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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is. sometimes. the u.s. president after his much anticipated summit. was cut short for this particular visit we decided we had to walk. talks ended after he refused to lift against north korea. so what caused this meeting to achieve. a political
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storm. testimony from. the president. during his presidency. plus pakistan. over kashmir prime minister called to release the captured indians. welcome to the. us president donald trump north korean leader kim jong un have ended their highly anticipated summit in vietnam early with no agreement building on positive sentiments from their historic first summit last year these latest disagreeing a path to north korean denuclearization of bringing peace to the korean peninsula was the trump says talks broke down after he refused to lift all sanctions against pyongyang in exchange for only partial denuclearization. there was no lunch and no
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signing ceremony instead president trump's motorcade headed away from the summit venue after talks broke off prematurely. the hanoi meeting was the second he's had with kim jong un after a summit in singapore last year critics called that one big on style and low on substance so this time donald trump was under pressure to deliver results a clear timetable from pyongyang for dismantling its nuclear program for example from the outset he made it clear that he wasn't going to be rushed. very very much to giving their speed is not that important to be. found in perhaps the most public commitment to international demands yet a comment from north korea's kim jong un when asked whether he was ready to did new clear ice. building in your job as you did it and now you think that that will be
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eric. it will be the best answer you've ever but with p.r. nyang pressing its own demands president trump was left to explain why the talks fell apart so basically they wanted these sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. they were willing to do you know portion of the areas that we wanted but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for the so we continue to work and we'll see but we had to walk away from that particular suggestion we had to walk away from. it was a dispiriting end to a much more intense meeting with the sanctions issue still far from resolved it appears the road to disarming north korea will be a long one. will be w.'s washington bureau chief alexander from naaman was in honolulu for those talks hears her assessment. the president's trump the turn of
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events in hanoi amounted to a diplomatic failure he had hoped to reach a deal although u.s. intelligence agencies to warn him that north korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons he had hoped that his personal rapport with him joe what's helped bridge gaps in negotiations but that didn't happen instead of bringing home a huge foreign policy success left and hand it i was under far naaman so where do we go from here on us muslim arabs from the institute of korean studies about its free university welcome to g.w. what's your event what's your take on the events of the last two days well it was quite press of quite impressive two days but only half successful meetings i would say. only half successful because there was no agreement there was no agreement that they signed ceremony so no substantial outcome but quietly but still successful because the two leaders met now for the second time you could say in
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seventy years of hostilities. they talk to each other they prepared the summit maybe not sufficiently enough but still not maybe they have a more sober perspective on each other's demands so we don't presume this is the end of it and they keep talking absolutely yes this is just another step i mean we were. all be much happier if they would have agreed on on substantial things today or yesterday but this is a very complex and very complicated process we're in here and it's not surprising that it takes so long so something like this though ending so abruptly without even begin to know what you expect in these diplomatic exchanges is that ok we didn't agree anything but we could say we could agree at least on what day it wasn't that we had nice food nothing no no statement no nothing what does that tell us that these two leaders are very particular personalities that brought them together in the first place and it was good but that makes the whole process also more
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complicated and if obama for eight years pursued strategic and patients doing nothing now trump has used strategic imperfect impatiens if this is better we will see we've heard from president trouble we'd like to hear from a controller. i don't think so maybe indirectly through the wood on sheen monday the. north korean media or indirectly through talks he will have now in vietnam until he goes back on the second of march but i don't think there will be a press conference or a direct statement and that despite this early termination president trump. actually seemed quite optimistic about the future yes and i think it's because of the reason i mentioned just before that he doesn't think the deal is over he just thinks is just is another step another round and this is another step yes how south
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korea viewing this yeah they had an official statement and of course they were disappointed but also the south korean president jane he talked to president trump on the air force one for twenty five minutes or so and president trump austin for supporting the process in the future and i'm i'm thinking i think i'm sure a president when jean will support the process in the future very actively ok in the media or if we're fickle bunch that when the first meeting happens as there always is this is historic but there's been no preparation the second meeting happens and all this is kind of historic let's see what happens then when it it all fell apart as i would say it's a failure do you think we are going to have a third summit at least once the you've made even the fourth and fifth this is a very very long term process and support that they need often and they in between even at that high level yes of course now the of course the most important part is on the working level to have more meetings because they were insufficiently prepared this time but still they will have in the future another summit ahead like
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an optimistic point to end on how this mostly from the institute of korean studies thank you so much. so the date of the news live from but i'm still to come we will get you the trump came summit in front stay tuned for the news for you from a specialist with inside knowledge talking about the difficulties of. a country. fifty. ad about u.s. president donald trump's former attorney michael carvin is testifying in congress for the third day he's speaking to a pothole investigating brushes interference in the twenty sixteenth presidential election today session is behind closed doors and follows a dramatic public wednesday and during which mr carney used to president trouble of being a racist a comment a cheat and insisting that mr trump broke the law before and during his time in office so he's facing a three year sentence for crimes excluding lying to congress it was just that this time he's telling the truth president trump meanwhile denies the allegations are
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calling mr cohen a liar he's somebody to say he lied a lot but it was very interesting because he did lie about one thing he said no collusion with the russian hoax and i said i wonder why he didn't just lie about that too like he did about everything else i mean he lied about so many different things and i was actually impressed that he didn't say well i think there was collusion for this reason that he didn't say that he said no collusion and i was. a little impressed by that frankly because if we could have gone all out. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a un investigation has concluded that israel gave violate human rights rather may have committed war crimes in its response to last year's protesting gaza the inquiry said israeli snipers targeted people clearly identifiable as children health workers and journalists israel has rejected the findings describing them as hostile deceitful and biased. reduce our house being reelected president of senegal
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for a second term figures released by the national vote counting commission show salwan sunday's that first round right here more than fifty percent of the vote is closest rival for the prime minister it recessed second took just over twenty percent. of the death toll from tuesday's mine collapse into on indonesia's sort of lazy island has just happened at least nineteen people have been rescued emergency we're trying to reach dozens of people they believe are still trapped mine collapsed on tuesday evening importantly because of shifting soil. pakistan's prime minister says a captured indian fighter pilot will be released tomorrow the first of march and run can't hold a joint session of parliament moved to release when commander. of the indian air force with a gesture of peace tensions between the armed nuclear the nuclear arms that it was sort of after each carried out air strikes against the other over the disputed region of kashmir. the conflict rumbles on
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overnight artillery shells landed on both sides of the line of control after wednesday's aerial julian ratcheted up tensions further the newspaper splashed on the incident but many details remain unclear pakistan says it shot down two indian fighter jets and published these images to prove its version of events. also released this video of a catch it indian pilot. the disputed kashmir region has again brought the two nuclear powers to the brink of war the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian police were killed by a suicide bombing in poll. delhi blame the attack on pakistan based group joining a mohammed india retaliated by bombing what it claims was a militant training camp in the pakistani town of balakot. in delhi
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patry ontic protests and a simple rattling speech by the prime minister caption the mood. had grown india of iraq. india will grow. india why did. i get one. but beyond the bluster neither side wants kashmir to become a battlefield again. in a bid to deescalate tensions prime minister khan said the indian pilots will be freed. by the report over the indian pilot is in our custody we will release him and return him to india is a peace gesture. islamabad has also said it's received india's files on the suicide bombing pakistan has promised to punish those responsible. for that sort of fall because covering this from the indian capital delhi joins us on the line
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welcome what should we read into this offer from pakistan. well the alter that hugely welcomed here in india you know they get it it's like but across the light it could go to. capture it really fucked outreach in the country is special to these images with the pleated awkward line called a man who could be heard was quick to walk off to capture that box a lot of outrage and then he had been pretty demanding and immediately offered by little being he was a hero in india but at the peak time while quite welcome for you know iran khan for off peace talks with india which he need don't haven't gone down really well because he gets position get to meet they will knock her down and talk pillbox functional. serious about cracking down on paper network operating under. the press conference in delhi he is indian air force chief odd. the pakistani. military installations.
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but. they were unable to cause any damage. there ensued. sunny fall in delhi this is a strange conflict and as much as a bear is shooting and fighting but while there is talk of peace more fighting today along the line of control the situation doesn't seem to be calming. that's right i mean the workplace commissions that up to today along that line of control
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the de facto border the divides the disputed question. just a question you can talk. and on indian army spokesman today said you know there was some shares that was landing in the dignity areas the at the front you know we have to remember that india and pakistan actually routinely treat and bleed each other the starting of the sugar among the countries in that sense this is the new head of kong this takes on you know much more on the urgency in light of these heightened tensions right now between these two nuclear neighbors. you know these aerial strikes by india this week the retaliatory attacks by pakistan which is really taking tension really to a dangerously high level so this does remain worrying and india remains on high alert when they found the car in downing thank you now you may not have noticed but there is a new space race going on to be the first to build a new telecoms infrastructure in the skies the first six ocelots of just being
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deployed in the launch site in coral french and guyana it's a new low cost method of bringing high speed internet to even the most remote areas of the world using many satellites orbiting much closer to a full. three two one and lift off the arianna space has six one web satellites on board the pioneering venture has financial backing from some powerful players air bus cook a cola and the virgin group and it has big plans to bring the internet to those regions in the world that have scanned or even no access to it there are in mexico one hundred twenty thousand schools that don't have contacted me and if you are going to have a child who's going to be a participant in the modern economy and have opportunities they have to be connected it's not a choice any more connectivity is in this city and so just imagine twelve years of
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schooling without conic three years is twelve years of schooling was counted to the total difference in the outlook one web supplant is to launch twenty soyuz rockets per month each with dozens of satellites on board until there are two thousand satellites orbiting the earth will do this at an altitude of just one thousand kilometers the concept is convincing and it's attracting all the players too including space x. for now though one way is leading the way. now three. principal compasses which is a long musk who's also plans to put a large network up there we think our network is going to be a better network and it's going to it's going to happen quicker than is having said all that there will be an enormous demand network enormous demand for our network
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and we can both live alongside each other ask for the satellites once their work is done they'll reenter the earth's atmosphere and burn up turning not into space debris but manmade falling stars. springs from breaking news now israel's attorney general says he plans to indict prime minister benjamin netanyahu on charges of corruption but mr netanyahu will first have a chance to speak against the charges at a procedural hearing the decision follows more than two years of investigation into allegations of bribery fraud and breach of trust it would be the first time in the israeli history sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime is cold and mr netanyahu has political career and disrupt israel's upcoming parliamentary elections he denies any wrongdoing. straits to jerusalem where we join the correspondent at time here crime and welcome tanya explained the background to this for us. you know this has been
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a long decision by the attorney general. says he intends to indict pending a hearing and it's very important this legal term a sitting prime minister mr netanyahu in three corruption cases now the cases have been investigated from this great police over the last two years to had to be commended last year to indictments in it and you know for what breach of trust and privacy now the attorney general apparently according to reports from here intends to indict mr netanyahu in case you're just known one thousand and three is. a case where he is suspected to have received gifts from business friends like some pain and cigars another case of breach of trust as in case two thousand but the most serious one here is the so-called case four thousand where mr netanyahu is a suspected. concessions to one of the shareholders of the
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biggest telecommunications firm in israel benteke who owns the news website and in return for positive media coverage so this has been suspected for a long time of course now it puts the country if it into political turmoil because we have to. get to the teeth in the beginning of april and how much what well about this idea of a coming elections have played into the attorney general's that decision because as you say this is much anticipated and it's going to be controversial whichever way it goes. exactly i mean it's just timing here that is so controversial because the defense of mr netanyahu himself has said this is you know a political move it's too close to the elections and because when an attorney general it's an intention to indict him after that illegally there should be now a hearing being sketched out in a couple of weeks time or
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a couple of months time that won't be thought the elections so the defense of mr netanyahu is saying he doesn't have the possibility to explain his side now from the attorney general's office or the legal experts were saying well this is where enough before the elections and the protests that have provided to no you know what the attorney general things has to be done and i'm deliberations police work commendations and also all the legal experts have been on this case so legally speaking mr netanyahu doesn't have to step down as a prime minister because of this attention off indictment he also says. that he had wrote to continue and also to run the elections of course and he says he denied all charges because this is a hunt against him and his family. in jerusalem thank you. but
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the woman's the women's football world cup takes place in june in france germany one of the favorites a new coach martina fostex makes her debut this evening in a tough friendly way to talk about hosts france. germany are limbering up for the world cup starting with the clash against the hosts it's a new start for the team with coach martina foss techmeme borg in charge for the first time for her and the players this game will be an indicator of what they can expect this summer. that's what it's like it'll show us where we stand once we're doing well well we might have to improve that's why it's great to get a little taste of what's to come. and. there's no doubt in the german set up that their opponents are one of the favorites to win the world cup just as long as they can handle the expectations placed on them by the home crowd. dennis
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de francis if the french team manage to play the pressure in the own country if there's spurred on by it still be very hard to beat. the pressure is on fostex lim borg too though the tournament starts in just over three months so time to prepare is already running out. german sports where manufacturers puma's have signed a sponsorship deal with english premier league champions manchester city from next season city where pua kids have two years of playing in nike at an estimated seven hundred fifty million euros of a ten years its more than twice the nike deal and one of the most expensive in the premiership and also boosts puma's presence in the e.p.l. having lost the previous contractor with astable to added us. a motor sports is generally thought of as a male domain but i want to introduce you to susan africa's number one woman in
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racing last year the super lady ashton is now became the first woman to win one of the continent's national rally titles. motor sport fans in uganda will do anything to cheer their team was this i dream the little sport has a big following among both men and women was but things look quite different in the cockpit. via just over fifty licensed drivers international rally championship. almost exclusively men but the phrase one woman who runs the best. when i had just set in little did they know that these so of course i was young by then and that this young lady it would come up to a man everybody despised me that is a lady this speeds. whatever over. this
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takes in the national championship. and susan more often gets nervous when her rivals are on the truck i. at first see you become. yes. but let our own when you get to the tide when i get to the stats and i drop all the fia. it is not easy. code driver knows how to give susan a boast when the competition is steve. so i also tend to be a lady at that mall in such a moment when she feels likely to be depressed that the guys are faster than half there is still and know we are fast. the team strategy seems to be paying off when she sits on the soap our leading as she's known to have funds can be and cut your book. in twenty living longest surprised many when she won uganda's national rally
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championship. she wanted to get in last year the only african woman if a twitch of such racing success i remember myself. telling. myself from the wife. to have funds and especially to women belong is an icon of empowerment and to her rollup ias she is a rival to be reckoned with great it was stripped the competition away. as reminder of our top story at this hour and donald trump aside the nuclear eyes ation talks with north korea broke down because the north korean leader wanted sanctions lifted in exchange for. your eyes i see the u.s. president was speaking up behind our summit with kim jong four ended early and with a great. line from above that i'm going
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to i've. come back now to the top of the hour possible. to.
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this is the asia coming up on the program no deal donald trump heads home after he failed to see eye to eye with kim jong un he talked to a specialist with insider knowledge of the difficulties of the new call rising a country plus. building bridges with basketball can soft diplomacy achieve what trump and can not and. use with. the pakistani military releases footage of the indian soldiers they captured in kashmir but it's.


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