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tv   DW News - Africa  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2019 10:30pm-10:46pm CET

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inner. here's what's coming up for the book loosely told more to men to let me do these things and lentils are going to go it's going to take a look over meanings for the type of course. we're going to sleep every weekend here candy w. . this is deja news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes sanibel folks will continue until the cell is remakes of the president with nearly sixty percent of the vote what's in store for the country as he prepares for his last trip. and the soldier up there we need the follow up fighting to have those then bringing innovation to agriculture. then good game on the topic we have
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a story of a cycling blues mentoring young aspirant from kenya's townships. i'm christine wonderwall come to africa glad you're too good mikey saul has been reelected president in senegal taking fifty eight percent off the vote biggest released by the national counting commission show sells nearest rival that's former prime minister sick took twenty percent. money salwar out sin a break he's election win at saul's hard to get for his in the capital dhaka. so it's all built he's really action campaign on a record off the. adding roads and creating jobs it was
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a lot of infrastructure projects in the country going on he calls himself the builder of a modern sinegal but sick and the opposition candidates maintain that the country's economic advances have not reached many city going to people especially young men who often risk everything to migrate to care i want to bring in our correspondent well that's africa's jaime sunday at and he's going to be giving us more analysis to this election remy i just want to point out that we've had another big election result of a continent and that was nigeria we had a lot of people calling fall they have but let's start off by establishing a me if you will was this a free and fair election i mean the city has a history of for conducting free and fair election and this one was no exception on that so observers from the european union from the unit you from the african union and also from that it towards the west african. union or see that the process
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was conducted that free and very soon but they say is there's a problem which is a bit confusing is that that position now rejects so the run a rope for mike is that he rejects the election even though he says no going to appear ok that's a very interesting one ok so we're talking about a sow's niggas see big infrastructure projects at the time that he's and he's the president that lost him but take us into the minds of the people who brought back this president why do they feel like maki cell deserves another. i mean my descendants from has a poor means to to bring growth so he had he had a plane caused to emerging senegal so it's a big projects and so on which he tries to add to to to bring growth to the people and try to walk on social issues but the storm destined some people who are
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disappointed or so by my case not yet because as he was saying and yet much of that growth needs to translate into ordinary people's lives to read me my castle is not without his critics what did they say about him i mean still. there are two main trends i would say on the order of the on the one and description on the other way and is that is justice because corruption i mean it's also related because my case had two big open and two men open at the last me off dhaka highly for south and or so the son of the last president came what who. actually when not be able they were not accepted to one to these elections so people i kind of criticizing marcie side because they say that the justices used to close with the president so that's that's what the critics say and that we should also say that. untac corruption and more of mant and politic is only
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only to what is open and naughtiness in his own in his in england camp ok ready last one very briefly what is this next time of macky sall like each adult like what does he need to do full young senegalese people. i think one of the things that she needs to do is to creates more jobs you know for people so you have you have like i'm on the program three three reaches of both fifteen percent which is the. figure so it's going to be more than that so i think there will be there will be or so very important if you can if you can do that so that the young people who wouldn't have seen it and we have seen that before from saying god are coming to europe and risking their life all right africa's talking to us about that cynical election result from body thank you thank you now
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to the central african republic where a former activists and will get it for me in france has returned to his homeland in that war torn country to train what he calls soldier has often led it may not be what you think he has launched an organic farm in the capital bangui and is spreading the gospel of innovation while growing organic fruits and vegetables. she is a soldier of the land so is he two student farmers out of dozens training and working for months at a time on these chemical free fields next to the eubank the river. pascal b. to bailey is their teacher and the founder of this farm he is himself a student of the ecological farming movement in france three korea bally's latest effort takes advantage of plants that offer homeopathic health advantages a natural insecticide and fungus side to raise juicy tomatoes. there's name
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artemisia there's also a plant that comes from the pygmy country that's the secret ingredient and then a blend is created and it gives rise to this magic fertilizer yes measured. at the end of their training korea bally's students will return to their villages to use techniques in healthy and productive farming. see that what the first tomatoes assimilate the virtues of this healthy plant fertiliser we will have a tomato that is both anti carcinogen ic and anti malarial that can be the best medicine there is. organic farming in a country with a history of conflict and where most farms operate without machines. bailey says the obstacles can be overcome he's working on a micro credit banking scheme for his students for example a model for a new agriculture perhaps in the fields along the river.
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ok it's just south africa now and westport is being used as a solution a nonprofit organization called growing champions is working to empower and inspire young people living in point and violent townships one of those called eldorado pockets notorious for drug related crime it tops the list in terms of incidence in the province of how to and that's what africa's biggest problems but here's a story of growing champions. in eldorado park even the children have been ravaged by drugs this is a community where only four in ten people have a job substance abuse is rife but some have already started the fight back to help kids here beat their odds the plan to empower young people through soccer. we also support we offer it because then it support and we offer character development programs so we teach them how to become good people with good choices understand
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what they stand for living with and. the life lessons aren't just taught on the field but in group sessions like this one where young people can talk through their issues with a trusted peer. one like they're learning a former gangster and reformed drug addict or. luck. and it's almost like picking the uk never know when it's going to open for good many of those kids we've managed to pick the lock clinton has changed her life to believing the most self in there to give up in value believing you know the people . and by making sports an alternative to drugs. ok we take you to rwanda now where the sport of cycling this week is transforming villages and cities on the route of the toll do one day it's an eight stage race that winds from lake kivu that is africa's great leg up some of the highest mountains in the
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country every train ride. over the race need as yellow jersey off to the second stage produces one of the first two black african cyclists to compete in the tour de france and twenty fifteen which brings me to the next story of a kenyan cyclist once mentor for time tour de france champion chris frode david kinja is he's name and he's still mentoring young cyclists but now they're athletes aiming not necessarily for yellow jerseys but to pedal their way out of poverty. another quick prayer and they stuck to a journey. it's just gone three thirty am david keene and his team have a special undertaking they want to ride their bikes from kenya's capital nairobi to the coastal city of mombasa about five hundred kilometers along the highway within twenty four hours i this is.
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such willpower the forty six year old a cycling legend in kenya did write. the story began on a b.m.x. bike that was practically falling apart but overcame many hurdles and eventually made it onto the international stage in two thousand he was the only nonwhite in the world championship but his fame came from mentoring chris froome who later won the tour de france four times the kenyan with british ancestry made his breakthrough training with kinja. and this is the. has been a cyclist for twenty five years he's still one of kenya's most successful in order to raise young kenyans chances he established a training camp this is where chris froome began his training and his success is
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still here today rather than developing professional athletes here. he wants to raise the prospects of those from lower income households. is. to get. young people acquire skills they can later use for instance for working as bike mechanics or tour guides skills otherwise next to impossible to acquire hear. me for instance has to constantly justify have passion for bikes to her family and friends. he says her success is thanks to david kinja an inspiration for young kenyans his training camp enables them to escape their often difficult daily lives. and
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these. days. will one day not only produce remarkable. but cyclists to. and that's it. you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page the next time it's five and out. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance. don't expect a happy ending. the church college students. her
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first day of school in the jungle. listen to this. event doris green the moment arrives. join during a taping on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. the world to bring in ten returns home on the dot com. a warm welcome for berlin and to today's edition of arts and culture i'm karen homestead and we've got a gender bending show lined up with these top stories. american oven guard artist laurie anderson gets the run of hamburg's monumental egg for how many for four days she's wowing audiences with her multitude of creative impulses. it's more than just
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a buzzword in twenty nineteen we take a look at gender sensitive product design and its implications for all genders. and via does germany's version of fat thursday when women take to the streets to claim their part off the festivities a tradition that marks the start of carnival in the rhineland. we start with the american artist laurie anderson who has never let herself be confined into any particular genre or box since her formative years in one nine hundred seventy s. new york anderson has been a figurehead of the guard morphing easily from musician to filmmaker to performance artist and even to inventor of electronic instruments gender ambiguity is also a longtime focus of her artistic persona and here. is what happens when you give an artist of her versatility. she's
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a storyteller a musician and composer and for fifty years laurie anderson.


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