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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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town by public transport or on a bicycle in college football vega. i'm going to turn back had a private message to everyone tonight. and i think we should focus more on the climate issue because this is not about me doing all the time i said. the young protesters say they plan to continue demonstrating as part of their fridays for future campaign. up next d.w. business africa do stay with us if we kept.
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here's what's coming up for the book go to sleep so much movement in the police need to change the. mental going to mass destruction take a look at what all that means for the type of clothes. going to sleep every weekend here in t.w. . ten million us dollars to insure money tarion eight forces where it is only a fraction of what is needed as a prolonged economy crisis center drought demands an urgent response but in fact we still harvest it. also on the show book enough aso goes nuts. that cashews
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spotting a fantastic export opportunity the state now wants to expand the area of cultivation to two hundred thousand times. ellen welcome to w. business africa america jones and berlin good to have you with us diamond rich botswana has offered to lend to neighboring same bob where ninety five million dollars in private sector loans to help ease the country's economic crisis and the united nations' central emergency response fund has announced it will allocate ten million u.s. dollars for humanitarian assistance as millions of people in zimbabwe are on the brink of starvation the once prosperous southern african country is struggling with a currency crisis massive unemployment and drought. the situation in zimbabwe grows increasingly desperate each day the government has already been knocking on the neighbors' doors begging bowl in hand and even further afield but the country
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is regarded as too high risk as a borrower that's no consolation for ordinary citizens who are struggling to make ends meet amid rising prices and falling household incomes in and. i don't work but my husband has a business selling bananas that he scavenge and. so now i can't get enough money for my child to go to school because we have to pay rent and buy food so. all across the country there are acute shortages of essential medicines and more than five million people close to a third of the population face rising food shortages. we met people who are trying to sustain our vending business selling fruit and vegetables on the side of the street and you can make a bit of money to him there but there's too many people here who don't have the wherewithal to do that and to resorting to packing or to coping strategies that are
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very worrying particularly in respect of women and very very young girls here announced immediate aid from the un worth ten million dollars he also launched an urgent appeal for two hundred thirty four million dollars to provide food health care water sanitation hygiene and protection support for two million people over the next six months but it's a drop in the bucket and office zimbabwe's people only have temporary reprieve. for a chip on my colleague joins me in the studio now when we heard in that report of course that the u.n. money that can be raised well is only a temporary reprieve for bob way what is the government there trying to. due to the pain well the government is trying to come up with its own solutions to first of all establish a currency one of the major problems is that zimbabwe doesn't have a national currency that has been the case since two thousand and nine and twenty
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sixteen they introduced in bob a bond notes which were on par with the u.s. dollar but that didn't work of course because of the black market they were being traded for less than they were officially. valued and that's what kind of the government admitted last week with a new car and sees not really a real currency but people are expected to trade with this was a currency the problem is that people have been haven't been using it and they've been different prices were products and businesses have been turning down the currency and it appears that that seems not to be working as well with the new currencies so because of course they have an official value which is less than the old one which means anyone who had savings in that old currency now has even less money so money because if you listen even if he had a situation even worse but it's it's a bad situation that seems to be only getting worse and how these these announcements of supports in eight how will that fit in with the government's
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latest efforts will it make a difference it is hard to say that would make a difference of course i mean some of the people who are in the report like we saw is a woman who husband has just been trying to find things to help you know raise money and these are not local businesses that actually hire people business that actually closed and this money is not meant for businesses so that is an issue of course because of course this u.n. money is meant to feed people for a limited period of time to buy food you feed people but there's no money to keep them going that's a problem it's a reprieve but it's not a permanent solution now so much is at stake and it's quite heartbreaking to actually see the situation what could be the next efforts to actually make a difference. well the efforts that the zimbabwean government can make at this point is of course the currency one is one not working of course the other effort is to raise money and we've seen a neighboring country kind of step in
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a very small country by the way which has quite a bit of money but it's no by no means the size of say germany or you know the u.s. in terms of economic importance and that's only for the private sector so that's a live bit of money zimbabwe needs about one point four five billion dollars to feed its people ok the money that's been raised is not even potentially a quarter of that though it's very little so there is there's still a lot of homework to do also for aid organizations to fund thank you so much for joining in the studio. while another headache though somewhat to swallow of course twenty eight days from now britain is due to leave the european union the terms of brics it's still unclear and that is why authorities in london are now scrambling to gauge the impact of a no deal breaks it on the country's booming tourism sector and they're also lobbying for special measures to allow e.u. residents into the country as tourists with as little inconvenience as possible.
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breck's it cost a dark shadow over london's world famous sites like st paul's cathedral and tower bridge two thirds of visitors to britain come from european union countries and the numbers are still rising but millions of tourists could make different vacation plans if britain leaves the e.u. at the end of next month without striking a deal to world travel and tourism council says three hundred thousand tourism jobs are in jeopardy in the u.k. post rex it. is not the people in europe who feel similar than me so if they would need to be there for you. to. come to great britain they would just different this nation. industry insiders say tourists planning trips to london have no idea what they could be in for it takes up a lot of our mind of course it should but actually the further away you get from london people think about people in bangalore shenzhen all thinking about proximity i think. to lessen the blow to british tourist office wants to improve visa
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services for foreign visitors and secure guarantee that e.u. holidaymakers don't need a visa after breakfast by keeping it easy to get in they hope visitors won't call time on visiting london. a significant breakthrough in an ongoing saga involving the liberian central back today charles sirleaf the son of liberia's former president ellen johnson sirleaf has been arrested the case involves the illegal printing off more than one hundred four million u.s. dollars worth of local currency at a time where mr sirleaf was the band's deputy governor. and now to some other business stories making the news around the world. dutch prosecutors are preparing criminal charges against oil company royal dutch shell over the one point three billion dollars acquisition of a nigerian offshore oil field the company is alleged to have made illegal payments to nigerian politicians and officials to make the purchase in two thousand and
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eleven the french and dutch finance ministers have met in paris to clear the air after a surprise change an air france shareholder structure the dutch government increased its stake in the carrier without informing france the netherlands now has a fourteen percent stake in the company in line with from its. online retailer amazon has done away with its dash order button that allows you to order in the new supplies of your favorite products the online retailer wants to focus on related to digital services and that includes virtual dash buttons that you can find on the amazon website. ten years ago cashew nuts were virtually unknown in book enough aso a few trees grew wild and children ate of the juicy fruit but threw the nuts away but that has changed following the success of a few export as well from the valuable and high priced knots local demand is rising
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to the state now wants to expand the cultivation of cashews creating an opportunity for local produces the processing industry. last preparations in so tree have bay and beyond for a at the end of february the cashing that's right been in western kenya fassel then the processing start washing them breaking them open sorting and packing for five months twenty four hours a day thirty kilometers away into siana the could be body family collects the first cashews only phone the fruits are ripe the harvest will probably fall short of including bally's expectations. we have a productivity problem in book you know fast so we're harvesting a maximum of four hundred kilos of cashews from an area of one hector of cashew trees but in guyana or ivory coast farmers harvest more than eight hundred kilos perfecter if we want to achieve this we have to switch to other varieties.
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for hector's three months of harvest time the rest of the year the family has no work they also throw away a majority of the entire cash in the juicy fruit when i visit. if there was a juice factory we could make a lot more money women in particular unemployed here have to the harvest there's nothing left for us women to do but. look unfair during that time the family has no income most of the harvest goes abroad unprocessed producers and processing industries have been. jointly developing the sector in the country for seven years with initial successes demand in booking a fossil is rising slowly but steadily from zero point three percent to five percent. most of the nuts sold in the country come from this factory in bonn
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fora. ninety percent of our production goes abroad these are the white unprocessed kernels but we also roast nuts for the local market we're now number one in this field. but the cashew factory has not yet made any profit almost four hundred seasonal workers have to be paid factory direct to me not to connie is often unable to buy enough nuts to fully utilize the capacity of her machines the bookie nobby government is promoting the sector and intends to expand the area under cultivation to two hundred thousand hectors in the next few years in an effort to firmly establish birchenough the nuts on the important export markets in asia. this is d w thanks for watching.
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africa naturally sustainable no animals were killed to make these products. from china leaps to the conclusion and a letter. paper bags made from the nullify the need for plastic bags here to sustainable altena tips produced and if they're working conditions environmentally
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friendly biodegradable. sixty minutes are. sometimes books are more exciting than a real life. term. water snow ski. or list during my street box. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes is sudan returning to military rule president obama has declared a ged long state of emergency often. antigovernment protests that began last year. in opposition to the regime. as. a
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youngster is taking the fight against pollution to the beaches. to end the boys who have.


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