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tv   Quadriga - No Deal in Hanoi What Next for Kim Trump  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CET

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the trial. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce battle is most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play and who will win this we believe that renewable energy will play an important role in the future. game a geo political system starting march eighteenth on t.w. . cologne a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of burlington and this week the focus is on the eagerly awaited second meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un it had been hoped that the summit in the vietnamese capital would use the promise of economic development
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to build on their historic first meeting in singapore but the summit finished earlier than planned after the two leaders failed to bridge their differences and no joint statement was signed it seems that for the time being the hope of trading concessions on economic sanctions for concrete denuclearize ation measures will not be realized so our question on quadriga this week is no deal in hanoi what next for kim trump and to discuss that question i'm joined here in the studio by dr jean young your job from the institute of korean studies at berlin's free university he says no more tug of war instead it's time for the u.s. to show that it's also willing to take irreversible steps towards peace for our future generation also with the syrian kurds from porter and journalist who writes for the los angeles times and their. believes that talking is better than testing
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trump deserves credit for convincing north korea to at least temporarily stop testing nuclear weapons and firing missiles found a warm welcome to two cherry chan hong kong born journalist currently with george wallace social media and ensure desks she argues that china is supportive of more u.s. north korea interaction as long as they don't get too cozy with each other just because not going to happen for the time being we thank you all three for being here on quadriga today i'd like to begin with you young. let me ask you what your response is to the truly dramatic developments in underway well obviously there are a lot that last night i was full of expectation of all however when i woke up in the morning and i'll get the news media in and found myself of a first aid it however obviously seems to need more patients in time
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although we've been waiting for seventy years so far and on the korean peninsula for a long time friend you said you you had expectations and hope can you describe those expectations well basically. you know the north korea last year shows that they're really the leader. shows his form will to some process for did. so last year they shut down and also literally exploded one of the nuclear test site and was that there was no test way diminish and so. i expect that the united states government especially the trump government. who does some of it's a step forward especially the arms in all the demands of north korea and. yeah. request for the next steps most every didn't happen. so that's
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why i was frustrated and wanting to review or not think. no actually i think that from the china side china is fond of you they didn't expect the agreement to be. a father son may happen they actually already said that they know that at the new crisis a process is a really slow process and it cannot be reached with just one step and so they have a lot of expectation but they i think china is rather disappointed by not having first sanctions. sanctions to lift on north korea because i think china's concern the biggest concern of china is economic development of north korea when you talk about china are you talking about the chinese authorities or both the chinese people because you're very much coming from a social media perspective yeah. the chinese media chinese state media.
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about the chinese public actually they also think that it would be such a remarkable some meat they were after after these talks break people on social media they were saying that we know that this is a political show and it's just a comedy and we're laughing about it to. a comedy ehrlich or a major setback for the u.s. president. i don't think it's a setback at all i mean i think the expectations were probably a bit too high driven by trump himself yeah but he was trying to skill things in no rush but at least they're talking i mean let's roll back the clock to a year and a half ago fire in fury talking about rocket. rocket missile tests towards towards it was a really tense moment. but it's bigger than your button then this is only a year and a half ago another sitting down and talking ok they didn't come up with a great deal today were. never but all these are going to keep talking so i think.
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to call it a failure is wrong i think a lot of people in the states in security are probably relieved the trying to get away too did not give away too much that was definitely a few years away and if this time around well there might be some diplomatic relations opened up and they're going to continue talking but there was a real fear after the singapore summit in june the trump would give away too much that he would reduce sanctions before north korea was really willing to give up nuclear weapons and that's the key to the whole thing and there's relief in the united states right now among people who follow this closely that he did not go too far. a disappointment that compared to the dates. as you say one and a half years ago but then after the single post summit i think. people are. expecting law coming out as it was expectations and there was
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a euphoria about that and it was a remarkable situation when trump was suddenly calling him his friend and things like that i mean maybe it's not a good idea to be called a friend by trump we know what happened to michael cohen and other people have been his friend but at least they were talking at least north korea was not testing rockets anymore wasn't testing missiles wasn't wasn't put a freeze to that and that was a really positive thing i think most americans even americans who don't really like trump recognize this was a pretty important thing and he he succeeded in areas where presidents from clinton to obama to bush were not able to succeed he got north korea talking and seriously i happened to have the pleasure of trying to cover a summit in the early ninety's right here in berlin we stood outside the north korean embassy for days on end nobody would say anything to us these were sort of low level talks north korea was not talking at all then and now at least they're talking they're looking for ways forward so do in the news. rights led by donald
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trump to invest trust in the north korean leader yeah there's definitely definitely with arabs comments on the progress there was i think drastic progress and. you know i understand that you know here in europe it was the other if it's really the new that's the israel that people distrust the trump and also i. briefly took a look at the news media says that there was a german i was watching or maybe these media about. testimony and then he was quiet or so disappointed and with the whole mike my questions statement to see if that also started a little bit out of the sincerity of trump side so however. actually korean actually we. definitely expect the especially the trump of miss trade. to more reliable and trust full steps at the
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village actually we can do that and he must do that. so now things the whole game seems to goes on to the trump side however also north korean government especially chairman team would definitely do its best to make more progress in the near future do you think he was expecting too much do you think he really thought trump was going to say ok we're going to lift the sanctions i mean no no no actually. i don't i don't i don't. understand he intends it however and in korea we expected at least you know there is some partial reduction it definitely easement of the conversations but if this is the first step at least you know north korea are forced to show their willingness. to the process of democratization last year and this is actually.
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reversible. made. they want to focus on economic development much more than the military. power development so so this is i think. we you understand this is the north koreans form. so it's now actually a trump government and i think the united states and in general most the shoal there was interesting building up the peace process and korean peninsula ok second the summit in hanoi the one thing i think we can agree on brought together two very unusual leaders in donald trump and kim jong un of the two i think less is perhaps known about the north korean supremes leader and before i ask our guests what they can tell us about kim here are some brief impressions. kim jong un was given a spectacular sendoff. for the summit. he certainly enjoys these kinds
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of events whether it's military parades nuclear weapons tests. since kim came to power in twenty eleven has been a thorn in the side of the united states. but north korea's economy is in a shambles do in large part to international sanctions. came has to get the economy moving again. in april twenty eighth kimmitt south korea's president for the first into korean summits in eleven years is. interested in travel to singapore for a summit meeting with u.s. president donald trump last night only think promises about denuclearization. what can we expect from kim at the hundred. more can we expect there in the media the aftermath of the how it always summit and i suppose charity just tell us that the one thing. we need to know what i need to know to understand kim better. i
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think. at least in the region he is the second youngest state neither you know while people in the region see him as very progressive at least to his father and his grandfather and they expect more from. because he also studied abroad when he was young and had some international experience kim a progressive leader is not the way he's seen in south korea as well surely not. i think it's definitely south korea actually. since the. the into korea summit last year. people came to think that you know right definitely much more open than liberal and that same time she already stabilized these on power in the country so. then the people changed their perspective and he can go on a lot actually it's more. positive than negative and it's interesting we talk
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a lot about the chemistry between donald trump and. between him and president. you know obviously since that the. levees to what he's really close which are relationship you know south korea is the need to improve their relations normalised village would be did north korea otherwise you know there's with them to most the problems in south korea economic problems and also where the people's minds there you know the internal internal conflicts within south korea so it allows us great people especially the really appreciate it and respect the it's just the president move on really try to really try to normalize relations was korea but without the support from the united states and don't force the international society particularly europe and in germany you know i things the does in total normalization process is not possible where he's converted to go next eric. on the
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train back to korea i mean the fact that had to take a train is interesting and i'm to check if you well i don't and i know my plane doesn't have a plane that's a problem he flew to singapore on a china plane because the government plane is sixty years old and missing some spare parts that says a lot about the situation in north korea it's economically as the show mentioned the program mentioned in shambles kim is the one under pressure he needs to bring something home he's got to get about a position within the korean economy is coming from from way down deep or from the from the power elite if everybody i mean a lot of the people a lot of the elites in the government have been abroad right the thirty to forty year old studied abroad have been abroad have been to singapore wherever they see that there's a world out there they can see we can have the whole the whole current north korean media that was following the summit in vietnam they would not have missed that vietnam is a floor sing country right now vietnam was on was destroyed after the vietnam war vietnam was poor the north korea the north korea was helping vietnam in the
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seventy's look how the tide is turned vietnam in the united states had a very rough relationship but they were great friends now trump was trying to send these tacit messages look north korea look what could happen to you he was saying that every other every other minute as well this is the potential for north korea what happened in vietnam look at that and we do and i like you mention about it is transcript it's actually so so it means a lot to exorcise crim people as well you know south korea unlike for more by the germany the into korean border is on is not penetrable whole there is no interactions. and or sounds great there is a national security role believe really forbidden people prohibit people from south korea to travel to north korea any permission from south korean government for now and in. island if you want to go abroad you have to take a plane so now they found that if you if you feed normalize the relation those could you can imagine it didn't. travel to north korea to china middle east asia.
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to shearing to billion so this is a complete different imagination about the wall is recalling well content their minds that previously the island mindset so it's so in this is a very symbolic action. you just destroy. brings to this sort of korean people's mindset and at the same time you know or definitely historically historically the similarity between north korea might is part of the war there was a war between then and now is the it's in north korea and then there's the. claim that they won the war against the united states and north korea was still claim that they want to scream war against with united states so same time vietnam saddest and still maintain this on some sort of a social is this is their right so this is maybe chinese model part of trying to
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now in north korea is very interested in vietnam for their economic growth i just want to go back to your point about the change right actually it is a very big talking point on chinese social media. first of all the chinese people they're really proud that like kim is taking this train right across the whole china not the whole china but like i read it all the way in china and china is responsible for providing security and like cleaning airing all the train tracks on roads fall for him to pass through. but then they also think that if they stop and for them because they pass through the whole china pass through china people cannot go to work on time they cannot take the train on time and i saw some videos and pictures of people talking about this train and saying that like complaining about it basically. yeah ok as we've already seen the first meeting between the two leaders trump and kim took place eight months ago in singapore this time. capital
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one only provided it as we've been hearing the backdrop for the summit and that was widely viewed as important because there are many who believe the vietnam's booming economy could provide a model a template for similar economic growth in north korea we'll talk about that in just a second after these images. luxury cars manufactured in vietnam a sign of the booming economy. gross domestic product is growing at an annual rate of about six percent or more and more people can now afford to buy a car. skyscraper this seems to be going up everywhere. has become a city that's open for business twenty four hours a day consumer spending is tiny these kinds economy is a mix of communism and capitalism. the communist party still rules the country with an iron hand a recent poll indicated that most people approve of the country's free market system. vietnam is rapidly becoming a self east asian economic powerhouse. could north korea learn from vietnam's
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experience. too and he said the north korean authorities have made it their business to study the the vietnamese model that we've just been hearing about the door in more a model as it's called what will they have learnt and what with will they would. view it as a viable model for north korea's future well it to be honest actually i was still correct parts or so started studying about the possibility and also what the potential of this vietnamese model whether it is fit into north korea now it's a starting point in our the historical similarities and also the probably or saudia things neurologist. government was very successful there tracked more for investments now as japan and south korea as the number one into investing a lot of factories and. development development.
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so you know us as like now did previously divide and underwent the c.v.r. city place which is if you're now. in a sense i think also the people in vietnam it's been obvious people was a pretty much i think were disciplined you know there's like a. personality at the same time they're sincere even in working and was a dealing with a human relationship so i think there is some sort of. kind of also this kind of basic similarity between quite an american sense me i'd like to come from a german perspective the. sense. the the economic model from vietnam for donald trump was an incentive that he was offering to the north korea and saying this is what you could get and he actually said he said that the north korean leader could remain in power and could be the man who enforces it were how troubled should we be to say coming from
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a german perspective people tend to sort of moral is quite a lot. how troubled should we be that this is a despotic dictator that this offer is being made to. i don't think this is a. that the. king is at the data and i think he wants to really provide this incentive for north korea to open its economy first and we can't see like he can't see off of that how the country develops and i think it's actually quite attractive for north korea to learn from vietnam because. if you and i manage to open up its economy and at the same time. hold on to its political power it's basically. a one party state and i think north korea will when they wanted a very attractive option for north korea yeah and off korea from other parts of the well we're still talking here about. we talk about north korea and south korea are we talking possibly in the future about united korea it's hard to imagine
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a united korea i think korea has south korea studied the german unification as a model and while it's expensive and i think they're a bit freaked out about that i don't know i don't i don't hear any talk of korean indication this is sort of a pipe dream from people who don't live in the region or but it's a very expensive thing and german unification is still a work in progress. yeah. obviously in. germany and korea. is that the moment however determined it does not undergo. in a civil war between east and the alien east and west germany. why of those as us korea civil war and then based on this experienced some of the emotional emotional sentiment emotional. and the negative emotional reactions to miscarry you know it's so cold the entire north korean sentiment is still strong in south korea however.
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and the economic perspective on the unification i think is still i think it was to be criticised while it was obviously young people concerned about these money you know how much money they have to. pay for the whole of the process of unification however we believe there is more advantages to just. do the normal in normalizing the relationship than maintaining the you know we have to pay a lot of boys the taxes for the military where phones and wisdom was that young people most men and most go to of military service and this is a lot of cost this is a problem for many states to the united states is spending a lot of money and treasure defending south korea this is one of the motivations of trump to get american forces out of there but the nuclear nation has to happen first ok when you talk about that are equal what's on the to do list for trump and kim in the next months they've made some progress we've got a bit of
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a pickup situation now what's what's on the to do list in the immediate future most likely the preparation that they did not do for some it should start having their underlings work on the preparation a little bit better next time and come a little bit more prepared for some concrete things that can be done it was unprofessional that's what people are saying. and i think for it to succeed i think north korea is going to have to give up all of its nuclear weapons or it's going to have to make some big steps it's not going to happen generally up its nuclear weapons this is the big cone now. so north korea is looking at the u.s. and they want to believe that the u.s. is looking at off the. that. is treated equal as a world leader something you never had before so i think trump is strategy is to treat him like a world leader. took the first step north korea has to deliver has to get rid of
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its nuclear weapons. has stopped testing. good yeah so yeah you can also said that he took the first step you know a city on indefinitely. in this is deployed. to deal with a cold. game is you know like a friends like but it seems that north korea was the one of. the actual. from the state government. in the korean. changed their policy. changed change the so this is a problem. thank you for being here.
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and thousands of hours on. the streets for. women for changing the world for a. digital. starts march. on t.w. . israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing indictment on corruption charges the planned move by the country's attorney general follows more than two years of investigations into allegations of bribery fraud and breach of trust netanyahu denies any wrongdoing. pyongyang has disputed donald trump's account of why the summit with north korean leader kim jong un collapsed the country's foreign minister said.


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