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for martin's. this is news live from berlin students in germany take to the streets to strike over climate change joined by a special guest a swedish teen who has become de figurehead of her generation's call for action on the environment read a. march is in hamburg as part of the fridays for future movement that she inspired also coming up jewish parents in france fear for their children's future after a surge in hate crimes we will speak with israel's ambassador here in berlin about
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controversial calls for european jews to immigrate to israel plus pakistan said to release an indian pilot shot down over pakistan controlled kashmir this week attend the gesture avert war fighting between the two nuclear armed neighbor. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program swedish prime activist is joining german students on strike today in hamburg on her first visit to the country now pupils from around the world have joined the teenagers fridays for future movement walking out of classes to call on politicians to take climate action an estimated three thousand students are taking part in the demonstration in the northern german city . of going to brady who is standing by as those protests progress there. in hamburg so i mean can it appears to be an impressive showing
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behind you how much of this turnout is really down to grab the tomb berms presence . ok as we can see our correspondent kate brady unfortunately can't hear us at the moment we'll try and reestablish connection and perhaps get her back a bit later in the show to tell us a little bit more about that strike for climate action but in the meantime let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world the u.s. and north korea have given conflicting accounts of why their summit in vietnam broke down president trump said that he had to walk away when north korean leader kim jong un demanded the full lifting of sanctions without committing to dismantling his country's nuclear arsenal north korea insists that it only asked for partial sanctions relief. missions in somalia see about
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a suicide car bombing by al shabaab militants in mogadishu in a hotel there has killed twenty nine people at least say that even more were injured in the attack a gun battle between al shabaab fighters and somali troops has been raging at the site of the blasts. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that he is the target of the witch hunt the claim comes after justice authorities announced that they will indict him on corruption charges that yahoo could face up to ten years in prison if convicted of bribery and three more for fraud and breach of trust. well we have apparently been able to reestablish connection with our correspondent kate brady who we were speaking with a short while ago about that walk out on fridays among school children really inspired by the actions of gratitude who has really become an activist for her generation. ok tell us
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a little bit more about the turnout there. well as you can see behind me there's been a huge turnout here today in hamburg like many cities across germany and also worldwide this is part of the fridays for future movement which as you mentioned has grown from the inspiration of greater to the swedish activists and many of the students here that have come out today they are calling for action from politicians against climate change always see a much bigger numbers than even the previous weeks and organizers have even said that there may be as many as ten thousand children out in the streets today in hard work alone what specific action are they demanding from their politicians. well in germany specifically there's a very large focus on the whole phase out now the german government has promised or is valid to phase out coal by twenty thirty eight but for these students here that
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simply isn't soon enough and i actually had a chance to speak to a few of them earlier this morning. there's much to discuss and i want things to change on climate policy and i want it brought to people's attention. about this and what is most important to you in terms of climate policy. i think it's important to stop using coal to produce electricity as soon as possible and to be more aware of climate change like stop using plastic bags and stuff like that. because i'm concerned about climate change but seeing greater life is also a special experience in life to. us i've taken to the streets today just like every friday personally i try to act in a sustainable way and travel and i get around town by public transport on a bicycle. and i'm a vegan or it's of the gun so that's the view from germany on the strike for climate action by so. students but this is really
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a global campaign by the isn't it kate tell us what the overall goal is. this has certainly grown into a worldwide campaign and it's growing very quickly as well and this is about the future of these students and this is them being called that they claim that the politicians by not doing enough in terms of tackling climate change are taking away their future and these shooters want to see a change and see some of the effects of climate change which we're already experiencing they want to see there is even heard first and they want to see that climate in their future protected and that is predominately by even reducing the usage of plastic and reducing the effects of global warming reducing that global temperature. gradient hamburg thank you. have a turn out to france where a surgeon anti-semitic violence and hate speech has caused members of the jewish community to fear for their safety french president emanuel has made
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a very public showing of condemning the crimes which include vandalism of cemeteries online harassment and physical attacks but is due to abuse catherine martin reports many jews living in france increasingly feel under threat. to those who are going to do. so. is preparing for shabat it's friday and tonight he's meeting other members of his jewish congregation together they are going to read the sabbath prayer the thirty four year old is an active member of the jewish community here in paris being jewish is important to him but so is being french that's why the increase in violence disturbs him so much. best bodies in cities with their insults vandalism and sometimes even cases of murder for us that means staying aware and alert and always keeping an eye out we wouldn't have to do that if we didn't feel threatened
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now we're also asking ourselves is france really the right place for us. around half a million jews live in france the third largest community behind israel and the us last year there were more than five hundred anti semitic offenses here in increase of around seventy five percent. fozzy califano president of the umbrella organization representing france's jewish community is also alarmed he says the real figures are much higher as not every offense is registered he's most concerned for the young. is awful zarif we're noticing that in some regions jewish children are no longer going to public schools you know they're being pulled out because they can't have a normal school day they're being insulted and their physical safety can't always be guaranteed. back in the synagogue young ballerinas are practicing for a big performance. the synagogue offers jewish children an afterschool program
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which parents gladly make use of deaf intel hip is the mother of three sons she tells us one of them has moved to israel because he feels safer being jewish there delfin says she's shocked by the rhetoric she hears she thought it was a thing of the past. or not or the issue when we hear things like go back home to it hurts us deeply because you feel threatened to. call go. to lunch alone is determined to stay in his homeland france despite the worsening situation experts say that anti-semitism is no longer soley coming from right wing groups but also from radical islam but it rarely has anything to do with religion jews often meet hostility because they're seen as being part of an elite. todd reason see the host it is the rejection of a community in this case the jewish community that is seen as deemed privileged as
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the group with the most influence on the powerful. before the launch on them says he will never conceal the fact that he's jewish despite the dangers. because i've never hidden the fact that i'm jewish and i won't do that now when i go to the synagogue for sure but i will my kippah and i will continue to do. so little real. but when it came to the question of whether he would let his own children wear a cap on public ill and couldn't give us an answer. for more now i am pleased to welcome israel's ambassador to germany jeremy are off to the studio thank you so much for joining us to talk about this topic because we know that attacks against years it's not only on the rise and france it's also in many other countries including germany where we know you are they have passed it are violent attacks are on the rise by sixty percent it's been currently documented. how concerned is the israeli government about this first of all thank you for having me
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on such an important issue we are of course very concerned about a pastor in germany. you see a very complicated past merging with a very interesting presence and hopefully a good future and not just mr ism in very many ways is a friend of the horrific past and today we have to create a new reality so when we see acts of anti semitism words of anti semitism anti semitic acts that translates into violence of course we're concerned that we're looking back to a much more horrific past and we're seeing you know one of those acts actually demonstrated here on the wall behind us i mean this is basically a cemetery where we see swastikas painted on you know it's a scene that has unfortunately not become uncommon here in europe and in condemning this and we know that your country your immigration minister has actually called on jews in france in particular. to immigrate to israel is that really the solution
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no i think look i think first of all immigrating to israel i was born in england and i went to live in israel and made my own personal decision and every jew should see his role as his homeland should he want to come and i think to deal with anti something you need to deal with many things on the ground in europe in places where it exists in this novel in europe we've seen it acts in the in latin america and also in the in america so i think that we need to think about how we use education how we use to get some break elation of the cyberspace in terms of how people's messages are proliferate to how it is in the big themes of perpetuated in these areas how we bring this to moderates or schools but university is the cultural institute's how we also have by i think one of the most important things is the issue. enforcement when people do these horrific acts of putting swastikas in such
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holy and sacred places the don't find anyone this is such a horrific thing we need there needs to be very clear and strict enforcement how do you build those structures because i mean the reality is is that people are moving to israel people who are afraid jews who are afraid and you know the statistics if you just look at them they actually say that anti-semitism is lower in countries with a bigger jewish populations but you know if the population becomes less here in europe i mean that's also an issue isn't it yes and. look cumshaw the german government has its. own you have a commission that's a fight and he senses them but also to promote jewish life and again i think that this is you know for us to see jewish life being established also in europe and to flourish is an indication of europe's political health today and the seventh resume
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is an assault on jews it's an assault on israelis but in the end it's also an assault of the democratic tolerance nature of european society as a whole and particularly also in germany thank you so much for joining us this afternoon to share your views on this ambassador to germany is really about ambassador to germany jeremy is a profit for shank you very much. you're watching news still to come on the program the countdown is on for the summer's women's soccer world cup in germany get their preparations underway with a friendly win again against the hosts and very brand new coach. and blue for boys pink for girls does it have to be that way and exhibit looks at how design can reinforce gender stereotypes or right. but first pakistan is due to release a captured indian pilot in a bid to deescalate tension with its neighbor the pilot's plane was downed in the
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disputed kashmir region earlier this week the two nuclear arms neighbors have been involved in skirmishes there following a deadly bombing that delhi blames on pakistan based militants. let's get more now with correspondent misha dice fall who is standing by in delhi so what more can you tell us about the pilot and how close to being released. well the expectation is that they are going to become our new documentary by martin really really great actually there was a comment from the prime minister that all are going to run on the evening that it would be good. for the foreign minister of iraq and our hearts that he would be sure to log our border already have their point there are many who are gathered at the border according to are on the brink of margaux and courtyard
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who are to be crossing old ones are about four pm who are not going to vote here it is what it reads like third or fourth a leading figure for the car commission but it isn't clear that the all the pilot is going to be losing a piece of the night from supreme court so put this move then into the broader picture for us i mean this is really a sign of the deescalation between these two countries doesn't it. but on the one hand there is a definite the service fine because the phone call and with the country orgies i doubt it because we would want to suggest that the my reporting it's a joke people were given to me at the getting an indian and i want fucking money definitely and i think they are gambling with us now that you know exactly the details of which are different depending on which government you're talking to because if he has acquired it as a private fund then run caught a park or even a gesture the peace process the other hand also has walked in north to kenya and it's come full far left the farm similarly it will be
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a comment the city even includes on the on think that even the security forces will have had a press conference last evening basically spencer baucus karma simply abiding by the geneva conventions have been ready to seize any eventuality or any kind of attack on foxconn designed office to kriti history and all that is an article in genesis that focus on some doing or not despite the. mission gys well with an update from delhi thank you. ed mccambridge is here now to talk football and we're talking a women's four on back then they have a new coach you know the germany squad the world kick cup kicks off in june of course and they were also on the pitch last night so tell us what's going on that's right sara martina martina tech limburg is the new germany coach and she is fine tuning her scored ahead of the world cup this summer is less than one hundred days to go now and what better way to prepare for a four for a tournament at that than
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a game against the hosts france so it's a difficult game she took she took a scored there france actually had more of the ball they had more shots but germany actually came out on top thanks to a goal from layer schuler in the thirty first minute so an excellent result not actually caught forced to limburg in from switzerland she used to be the switzerland coach so this was a chance for her to show her pedigree in charge of the germany squad and also a chance for the team to lay down a marker ahead of this tournament and show why they might even team to beat the summer are they the team to beat this summer are they one of the favorites or germany are often you know traditionally one of the powerhouses in international women's football alongside the usa so those two will certainly be among the favorites others of france of course the hosts that we just mentioned and also australia and england have made great strides in women's football over the last few years but it is true that for second birth does have a fantastic array of players from which to choose one of which we actually had the pleasure of catching up with this week anna catherine baerga is hoping to be among the score travels to france this summer now she's got incredibly inch inspirational
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story she was actually diagnosed with cancer in november twenty seventh seen and for her way back not only on to the football pitch but actually into the germany squad within twelve months so let's take a look at that exclusive d.w. interview now. back in november twenty seventh teen tween bag-o. was in the prime of her career she had won the german bundesliga competed in the champions league and moved abroad to top clubs in france and england but then came a huge setback at age twenty seven she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer five was a shock because as a footballer you don't think about it because you have to live like a healthy life. you do sport every day so it was quite a shock when it came to fighting the disease it was inspired by her efforts to get into the starting eleven. you have to five every day or
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even my position i have to buy every training session to be on the sunday on the pitch so and as a goalkeeper we have a i don't know why we have about repetition we have crazy people or. i wouldn't say i am. yeah i think the mentality from the goalkeeper. does well. and it showed what was most remarkable about her recovery was the timeline. the diagnosis was on the seventeen november and then on the operation. on the twenty. general my idea. and off the. on for february was on the. i played my first f.a. cup game again. it's
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a story that could become even more special if burger fulfills a dream of playing at a world cup in june. no matter which way you cut it that's a champion in my book i mean what a story what are her chances of making the squad and the world cup i think it's worth mention that she wasn't actually in the squad to face france just today but she's a tremendous goalkeeper she she's a serial winner she won the women's league here in germany with potsdam she played the champions league with piers g. she had moved to england and was in the team of the year before she was diagnosed with cancer and now she's playing chelsea you know she's not a first choice goalkeeper at the moment but she can force their way and she fought the number one jersey from the current chelsea goalkeeper and she has every chance of being on the plane this fascinating stuff a lot to look out for and mccambridge from the sports thank you. to south africa now and sport is a social solution and nonprofit organization called growing champions is working to empower and inspire youth living in
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a poor and violent township outside of johannesburg by changing their lives through sports eldorado park is notorious for drug related crime toppling the list is this particular province with more than two thousand incidents reported in twenty eighteen. in eldorado park even the children have been ravaged by drugs this is a community where only four in ten people have a job substance abuse is rife but some have already started the fight back to help kids here beat their odds the plan to empower young people through saka. we also support we also it academic support and we offer character development programs so we teach them how to become good people with good choices understanding what they stand for living with. the life lessons aren't just taught on the field but in group sessions like this one where young people can talk through their issues with a trusted peer. one like dylan
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a former gangster a reformed drug addict. and it's almost like picking the. never know when you throw open the good many of these kids with. clinton is changed to believing in myself enough to give up and believe in you know the people. making sports an alternative to drugs. now for many gender is no longer a black and white concept that boils down to being male or female and designers are starting to take on board the notion of gender fluidity as they create products for today's world a new exhibit at the southern german city of all aims to show how the physical objects around us are still riddled with gender bias and how that can change.
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welcome to the world of gender design meaning simply good design for women men and everyone else gender is one of the year's biggest buzzwords there are gender neutral toilets and in this exhibition gender sensitive design. and society develops so design develops it's a two way relationship. at first glance at the exhibition not my thing gender and design a design academy reveals that when it comes to gender design our society is clearly underdeveloped it starts with children blue for boys pink for girls and that early gender division extends from toys to tools. to design come to design can cement cliched gender roles since everything that's designed can also repeat stereotypes. so what might contemporary gender sensitive design which doesn't serve the male female binary look like. one suggestion is
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a special bench in public. spaces for breastfeeding mothers the concept is progressive but the soft pink color reveals how hard it can be to free oneself from gender cliches. this manufacturer's idea of progress is a drill with attachments for both tools and kitchen utensils fairly unisex one would think but adding swarovski crystal bling to the drills feels more like a marketing gimmick than one that actually reinforces gender stereotypes maybe the next generation can help german schoolchildren were asked to design their own items for the exhibition. i designed a cell phone cases for men and women i think the x. is very neutral. i created a gender scented deodorant suitable for both genders i made sure the font wasn't too feminine or too masculine and he is and this installation by a design student tries to break apart gender roles the workbench is used for baking . and the kitchen becomes
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a workshop. to try to do things and you know i want people who see this to reflect on whether we should get rid of the cliché that men belong in the workshop and women belong in the kitchen i'm. on the phone and you can hear and there's a rican sieved design classic the almost stool the new versions invite an individual way of setting not just man spreading for males and demure poses for women. ever so you can sit in multiple different way and express. and gender to you that is not binary that is more bile that is active most of all this exhibition encourages us to think more critically about marketing strategies and perhaps to finally do way with a design that conforms to outdated and unnecessary gender roles. and with that now you're up to date on g.w. news coming up next quadriga discussing donald trump's no deal summit and the noise
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and don't forget in the meantime you can always get all the latest news and information on our web site that's at t w dot com you can follow us on social media i'm sarah kelly and thanks for watching. good.
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morning brianna. a national talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week family summit between donald trump and kim jong un has broken down the two leaders failed to strike a deal over trading concessions on economic sanctions for concrete denuclearization measures so what next find out hundred. quadriga next d.w. are. nice and quiet here. or maybe it's actually
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too quiet. incentives they may be small. but they are at the heart of every ecosystem. what will happen if they disappear completely and. come. out of our world today in sixty. dollars. to players. table. ten to the state. on her child. in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce the is most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play
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and who will win their school we believe that renewable energy moves play an important role in the future. of good in the geopolitical an estimation starting monday to monte don't. touch. the. odd. hello a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of burlington this week the focus is on the eagerly awaited second meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un it had been hoped that the summit in the vietnamese capital would use the.


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