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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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students in germany take to the streets to strike over climate change joint special guest a swedish teen who's become the figurehead of her generation. to embark marches in hamburg as part of the future movement. also coming out.
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in the pilot shot down over pakistan controlled kashmir this week. gesture of birth more fighting between the two nuclear arms. talks with worried. they wonder if it's still safe to live in the country they've always called home. oh i'm terry march and welcome to the program famous swedish climate activist is joining german students on strike today in hamburg on her very first visit to the country people around the world have joined her on fridays for future movement walking out of classes to call on politicians to take climate action some three thousand. students are expected to take part in the march in the northern
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german city. kate brady is in hamburg covering the march good to see you kate so the march has started i'm told has to emerge presents in hamburg people out on to the streets. it certainly has i spoke to some of the schoolchildren who have skipped things school this morning to turn out on the streets of hamburg demanding more action from politicians against climate change and many of them were extremely excited to know that data will be addressing the crowds later this morning when they reach their final destination in front of him the town hall and so many of them told me that they found her to be an inspiration and that it's because of greater and has speech that she gave at the end of last year about climate change demanding action from politicians worldwide they said that that's the reason they are turning out on the streets today ok so
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the students are out on the streets growth has helped get them there what are they demanding in terms of policy changes for germany. well specifically to germany one of the big demands is when it comes down to the coal phase out now the german government has vowed to phase out coal by twenty thirty eight in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but that is just simply not quick enough for the children here. today they are demanding a cool phase out by twenty thirty and by twenty thirty and they want to see more action from the german government it's no secret here in germany that the country is going to fail to reach its twenty twenty climate goes and there are also feels now as well that they may not even reach the goals of a set of a twenty thirty so that's germany what about the overall goals of gret is campaign what is she fighting for. well what they want to see is more.
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action against climate change and also action to see if some of the effects which we're already seeing as a result of global warming to see if some of those effects can be reversed and to make sure that their futures are secured and that the land the country and the world that they live in remains much the same or even improves and that the that we don't see these long lasting effects of climate change having an effect on their future and on the environment in the world ok thank you very much did it was a pretty there in hamburg. now if look at some other stories making headlines around the world today officials in somalia say a suicide car bombing by al shabaab militants on a mogadishu hotel has killed twenty nine people police say eighteen more were injured in the attack the gun battle between al shabaab fighters and small the troops has been raging at the site of the blast. the united states has offered
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a one million dollar reward for information on the exact whereabouts of one of osama bin laden's sons officials believe hommes of in-law is emerging as an al qaeda leader a group brought down the world trade center in the nine eleven attacks in two thousand and one. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said he is the target of a witch hunt a claim comes after just as the thirty's announced they will indict him on corruption charges netanyahu could face up to ten years in prison if convicted of bribery and three more for fraud and breach of trust. pakistan is preparing to release a captured indian pilot in a gesture it hopes will reduce tensions with its neighbor india the pilot was shot down in the disputed kashmir region earlier this week the two nuclear armed countries have been involved in skirmishes following
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a balding that delhi blames on pakistan based militants locals hope the pilots release will calm the situation. preparing a hero's welcome. locals began gathering early in the day at the waca border crossing ready to greet wing commander i've been undone via the man on his return to india. at this point we've come here to welcome the pilot home it's a happy atmosphere here you know people are here with drums even if it happens at ten night we'll be here to meet and. as a captive in pakistan brought them on quickly became the face of simmering tensions between the rival powers. the disputed kashmir region once again edging the nuclear states to the brink of war. the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian police were killed by pakistan based militants in a part of india controlled kashmir. news for at the month would be released described as a gesture of peace by the pakistani prime minister was also welcomed in pakistan.
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on humanitarian grounds and according to the geneva conventions pakistan had to hand him over to india we did it quickly to show the world we respect humanity and . there is palpable hope now on both sides of the kashmir conflict that the pilots release will be enough to keep the peace. or for more let's cross over to our correspondent. in delhi and we show what more can you tell us about the pilot how close is he to being released. the first news of the pilot's release of course came last evening at five pm local time when the prime minister of pakistan iran concept that he would be released as a gesture of peace today that have been kind of account of us on when exactly he would be released but the latest information coming in mostly from media reports is that it's expected to cross over into india at the walk of water at about four pm
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this afternoon his capture of course follows a few tense weeks between india and pakistan it was on february fourteenth that an attack a terror attack in kashmir split a bomb on a district took the lives of fourteen vincent jordi forces and following that in less than two weeks there were aerial strikes by india and a potential counter about the movement by mark fine as well of course the details of these clashes have been different depending on which side of the box on government that you are hearing from but such and clashes have not happened since decades of this is the farthest escalation of tension that has happened between the two nuclear armed neighbors and the whole of this of course of the leaders of government and then what does has the escalate these tensions as you mentioned pakistan saying that it's releasing the pilot as a gesture of peace how is india reacting.
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well interestingly enough to me why only prime minister imran khan has spoken about this being a gesture of peace the prime minister of india honorariums movie has so far not commented on the capture of the pilot or even the escalation of tensions his comments have been generally broad last evening there was a briefing by the she heads of forces. in india in delhi last evening and they did not this have that they will only comment on imran khan's gesture and back to stan's overtures off to the duties of the captain this of the prepared for any eventualities from pakistan's and and that the it will and that the release of the captain is seen as a pox on abiding by the geneva convention overall india stance is that mark is gone is not doing enough to combat jaish e mohammad the terror organization that claimed that the shmita attack and other terror infrastructure on its soil so just
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a release of the pilot may not be enough to actually get peace between in the region there is a there's a need for the restructuring of talks that india is demanding and indeed amman's that basically pakistan takes more more serious action against a parking lot of course claims that it is doing enough as of now just briefly to me how how volatile is the situation in kashmir right now. you seem to have lost to me thank you so much there was no me was there joining us giles while john is there from delhi now turning to france where a surge in anti semitic violence and hate speech has caused members of the jewish community to fear for their safety french president a matter well the call has made a very public showing of condemning the crimes which include. seven terry's online
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harassment and physical attacks but a public condemnation is done little to address the problem katherine's did that was catherine martin reports many jews living in france increasingly feel under threat. to move a good look at their door those who want to call what i do when i say what if you benefited us because there's no two hundred that's not there now. is preparing for its friday and tonight he's meeting other members of his jewish congregation together they are going to read the sabbath prayer the thirty four year old is an active member of the jewish community here in paris there are insults vandalism and sometimes even cases of murder for us that means staying aware and alert and always keeping an eye out we wouldn't have to do that if we didn't feel threatened now we're also asking ourselves he's friends really the right place for us. around half a million jews live in france the third largest community behind israel in the u.s.
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last year there were more than five hundred anti-semitic offenses here in increase of around seventy five percent. flossy califano president of the umbrella organization representing france's jewish community is also alarmed he says the real figures are much higher as not every offense is registered he's most concerned for the young. lee is awful sharif we're noticing that in some regions jewish children are no longer going to public schools they're being pulled out because they can't have a normal school day they're being insulted and their physical safety can't always be guaranteed system. back in the synagogue young ballerinas are practicing for a big performance the synagogue offers jewish children an afterschool program which parents gladly make use of deaf intel you have is the mother of three sons she
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tells us one of them has moved to israel because he feels safer being jewish there delfin says she's shocked by the rhetoric she hears she thought it was a thing of the past. or not or this when we hear things like go back home to you it hurts us deeply. you feel threatened to. fall down. to lunch alone is determined to stay in his homeland france despite the worsening situation experts say that anti-semitism is no longer soley coming from right wing groups but also from radical islam but it rarely has anything to do with religion and jews often meet hostility because they're seen as being part of an elite. he had reason to see the who sent it is the rejection of a community in this case the jewish community that is seen as being privileged as the group with the most influence on the powerful. in launch on mom says he will
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never conceal the fact that he's jewish despite the dangers. because i've never hidden the fact that i'm jewish and i won't do that now when i go to the synagogue for sure but i will my kippah and i will continue to do so much social real. but when it came to the question of whether he would let his own children wear a keep on public in line couldn't give us an answer. so sports and in tennis roger federer is just two matches away from winning his one hundred title on the a.t.p. tour federer saves two set points in the first set tiebreaker in his match against march on. in the dubai championships the swiss player then took the second set six for the book a place in the semi. i. i'm sorry martin you've been watching d w news up next we're got
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a documentary for you focusing on tourism in venice it may be a beautiful and romantic city but local residents are overwhelmed by the number of tourists coming there it seems a tide of thirty million annual visitors are hitting the city stay tuned for that.


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