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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CET

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audiences with her multitude of creative impulses. it's more than just a buzzword in twenty nineteen we take a look at gender sensitive product design and its implications for all genders. and viable fust now how does germany's version of fat thursday when women take to the streets to claim their part off the festivities a tradition that marks the start of carnival in the rhineland. but we start with the american artist laurie anderson who has never let herself be confined into any particular genre or box since her formative years in one nine hundred seventy s. new york anderson has been a figurehead of the guard morphing easily from musicians have filmmaker to performance artist and even to inventor of electronic cats. she's a storyteller a musician and composer and for fifty years laurie anderson has been an avid garde
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pioneer somethings of the world just curious. i mean. just. life's work has been the template using sound language and performance in capturing the ephemeral. because it's building a ship in the air you know what it's like and if you disapprove you can move it over there could sink it but you're building it in the present moment. calm borges city of ships has given anderson free reign for the reflektor program at the elbe film only the artist can do what she will anderson is packed one stage with guitars and amps encouraging visitors to create their own music. to basically she's got a key to the fiddle money here you go you can do whatever you want for four days. anderson performs live every night combining spoken word with improvised music played on the electric violin. this is the work.
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with these guys then they are playing around those. anderson's art springs in the avodart scene of one nine hundred seventy s. new york from andy warhol and the velvet underground when experimentation ruled. she briefly went mainstream when her single superman hit number two on the u.k. charts an inventor as well she designed the suit with built in speakers. in the ninety's anderson became a buddhist and married to former velvet underground singer lou reed the dream couple this is. now seventy one anderson continues to push the balance of art and music recently a composition of her chamber music won a grammy not that awards for performances like these i mean all that much to her.
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and the one who seem to be a snob but i am not in that world so they say you've got a grammy it's like ok you know i'm not like. you know laurie anderson would much rather just be making art and for four days of that all money she can do just that building out of pure improvise ation her ships in the air. on january first germany became the first country in the e.u. to offer a third gender option on birth certificates a move that many hailed as a revolution for anyone who had dental phys outside of the conventional male female binary but society as a whole is lagging seriously behind and in terms of things like occupational policy product design or even city planning most things are still geared towards the male as standard for the species. welcome to the world of gender design meaning simply good design for women men and everyone else gender is one of the year's
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biggest buzzwords there are gender neutral toilets and in this exhibition gender sensitive design. and a society develops so design develops it's a two way relationship. at first glance at the exhibition not my thing gender and design a design academy reveals that when it comes to gender design our society is clearly underdeveloped it starts with children for boys pink for girls and that early gender division extends from toys to tools. design come to design can cement cliched gender roles since everything that's designed can also repeat stereotypes. so what might contemporary gender sensitive design which doesn't serve the male female binary look like. one suggestion is a special bench in public spaces for breastfeeding mothers the concept is
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progressive but the soft pink color reveals how hard it can be to free oneself from gender cliches. this manufacturer's idea of progress is a drill with attachments for both tools and kitchen utensils fairly unisex one would think but adding swarovski crystal bling to the drill feels more like a marketing gimmick than one that actually reinforces gender stereotypes maybe the next generation can. helped german school children were asked to design their own items for the exhibition. and i designed a cellphone cases for men and women i think the x. is very neutral. i created a gender scented deodorant suitable for both genders i made sure the font wasn't too feminine or too masculine and he is and this installation by a design student tries to break apart gender roles the workbench is used for baking . and the kitchen becomes a workshop. to try to do things and i do not want people who see this to reflect on
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whether we should get rid of the cliché that men belong in the workshop and women belong in the kitchen i'm. on the phone if you're here and there's a rican cvs design classic the. new versions invite an individual way of sitting not just spreading for males and demure poses for women. every so you can sit in multiple different way and express and gender to you that is not binary that is more bile that is active most of all this exhibition encourages us to think more critically about marketing strategies and perhaps to finally do away with design that conforms to outdated and necessary gender roles. and i'm not so sure that's going to happen joining me here in the studio is my colleague mike a clear go welcome and you've been looking into the rather more gender
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stereotypical design and i see you've got some stuff with you i can't believe we're still having this discussion with blue for the boys and pink for the girls so there is the shampoo there's even glitter in here or this is actually the shower gel ok so industry obviously very much still trying to pigeonhole us all as consumers why do we put up this with this why do we need do we need this money products and what are the implications i don't think so because very often they are. fame in the bottle still has different colors and you really see this is personal care products it's everywhere now the incident i went to a store and was really everywhere for example shower gail. all hair proud. for example and then of course a shaving cream designed designed for men is very often black with strong terms like being sportive active adventures ever i and then we have the design for women which is more flowery and it comes and pink and that you have to really be
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careful nikos for some products women have to pay several hundred percent mall because maybe they are willing to spend more money for their beauty and care and the companies knows that. according to a recent study by a german central office for consumer advice the pink tax still exists and that means that women still pay more for their products than man but yeah that's fair because as we all know women earn a lot of more than men well especially in this is the host. of this is a ok so women's pocketbooks are obviously being seriously exploited some designs have taken things to real extremes what you find there well it's a little research and here is my top five of the most ridiculous products main ok mate for women so here we are going forward to this we have maybe it's coming that
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i have to talk about here is the glue stick only for women and we have a light a makeshift for us karen isn't that amazing really and need their own souls of color and we have the toilet paper for ladies and there is a woman power tool box the house in the context clearly it was made up of the allocated woman hands i think goodness for that what did i do how did we ever live without for people like you rule. you know i said earlier that i can't really believe this gender division that we're seeing here so so crassly on the table especially with things for instance also like children's toys it's still so pronounced and i always get the feeling that it's worse than ever do you agree this is my feeling too and when you look into the children rooms today you will find things our mothers threw out back in the seventy's so toys only for girls toys only for boys the toy industry has discovered a huge business again for example they can they can sell one product twice for
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example the blue bike for the little boy and the same pink for his biggest sister maybe so parents all over the world fall into this trap although they complain about it and some science belief that having jenna krrish is so early in the kits is like a self-fulfilling prophecy so we will see and when it comes to legal for example you have you still have to decide between the the princess castle and the pirate ship. but ironically illegal is now trying to decide those role clichés the least in the movie which of course is one of them sitting in to have a look in this early in the last movie you know monsters leggo a little to the movie yeah and in an interview for the second legal movie the producers that they wanted to explore gender differences and similarities with
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regards to toys so carol. what i'm not sure about the last time i was in the lego shop we're going to go from the colorful world of lego we can see a lot of the pinko flying around there to carnival because eleven eleven on thursday morning marked the start of festivities in cologne with the street carnival and vibe fuss now no that's one of the almost traditions of giving women a tie. i need a little bit of power of some one jay to tell us what's behind that dell is about to say that i guess we'll have some pictures for you to look at of the house of the condo in and close on the special day you the women who really run the us they take to the streets drinking singing laughing the nazi to the man of course the idea of the giving little powerful one day dates back to the middle ages throughout jelani of their defense traditions but the beginning of five of us last was probably the star only of the top agent but michael we're going to have to
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leave it there i'm really sorry about that but that all that's going on in cologne thanks for bringing us those two stories runner but you have got now it's time for us to sign off so from myself and from michael we've got thanks for joining us i hope to see you next stop by our.
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is. a political bombshell in israel benjamin netanyahu charged with bribery in fraud making him the first sitting prime minister in israel to be charged with a crime then his political enemies of conducting an unprecedented witch hunt just weeks before parliamentary elections will take you to.


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