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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 1, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is the w. news live from pakistan friends of captured indians pilot calling it a gesture of paste wing commander. walks across the border into india a hero's welcome awaits him also on the program today along with militants in mogadishu it's over first they bombed a hotel in the somali capital then according to police special forces surrounded and killed. a waterside villa's guide for assault in turkey's biggest city istanbul and there's a bonus of turkish passports. to record filtered twelve hundred copies of the
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beatles' white album and find out what's going to be a combo of the fox. and phil gale welcome to the program pakistan has freed the indian pilot captured when his plane was shot down over the pakistan administered kashmir indian air force as when command i've been and is now undergoing medical checks and in prime minister narendra modi tweeted the nation is proud of your exemplary courage that your stance as the potus read the release of the pilot who was captured on wednesday after he checked in from his ak raf was an effort to deescalate tensions between the nuclear neighbors. and hero's homecoming. wing commander i b nine. time and walking across the border into india two days
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after pakistan said it shot down his fighter jet over its territory. locals gathered earlier in the day at the vaga atari border crossing as anticipation mounted across the country ahead of the pilot's release. brantley i do this i am a yes an i.q. ever since i heard the pilot was captured by pakistan i've been praying for his return to india that's all i wanted you to have them and watch. i'm so happy now what he called yeah as a captive in pakistan i've been undone became the face of surging tensions between the rivals the disputed kashmir region once again edging the nuclear neighbors to the brink of war the latest escalation began two weeks ago when forty indian troops were killed by pakistan based militants in kashmir news of
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a benign duns release described as a gesture of peace by the pakistani prime minister was also welcomed in pakistan. on humanitarian grounds and under the geneva convention pakistan had to hand him over to india we did so quickly to show the world we respect human rights. does hope now on both sides of the kashmir conflict that the pilots release will be enough to calm tensions. so it's not about then where we find a journalist as for the child we welcome to assault with where this gesture of peace might lead because the fighting is still going on is that a real will from pakistan to stop peace talks. good evening hi yes it very much looks that way pax not and has given it a royal treatment in the return of this indian pilot they are really trying to increase dialogue with the indian counterpart but as missions have taken place that
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line of control it really remains quite uncertain because nobody knows how the return will be received in india whether you would really accept this grand gesture of peace him on a car and has stated in parliament that he's really ready and willing to work with his neighbor but yet we don't know how india will receive it so scared knishes continued and it still looks very. pakistan has received a dossier from india with details about the attack in which more than forty indian troops were killed and what response has there been. yes you're right pax start has received three days how dossier of india detailing telephone telephonic transcripts and detail of plans how this was a range on pakistani soil pakistan has said that is will look through this detail
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just cea and really analyze the evidence and if something is brought to the forefront that they can walk with they will actually get to the bottom of it but at this point it is a bit uncertain if that will take place because the founder of change muhammad is in pakistan he's on well and has he's not been brought to trial he's not been taken to the courts sharman would crush the farm in-situ they said it is up to the courts and if we find evidence that is try to move forward but the international community will be quite uncertain and really a bit despondent with sharma and creches response because an illness should not be really a focus he should be brought to the cools and with because he is the founder of a terrorist group that is responsible for a very deadly attack and there is evidence in the dossier and by the indians to
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state that he applauded the attack him who omma so give us a very there but must be a lot of questions about that the seriousness with which i pakistan is actually fighting terrorism yes that is the question it has been a question of quite some time the united states has also emphasized that packs on these to do more in tilling where terrorism. at this point in iran khan's ministrations fairly near i don't know if we they will be able to give us a new set of insurances or they'll be able to deal with terrorism because the pretenses didn't. at quite the same havel of reassurance they would deal with terrorism but in our hearts relatively new to the job the ball is actually in the army's court to know how terrorism is dealt with in this country so yet it's uncertain to see which direction they're going in but i don't think the x.
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star can afford to engage and not the complete with india so i think it will do its absolute best in to do with homegrown terrorism but the foreign minister's response today does make those things look quite up in the end how how strong pakistan is in dealing with homegrown terrorism because at this point it's going to be i think the same all set of cards rewrote which way things go it still remains uncertain job to decide to join us sort of child rape in islam about. thank you very much. police in somalia's capital mogadishu say in the last twenty four hour gun battle with extremists is over special forces are reported to have killed all of the al shabaab fighters who have besieged the building and next to the hotel they bombed on thursday night causing heavy heavy casualties. and night of chaos
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right in the center of mogadishu people flee for their lives just after an explosion in the busiest area of the somali capital the targets hotel macau. a luxury hotel in impoverished mogadishu house about his targeted before last night it was a blaze after a car bomb exploded at its gates. while i was driving in market street suddenly i saw a speeding luxury car heading towards a hotel and the explosion rocked the whole area. for residents of mogadishu it was a horrifying night. we're being told the man who made this video in judah ho not a fighting just a hundred meters from this apartment where he took shelter. and this was the same in the newly opened library mogadishu a symbol of hope for somalians who have endured so much violence for decades now it has been badly battered and so too has the confidence of somalians.
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i can't express in words how anxious and shocked i was. the fighting lasted through the day two it took nearly a whole day for the security forces to put an end to the militant attack and its aftermath locals returned to find the magic they had filled with wreckage al-shabaab has repeatedly shown it can hit the center of mogadishu now after this latest violence somalians are again angry at the government which seems on idol to stop major attacks like this one from occurring. let's get more from journalist bill is is below the line from mogadishu welcome what's the latest. well police in somalia have confirmed that they have secured the premises it's a group al-shabaab launch a complex attack on because they even english they had to compromise before their
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fight is stormed. out of a nearby building along market strategic fold in downtown mogadishu the most popular with government officials are going to members of the security council and the vast majority of mogadishu residents of the area has been secured right now security forces have cleared that the deadly they have checked all those who remained behind others also killed a number of clinton even though there is no comment from the somali government that the area has been secured right now you speak members of the media bought from reporting from the scene yesterday evening but finally at around six pm a mogadishu time the government announced formally that the siege had ended that it killed all the militants who were holed up it was two buildings and the area is now secure as a big security challenge but the problem is that they're going to want more in the coming days to give a full report of. survival be able to cut out such
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a complex attack in the heart of the capital despite all the security measures. these al-shabaab attacks to keep happening in the report people agree with the government for allowing this to continue what's been the government response. well that's a very important question because one who could issue residents of the branch of the devastating civil war and then a few that will take it eleven pm so we're talking about thousands of lives that are going to last for one decade and samadi a is enough for the current administration in place and the president obama called michael has been in power for the last two years and one of the priorities of the government taking a student election period is that they're going to eliminate al shabaab strategy by two years next time frame one of the officially expired i will take a category and the somali government isn't doing much yet to address the root causes of insecurity and tackling shabaab we haven't seen any major. t.v.
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over the past two years that can experts can say is that someone is reaction to al-shabaab we also know that there was a deadly attack on the fourteenth of walkabout in june seventeenth that killed six hundred people the deadliest so far this year so move that issue residents are on with the somali government for the fact that despite all the security measures will become put in place. to contain a militant group that has the all the quality and really just keep out of movies who for eight years of this here able to carry out such great an attack doing mike and do it they are high in fertility the canadian government is huge and so this is a main concern for additional evidence and that demanding answers regarding the latest. in rocket issues thank you. that is some of the other stories making news around the world turkey has refused to renew the work permits for two german journalist one employed by the german state television the other by a burly newspaper officials didn't provide any reason for the decision or the
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eighty foreign correspondents there are currently waiting for their work permits to be renewed. tens of thousands of people have been protesting and cross algeria the caves presents bed for a fifth term in the capital algiers demonstrators were confronted by security forces as they tried to reach the presidential palace the president's abdelaziz bouteflika have been in power since one thousand nine hundred ninety s. reported to be poor health. saudi arabia has stripped to some of bin laden's son hamza bin laden of his citizenship comes after the u.s. offer their million dollar reward for information about his whereabouts officials believe he's emerging as a leader of al qaida group the group down the world trade center in the nine eleven attacks of two thousand and one. swedish climate activists gratitude and burke has joined striking students in the german city of hamburg a peoples from around the world have rallied behind the sixteen year old fridays for future movement and walking out of classes are calling on politicians to take
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stronger action on climate change. cases of measles on the increase around the world to unicef describes the trend is dramatic and is urging people to get vaccinated experts say that one cause of the increase is parents refusing to vaccinate their children. the first symptoms are similar to the flu then a telltale rash appears in twenty eight thousand the number of people who contract it missiles rose rapidly ninety eight countries reported an increase in patient numbers in places like brazil where missiles was thought to no longer exist the disease has reappeared the united nations children's relief organization has issued a dire warning measles is potentially a fatal disease particularly in areas where the children are already vulnerable the among nourished. underlying diseases so it is major implications
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medical experts around the world are worried. we should take this is a move warning sign. the places where we're seeing outbreaks are in areas where systems are weak or people are not seeking immunization according to unicef getting a vaccination is a simple and effective solution much easier than treating measles months it has broken out. of cities in india being rewarded for their efforts to become rubbish for a young entrepreneur have spotted an opportunity to waste management into a business that benefits them the community and the environment. from delhi to bangalore a lack of functioning waste disposal systems means refuse has been piling up for decades in india. scavengers come through the trash looking for whatever can be recycled. the founder of a technology startup wanted to try and improve their lot one dollar two dollars a day before they're handing to cash never know what to get in contact with they're
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not they don't wear any safety gear so if you have lost everything in life you have no hope in life that's when you actually become a tech because. with its modern recycling facilities i got garbage is tackling india's trash crisis and providing a better workplace for the waste because. we have done around thirty five million kids of us have been recycled through our system and not only within the speakers are on board so we're trying to act as much risk because we're trying to make them into being fired livelihood as much as possible and they get to fix it sally their lifestyle is better they can fix it work i mean they get very clear. that their children go to school. the system links up factories and households with trash collectors to bring waste to recycling centers instead of landfills. together they've gathered up thousands of tons of garbage and the network is
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growing. india's refugee crisis is being fueled by one thing above all plastic it can be produced cheaply and easily and that's the problem. i know one thing every time any small or big problem gets all your plastics you're innocent. and that's the most effective and for that one reason it really will be. there is not it was in the group the government can ban certain perhaps which are the extreme nuisance but the rest of the. group is not going to do with us growth rates are not going to reverse consumption is not and. india consumes had been lost. even accounts sacred to hindus now feed on the non degradable and toxic waste in the streets. but there are new innovations
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designed to counter the plastic plague. unfortunately people are not really getting that have that i think they just want to use the use batiks to really having to do some type of narrative if you know what you can use as replacement or plastic cost of plastic envy green bags are made from start john vegetable oil derivatives and biodegrade in just a few weeks. but the lack of proper waste management is flooding plastics and other harmful garbage into india's rivers and seas. addressing waste effectively remains a global challenge. take a look now at some more adventurous around the world u.s. bat syrian defense forces are clearing the last pockets of so-called islamic state militants holed up in the village of baquba suspected dyess fighters and their families in surrendering to rest their forces outside the town i guess is the
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group's last stronghold after losing control of fast swathes of territory. north korean leader kim fell on has been meeting with vietnamese president no end food troll it's been described by north korean media as a goodwill visit it comes a day after talks between chairman kim and u.s. president donald trump in vietnam were cut short when they couldn't agree on conditions for sanctions relief. they have been cers out tsunami alerts in chile after a powerful earthquake struck in neighboring peru the magnitude and magnitude seven event to hit north of us and god and province media reports say the trend was felt as far away as brazil and bolivia. turkey's currency the lira has been on the slide for months so much so that even the rich are feeling the pinch for many the only way out of the crisis to see is to sell their properties so dozens of luxury villas in istanbul are up for sale at bargain prices foreigners are snapping them up not just because of the low prices there's
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a bonus as well to citizenship. a boat tried on the bosphorus is like a trip through istanbul's history. the impressive mansions lining the shores of the water weight are known as yeah lists in turkish many were built in the ottoman era for wealthy openness. they will as a some of the most expensive and exclusive properties istanbul has to offer and usually you only get close to them this way on the water but since turkey's currency crisis last year many owners are seeking to monetize the exits and open the doors of their luxury mentions to potential bias. since the crisis has been a boon to tarik of fadil and who i hunt. as a broker for luxury real estate faddle represents potential bias from the middle east to the villa they are viewing today is one of the more modest. aid
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rooms two kitchens and two pog has plenty of marble and a huge landing for a private yacht the asking price one hundred thirty million turkish lira the equivalent of around twenty one million euros. on a societal round sixty of the six hundred here in. prices are lower right now especially because the lira has lost value that's why demand is high or they get there david. it's not just a property market on the bosphorus that has been changing dramatically in the past year while many turkish people can no longer afford to buy homes sales to foreigners have risen by eighty percent above all to buyers from the arab world and the turkish government recently announced that foreign is buying real estate for more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars can receive turkish citizenship. my clients are currently investing in real estate. and were convinced that if i put
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down a lot of money today because of the bull in the future. turkish economy and valero recover sooner or later and then very vestments will pay off. and there is another reason why the waterside villa's a so popular especially with buyers from the middle east. many arabs are familiar with the ya lists from turkish t.v. dramas but even on television over time in the arab countries because people are crazy about them. sometimes my clients call me and say i want to buy from my favorite series. the viewing is over for today the two realtors intend to continue bargaining. so it's likely that this mansion and its spectacular view of the bosphorus will soon change hands.
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for a look at a new exhibition as much for the is as for the eyes the hype show aims to highlight our visual art influences music and the other way around and that's a special treat for fans of the beatles. this may look like a record storm but it's not instead it's an art exhibit for the ears. it features twelve hundred copies of the beatles' white album canadian artist rather for a junk collector the records for him the most important work in musical history. it's part of the exhibition hyper a journey into art and music about forty artists have turned their favorite songs into installations giving the music scene a face blending sound with the senses. this
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is not an academic exhibit it's not a difficult conceptual exhibit even though there are many conceptual pieces here but things here are also very colorful very loud people say cannot turn up a picture like i'll turn up music but we're trying to turn up the view you can start at some of. their headphones throughout and visitors can dive into worlds of sound the unconventional seating arrangements create new perspectives. curator monk's docks is not an art historian but a music journalist his approach to the exhibition has been unique from the start. i created this exhibition in cooperation with the us it's i held interviews and talks with each artist and then everything was very easy they are really able to
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explain the most complex relationships in just a few sentences and these explanations are part of the exhibition but even people who do not know anything about who just like music for example will go in a completely new way into out with this exhibition. from. a journey through genres from indie rock. to katie's kids. i. just scandalous pop stars. to classics such as contacts album out of. them and if you visit an exhibition and leave it and suddenly see and hear music and with new eyes then i think that's something you can only dream about when creating
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a show but i think because of the collaboration here this one does just that you know. the exhibition in hamburg. is the first and only of its kind worldwide and to the love affair between art and music. time in many parts of the world here in germany cologne is a particularly enthusiastic carnival city the brazilian city of rio de janeiro he's gearing up for its world party which begins today with millions of people taking to the streets cities putting the finishing touches to preparations before the parades and dancing big. reminder the top story at this hour pakistan's house free indian pilot. captured when spike was shot down over kashmir pakistan since the release of when command that i've been on down the bottom of is an effort to date escalate recent tensions. says d w news coming up next i do
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semitism on the rise in europe we hear from marine jewish community in paris while israel's ambassador to germany i talked about his concerns that's up next here on the day. i'm tired you're watching news remember you can always get the latest news information on our web site that's d w adopt. after the death.
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you can. travel going to dublin. we make up oh but we watch as over half of the under budget cuts we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters testings share their stories their dreams and their challenges cut the seventy seven percent to two dummies platform for africa charting. the players. on the table. at the state clinton show the flames in a poker game of power and money the competition is fierce battles most important natural resource bluffing betting checking how long will they be able to play
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and who will win this do we believe that renewable energy clean current role in the future. of polluting the geopolitical mistake shown starting munching on tito played. thousands of children around the world went on strike from school today to highlight the lack of adult action on climate change children in the german city of hamburg were joined by sixteen year old gretta totenberg who started the fridays for future movement last year in sweden and she spoke to d w i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day. you the german students have made history.


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