about i can't even imagine living in a big sister. we love this nature far too much for that through here you can go out at any time and do something like i'll speak you. during the night perhaps fell into that trap. in case you don't feel sorry for the bird they take a pragmatic approach. for last but had
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a great life and this tribe is genuinely humane the grass runs in and two seconds later it's dead. but i thought i just had. it different for example full for chickens they live in little cages and never get any natural food they only lives of people can make meat out of them this is a great deal better. encouraged by their religious success they decided to try their hand at catching trout. this lake is said to be teeming with. because we do have some it might not look that way but we're completely normal teens just out messing around. like. kiss is going to.
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have. their anything. but next weekend. on turkey's border with syria lies a small place unlike any other in the country the village of chick rick is home to outsiders who don't fit in with the conservative values of their neighbors this is where. lives he is intersexual a person born without clear male or female characteristics as identifies as a man a turkish officials classify him as a woman he dreams of being accepted for who we are outside of his village. is a shepherd and he feels most at ease with his flock up here he owes nobody any explanation
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about why he was born as a girl and used to be called. these . people but. i just want to be. fulfilled i just want to be left in peace yes and up here is best. aziz lives in the village of check in southeastern turkey one turkish newspaper described the place as cursed because over twenty intersexual zx people born without a clear biological gender live in this one village one is fifty year old. he has no unambiguous x. turtle sex organs so he has to carry a woman's pink id card even as a young child he knew he didn't want to be a girl. but if you know that
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one day when i was boxing with a boy he pulled my long hair and threw me to the ground then i ran home and cut it off i was full of hatred for myself and everyone around. me and i'm still suffering because of this id card today. in this isolated corner of turkey it's customary to marry among relatives and almost everyone in the extremely poor crook is related that spreads genetic disorders rapidly and such hereditary conditions as intersexuality managers and this twenty one year old who doesn't wish to reveal his identity is intersexual he's had surgery to make his genitals unambiguously male. i have to have three operations one cost the equivalent of five hundred euros that's what i had in half a year but now i feel like
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a complete person eventually i want to marry and have children in that order. but even after surgery very few intersections are able to conceive. and surgery does little to change attitudes among these men from a neighboring village they wouldn't want anyone from their families marrying and intersexual. sturman true group. of have themselves turned into men be they'll change their minds again some day we wouldn't accept that. certain or not aspirants i know they can't have any children they're like gays what. has never had surgery like many others he didn't have the money he rarely goes to the nearest city. just to see a doctor at most this time he's going to ask the psychologist to buy you for advice you know has been counseling intersexual children and families for years. how are
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you doing. to not that well. i'm a person and needs to love and be loved. and when there's no love. to do you need in the in the take the families who come to me feel overwhelmed should they raise their intersex child as a girl or a boy. or they've raised their child as a boy up to age five playing football and so on. and now all at once he wants to be a girl wanted. in this arch conservative society it matters little that aziz has always felt like a man every time he fell in love he was in for a disappointment on the urge again as a young man i had a relationship with a girl from the village in secret of course when he came out it was a huge scandal my dream was shattered here social mores dictate. and she was
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married to another man. to do until everybody got them over the net. but aziz isn't giving up he intends to buy a cheap smartphone one because he's heard that it's easier to get to know women on the internet. the clerk at the cell phone store shows him how to take selfies that put his best foot forward he needs a photo for his profile almost. the opposite he's a bit more upbeat when he gets home he lives in this little house with his mother and ten other relatives his mother is pleased that many years ago aziz decided he was a man. in our society a man counts for more. than no no a girl marries and leaves but the men can provide for the families and inherit you know the new. aziz is hoping that he might someday find
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a woman from outside his village who won't be put off by his past. records a love song on his new smartphones soon to be uploaded to his internet profile. with the braves a deadline fast approaching many brits are wondering what effect it will have on their favorite travel destinations in the e.u. well tear all austria is a big draw for british steers and the industry there has come to rely on their business but now both sides are wondering if brags that will put their relationship on a downhill course. role is a dream destination for ski is about a quarter of the visitors to. british and this has long been the case but what will happen. but it's one saif and. nobody knows anything.
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how can we be worried when we don't know what's happening. every year many british he is flying into in spoke to kick off they went to vacation. this year is no different and these human in the air. were going to say we did some . leaving england temporarily that is for a well deserved break. to shine they all want to go on holiday because of the uncertainty so long as it's still easy on the current so you're still worth something. dilatation that was the first hotel in the area to get a real connection funds child whose family owns the hotel says that british travelers have been coming here since the end of the nineteenth century they're not scared of going out on the peace in all weather and they went a currency fierce get them to out. side of this is the referendum in twenty six
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pounds for the by twenty percent but it just barely made a difference here. about the cost but it continues to fall over and it will surely have some problems. like. the general hope in the sand that british travelers will continue coming whatever happens at home but england english love snow and that's why we're so keep coming whether or not bricks it happens. can go. up risky at steve's retreat for brits who live in. companies they're a bit worried about their future. we were born as europeans and you know we feel like we're being stripped of our rights to live and work in this country. but who knows the brits just want to let their hair down and have some fun oh. thanks for watching focus on europe be sure to get in
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the to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. p.r. new security conference here in munich isn't just about the big names a moment faces it's also about the special advisors my guest this week friend roche a former national security advisor to president obama after two years of chop house while fuz obama's legacy holding up the conflict so for thirty minutes.
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i'm. raring to meet. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list a hundred german must reads. nixon river continues. to. know their stuff. curves will be good morning stephanie. chats with musicians from around the world. every week on w. what's the connection
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this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin donald trump cut short a much hyped summit with kim jong il and. for this particular visit we decided that we had to walk and we'll see what happens trump says he refused to ease sanctions on north korea in exchange for the country's denuclearization was the meeting then a waste of time also coming up. response to his former lawyers blistering test.


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