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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin french jews fear a rise in religious hate as french police report a surgeon and he semitic crimes talks with worried jewish families they're wondering if they're still living safely in france also coming up conflicting accounts of why the truck that collapsed in hanoi north korea says it only wanted partial total sanctions relief from the u.s. and pakistan promises to release a captured indian pilot today peace as
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a peace gesture but will it deescalate tensions over kashmir india's military remains on high alert. hello i'm terry marchin good to have you with us we begin in france where a surgeon and he semitic beilenson hate speech has left members of the jewish community fearing for their safety french president manuel mccollum has made a very public show of condemning the crimes which include vandalism of cemeteries online harassment and physical attacks but the public outcry has done little to address the underlying problem as catherine martin reports many jews living in france increasingly feel under threat. good neighbor move a good look at your door those of us are going to do without it if i were you
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benefited us a car is not a handle that's not so after a lunch alone is preparing for shabat it's friday and tonight he's meeting other members of his jewish congregation together they are going to read the sabbath prayer as the thirty four year old is an active member of the jewish community here in paris being jewish is important to him but so is being french that's why the increase in violence disturbs him so much to both bodies and cities with their insults vandalism and sometimes even cases of murder for us that means staying aware and alert and always keeping an eye out we wouldn't have to do that if we didn't feel threatened now we're also asking ourselves is france really the right place for us. around half a million jews live in france the third largest community behind israel in the u.s. last year there were more than five hundred anti-semitic offenses here in increase of around seventy five percent. fozzy califano president of the umbrella
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organization representing france's jewish community is also alarmed he says the real figures are much higher as not every offense is registered he's most concerned for the young. softballs relief with noticing that in some regions jewish children are no longer going to public schools you know being pulled out because they can't have a normal school day they're being insulted and their physical safety can't always be guaranteed system query. back in the synagogue young ballerinas are practicing for a big performance the synagogue offers jewish children an afterschool program which parents gladly make use of delphin tell you have is the mother of three sons she tells us one of them has moved to israel because he feels safer being jewish there delfin says she is shocked by the rhetoric she hears she thought it was a thing of the past. or not or this when we hear things like go back
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home to you it hurts us deeply. you feel threatened to psalm list of all gone. to lunch alone is determined to stay in his homeland france despite the worsening situation experts say that anti-semitism is no longer soley coming from right wing groups but also from radical islam but it rarely has anything to do with religion and jews often meet hostility because they're seen as being part of an elite. todd reason it is the rejection of a community in this case the jewish community that is seen as being privileged as the group with the most influence on the powerful. he launched on them says he will never conceal the fact that he's jewish despite the dangers i make this huge it is because i've never hidden the fact that i'm jewish and i won't do that now when i
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go to the synagogue for sure but i will my kippah and i will continue to do so much so initially. but when it came to the question of whether he would let his own children wear a cap on public in line couldn't give us an answer. israel meanwhile is embroiled in a political scandal just weeks before the country's general election prime minister binyamin netanyahu says he is the target of a witch hunt after israeli justice authorities announced they planned to indict him on corruption charges the move follows more than two years of investigations internet and yahoo over allegations of bribery fraud and breach of trust. champagne bribes and back door deals with billionaires. the charges against israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu paint him as he did mistakes and corrupt. prosecutors allege netanyahu accepted over three hundred thousand dollars worth of champagne and cigars from hollywood producer arnon milchan and. another serious
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allegation is that the prime minister eased business regulations for schall elevates a telecom mogul in return for favorable media coverage. the coverage of this scandal has certainly not played favorably for netanyahu. and this just six weeks away from national elections when he hopes to win a fourth term. for netanyahu the attorney general's recommendation to indict is no more than a political witch hunt. their aim is to whip up the public with ridiculous attempts to make me look evil. without the chance to refute them now but only after the elections is the root. of a lock up people ignore the spin i intend to continue to serve you as prime minister
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for many years to come. after more than two decades in office netanyahu is only months away from possibly becoming the longest serving head of government in israel's history yet some israelis see the april ninth election as a good time for a change of leadership. because judge of the sufi dad i think this is the end of the road netanyahu should say goodbye and leave as fast as he can before he gets into more trouble. with the who know that he was good but that's it he should give the chance to young people and new people to do the work. others see no reason to abandon b.b. as he's affectionately known. and i prefer you know know to have somebody who has experience with going to you know hold israel in a good position and let the charges you know if i think. netanyahu has not been formally indicted a moment that will most certainly come well after votes are cast. yet with
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a strong challenge from the new centrist blue and white party in the looming elections a slight shift in votes could mean the end of a political era our correspondent tanya kramer joins us now from jerusalem tanya netanyahu is calls he calls this forthcoming indictment a witch hunt given the timing could that be a plausible allegation. well that's has but yes been saying all along and accies lawyers had thought to prevent this announcement trying to push it for after the elections it has been a point of contention yes well whether it should have been announced now or after the elections and legal experts have been you know divisive over this with the attorney general's office probably opting for that the public has to know what the legal situation is so far off to prime minister before they go to the ballots now it's just less than a month a little more than
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a month away from that election in israel what impact could these corruption indictments have could it and never know whose political career. but there could potentially be a big game changer for him but let's let's say that i mean he has been put on notice now the process will be that there has to be a hearing now that is usually scheduled when the attorney general announced this is an intention to indict him pending a hearing so a hearing usually takes place a couple of weeks or months depending on the case after such an intention is announced that will be probably only after the elections and only then there will be a final decision whether they will go ahead with the indictment but of course so technically and legally speaking the prime minister doesn't have to step down there's no you know legal consequence right now he can continue can even run again in the elections but of course all eyes are now on his political career what does it mean
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for him and also what does it mean for the elections know will be see a shift of protests maybe that are now but uncertain about his political. career you know whether you can stay on as a prime minister was all these legal problems and whether they will shift to other parties netanyahu certainly has the threat of the indictment hanging over his head going into this election the timing seems almost perfect for his main challenger benny gantz could his camp pose a credible threat to netanyahu. well they do pose a credible threat because if you look at polls over the recent weeks they have been either head to head with that he could. have overtaken him and this is now the big question whether this indictment will sway some of the voters from the right wing of luck to what this new center alliance so but at the end of the day and is what
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it's all about being able to build a coalition and that is still to see whether you know also the coalition partners of mr netanyahu will stand by him as you have said they will do but i mean it's all politics after all that could change and whether there will be enough movement of voters from that he could block to this center right alliance but it's certainly so i talked to some of his to quit supporters stay said no matter what you will stand by mr netanyahu i talked to others who said no after ten years we think we need a change so the only thing is sure here that this possible indictment is probably what will be at the center stage of this election campaign trial here thank you so much should you know your time your craver there in jerusalem. now to some other stories making news around the world today the united states has offered a one million dollar reward for information on the exact whereabouts of one of
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osama bin laden's sons officials believe bin laden is emerging as an al qaida leader the group brought down the world trade center in the nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one. canada's prime minister justin trudeau is facing a deepening political scandal is former justice minister jody wilson raybold claims officials pressured her to help an engineering company avoid a corruption trial s.n.c. . was charged in twenty fifteen for allegedly bribing libya to secure government contracts. south korea has celebrated the one hundredth anniversary of independence protests against japanese rules rule rather tens of thousands turned out for an elaborate open air so event in seoul in his speech south korean president in promised to work with north korea
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and the u.s. to denuclearize the region. and better sweaters opposition leader. says he'll return to better swallowed by monday despite threats from nicolas maduro the government was speaking after talks in brazil you know with us busters in brazil's president also naro. is seeking support for his bid to oust. the united states and north korea had given conflicting accounts of why this week's summit in vietnam broke tell us president donald trump said he had to walk away when north korean leader kim jong un demanded the full lifting of sanctions without committing to dismantling his nuclear arsenal north korea challenged that version of events insisting it had only partial sanctions relief despite the differences both countries agreed to continue their dialogue. back on american
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soil his critics say don't trump came away empty handed from his abruptly terminated summit with kim jong un and noisy but back in washington support came from about half surprising cool house speaker nancy pelosi giving the president qualified praise for standing for. i guess it kept two meetings trying to realize that kim jong un is not on the level he was the big winner he can win in getting to fit face to face with the most powerful person in the world the president of the united states and really it's good that the president did not get in anything for the little bit that he was proposing washington wanted to persuade him to abandon his nuclear program in return for economic eight trump claimed the talks broke down after he refused to lift all sanctions against pyongyang not so cording to north korea's foreign minister. if the united states removes possible
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sanctions maybe removing the sanctions that have hampered the civilian economy and the livelihood of a people we will permanently and completely dismantle all the nuclear facilities in your area including plutonium and uranium in the presence of u.s. experts working jointly would take nations from both countries. at the summit but it's trump and kim had been keen to stress their woman personal relationship eager to put the insults of the prost behind them. up as we move forward i think it was a good development that the president indicated neither the u.s. nor north korea seem intent on raising tensions so i don't think we're going to have a return of the fire and fury or the concerns of imminent hostilities at least for the forseeable future no deal this time but trump insists the u.s. can still do something special with north korea. now to the kashmir
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conflict and pakistan is set to offer india all of branch today by releasing a captured fighter pilot this despite a third night of cross border shelling in the region tensions between the nuclear neighbors erupted or increased last month rather after a terror attack on security forces in indian held kashmir a pakistani militant group has claimed responsibility for that attack but islamabad denies any involvement both countries have since carried out air strikes against the other over the disputed kashmir region. god is great and long live the pakistan army chant these soldiers and local villages behind them lies the wreckage of an indian fighter jet shot down by pakistan's military on wednesday in the pakistan held area of kashmir an indian pilot survived but was captured. i was with two of the colleagues and we caught the name pilot
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but you know we snatched his pistol and identity documents a series pakistani army soldiers arrived we handed him over to them by a writer. to prove it pakistan released video of the man they claim is the pilot. the decision to arrest and told him has incensed india. protests demanding the wing commanders release have been held across the country he's become the face of simmering tensions between the rival powers as the disputed kashmir region has again brought the nucleus states to the brink of war. the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian police were killed by pakistan based militants in a part of india controlled kashmir. on thursday pakistan's prime minister
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told parliament the indian pilot would be freed and. the indian pilot is in our custody we will release him as a peace gesture and return him to india. although welcomed by the indian military the country is still on high alert i wish to assure the nation that we are fully prepared. and in a heightened state of readiness to spy on any role look asian markets done. with hard liners on both sides of the border calling for a tough response the real challenge will be trying to keep the peace. for all those years of sports news now mccambridge is here to talk about women's football good morning ed now the women's football world cup takes place this summer germany is going into that tournaments with a brand new coach germany took on france last night in
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a friendly tell us about their game that's what terry martina vos techmeme burke is the new germany coach is currently find shooting her squad with the world cup just just under one hundred days away from now she's got pedigree she was the former switzerland coach she's got real pedigree on the international circuit and she took her scored its a play against france last night now the game's only goal came courtesy of lir schuler a hard fought victory germany were at their clinical best france actually had more possession and more more shots during the game so this is a real it's a real market germany have laid down with a little bit of time still to go to the tournament say look you know we're still among the favorites for this term ergo well i mean some are still a little ways away. germany is looking good at this particular moment but are they really considered one of the favorites at this point what traditionally germany have always been one of the powerhouses of women's football alongside the usa so really those are the main two favorites for the summer's world cup but of course you can't rule out france the hosts and also australia and england have both made
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great strides in women's football over recent years and so they'll be considered dark horses for the summer storm and now last check limburg does of course have one of the most amazing squads to choose from and v.w. actually caught up with a hopeful member of this summer's squad and katherine barrett she's got an incredible story she actually was diagnosed with cancer in november twenty seventh seen before her way back not only onto a football pitch but actually into the germany scored in just twelve months so let's take a look at that v.w. exclusive right now. back in november twenty seventh teen uncut tween bag-o. was in the prime of her career she had won the german bundesliga competed in the champions league and moved abroad to top clubs in france and england but then came a huge setback at age twenty seven she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer five was a shock because as a footballer you don't think about it because you have to live like
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a healthy life. you do sport every day so it was quite a shock when it came to fighting the disease it was inspired by her efforts to get into the starting eleven. round you have to five every day or even my position i have to try every training session to be on the sunday on the pitch so and as a goalkeeper we have a i don't know why we have about repetition we have crazy people. i wouldn't say i am but yeah i think the mentality for. me. and it showed what was most remarkable about her recovery was the timeline. diagnosis was on the seventeen november and then on the operation and then on the twenty first of january my
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idea. and off the. one for february i was on the bed i played my first f.a. cup game again. it's a story that could become even more special if burger fulfills a dream of playing at a world cup in june. so obviously wants to be back on the squad a very inspiring recovery story how do you rate your chances of actually getting into the squad well i think first and foremost it's worth mentioning she's just a tremendous goalkeeper you know she's won the bundesliga but to be a potsdam she's jihad stints in the champions league for paris and jim and she moved to birmingham city in england where she was named as part of the p.f.a. team of the year and just recently moved to champions chelsea so she's obviously a goalkeeper of class but as we've just seen a report that she says this goalkeepers mentality is battling spirit and she showed her fight against cancer will probably be one of the biggest advantages that she
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has for making the squad this summer we certainly hope to see her there thank you so much as mccambridge from devious sport thank you. now some tennis and roger federer is just two matches away from winning his one hundredth title on the a.t.p. tour better or save to set points in the first set tiebreaker in his match against marta on which in the dubai championships the swiss player then took the second set six four to book a place in the us. let's take you to rwanda now where the sport of cycling is this week transforming villages and cities all the route of the tour de rwanda it's an eight stage race that winds from the lake up some of the highest mountains in the country after five stages eritrean rider how we produce has race leaders yellow jersey quddus was one of the first african
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cyclists to come pete in the tour de france. david can john is another african cyclist to make an impact on the sport's the kenyan became a local legend by mentoring for time tour de france champion chris froome he's still working with young cyclists. another quick prayer and may stop the journey. it's just gone three thirty am david king and his team have a special undertaking they want to ride their bikes from kenya's capital nairobi to the coastal city of mombasa about five hundred kilometers along the highway within twenty four hours.
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the forty six year old a cycling legend in kenya to. his story began to be a mixed bag that was practically falling apart but overcame many hurdles and eventually made it onto the international stage in two thousand he was the only nonwhite in the world championship but his fame came from mentoring chris froome who later won the tour de france four times the kenyan with british ancestry made his breakthrough training with kinja. kenya has been a cyclist for twenty five years he's still one of kenya's most successful in order to raise young kenyans chances he established a training camp this is where chris froome began his training and his success is still palpable here today rather than developing professional athletes here. he
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wants to raise the prospects of those from lower income households. to get to. the young people acquire skills they can later use for instance for working as bike mechanics or tour guides skills otherwise next to impossible to acquire here. for instance has. to constantly justify her passion for bikes to her family and friends. is not a thing. for me it's more than that's what salome says her success is thanks to david kinja an inspiration for young kenyans his training camp enables them to escape their often difficult daily lives. and you move you know there is no boundaries so you go and it's for them and it's
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perhaps kenya will one day not only produce remarkable marathon runners but cyclists too. you're watching g.w. news coming up next no deal in the hallowing quadriga asses what's next for kim and trump all that more still to come here as he does a. new
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. country international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week on a summit between donald trump and kim jong un has broken down the two leaders fail to strike a deal over trading concessions on economic sanctions for concrete denuclearization measures so what next find out hundred. more three
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go next on d w. they are digital warriors. for women for internet activists one mission. the battle for freedom and dignity. courageous and determined they campaign for women's rights and for peace. they mobilize against fantasised. or compulsory they are. their messages are spreading like wildfire. social media is quite critical as it is
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and thousands of followers are joining the cars on the streets they are women who are changing the world reading. digital goods stores march. on t.w. . cologne a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the house of burlington and this week the focus is on the eagerly awaited second to meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un it have been hoped that the summit in.


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