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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 2:02am-2:16am CET

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it's not quite the bust after the brew but the u.s. economy is showing signs of a slowdown we go live to our correspondent on wall street. also on the show arch enemies turn into allies b.m.w. and decides to ride together they've teamed up to develop the next generation autonomy. and the kashmir crisis disrupt international air travel with major airlines in southeast asia or through routes or cancel flights to and from europe. welcome to the w business i'm joined in and berlin thank you for joining us now the u.s. economy grew in the fourth quarter at its slowest pace since the beginning of twenty eighteen indicating that the boom fueled by tax cuts and fiscal stimulus could be fading u.s. g.d.p.
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expanded by two point six percent in the final three months of last year down from three point four percent in the previous quarter despite the slowdown these figures still beat expectations but analysts calling it a decent result more sluggish rate of expansion however is untested pated going forward. yes carthage joins us now from wall street to break the saul down good to see there you are now those figures they weren't exactly stellar but they still beat expectations they're still better than forecast so how's that going down with investors. you know because they were a bit better than expected to market did not really lose that much here in the thursday session even if it was the third consecutive day with tiny losses in the dow jones industrial average sure still now the month of february ended for the month of the market to do trade to the upside but clearly the growth past is
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because we had economic growth in the second quarter by four point two percent then as you mentioned three point four percent in the third quarter and now two point six percent in the fourth quarter was a bit of good news seven the fourth quarter that consumer spending actually increased more than expected and that was a surprise because just recently we got to rather a week of december sales figures but overall consumers that better in the fourth quarter than expected ok so consumer spending being a surprise result there but also better than expected but going back to earlier predictions of g.d.p. growth president trump once said that four percent growth is achievable atala seem to disagree what the trends do you think support these claims. yes or four percent growth is not going to happen and in the past couple of months actually the white house has already scaled back those figures to
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a growth of around to three percent but even that is not going to be achieved to probably in the next couple of quarters now for the first quarter and expectations are that growth actually will drop between below the two percent mark one reason why the economy grew a bit stronger than expected in the fourth quarter was that companies actually increase their inventories and that could be a balrog gross from the future meaning that those higher inventories could be a drag on economic growth now in the first quarter for sure nobody really knows what's going to happen but economists are quite certain that we will still grow but slower than in the past quarters on the other side we only need two more quarters of economic growth let it even be so tiny and if that's going to happen we will see the longest expansion pos face in the history of the united states but if you look
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at the stock market overall we don't look at the past we look at the future and if growth levels are going to decrease it's going to be tough to really get the market going again carter looking into the future for us there on wall street thank you very much and now competitors turned collaborators rival german auto makers a b.m.w. and dialer have announced they're going to be developing their next generation self driving cars together now together they hope to stave off bigger threats than each other especially those coming from silicon valley. but we could go dimler and b.m.w. bosses announced that they would collaborate in a car sharing scheme and now comes the next step pooling their strengths to push driverless vehicles on to the road it didn't do disco in consolidating the skills of the software developers and were consolidating artificial intelligence. to
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leaders in the technology we've decided to develop the next generation in a combined effort the goal is to get self driving cars on the road relegating human drivers to the role of passenger within the next six years but developing secure software for the vehicles is expensive and time consuming and the competition is stiff us tech companies like goober or google sibling way mo are heavily invested forcing german car makers to join forces experts say. the moment to be at the moment the platform the standards for autonomy striving of the future are being established. and anyone who doesn't get in now with the right technology with the right partners will lose out on a big business segment in future mobility. carmakers are under pressure because the computer operated systems for autonomy as cars have to function better than human drivers. so instead use otherwise the new self driving vehicles won't get public
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acceptance and possibly won't even be allowed on the roads it's some because that's yet another challenge for the auto industry it seems that cooperation is the watchword because ultimately german carmakers survivalist at stake. tensions between india and pakistan caused a temporary closure of airspace over pakistan that has disrupted many international flights on thursday especially between asia and europe one airline that was affected was air china had to cancel its flights from beijing to the pakistani capital islamabad. passengers on air china's flight from beijing to islam about got to the airport only to find themselves stuck there after the flight was canceled some were understandably upset the next to change their travel plans. so for us to think i'm going to. go i canceled my then no cutbacks and i'm going back to the united states you know i cannot see so many devoted on my own expense pakistani
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evasion authorities closed the country's airspace wednesday after officials said their military shot down two indian warplanes and captured a pilot escalating tensions between the two nuclear armed rivals india also suspended flights through some of its northern airports on wednesday those services were back to normal on thursday but flights out of new delhi to both the u.s. and europe were disrupted. now from kashmir we take you now to a nother region some one thousand five hundred kilometers further south is the indian state of gujarat hooja rott is the home of indian prime minister narendra modi was currently campaigning for reelection on the promise of creating thousands of new jobs and boosting the economy one of the country's main exports is salt and in iraq there's plenty of it. in a wide expanse of pure white nothingness can be mesmerizing the salt marsh is
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a coach in the far west of india on the border with pakistan thousands of square kilometers of salt crunching beneath the feet with each step people from around the world come here for the unique experience feels like. like a moving moonscape or something kind of match. up never seen it before like in the life you're in outer space or something. but for others it's a searing white hell the salt harvesters many shylocks man works here with her husband for less than one dollar a day. the sodium chloride is harsh on the skin and most of the workers here where no protective clothing. etc that i don't like this job i hate it i get paid too little we work so hard that our pay
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doesn't even show up working with salt makes us age and much too quickly they work in the blazing sun for ten hours a day the heat is reflected by the parched white ground which must be prepared before the salt can be harvested. and. i have to use this rake every day so that the salt is of good quality so become denser because if we don't do this work the salt will look like this. and it's no use. salt is a sought after commodity and india is one of the world's top producers. but getting it to the table is an ordeal for india salt harvesters who are locked into a cycle of toil in poverty. germany's puma has signed a sponsorship deal with anguished premier league champions manchester city starting
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next season man city will wear the company's apparel after years of playing and nike the ten year deal is said to be worth seven hundred fifty million euros more than twice as much as nike had been paying the team it also includes man city sister clubs in australia span year of wa and china for puma the deal is most important as a as a chance to stay relevant in the english football league after losing its previous of arsenal to a local bible at us. now if you've been wondering why your business partners and clients in germany aren't available today here's a possible explanation it's the carnival season and germans especially in the dry land are letting their hair down the patient with the will be back to their good old serious selves that speak enjoy the images and so you say we.
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